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i cannot be comprehended except by my permission.-nikki giovanni ; ✨ #Terps. ♏️

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@__Dutch the wealth! @goldenpolaroid i cackled when i saw mchammer 😂 @jmill26_ 😂😩
she has me calling her that 😂😂 @__Dutch me last month.’ve been lowkey obsessed with this for months 😍😩 @fancytomboy omggg. as soon as you said switch i knew it was the green line 😂 i used to do that all the time! 😩 @__Dutch ❤️❤️ @AhniyahGold thanks! i screamed at seeing that she was responsible for this dress! it was amazinggggg!!! SNKRS app may like me again., or for the moment 😩😂 @AhniyahGold does she have an ig? i’m obsessed!! @__Dutch that’s why i’m stuck 😩😩trying to decide which would get more wear for years. leaning loafers, the derby’s are 🔥 but i don’t want to be ign… sooooo obsessed with the Prada monolith derby’s but i am falling in the love with the loafers. love them both i… @__Dutch Ahhh, okay. thanks!Brandy x I Thought @__Dutch ohhhhhh! i was going to ask you about sizing and how comfortable they were. thinking about getting the derby versions. @__Dutch did you ever get the Prada’s? @theglossier love this!My problem is when I order things online I want the items to my door right away.
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️ @Andr3w_Ezz soooooo perfect!! @sophaschi yes, it doesn’t feel curated by a stylist! reminds me of Tracee Ellis Ross, she has a stylist but has gr…
@_MorganKD yes!! you can tell she doesn’t follow the trends of the moment, but can effortlessly bring those pieces into their looks!relaxed everyday looks, but so chic! up Kourtney Kardashian style photos, it’s soooooooo good! always looks good, but never looks forced!’m always amazed when people, who have made and continue to make a living off the support of Black people, say tha…
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️He in chat rooms showing that he's 5 feet
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️ @ayoedilay i’m glad you said what you said, exactly how you said it! @audaciouskay Dm @thebaddiegalore @lovedbyxher 🔥🔥Dick riders don’t wanna be called dick riders but refuse to stop dick riding.
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️Ego is some wild shit. All of this cuz people don’t find your shit funny?
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️in there bigging up white folks, like, go over there with them shorty! Clubhouse chatroom is the final straw, we need to abolish short men! @JeffJSays @WannasWorld !!!!! @ReciRich regular!supremely clownish! @ReciRich a lot of ass kissing! @MichelleHux i’m glad you spoke up!you and @WannasWorld kept it honest and real!also picked up the @officialHanifa miya cardigan in heather gray, can’t wait for it 🙏🏾got the black #brandonblackwoodnyc kendrick trunk! 🖤🖤🖤that’s a horrible play! 😩
@krist_op @FeralPeafowl my Popeyes turkey has an hour left 😩😂 it’s a good turkey! @LASTNAMELORDE i have the all black pair, but i really like the clear sole now 😩 @LASTNAMELORDE 🔥🔥FACTS! @__Dutch now i’m starving 😩 supposed to be making some in a few hours!manifesting these into my life... for retail!, missed this news. not surprising, either way he’s still a crook and a criminal! HAVE BED TIMES 🗣 @AmazonCan not too many have hermés croc money! @AsiaChloeBrown while driving, scared the crap out of me 😩 @yaminahmayo you are gonna have me making bad decisions 😂 @fancytomboy oh, i’m even more jealous of her! i wish it was a full song!i just go about my day and then BOOM, i’m singing the half and half theme song. 😂 @__Dutch Dynamite!Cancel the vaccine. It’s too far gone.
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Larry sending out these alerts too late, hospitals already at full capacity and people gonna do what they want to f… permanent retainers put on today and it is an odd feeling to say the least 😩my Alexa plugin decided it wanted to be unresponsive.... ch, ain’t got the time 😩Dressing! @radicalhearts mashed potatoes!Kowboy Boots x @RICKOWENSONLINE
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️Rick Owens SS19 🔥
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️ @sophaschi i would never step foot into that award show ever again! @ReciRich Grammy’s are just mad because each year their ratings drop.Wowwww. this is some messy bs, but the Super Bowl > Grammy’s @Myrtle_Urkel and i would be sober and BOOM 😂😩 @sophaschi it would make my eyes cross 😂i’m obsessed with the idea of this, but i would for sure walk into the wall or table 😩 a new youtube channel whose style i am obsessed with! i’m gonna spend the rest of the week watching it!
@TheBrookeAsh her relationship isn’t the best with Traci because she kept a relationship with their dad and his wife. she’s very vindictive.Diana Ross photographed by Frank Carrol (1969)
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️ @TheBrookeAsh she’s hacked, she’s been doing interviews and they are nothing like those tweets. that’s not how she talks.Today the @Essence December Zendaya cover hits stands and my interview with Telfar Clemens is featured on page 23.…
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️🔥 a rush to be the first to report, but grossly inaccurate?!WAIT. they reported he passed away, and he didn’t?!“r&b”, chileeeee i had to laugh! talk Christmas fashions?? Never forget Ms. Martha May Whovier!
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️went with the black 🖤OMGGGGGGGG 😍😍😍😍 can’t decide, blue or black? 😩 @krist_op have you heard of aime leon dore?! pre-ordered the green pair, should be here early spring! @jayacancook A! @krist_op this is another brand i’ve been following! I ordered their smiley face rug that’s on their site!
@krist_op this is the last piece I got from them! @krist_op i honestly have been shopping therealreal and eBay. Uniqlo for all of my basic pieces. i’ve been wearing… many weeks too late?! @krist_op it’s sale season right now so everyone 😩 are you looking for something specific?a temp-to-hire position! Beach, Maryland & Washington DC (1920s). Photographed by Addison Scurlock.
Retweeted by 🦂✨☀️ @fancytomboy i can’t watch for that reason!Soul?! 🤨🥴 @flyrebel loveedddddd the dress, hate the necklace 😩she never liked Ashley until her and Candiace fell out! Karen is getting exposed next week. Not surprised. #rhopThat whole knife shit is crap! You’re err scared of Candiace and the knife but you wouldn’t exit her hole and after… is not neutral, and never was. #RHOPNow Karen, you are full of it! that glass of wine was thrown after the fact! #RHOP