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Karlous Miller @KarlousM WORLDWIDE Atlanta Ga

Views and Opinions of a Black Man in America. That’s all. #85SouthShow.

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Yep. This.
Retweeted by Karlous MillerThis is what I thought of when Prince said “animals strike curious poses”
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @KarlousM how you hungry and gotta boo boo? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Karlous MillerOh you just peeped?"Tempers flare" Looks like pain and anguish to me. But ok.
Retweeted by Karlous MillerProtesting police murder will get a steeper charge than police murder.
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @_MrClassy @funtavia3 @85SouthShow Preciate it G 💯“Sleep” cave essentials. @KarlousM this candle is fie! #quittouchinshit
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @funtavia3 @_MrClassy @85SouthShow Let my dawg Funtavia make it. That’s just how we talk to each other. She always talking shit.You think I’m gone let a lady named Funtavia roast me? Not on this earth. can’t even get on a hoe IG live without some nigga in the comments talmbout “my nigga Lous in here what you doing? 😂😂😂😂” niggas.All y’all
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @waymoflydenuu Did you count 5 titties per side? Cuz i did. And if you didn’t, never mind.Fellas, the wimmin folk wanna see us in the dickies with the thermal. Probably black forces too. It’s up to us, don… live when my team just drops some random @85SouthShow episodes. Drop that shit @ 6am on a Tuesday. We going ghetto platinum anyway!Somebody come get Unc @KarlousM
Retweeted by Karlous MillerOh , hey @KarlousM 🥺 I got to see y’all right before COVID shut the world down.. best part of 2020 next to me graduating college 🥰😍
Retweeted by Karlous MillerA wise man once said: “You not gone realize how much you bullshittin until you see somebody do more than you, with…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerWish Nick Cannon was allowed to start a new chapter
Retweeted by Karlous MillerBout to stream old @85SouthShow on YouTube I miss it so much 😩
Retweeted by Karlous MillerI’m working on a pitch for this company called Manscaped and all I can think of is @KarlousM telling y’all to manscape your landscape 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Karlous MillerI listen to @KarlousM everyday at work to keep me laughing so I don’t have to cuss the people out at work 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Karlous Miller“ you cheated on me?” “ a lil bit” @KarlousM
Retweeted by Karlous Miller
An attorney for Breonna Taylor’s family points out that there were no counts for the “shots into the apartment of t…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerUh once I saw the 12million civil suit I knew them cops was gettin off 🤦🏿‍♂️
Retweeted by Karlous MillerAfter every single injustice towards black people, we get told “that’s why you need to vote” correct me if I’m wron…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerThis look like some shit off the Chapelle Show or the Boondocks or some shit wtf is our reality bruh 😂🤣
Retweeted by Karlous MillerSlap on the wrist for MURDER, but 10 yrs for tearing down a punk ass statue!
Retweeted by Karlous MillerAsked about the racial makeup of his team, the Kentucky AG responds: "Well, I'm black, and I speak for the entire…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerIt's like I knew there would be no Justice for Breonna Taylor from the same system that murdered her. And yet here I am still infuriated.
Retweeted by Karlous MillerYou can get more time in jail for protesting the crime than the person who actually committed it. U-S-A! U-S-A!…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerNo one should feel shocked, surprised, or let down.... our whole life is conditioning.
Retweeted by Karlous MillerApparently, no one killed Breonna Taylor. She simply died in a “tragedy.” Like she had a hard fall or got hit by a…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerThis some bullshit. Th cycle continues. Here we go again.The answer is yes. But it’s not available at the moment. ain’t never see those white guys that join black fraternities in the real world. What do they do after college? @DeionSanders @GoJSUTigersFB @GoJSUTigers Make sure you go to at least 3 of them country churches and talk to them…’t nobody think that shit through bruh bruh. ain’t have shit to do with it 😂 I’m glad it happened tho. @YoungBreedCCC You can tell who ain’t never had shit.All I’m saying is, if dude wins a second term don’t ever say shit else to me about voting.Big ups to @85SouthShow @KarlousM @DCYOUNGFLY @ClaytonEnglish and @kountry_wayne for the laughs this morning! Y’all…
Retweeted by Karlous MillerI haven’t heard anything, maybe ain’t nothing to hear? tips, flimsy in the middle., Mississippi I need a gated secluded Crib, 4 Bedrooms, at least 5 acres & above,Ready with or without furni…
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☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣 man I can’t make this up! @KarlousM
Retweeted by Karlous MillerRT if them anger management classes pissing you off.
Retweeted by Karlous MillerAin’t it mane!! gotta get drunk with ya daddy one good time. So you can start forgiving that nigga, he meant well.
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @KiannaBanks She starting bullshit. Ion wanna see it.Blocked. some respect on Coach Prime's name.
Retweeted by Karlous MillerI really wanna know where they find this info at like can we petition it be released or what ?
Retweeted by Karlous Millerjackson state merch bout to go crazy. 🔥🔥
Retweeted by Karlous MillerThat’s the bro.😂😂😂 end up boxing tho
Retweeted by Karlous MillerYour brother might not be wrong.... @SHAQ still has that purple suit. know what......
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @AmbroseJonesIII That you could drive it on a road trip.In the words of @KarlousM, “quit touching shit!”
Retweeted by Karlous MillerYoh @KarlousM is actually rocking the 100th Anniversary Springboks kit, fresh kit son... @Springboks @KarlousM
Retweeted by Karlous MillerThe internet showed us how disgusting some people really are.Faithful Black Men don’t have the time or patience to keep up with lies.
Retweeted by Karlous Miller @KarlousM Part of growing up is realizing both of them was on some bs back in the day
Retweeted by Karlous MillerIt seemed like mine got bigger since I cut my hair. 😂
Retweeted by Karlous MillerMan if I ain’t go to college , I would have thought about all the fucked up shit he went thru while mama was hating…
Retweeted by Karlous Miller“What you do with yo social security card? I got everybody but yours” Me at 12:........ what is that??
Retweeted by Karlous MillerYou gotta get grown before you start understanding complicated things like that. That’s crazy. would’ve never heard that without the liquor. momma “you the ‘96 or the ‘93 one?” 😒😒😒
Retweeted by Karlous MillerWhat you working on?! did what she could. thang looks heavy. gotta get drunk with ya daddy one good time. So you can start forgiving that nigga, he meant well.You’re already free, don’t fall for the money trap. only came back for the titties. Fuck this other shit. My timeline be like: tweet, tweet, news, titty, titty, joke… love to the ladies that got ass like they momma. It’s in the bloodline.I tweet for black kids who grew up with parents that didn’t know where their insurance card was. “I can find everybody but yours!”Y’all doing great work over there on that page posting the baddies. Keep doing what you’re doing for the culture. gotta start locking my guns up. She ain’t the house playing. These are not toys. @kashdoll about a woman cutting all her hair and having a big booty....Bruh said Dennis Rodman’s voice sounds like Halloween @KarlousM
Retweeted by Karlous MillerThat shit feels good but your parents just wanna see you happy and living ya best life. Spoil them with the love, t… We got McAfee security now. A bitch gotta call my grandma to change some shit and bring in a notarized letter…’ll never trust a nigga named Tavoris. On life.This broke my heart. Just off the feet alone, you deserve better than this. bet. So when you get this money, how long is it going to take you to have all the shit you want?Do you want the money or the shit you can buy/do with the money?That’s the best birthday in the calendar. giving a fuck and giving a fuck requires the same amount of effort. Truth be told.If i don’t follow no white men, why the fuck do i keep seeing them on my timeline? Y’all bitches is shot out.1....2.....3 gone find Bigfoot before he finds her. it up. It’s delicious. movie had everybody in it. Godfrey Cambridge doesn’t get his proper credits in black cinema either.