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Gamilaray woman with a passion for maths and astrophysicist. Animal lover, greeny & gamer grl.

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@Tezamondo @shawnwasabi Dilla 💖 @IndigiconA @indigitek @Twitch_ANZ @cienan_m @BarmEArmE @ithinkceleste @raejohnston Can't wait to hang out again fa… a reminder to tune into @indigitek on @Twitch_ANZ with our Chicken Salt Baes (campaign group name)🤣 Tune in e…
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Gomeroi, Gamilaraay, Gamileroi, Kamilaroi mob have got to be some of the staunchest in this country. Santos should be scared.
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta NoonCan’t wait to try out this Dark Emu Dark Ale brewed using traditional grains grown and harvested by Uncle Bruce Pas…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta NoonSeed's Climate Justice Fund: Will you help us achieve our vision for self-determination? Please donate to help…
@NinaGray3 I doubt it 😖T R I G G E R E D @peachxflame @NateBramley @FacebookGaming I've been too exhausted to deal with social media lately due to the toxic… @peachxflame Always on point! 🙌🏽 Also that assumption of poverty ..."WE HAVE MONEY!" Like that is the only measure…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noonthis tweet was about some indigenous streamers i know who @NateBramley wanted to approach about moving to…
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@sandyosullivan I think in my experience they either don't see themselves as capable of doing the work themselves o…'t let others make their anti-racist work your work.heading down to my local library to google term 'poggers'
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @itsrxdqueen Wow you got some deadly skills there sis 😍
Any sense of progress that can be claimed in this place has only ever come off the back of Black families & communi…
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There's another way? 🤩😍 moon halo tonight 🌗💫🌙 #DarkSkies #NotTooClearSkies #IceCrystalRefraction
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I’m taking on the #groundworkchallenge to help protect our native species and their landscape – and today, every do… @meredithcastles @ThatsScienceTAS @uhacktas @EdgeRadio993FM @nchapmanTAS @LivHolloway_ @KelseyOnScience @FancySmudges Number 3! @lillian_caruana Me either!!! Can't wait to get good at it ahaha @BarmEArmE Bahaha defs not, just me tryna be the best (worst) rogue I can be 😅Just realized my “self-care” activities aren’t actually self-care but avoidance and that’s why I’m never actually r…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta NoonAbsolute honor to be featured amongst these absolute pioneers @JM_Field5 😂😂 we'll soon find out!
Aboriginal people already survived an apocalypse in 1788: so colonise me one, shame on you! Colonise me twice... sh…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @JM_Field5 This sounds amazing...but I'm in Canberra. That's not to say I wouldn't consider moving for the right gi… @BarmEArmE Thank you!! Appreciate it mate 💖 @cienan_m Naw thanks friend 💖 @carlyfindlay LOVE your style 😍 @pinkybarks 😰I might be looking for some work in 2021 to help support me getting into astrophotography (the gear is veeerry spen… Today’s APOD is this beautiful shot by Gerardo Ferrarino (g.ferra on Instagram), featuring the Andromeda galaxy,…
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@ThisKatieMoore Oh gosh, wouldn't want to see their dms o.o @all_isee @sophluidynamics @gemmasharp11 @fbiradio @holkershaw @berniehobbs @joelwerner @DoctorKarl @_breakinggood WOW huge congrats, Alice.BAHAHAHA OMG THIS POOR PERSON 😂 @GuymerGeoff @corey_tutt @DeadlyScience Big Congrats to you and the team, Geoff!BRO LOOK HOW MUCH YOU HAVE ACHIEVED!!! You were up against a national, government-funded org with many ties to indu… wanted to alos tag @AWBNigeria here in case anyone wanted to show support to the amazing work they are doing 💖Watched an amazing talk today given by @OFagbemiro who is literally taking telescopes to the streets of Nigeria to… my fave dark sky location in southern Ontario...2 hrs from home. I created some Photoshop actions to help with…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta NoonThere is a weird volcanotectonic feature on #Venus that's 60 km across and resembles a giant tick so scientists cal…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Nooneigenvalues are just the TLDR for a matrix
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon🔬🎉 Tuning in to the 2020 @eurekaprizes tonight in a celebration of science and research. Congratulations and good…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @strom_m @ivyhish @ChaosKittyEm @DeoradhainJ @drcbond love ya work 💖*** X-Mas Book Comp ***   Guess what? We want to brighten up your X-mas!   We're giving away five X-mas packages wi…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @RSMeanjin you know what would be really cool? not allowing your employees to get away with sexually assaulting women/anyone. @MichelePlayfair Yeah blocked em as soon as I retweeted this for the lols. Not gonna sit here and listen to people… nom nom I love all this equality and colonial snacks and my 35 billion $$ a year LOL I can't 😂 @DeoradhainJ @drcbond HAHAHA okay wise person. I was under the impression that genocide = killing a group of people… - I’m a proud First Nations artist, and I’m opening up commissions at the moment! Here’s a thread of my curre…
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@DeoradhainJ @drcbond The fact that you think this is the greatest period of peace and equality (lol) speaks volume… @drcbond Not even just the last one. Was in a meeting the other day where a Non-Indig lady told us she was there to… DEADLY SCIENCE!!!!! This dude is changing people's lives. Best of luck brother :D's Monday morning and mentally I am here 😅 . . . Where are you at? @ Kingpin
@drcbond @SSmallacombe @JoeMcCarthy24 @PatsKarvelas @LarissaBehrendt Ewwwww :( @BundjalungBud Lol proud of you xo @RhiannaPatrick Wow HUGE CONGRATS TO BOTH!! Can't wait to see where this goes 😍AMAZING!!!!! @Tbuch2 @indigitek @cienan_m @raejohnston @BarmEArmE @ithinkceleste naw haha you gotta watch it bro, many lols were…
Hey all we did it! Incredible how people power can change a world we got Redfern Youth Centre connected with proper…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @KrystalDeNapoli @MuzzaWilly @cienan_m @eaglepiloted @ewchrissy DK Country 2 is sick 😅 @KrystalDeNapoli @meredithcastles LOL IT WAS SO SCARY D: @meredithcastles @KrystalDeNapoli Hahahhaa...nar 🤣 @asintemple Yep! Prepare to giggle 😅Wine and ghosts me introduce you to the Chicken Salt Baes 😍🤏
Wholesome Saturday arvo content xo
Check out the latest Koori Mail for a great profile on warrior woman Gwenda Stanley from staunch black journo…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta NoonHappy International Men's Day, especially to all the men who ask when International Men's Day is on International Women's Day.
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noondid you know that the reason tattoos remain visible for so long is bc of MACROPHAGES? I thought it was bc the ink…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @bomberathans Absolutely!!! Couldn't agree more 😊 @NayukaGorrie I know I used to do this myself but I fkn cringe so hard when people say 'our knowledge' or 'our stor… responses in here. when the AFP raided the ABC and the government almost prosecuted journos for reporting on Australian war crimes in Afghanistan?
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@BarmEArmE That good morning song is very nice 👌 @JarrydBartle @Constababble @QueersInScience @Science_Academy Okay, good on you, don't join the groups. Doesn't mea… @BarmEArmE Listened to the whole album the other day. Defs got some bangers but gee whiz I had to laugh at the Mari… @Sarah_Alice_X YEW this goes off!!! Ooft it's been a good hot minute since I've listened to some tasty industrial. Thanks for sharing 😊 @pl_davidson What a track! Thanks for the smile 😂 @BarmEArmE Sure, I can relate. Definitely experienced that feeling with the last expansion. I'm kinda loving being… mood today. Share a song with me that describes your mood🌸 ABC listener gets Starlinked! It happens to the best of us Jenny!
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @BarmEArmE Hunter is maybe the only toon I haven't tried. I'm loving the Warlock but so keen to do raids/pvp with… @JM_Field5 lol omg 😂
@BarmEArmE My main is a disco priest but I've also been leveling up a dark elf warlock ^^More than half of Indigenous Australians are experiencing racism in the workplace via @SBSNews @raykellyfitness @SamNScience it's a very cute one 😅 @raykellyfitness @SamNScience pls halp spider lady 😬Wowsers!!🎉 end their own careers. Don't be a dumb dog. brotha @BarmEArmE I've been playing: 1. World of Warcraft (getting rdy for new expansion) 2. Rust 3. Among… @nakkiahlui DO IT! I am also scared of these things but really get a lot out of camping, including dealing with my… permabanned my account for correcting someone who called me a man and then denied my appeal three times.
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta Noon @joshmoloney89 @woolworths @GahaganSerena Wow this is gross. Not shopping @woolworths until they find their morals.
How do you know what you're doing works if you don't measure it? A broad analysis of gender equity initiatives in…
Retweeted by Karlie Alinta NoonWhen I hear the words 'Indigenous-led' 🤩