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Running a successful abortion clinic for blue-rock pigeons. Birder.Scrabbler. Air Pollution and Urban Mobility wonk. Father. Husband. Read in reverse order

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@ravigadepalli @sudhirgota Sales, not stock. We're selling 3 million per 1300 million ppl
Harsh much? Tell me what you think? What has been your unlock story? n/#HomoIndicus is a more gregarious variant. Socialising is in our blood and sweat. Expecting our lot to keep with th… shop was like, parts weren't available because of the lockdown and possibly the spat with China. Most folks… Place -a sea of humanity in regular times. It was bustling. Did I tell you I was in a 5 minute traffic jam o… I find that someone has broken the line and just barged in. So you can imagine my plight at not being able to ac… customers, oblivious to the long snaking line, walked straight up to the front. Some refused to get back in lin… after nearly 4 months of just living within a campus was daunting. Service centres in India are always throngin… entire idea was. I couldn't relegate a working phone because I couldn't muster the gumption to get it fixed ou… thread on #unlocking, now that activities are resuming and there will invariably be the need to- a force majeure,…
@chetanp not only do you go home, you actually go back in time too ! Madras, Bombay and Calcutta !
@sciencerely @jscaseddon @OpenAQ Yeah.. that's a bummer.. @jscaseddon @OpenAQ I don't understand why this job requires a US resident!! @AbhilashaPurwar @blueskylab @beenextVC @Rainmatterin @Nithin0dha @bapnaa @ChinmayaSaxena @therookiepro Whoa. this… @sowmiyashok i was told the India Nepal tensions also had a role to play in this. this in fact was underway even a…
I rediscovered the curious child within me today. Entirely worth the hour spent ! @sanjaytomsharma @rajbhagatt There's a shadow. So probably a cloud @rajbhagatt That stray cloud is a smoke plume you think ? @GoRasika @chanmeet1 @dheernp thank you for your critical review of this piece. It took a while getting this out.…
@apbandiv @airqualityindia thanks Anup. Do RMC trucks come under this vehicle category ? How much diesel do you est… @apbandiv @airqualityindia So they remain BS IV ? @04Bsharma I have read excerpts, wil definitely check it out in full. Krishna is adored in his shyamala roop, but w… @Maveryq @Kanikachawla8 @Devendra_upcl Am talking cost improvements in procurement and this includes coal allocatio… @Maveryq @Kanikachawla8 @Devendra_upcl khilana kis kis ko hai ? @GoRasika ah ok. sorry didn't read the article. yeah makes sense. if they are eligible at all is the question. @GoRasika You're asking if these RE developers contracted by PB have refinanced? what's the significance? @Maveryq @Kanikachawla8 @Devendra_upcl not suggesting cheap. they don't reflect costs is all we can say. we can bri… @Kanikachawla8 @Devendra_upcl @Maveryq incorrect to say they aren't paying 'market-reflective' tariffs. yes, they a… @apbandiv @airqualityindia what is stage IV non-road emission standards? you mean stationary applications ?I was composing a response to an email and wrote "In all fairness.." and then stopped to think - wait, why is justi… @bahardutt @Brikesh @third_pole I propose we do a redux - Ram teri Yamuna maili ! we can coax audiences into seeing it with the name bait !
@Brikesh @AUThackeray @OfficeofUT @fridays_india @deespeak @_AdilHussain @sandymridul @ReallySwara @ankurtewari @ramanmann1974 plausible logic: Dubey sees these visuals, gets angered and vows to exact the price. mounts his hors… @AishwaryaSudhir wait... but that's in Chennai ?
@aruna_sekhar @ashish_birulee Are these pictures in a public repository? Would like to see them.
@GoRasika @dheernp Dheer - you paid 1790 when your bill was 2100 ? 😏 @Maveryq @Kanikachawla8 I suppose that's the question you posed earlier - who is giving these developers the premiu… @Maveryq @Kanikachawla8 so why would someone sell-out after doing all the hard work in the development and construc…
@Maveryq @Kanikachawla8 Time will fly and by thevtike delivery is due .. Hindi-cheeni bhai bhai.. @anoopsmahajan @xander_huggins @moesgoi @iitmpune Grey is missing data ? What geography within the concerned states… @Kanikachawla8 Beware the one in ALL CAPS. Looks suspect and likely to renege!! @doctorsoumya we need you back here. @hausfath Just clarifying - this is the year of capacity coming online right ? The investment decisions perhaps wer…
@mrajshekhar Dont understand what the meaning of Ajay Mathur's comment. Can you clarify ? @bijliabhinav @shreya_jai right. but you can scale up your telescopic tariff blocks accordingly. So the blocks beco… @GoRasika Thanks. I was not specifically referring to this tweet alone but in general the complaints surfacing. So… @bijliabhinav @shreya_jai consumers complaining on twitter is absurd. I would think they are the more informed lot.… @GoRasika can you tell us whats going on ? Have you investigated why this is happening.
@iid_sp @shreya_jai @AmrithaPillay I havr seen bills from Noida where combined bill was generated but slabs were al… researchers and those in the economics space. what's your take on India's rising fuel taxes ? #energytwitter!!! Know someone who's healthy and has RECOVERED from Covid, who would be willing to donate plasma? Please…
Retweeted by Karthik Ganesan @goyal_nihit Spoken like an academic.. not letting your own experience cloud your judgement
@rajbhagatt great thread machan. if you can create a visual simulation that demonstrates what you say in the last p… great cricket take on the matter @joybhattacharj.. @DanwantN eppadi irukku idu? poi patheengala? question: Are you in support of the petrol and diesel price hike? If you can, please quote retweet this poll… @indukmurthy @JaiAsundi This was an 'ol chestnut' (or ground nut if you will) in quizzing circles when the name cha…
@rajbhagatt @windyforecast what's the windy forecast doing here? I don't get that part.
@1971Kiyomizu @urbansciencesIN @IITKanpur @somagnik @CBhattacharji @JasjeevSinghTOI @airqualityindia @UrbanEmissions @IITKanpur Pm2.5 or pm10 ? The central info piece says pm10.
@ShaktiFdn @AEEE_India Can i have my cake and chow it down too ? @PrayasEnergy wouldn't the more potent comparison be for last year vs this year (same period)? temperature is one p… @ThomasASpencer curious to see who the companies are and what sectors they represent? I would think commodities lik…
@thej @harsimrankaur93 you could reach out to Thejesh and explain this. @thej - the best way would be to measure…
@ramanmann1974 Kerala put-off celebrating the Thrissue Puram this year. It would have led to the spectacle you see… @UrbanEmissions Monsoons holding sway. I guess we can take a breather for two months. Or can we ?Read this thread.. use your privilege for good. Unless of course, like Sonam Kapoor, you think it's your karma that…
@EPIC_India @BhaskerTripathi @IndiaSpend @UChiEnergy @MukerjeePolash @NRDC @IPCC_CH @mahilahsg @HeidiCullen @bahardutt @BhavreenMK @Survival the Great Hornbill was saved because conservationists worked with tribes in Arunac…
@ahalam @siddharth3 . its the smell of the food we ate ! How bad can that be.. 95 % of the days its perfectly fine.… @DMaskeri @siddharth3 If you can afford 2000 or so an aesthetically pleasing earthenware composter is great.. daily… @anishandheria @ikukreti @WCT_India @SwatiWild @SanctuaryAsia @ccmagazineindia @dakshin_seas @IUCNRedList Sad indee… @rsutaria Well , for one 3 million people wont be using it each day from now on. This is long time coming - enhanci… @pravesh Time to become a better speaker ?
@Curiosity_Films @swatissambyal @brsmeas @PlastispherePod @JambeckResearch @jitusharma2785 @DebrisTracker @Curiosity_Films @swatissambyal @brsmeas @PlastispherePod @JambeckResearch @jitusharma2785 @DebrisTracker @anilsmehta @CEEWIndia @joydeepgupta @urmigoswami @journomayank @GhoshArunabha This is not really breaking the bank… @anilsmehta @CEEWIndia @joydeepgupta @urmigoswami @journomayank @GhoshArunabha it will definitely have an impact on…
@paisandy @175GW_IndiaRenw @saurabhgarg1234 @shreya_jai @Sushmitav1 @nit_set @anupam_toko @rohitreads aah.. yes.. i… @paisandy @175GW_IndiaRenw @saurabhgarg1234 @shreya_jai @Sushmitav1 @nit_set @anupam_toko @rohitreads so if you kno…'s KAL's depiction of China's "peaceful rise" & its favorite yoga pose: aggressivasana
Retweeted by Karthik Ganesan @paisandy @175GW_IndiaRenw @saurabhgarg1234 @shreya_jai @Sushmitav1 @nit_set @anupam_toko the contractual jobs repo… @SushantSin Defending ostriches here - they actually don't bury their heads when faced with a threat. They are gift…
I would really love to hear @IEABirol's views on India's coal gasification plans. @PMOIndia respects your views on… @siddharth3 This is your average PWD employee btw. 4 guys with random sneakers who sit on their bikes and watch as… @siddharth3 He was probably served up misal bao instead!Given that road deaths are a big part of deaths, especially in urbanised areas, is it not possible that those actua… @OpenAQ @Earthmetry @KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @ikukreti @MukerjeePolash @tanushree_g 😉In today's @htTweets, a tribute to the Indian Army soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice...
Retweeted by Karthik Ganesan @karthiks Page 3 nudes, ads for escort services .. all help i guess
@GoRasika we need a Zerodha revolution in the PX then ! @GoRasika Right. so why did PXIL slide out of reckoning - even before RTM that is. @GoRasika Why are we discussing a non-existent second PX ? The volumes are zilch !
a great tribute to the memory of Kirk Smith with some beautiful nuggets. @ajainme check this out the era of high-tech warfare and advanced artillery, Indian soldiers apparently died without any firing and app… @tifrarnab @rsutaria @suraiya95 @himdaughter Cambridge and dettol sell INR 2000+ washable masks. Military grade and… @GoRasika In urban MVVNL (UP) this did go from 15% to 90% .. but nothing like that happened in rural parts. @rsutaria @suraiya95 @himdaughter Sure. Pertinent even for pollution use cases. Those have been around much longer… @rsutaria @suraiya95 @himdaughter so what happens in the reusable ones? especially ones that claim use of 100s of h…