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Vee-Lab 2021 @Karwackaflocka East Coast Fuck You

I'm Vivi. 29, they/she, stubborn punk, trans, Retro gamer, accidentally frequent Tony Hawk streamer, cartoon nerd, Sports Dyke, I play guitar in bands. 18+ plz

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@TheRavenousDyke I think I’ve seen them 7? times? They’re obnoxiously consistent and it’s honestly wildpiggo-tort-donkey snugs
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021 @jessicaitisnot Sounds like A Time™️ @croninthoughts Lmao I mean tim is already my friend lol
Fuck, Bad Religion rips. What the fuck why are they still this good?The NXT Fight Pit is boring, I’ll be honest.
@vivigutless I think the best thing is that this looks like 4th grader’s deviantart accountI want a lil skunk friend!! 😻😻😻😻
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021 @ndotreed Yayyyy! @isthatyourmain @LilithAurelia OMG CUTE @ndotreed Well, that looks more realistic than last night. @ndotreed I’m watching impact lol I have no idea
I want a race car lmaoin honor of Dolly's birthday, I need to reiterate the following how goddamn hot did this Jolene have to be to be ab…
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021Lol hockey ripsLmao I really didn’t expect this game to be such a bloodbath @ndotreed Lmfao fair @ndotreed I can’t remember the last time *any* team gave up two goals to the Sabres in ~5 minutes @ndotreed This game is just getting aggressive now I’m sorry lol @ndotreed It hits different when one of my teams are playing one of yours, huh?I just remembered the Sabres were playing tonight, so I turned the game on and I just hope @ndotreed isn’t mad at me when we win @isthatyourmain @thedoomshine There’s a particular happy medium there though that hits like a bump of coke lmao.
@isthatyourmain Love you, baby. You got this❤️❤️❤️When me and @BlueIris04 finally make that record together it’s gonna be crazy and yes this is me officially hyping it into existence. @vivigutless Lmfao tru @vivigutless Yeah. If you need hot Cheetos, a vibrator, a backwoods, and a thing of axe body spray at 3 am they got you. It’s fucked up. @vivigutless Shit y’all need gopuff like they got in philly/central jersey
@thedoomshine Holy fuckIt’s @BlueIris04 ‘s birthday!!!!! Happy birthday, Ten! Here’s the goofiest photos I could find ❤️ the bills win the afc championship im gonna post ass on LinkedIn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first time since 1994, we’re…
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021 @BlueIris04 @Bummercamp666 Love youuuuuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I had a blast tonight maybe it was a comboDefinitely football and not ac*dI definitely fucked up three times during my set, and it was all because I was watching football while playing.
@_Shteffers_ Yeah, can send a link if you like!COME HANG ON IRSD TONIGHT AT 8 EASTERN IM SO DANG EXCITED FOR THIS ONEFound this earlier this morning and it speaks to my soul sun’s not even up yet and I’m already in another state smh @isthatyourmain Baby I’ll always listen to you nerd out about swords ❤️❤️❤️ @vivigutless Same baby 🥰🥰🥰Watchin hockey and listening to some music 💕💕 realize it’s only been like 3 months but I kinda missed hockeyWatching the Sabres game on mute while listening to Trans Prom. This is my normal @vivigutless 🥰🥰🥰🥰
I’m mad all the black dye has already washed out of my hair tho =[ @isthatyourmain is the energy I’m maintaining in 2021 @qfolkyells This is an energy I identify with stronglyI’m cute, this is tonight on the Trans Music discord server. hang tmrw night!!! petition for John Zorn and Eye to compose the music for the next mario kart game. @vivigutless Because obviously the best way to right those wrongs is going on tucker fucking carlson @vivigutless Oh my fucking god“You ever been to the basement. They’re defrosting a fucking koala down there.” - my favorite impractical jokers quote✨ #BussItChallenge
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021 @vivigutless Huh
@jessicaitisnot HELL YEAHThese are both this weekend! On two different servers! Hit me up for links! actually sing along to a Fozzy song every week and don’t even care that they’re being caught on camera doing it
What song should I learn first when I unlock bard?Yeah I know I made my nails match the buttons. Swear it wasn’t on purpose lol this girl on blast try to act like they’re making everything about your life so much easier when In fact they over complicate… I’m saying is give me Aces and Eights vs omega, good brothers, and The Bucks
Hi I like puzzle games @jessicaitisnot Jessie omfg 😍I’m sitting here watching “Friendzone” and it’s just like, Jesus tap dancing Christ just ask your friends if you ca… Hamtaro DeepcroftWeekend At Bernie’s XXX ParodyUpdate: I still have yet to put pants on today and definitely haven’t had a particularly lazy day and there is just so much power in that
@SiaCicada @SiaCicada Is this a rap battle? @SiaCicada Other times in comedy, it’s either a complete dud or an absolute flash flood of a reaction @SiaCicada Lmfao too real @SiaCicada They teased slime the entire game and never came through on itIt’s been 24 hours since Cordarelle Paterson said “What The Fuck?” On Nickelodeon and changed the entire course of history forever. @chrisdubie This is horrifying thank you @BlueIris04 God, I remember when this album was going crazy and that feels like it was so long ago now.Look I know I’m wayyyy late to the party but this work from home shit rips. I haven’t worn pants at all today.PLAYING TWO SHOWS ON TWO DIFFERENT SERVERS THIS WEEKEND COME HANG! (DM me for the links) dating shows were fucking insane in the mid-2000sShot day waffle extravaganza did my shot all by myself and as far as I know nothing bad happened! @bowserwife Lmfao, I think I might have to stop watching that show. It’s rubbing offI'm sorry for disturb you Im in need of $2300 for illegal towing of my car n support of my getting housing Im in…
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I’m turning this shit off I’ll catch the highlights later lmaoNickelodeon airing NFL playoffs is...the weirdest thing ever? Both on paper and in presentationTHIS SATURDAY! BIRTHDAY SHOW! ALBUM ANNIVERSARY! BUNCHA PUNKS PLAYING MUSIC! QUEER DISCORD SERVER! BE THERE!
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021Me the month Tr*mp was inaugurated vs now woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast, and all of that and now I’m about to spend a couple hours sending emails. And I’m… The overblown excess of the 1970s can’t possibly be explained in a single image. Martin Scorsese: Hold my coke.
Retweeted by Vee-Lab 2021 @bbpetronella @Egg_Niv @kaitlynhod @hannahinreverie Love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️