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@deogiwheels @stuffspins is this a subtweet for the insane peak immortal 250rr VALORANT player deogiwheels? @fishszns same
@pugtaka1 W @zoasxo no ur joking @zoasxo are you fr rn.they’re in love
Retweeted by kar @sadIucas v @adorbse no @pugtaka1 HIT DIAMOND U GOT THIS @grusome_ @yeopsoo i love ur pfp😍😍 @celofps @1HUNNYU ? @qashsav ur unreal ur so gorgeousi want this
Retweeted by kar @turtlewurdle i’m ok hbu? @sadIucas is this a subtweet for that young VALORANT pro sadlucas? @2815cs happy birthday jacksonnn :3guess who got the balloons on their page 🥳🥳
Retweeted by kar @turtlewurdle HEYYYY @turtlewurdle WHAAAT THATS SO COOL OMG HI KAREN @turtlewurdle yea why?who wants one rt and drop your tag
Retweeted by kar @spencerr_ho kar#ily @jpvrbrifle @Pizzaguy0222 @SQUIPey_ shoot ur shot julien👍 u got this @turtlewurdle karen @bbyducks @bbyducks lol sametomorrow will be better
Retweeted by kar @jellyfish_val hey lol @bbyducks same @jellyfish_val why are u so pretty @fishszns i would drive to the airport but i cant drive:< @fishszns me @GXXDFVK @miusuo i’m japanese and if you respect our culture and learning about it then personally i think it’s okay :)
dudw i’m crying i fkn love my friend @deogiwheels @RILLA04RYAN02 fuck @sadIucas hi @NxtsxV girl ur literally going for 17 year olds @fishszns real @fishszns hi @egirlshorty wtf @playgirllashley hot!!! @kenndeeznutz boba @fishszns 😼 @fishszns YES!!!!!!!!!! @etherealVAL_ @pugtaka1 @Governor_Val @Shanks_TTV @srrirachha i like botj @deogiwheels @srrirachha @AProBro69 wlw is girls love and nblw nonbinary ppl loving women @deogiwheels @srrirachha @AProBro69 jet ur not real @kenndeeznutz i love keshi @qashsav i have the same cerave moisturizer😈 @deogiwheels ew @SQUIPey_ NOT EVEN W A MONITOR @SQUIPey_ U PLAY ON A LAPTOP?????? @jpvrbrifle same @SQUIPey_ i feel like val players have the dirtiest desk + like 30 empty waterbottles @sadIucas sameis it j me or does anyone hav like 20 waterbottles on their deskwhy am i so sad @jpvrbrifle LMFAO
@Hibukilol pass @DiegoGot7 BRO LMAOAO STOP @SurHondo i didn’t but ok @JackGrossi10 LMFAOOO NOO @zayaval i’m diamond so that makes sense how i got a D! @hoyeonjungswife pass or fail (P or F) @JackGrossi10 pass @lilaxoxoxx i like it but it’s hard @hoyeonjungswife yea @Squelts LMAO @FrostySquid_val @Kezyyz @DoLphinvalo P stands for pass @lilaxoxoxx i have a d in history 😢 @l9vyy heyy😘 @RihOnVal yay @RihOnVal aquarius @florscnt love u flor<3 @akusenasu tesla😈 @t1ffsny @BERE14_ tiff. @hhaleylol why @l9vyy hi @whosmicheIa screenshots: @whosmicheIa @AeroValorant @kanatouu this @kanatouu second one. i fuckinf hate clingy people @ShiiroQt stop @1EDEN_ real @Shockno77 pass @yuungsho pass @carel3s stfu @jpvrbrifle @Shockno77 stopi’m going pro in valorant anyways 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @t1ffsny wanna makeout @BERE14_ @t1ffsny @77Joeyy woah @t1ffsny hi tiffany😘😘 @t1ffsny woah @celofps @1HUNNYU ?pls dont invalidate anyones feelings even though you think you’ve been through worse everyone has their own stories pls respect that :)
Retweeted by kar @kanatouu SPEAK LOUDWR @cheerrysav ur so cute i cry