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James Turnbull @kartar Brooklyn and airport lounges

🇦🇺🇺🇸 Author, eng @glitch. Prev @velocityconf chair, @Microsoft, @EmpaticoOrg, @kickstarter, @docker, @puppetize. Likes tattoos, wine & good food. He/him.

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Well this is a mood. @ashleymcnamara I asked this and apparently it's about a version of life that's more wholesome and that you have mo… @garthk @auspost Is affixing a return label on yourself much postage? Can you pay COD? 😂
Can we all agree to stop adding “aaS” to everything? We get it. It’s a service. It’s all a service.
Retweeted by James Turnbull @ellenkorbes 🖤 @soniagupta504 Oh yes. Oh my yes. It's an essential part of my process. :)Trans women are women Trans men are men Trans children are valid Non-binary people exist Everyone deserves the…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @rachel We get to go outside again? The forever time will end?
@gmzjuliana Definitely on the just okay end of things. :) @jessfraz I should make an app for that... @willmanduffy I have lots of beans. I just wanted to be frugal before I opened the next bag. :)This morning's coffee is a boutique in-house blend called The Coffee Left in the Bottom of All the Bags™Went with apple jam.
@_bondit_ Thanks. I went with your apple jam/sauce. I figure I can combine that with a bunch of stuff. :) @nicksrockwell I could do that. But where is the extra 1-2 hours of extra work to occupy my time in that? :) @ianbnet Nice. Photos if you do! @ianbnet Now that sounds interesting. Will take a look. :) @jen20 I use Slack across multiple Slacks and find it great. Discord I can barely parse. Makes IRC look like a good… @mendel Crisp. That's an interesting. Thank you. :) @nickstinemates Not that many sadly.Also does anyone grok Discord's UI? I thought Snapchat was bad.I have a bunch of apples. What should I make? I don't feel like apple pie. Hmmm. @skamille I know. But it's actually aged really well. @adamhjk @ralph_squillace @Docker Not sure I agree with either of those statements but sure. @adamhjk @ralph_squillace @Docker Yeah we'll have to agree to disagree there. I think it is fiddly, error-prone, an… @adamhjk @ralph_squillace @Docker Does it work though? Or is it just the least worst solution that we're suffering. Bash script "work". :)Books I probably shouldn't have started re-reading: The Stand.
@SaraJBenincasa "accidentally".Portuguese government has decreed that ALL asylum seekers and ALL undocumented migrants with pending applications f…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @brkwtz So ... whilst an objectively more terrible movie ... Escape from LA tells the West Coast story... @brkwtz That is a good movie. /me goes to add it to my quarantine watch list. @danselstory I get those too. So many of those. :) @freeholdhal @nicolefv I'm barely leaving my apartment building. :) @beaufour @lintzston He's that sort of dude. @explodedsoda A friend scanned some old photos from high school a couple years ago and I was treated to memories of… @FeyNudibranch :(
Fucking recruiters never, ever, ever learn. @grepory @swagitda_ Istio. @swagitda_ @grepory Data Loss Prevention tools. @SeanTAllen It also recommended: Sorceress, Deathstalker, and Forbidden World. Which ... spot on. I've dragged poor… some things haven’t changed
Retweeted by James TurnbullAmazon video seems to have my number. conferencing is great, but sharing a private island is better! @CasseyLottman wrote about connecting with co…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @freeholdhal @nicolefv Not overly accessible right now. :)A friend is talking about someone taking a trip to LA to reunite with their gf and my immediate ask was ... "How is… @malloryomeara So did I. Oh wait. Different kind of bar. :) @House_Feminist I don't see why not. What's the worst case? :_) @annie_parker @mootpointer Yep. @House_Feminist Dear lord yes. @annie_parker @mootpointer Jim is the Alpha mower and the Omega mower, the First mower and the Last mower, the Begi… @marcprecipice @dbsmasher Fuck him with a chainsaw. I don't ever miss physical harm on folks and this situation is testing my resolve. @CptHollingworth @darrenwells Much needed. Love you mate. :) @standaloneSA @nicolefv @wallmalker1 Yes - avo works perfectly as a replacement. It's a must try. :) @nicolefv That place is amazing. Amazing. I literally have never had shakshuka so good. If my friend's toddler wasn… @nicolefv Next time you're in Tel Aviv, Dr Shakshuka.who... would buy this????
Retweeted by James Turnbull @rachel What. The. Fuck.
@slyall Oh nice. :) @petemiron @kellan Peter. Kellan. Shocked to hear this. Shocked. /me stares intently, shakes head slightly as if… love Twitter. Some poor soul have created three accounts to "get the last word in" and I keep blocking them. Let's try for four? :) @ElseverwoerdS @elseverwoerd @Nadie_lo_dijo @nypost LOL. I am cut to the quick. Fuck off. @elseverwoerd @Nadie_lo_dijo @nypost Fuck you! :)Please, God, someone do a sport so my boyfriend will stop talking about his sourdough starter
Retweeted by James TurnbullOnly in Australia is 4 cases of beer as 12 bottles of wine "limiting" yourself.
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@caterita2008 Fuck you. :) @jeanpierreleduc @MrCrispyMAGA @nypost Thanks for recognizing my profundity! But you, and your apologist views, can fuck right off. Toodles!
Thank you @AudraMonte for being the O'Reilly events quality experience for speakers. ❤️
Retweeted by James TurnbullHeartbroken for my friends at @OReillyMedia Events. Devastating. :( @ahpook 🖤I had forgotten how much fun it is trolling Woody Allen apologists. Please keep coming. You're making my otherwise shitty night. @MrCrispyMAGA @nypost Wonderful piece. Loved it! Book seems like a pedophile apology! Thanks for your input! @amyngyn It's pretty much hour-to-hour. People think because they booked a flight at x point in time that it's fixe… @BlakeBisset Oh! That's very advanced American. I am still working up to "all y'all". @BMorearty It and "folks" are my goto for groups of well.. folks.. now. @casio_juarez I like their steaks so I believe in it. @rbbrown's Emmy predictions "Every Emmy will be won by Chris and Andrew Cuomo's banter." @casio_juarez I was quite surprised years ago to discover that Dodge City was a real place in Kansas. @casio_juarez Quite likely. Everywhere I've lived in the US (SF, Portland, NYC) are home to be many southern and midwestern transplants. :) @casio_juarez Oh no. It's choice in NYC. :) Although that doesn't deny my love for Madison, WI. :)I want to confess that a significant factor in me becoming an American was the ability to use the expression "y'all" without irony. @WoodyAllenPages @nypost Wonderful piece. Loved it! Thanks for your input! @WoodyAllenPages @nypost Wonderful piece. Loved it! Thanks for your input! @levine2001 @adamchaffin @nypost Wonderful piece. Loved it! Thanks for your input! @IanColdwater @TatianaTMac Oh wow. You are. @courtneynash Always 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 mate. Always. @adamchaffin @nypost Wonderful piece. Loved it! Thanks for your input! @Nadie_lo_dijo @nypost Sure can. Thanks for your input! @Nadie_lo_dijo @nypost Don't need or want to -
BREAKING: Customs officials at Dover have discovered two tons of toilet roll hidden inside cocaine.
Retweeted by James Turnbull @dj_4_pm I bake. I'm a good baker. :)Woody Allen's disgusting, tone-deaf, ridiculous memoir <- I never thought I'd say this but…'s not the prettiest loaf but it's delicious.
This is false. Postponing evictions while allowing rent obligations to continue to accumulate only creates a bigge…
Retweeted by James Turnbull @jennschiffer @ReinH I am a boomer. I can only remember how to find the emoji input 1 in 5 times. 😎 @ReinH @jennschiffer I am talking about actual thoughts I actually have had now. Oh wait. :)Coronavirus can cause a hacking cough. As a software engineer, I know a thing or two about hacking. In this Medium post I will be
Retweeted by James Turnbull @jennschiffer hazmat suit? Wrap yourself in cling wrap?Next time I am sheltering in place in Tahiti. @troutgirl @glitch We don't but Twilio works well with Glitch. Have a look at @sigje @gitlab Same. Got that email.