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James Turnbull @kartar Brooklyn & not airport lounges

🇦🇺🇺🇸 Eng @ large & author. Prev @Glitch, @Microsoft, @kickstarter, @docker, @puppetize. Likes tattoos, food & wine. He/him. #BlackLivesMatter

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@MeganRisdal Glory? Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid?
@cybercharly Probably not! @noopkat People recognize quality. :).@buritica giving a quarantine engineering talk on delivery metrics from his amazing kitchen while cooking a mushro…
Retweeted by James Turnbullkey senior engineer ability: resisting the temptation to write someone's code for them and instead giving them a bi…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @marissapple @noopkat I am here for Bug AND the thread. 🖤 @IanColdwater @ohreallysid Shucks. *blushes*I had totally missed the #suckypanther #tattoo meme - - I feel a bit robbed. @ohreallysid I'll text you.
I'm going to quote Deleuze and Guattari in this article and use the term rhizomatic, You just try and stop me @ohreallysid ... :P @jstevenxia @caitiedelaney The US is deeply fucked in many ways. The fish might rot from the head but its still rot…’m getting tired of seeing tweets of scary headlines with the caption “we’re so fucked.” Feels like that’s implyin…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @melissamcewen Congratulations? 😂
wayyyy ahead of ya, boss
Retweeted by James TurnbullHey everyone, we're @braid_app and today we're excited to show you the app and share more about what we're building…
Retweeted by James TurnbullI had no idea Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was Danish. I don't know where I thought he was from. lolz. @SaraJBenincasa What sort of watch do you want?Before my mom passed of Covid, I recorded a podcast with my lovely friend Dominick Black. It’s personal, but folk…
Retweeted by James TurnbullAs soon as Pauline Hanson opens her mouth you know she's about to say something racist. plan to live in denial of 2020 is thus far not overly successful.’ll take “Racism with Extra Words” for $1000
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Daring to Test from the Tao Te King /cc @aphyr @jepsen_io
Retweeted by James Turnbull @lisaphillips So sorry Lisa. 🖤 @nikkimc @rbbrown She says its funnier if she doesn't respond. Honestly. She said that.
@ttscoff What did broke look like out of interest? @nikkimc @rbbrown is fine. @nathenharvey Correct. @jennschiffer I'd joke about hacksaw stick and poke but I fear googling for it will reduce the humor.Came home having bought a bucket, duct tape, a hacksaw, and a bottle of bleach at the hardware store. Mystery of wh… @obfuscurity LOL. That's funny. I think something went very wrong with your routing. :) @jennschiffer I've always appreciated your articulation in these situations. @imcdnzl I am not.Not shocked to hear there are a non-zero number of people in NYC getting Corona virus related tattoos today as studios reopen. @kurt @buritica I mean if you want 2020 .... What are you trying to cover up Kurt? What don't you and Juan want us… @buritica Accidentally or on purpose?Oregon police officers are Nazi racists? *shocked face* ... Every department. Riddled with… new container privilege escalation vulnerability you say? Say it ain't so. @espiers Sort of a Bavarian milkmaid now living in Canada feeling to this. @editingemily Clever puppy?609. LA District Attorney has declined to prosecute *all 609* police who’ve killed civilians during her tenure. It…
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Guarantee more Americans believe in angels than Covid-19. @melissamcewen @CasseyLottman Yes - we did that experiment in elementary school. Together with seeing how long a Mc… @CasseyLottman @melissamcewen ... :P
@SaraJBenincasa We learn it when we're left in the wild as children, it's the sound koalas make before they attack.
folks, let's talk about k8s.
Retweeted by James TurnbullI am going to tell you about Night Patrols. In many towns, cities and communities with large Aboriginal communitie…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @noneck Ah. Bus. The B57. @noneck The lack of Smith St seems bizarre. @dimatosj Deeply unfair.The most consistent stumbling block for tech companies is disrespect and outright disdain for users. It’s not a coi…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @dimatosj I don't even remember being young. 😂 😂 😂 @ffreitasalves Yeah can relate to that.How long since I've given up smoking and I could still murder a cigarette right now? Argh. @nicolefv @fnichol "bonus". @fnichol @nicolefv How exactly do we determine the signs of the end times when all the signs are for the end times?It has been nearly four months since police officers murdered Breonna Taylor as she was sleeping. It is long overdu…
Retweeted by James TurnbullOne final thing worth pointing out is that teachers are overwhelmingly female and often mothers themselves. They're…
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@brandonstosuy Yo apocalypse, let's kick it! @brandonstosuy And the middle and the closing scene. Just before the Four Horsemen ride across the stage and trample him under hoof. @editingemily 🖤 @shirleman We do. Ethics is a broad term. Within applied ethics, which is probably most apt here, your stance could… YAML File of Dorian Gray
Retweeted by James TurnbullYup
Retweeted by James Turnbull @DidYouWriteThat Tells you a lot about tech twitter's politics. @shirleman I am not conflating. Flawed people, who I do not much respect or care for, work on OSS, that doesn't mak… @ashleymcnamara @kylie_robison 1 awesome mother + 1 amazing daughter + 1 very cool son + 1 forthcoming edition = l… @jordansissel @MissAmyTobey OpsDev. It's catchy. @potch LOL.I’ve noticed there are two types of coronavirus tweets: “people who were in New York City in April” and “people who…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @editingemily Only 80%? Slacker. :) @potch I was about to congratulate you on your new job then I read the post, looked at my open VS Code window with… @thomas_violence You should try the view from my house.Oh ffs people. Not this again. Free & Open Source Software cannot be apolitical because it's inherently a moral, et… @jennschiffer Congrats! @MissAmyTobey @jordansissel Yeah I saw your sub-tweet and I wasn't assuming you weren't eloquent enough to have said it! :) @MissAmyTobey I feel like I should know who said this. It wasn't me but I could swear I've seen it on a conference slide. @jordansissel?Building collapses in Brooklyn. Thankfully no deaths. Brooklyn resident response: take your folding chair down to t… @gitbisect You really miss travel huh? 😂
@cshl1 Statuary protections for statuary protection? @SBinLondon I've asked a couple of folks who've done leave to remain recently. I'll DM you if any good ones emerge.
@noopkat @radiomorillo +1 This. + Lots of visuals and no walls of text. @SBinLondon "Hi we can't be friends anymore ... you didn't fit into my 500 characters..." @SBinLondon That question is more than a bit fucked up. @espiers *shocked face* Can we put your kid in charge? @espiers It's almost like you're saying these people are fucking idiots? :)
@buritica For shame.
@kefimochi @melissamcewen Ha! No I think it's subtweeting the recent "the childless are privileged, parents are opp… @noopkat @kefimochi I use both Vim and VSCode but if I am on the command line I automatically use Vim, sometimes ev… able to exit VIM is a form of privilege, and it's one we don't talk about nearly enough.
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we have a website!
Retweeted by James Turnbull @torturecrush @buritica brb writing the code now.hear me out twitter should train an ML model on ratio’d tweets and then, when it detects you’re going to say somet…
Retweeted by James TurnbullMany people misunderstand or misconstrue the term "cognitive dissonance" but Festinger was frighteningly right.
Retweeted by James TurnbullMother and small child walking past Domino's on Smith St... Mother: "So you want pizza for dinner?" Child: "Yes b… @thejunglejane is collecting food and supplies for people in need in Bushwick - - plea… don't know if anyone else gets anxious about phone calls but a little tip I've learned is: if there is a phone ca…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @editingemily I used to joke that we're on the verge of being in the film Idiocracy. It's not funny anymore.
@raihanaaaa Oh my. What a shit show of an article. Also "thai fruits"? I mean? WTF? I get how my fellow white folks… @soniagupta504 Did you move? I did like that place. I've been to the one in Houston. Possibly while inebriated.