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Quant. Management consultant. Inventor of NED. Blog at Write a cricket analytics newsletter. Wrote a book. Sometimes teach at IIMB. Etc

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@runophilia too few data points :PSitting across Uber/Ola union drivers, negotiating strike demands, talking to @nandiniv about contract workers, tha…
Retweeted by Karthik @gigibenefits @ponnappa all good but where is Natasha?Splendid distribution here. Also, splendid app for doing such a "survey"/"quiz" @UnamPillai @prempanicker @srajagopalan @amitvarma no. your speed is good. i like the throughput! @udupendra you eat chips?On India's job problem in small town UP/Bihar/Jharakhand -although, this can apply to many states. A thread based o…
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@stevenstrogatz @EricRWeinstein @Kasparov63 One Weinstein talking to another!isn't astroturf a bad word now given the sign stealing scandal?, This framed picture of #gardenArt Gandhi is up for sale within Bengaluru. This is a sole framed piece of the ar…
Retweeted by Karthik @potax @LFC gong xi fa caiThis is where political correctness can lead to inaccuracies. Guess @LFC didn't wnat to say "Chinese New Year". Bu… you create it for yourself, it’s art. If you create it for others, it’s business.
Retweeted by KarthikAre people still using Mastodon?
@udupendra which is hte more accurate surname? Ankolekar or Ankola? @vijaychandru @ainvvy who do they think they are? Bangalore Club?This is very interesting. My model gave a much higher score for Iyer because of the match situation where he came i… will also happen to liberal dreams of banning fracking.
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@jburnmurdoch @emmavj is this dataset public?I have a book chapter set in Utrecht. About focal points. on travails in a data-driven India. Unbelievable there is no CIBIL ombudsman, to step in and rectify. WH…
Retweeted by Karthik @ainvvy 5parents taught me "as a matter of principle". started with making tea and cutting apples when i was 10. but actua… @objectivedesi @tejus_sawjiani rather, it's like a floating rate bond @udupendra let's see after a year :) @udupendra took me a while to parse that kalaburagi is Gulbarga, and that it is on a major rail routeThis largely explains the (mostly Shia) Muslim population of Ladakh. They moved there from Kashmir to work as butch… @udupendra how did you travel there? overnight train? or is there an airport there now? @eastbengal @Oinx_roy @geekafterglow @sourabhmishra had an alexa for ~2 years. mostly used it to ask for the time,… fundraising news today from The Athletic!
Retweeted by Karthik @SureshVishnu @kqaquizzes 3D @potax yeah this is an old one :) @SureshVishnu @kqaquizzes found off team da @Pri_Bharadwaj we can start a BPO with these guys @Pranc23 @benthompson @cdixon i'm not sure there exists a price point between 0 and $3 a month (which is what I've subscribed at)this retweet is an endorsement @Pranc23 @benthompson I quite like the Atheletic bundled model. When you have a zero marginal cost product, I think… @CafeEconomics @niravstoons and shardul thakurFor a lot of "AI startups" and early stage investors, AI is indeed a placebo. Putting a ".ai" in your name gives y… best trick VCs ever pulled was calling it “valuation”, and not “price”
Retweeted by Karthik @vgr @MenanderSoter @literalbanana how did you make these graphs?Daughter is up early. Sees this picture (video, actually) posted by @sidlowe on my timeline and goes "jumping jacks"
Very interesting piece by @seaningle on the use of social media and fatigue in footballers' decisionmaking.… @mihirsaxena @SonyLIV @hotstartweets i'm in a tiny building. not sure that will work. @mihirsaxena @SonyLIV @hotstartweets only thing is we keep moving TV around house (part of rearranging furniture on… @SonyLIV @hotstartweets I'm thinking I'll get "ordinary" cable rather than DTH. Haven't used that for 13 years now.…'ve decided to re-connect the cord. 1. Champions League is coming up, and I can't stand @sonyliv's product. I kno… one hand, at least they’re not comparing stock and flow. On the other hand, cash and net worth aren’t necessaril…
Retweeted by KarthikHuman optimism is what drives us forward. Makes an entrepreneur take risks, makes parents believe their wayward kid…
Retweeted by Karthik @arpitrage ditto @bennpeifert @VamsiTatavarthy @niravstoons @TheStalwart @tracyalloway @Brad_Setser thanks! guess I've been out of t… at its finest. 🏧
Retweeted by Karthik @anumccartney @IWTKQuiz @NED_Talks we'll remedy that soon :)Arghhh! When will they stop comparing stock vs flow variables? Do not compare wealth with GDP.
Retweeted by KarthikSo true. Economics always had Physics envy as I say from Samuelson time. Actually the problem is it looked at wron…
Retweeted by Karthik @VamsiTatavarthy @niravstoons @TheStalwart @tracyalloway @bennpeifert @Brad_Setser what is volga?Baada and I are looking for a team for the @kqaquizzes cricket quiz on Feb 1. I'm looking for teams for the other… of the eight participants, and the quizmaster, of the latest edition of @IWTKQuiz are @NED_Talks fellows Make…
Just kicked off testing the 2nd activity today. Show of hands if anyone else is particularly interested in trying t…
Retweeted by KarthikNice thread on how people use the little time windows we get between our main activities: How much of a gap do you…
Retweeted by Karthik @mihirsaxena @dikshamadhok Drastically lower real estate costs @dikshamadhok i've worked in open offices elsewhere as well and there's nothing India-specific. @baboonzero and to think that I've NEVER worked in any other kind of office! never even got a cubicle.I realise I have massive massive open office anxiety. Thinking back, that might be one of the main reasons I quit… also helps explain the asymmetry of filter bubbles. If you live in a liberal/left leaning area, odds are it wi…
Retweeted by Karthik @wizardofid you're there ? @balajis reminded of the anecdote in @antoniogm 's book about the parking lots at Google and Facebook the weekend Google Plus "launched"One of the big problems of Behavioural Economics is to portray phenomena such as mental accounting, which make life…
Afcon in winter @bantofu @ajarrodkimber you give me data, I give you insight data on distribution of shots played, field placing, etc. not easy to come byMore than half the population was born after the 92 reforms. Maybe when young people experience what it was like be…
Retweeted by Karthik @nonedonetwtr total is good @yemmay @niravstoons vadeAlert for wrong comparison of stock and flow
Retweeted by Karthik @vgr "A beef-only thinker is someone you cannot simply talk to. Anything that is not an expression of pure, unquali… @nonedonetwtr whoa super! just limited my twitter to 30 mins per day and instagram to 10 mins per day :) and this… article itself is too long but you get the point in the first 200 words. Stellar stuff by @vgr @teasri @niravstoons well here I mean Madrasi for MadrasiHow do I limit the amount of time I spend on a particular website per day on MacOS? Screen Time only seems to hel… time since Pepe Reina we've got a keeper who's capable of doing this. Mignolet and Karius, in hindsight, we… @niravstoons looks too madrasi for my tasteConsidering that a significant number of people have negative net worth, this is not at all surprising.
This government reminds me of my younger sister when we used to play monopoly. (Or other board games) When not win…
Retweeted by Karthik @RavikiranRao Using loss aversion and behavioural economics to explain something that’s rather easy to address usin… @raytida Yeah but Thaler seems pretty ignorant here @axchaudhary Thanks. I use my note taking app for all of these as well. Shouldgive this a try @axchaudhary What’s the advantage of this ? I’ve been mostly using apple notesWhoa! Didn’t expect this from Thaler! Seems like Nobel laureates aren’t immune to hammer- nail problems
@krsumit1 most cases i can't imagine the people using the emoji to actually give a thumbs up in real life. it feels very unnaturalOne emoji that I cannot stand is the thumbs up sign that is widely used on WhatsAppToday’s #Offshorecomic. “Volatility is good, risk is not.” | “Only the hyper-paranoid survive.” | nailing 2 #RWRI -…
Retweeted by KarthikGood stuff. Hope Bangalore follows suit soon. popularity of 2-3-5 @TheAthleticUK
Retweeted by Karthik @sai_ganesh @nandiniv Doesn’t swiggy’s dunzo clone solve this problem ? @sidin but aren't you judging him already for wearing his watch with with the face on the inside of the wrist? @udupendra haven't read this article yet, but it would be a pity if they wrote this without including a quote from WatsonLaughed way more than required for this. 🤣 #avaneshrimannarayana #ReceivedOnWhatsapp
Retweeted by KarthikAs much as people hate on the technical interview process (and often with good reason), I'd love to know what inter…
Retweeted by Karthik @udupendra everytime i see that corner shop in front of Brewsky I remember you