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@kenny_fps well i like the last move.. @sarah_frags @ARIANARCHIST i also left mine in the hotel room ;-; @Dogo_VN @nico1wnl no thanks i js have to block both of u @Dogo_VN @nico1wnl oh ok @nico1wnl comeeee :) @Dogo_VN @nico1wnl oi? @nico1wnl 👉🏼👈🏼heyy
@godlyskyagent1 @TLCoreJJ @Bwipo @Hanssama OKAY. @followdunc @TLCoreJJ @Bwipo @Hanssama YOU WOULD DO IT TOO IF U HAD THE OPPORTUNITY 💀💀💀 @nico1wnl @TLCoreJJ @Bwipo @Hanssama yes n1coglad i moved my flight to come watch LCS🥺 @Alexlihing hurry pls!! i need my music @FrostyValorant wha- @itsmarouS tyy marcus :p @FrostyValorant @lavn4h oh shit not a charger😐😐 @Car__VAL ty bb >< @KrakennIV @mleQT_ 😐 @KrakennIV @mleQT_ please dont hurt her.flying back home now but i forgot my airpods in my checked bag. now i genuinely dont know if i shuld cry or cry @aikavalorant @rank1gamingcafe @RossyUA @Lear_VAL @RythmVal KIDDDDD @nico1wnl 👉🏼👈🏼 ure my fan @EskayOW 👉🏼👈🏼 WE TAKE THOSE @EskayOW didnt get to say hii cus i was nervous but🥺
@nico1wnl @Dogo_VN i win. @nico1wnl donut >< @followdunc @mleQT_ ?.? NO ISFINE ASK TSM FOR A TICKET ): @followdunc SEE U THERE DAD OF TSM @mleQT_ u r fked @Tanner_Metro @mleQT_ MY TEAMMATE BTWSS ASTRA MAINNN @Alexlihing @EvilGeniuses @GenG i apologies. sorry @Alexlihing @EvilGeniuses @GenG bro you’re a fan @Alexlihing @EvilGeniuses @GenG who @wkd_04 @nico1wnl @KrakennIV o ok @KP_fps @eg @GenG damn what did eg conference do to u HAH @nico1wnl @KrakennIV true. me too now @Flaring_ @bungeecsgo oh i wanted to.. say smth else.. HAHAHHAHAHA HENRI STOP BEING MY english cher @ciaolyx @bungeecsgo u were beside me >< @Alexlihing shut up b r o @Alexlihing no one asked tbh @Alexlihing @bungeecsgo ok im leaving this convo @Alexlihing @bungeecsgo no i was ur blanket @Alexlihing @bungeecsgo wait werent you in my room? @bungeecsgo im had a good time in ur bed last night @akaL4CE i love u thank u for playing, many more subs… game HAHHAAHHA 👉🏼👈🏼 @athxna mommy 😋😋 @Dogo_VN come next lan :) nid buff @Dark3stVal 🥺🥺 first lan ): @Alpvha_ @mleQT_ @Kcins1val @akaL4CE @tupperwareplays THANK U FOR COMINGGGGG 😌😌POV: @TSM X at #AstralClash 📸: @bungeecsgo @akaL4CE (sub) @athxna @mleQT_ @karnthc @GenG | @Galorants
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@BcJFPS @GregoFPS @mleQT_ @akaL4CE @Slandyyyy o7told you . i’m an onliner 👉🏼👈🏼 @akaL4CE @TSM i took the pic btw . its a great pic. not the person in the photo but the person who took the photo . i i i ionliner at lan :p #astralclash @nico1wnl >.< @Dogo_VN ur teammates can vouch for me. so can mine @Dogo_VN i shit on u in scrims tho ezclap @Dogo_VN ez buff @Alexlihing IM SORRY ILL SAY HI WHEN I SEE U AGAIN 🥺 @Slandyyyy 🥺🥺 @Secret_Fayde definitely. Hhh @Dogo_VN ?i am too shy to talk to anyone at lan : ( @nico1wnl @KrakennIV skill diff we better @KrakennIV im from apac sorry
@Dogo_VN @builtbygamers proud of u @Dogo_VN @builtbygamers OKAY DOGO @D0ctorsprok 1623.. @nico1wnl <3 @KrakennIV @akaL4CE @mleQT_ @bungeecsgo @athxna thank u mommy >< @nico1wnl @SynADC @HANCOCK_LOL @Kcins1val nomnom @f1ukie @nico1wnl i didnt. i whacked his ass @nico1wnl im ur bestest friend.. chip(muck) @nico1wnl what did i do to you.. did i hurt you by mistake.. 😐🥲
@RedKohVAL @ChloettwVAL allg they happy can alrdy @nico1wnl okie @nico1wnl can u show me u skating too >.< @dawnmoer @nico1wnl @ashpolarVAL she right @dawnmoer @nico1wnl @ashpolarVAL @nico1wnl @ashpolarVAL shut up kid @dawnmoer @nico1wnl @ashpolarVAL perfect tbh @nico1wnl OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO show @nico1wnl isokay , roblox? >< @nico1wnl @ashpolarVAL ? its dodo nut :( @nico1wnl ? you r inlove w me kid, respect ur mother @LynnNyaa yes ><
@jasonsusantoo everyday thingz for u @Klamran happi bday sir
@sevvn @version1gg from 7 to 10 ! @florscnt oh wait its 16+ ? @swarmVALORANT @aikavalorant hey thats my son @fairyfps make me urs @florscnt NOOO :/The Astral Clash Live Finals are just days away, and we've got some teams to introduce you to before they hit LAN 👀…
Retweeted by TSM FTX dodonut @dawnmoer meow :c @reniliwys oh… i’ll take it @bungeecsgo omg >< yes @nico1wnl hi nico :psee you at astral clash :C @nico1wnl @dawnmoer no who r u