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im funny haha (he/him) Biz:

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@Smajor1995 @honkkarl THAT MEANS A LOT SCOTT THANK YOU I MISS CHATTIN! @thesarahkey HYPE! Excited to watch :] @Ottomated_ @honkkarl OTTO YOURE AMAZING @Preston @honkkarl Thank u v much Preston, u handsome devil @Spifeyy @honkkarl OMOCAT KILLED IT! :,) @ChandlerHallow @honkkarl Thank you Chandelier 💘 @MrBeast @honkkarl Ok epic I’ll help you with an anime you help me with a cartoon 👍🏼 @whoisaddison Early bird is a worm 🪱 @MrBeast POV: I’m jimmy @EdrisTareq @honkkarl Thank you Tareq 💞 @MOKURE_N 🎈🎈🎈 @Ranboosaysstuff He said the thing!! @GeorgeNotFound @honkkarl HIT REWIND @snifferish @honkkarl IAMS canon?! @Krinios @honkkarl Thank u K r i n i o s @Slimecicle @honkkarl THANKS CHARLIE IM SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT @CORPSE @honkkarl THANK YOU! I DIDNT DO IT I JUST DIRECTED IT BUT THANK YOU @TeanaKitten @honkkarl THANK YOU TINA :,) ITS LIKE A CARTOON INTRO, DONT YOU LIKE THOSE? @brodinplett @honkkarl Not achoo sick, but sunglasses cool sick 😎 @ConnorEatsPants @honkkarl Thank you ConnorEatsPants @CouRageJD @honkkarl RIGHT? THEY MATCHED MY VISION N THEN SOME IM WOW’D @neekolul @honkkarl THANK YOU NEEKO WEVE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR MONTHS @KianKSG @honkkarl THANKS KIAN @brookeab @honkkarl THANKS BROOKE I CANT STOP WATCHING IT @honkkarl Animation by @_omocat Music composed by @boenyeah Been a long time coming, I hope everyone enjoys :) i…
@_omocat Just a few minutes now :] @CORPSE Have so much fun Bb I’m excited to watch :] @CORPSE @TeanaKitten Corpse youre cool !
@honkkarl It’s not actually my birthday 🦭 @DoubleFine Can I please play this right now Double Fine? I would like to play this now, I know there is something playable let me in pls :]
@CORPSE Your best trait if you ask anyone else. Always inspired by one of my best friends :,) @JackManifoldTV So impressive man keep up the good work! @Jack_Septic_Eye Astronomical :) proud of ya congrats @peterparkTV @honkkarl 🦬-mustard comes from this animal @Valkyrae @honkkarl As u can tell I’m perfectly ok @TrippinDemons @TeanaKitten @honkkarl That’s so adorable omg :,) @LudwigAhgren @honkkarl 🚗20 hours, in an old van 🚗 🚙up the east coast, through the cold wind🚙 @TeanaKitten @honkkarl Hmmm No 💞 @neekolul @honkkarl 🍼-mustard @ConnorEatsPants @honkkarl This is an album cover, u can use it if u want @Quackity @honkkarl One of my coworkers backed into a ditch so I had to take a pic LMAO @Quackity Love u too @Quackity Hey I’m so proud of you man so much more success to come
@kentaihaven What the frick u told me you’ve never played it @Quackity @GeorgeNotFound @Punztw Ummmmmmm
@derivakat @brieggna @jacketisyours This song is so beautiful :,) thank u sm for thinkin of me !! Super cool put a smile on my face !! @Mgarcia_100 Wait did u see my next drafted tweet? :o how’d u know?! @itshafu Thank you Hafu I miss your Wendy’s Uber Eats meal @Reedjd STOP CATCHING ME IN 4K @TeanaKitten Tina I will take this thingy and fly it however I please I’m a great helicopter pilotI am flying a helicopter Like my tweet ✈️🛩
@Joe_Gatto Joe please follow me back so I can DM you about this, holy smokes @Joe_Gatto Joe Gatto please play video games with me it’s all I want Joe please @_AlexHirsch I’m so excited Alex :) @AlecBenjamin :) @CORPSE Such a beautiful animation :,) @starsmitten_ That is mighty cool ! @thesarahkey Hey keep ur head up! No sweat, it happens!! @Nihaachu 💕 @snifferish Can u show me how to make these? They’re so cool
@BadBoyHalo Couldnt be me @kentaihaven Yes our Bioshock Stream can we do that soon? @glaiv3 Ok all I needed thank u ☃️ @CouRageJD Please give me my chain back pls I rly want my chain back pls don’t make me fire you from 100Thieves jus… @brookeab 🌞🌼🌟☀️☃️ sunshine twt is in their om nom nom arc 🪱 @kentaihaven @honkkarl Kentai pls relax it’s ok :] @LudwigAhgren This is unreal LMAO
@kentaihaven Ordering anything Sapnap in large doesn’t make sense? Do u not remember ur own tik tok? LMAO @hannahxxrose :) so proud of u Hannah @JhbTeam Yo congrats man thanks for having me on :) @hasanthehun I believe in u Hasan @MrBeast I am going to eat this within the next 20 minutes but you know this because I am eating it with you jimmy, see you soon @dreamwastaken Hi Dream I am eating this today with Jimmy, will keep you updated on if I still like you / this burger 👍🏼 @BadBoyHalo So cute :,) @quackity4k Ur mine and so is George @quackity4k Yo I like u sm :)
@ericzona_ @sapnap @Punztw @BadBoyHalo @Skeppy @ConnorEatsPants @CallahanIsCool @GeorgeNotFound Was fun! Hoping to play more soon!! @GeorgeNotFound @brookeab @TeanaKitten They call me the Babe Ruth of Uno @Corpse_Husband Hey Crops :] @Valkyrae @Sykkuno 2 fellow amigops, my fwends !! :')
@Corpse_Husband @syksbunny @elonmusk Corpse we both know that is you with a cat girl, im sorry the ppl need to know the truth @Punztw u look like a chad in this thumbnail too wtf @Punztw Punz is my favorite person :] @sapnap I’m pissed >:T
@TeanaKitten @honkkarl I LOVE ROBLOX @GeorgeNotFound @honkkarl I LOVE ROBLOX @sapnapalt @honkkarl I LOVE ROBLOX @theawesamdude Just like me with MCC :) @dreamwastaken @theawesamdude Proud of the creeper boy! @LudwigAhgren God you’re just so handsome it’s genuinely pissing me off @dreamwastaken finally @CORPSE can we golf tomorrow night instead? im tired or i would @ammiedude @honkkarl DM'd! @LudwigAhgren @qtcinderella I totally at first glance thought this was you and qt but then read the caption @CORPSE Hey man thanks for specifically asking me :] ya I’m alright! How’re you?
@MrAustinShow @hasanthehun I will take a selfie for hasantwtselfieday one day aswell
@NICKMERCS Massive congrats, sally @Castro1021 Great to meet ya !!! :,) @TSM_Myth Update: it didn’t work :/ @CouRageJD Are you sure it’s legit? Send me half to confirm I’ll send it back 👍🏼