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Developer at Supergiant Games. Writing and design on Hades, Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion. Former editor-in-chief of GameSpot.

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@nukatronic @nintendude794 @SupergiantGames Thank you!! It felt good to get to play Oralech, as our antagonists hav… @nukatronic @nintendude794 You can read all my tweets in his voice from now on in the off chance you were still taking me seriously. @militantoregano What, Hades? It’s for both. @Mrthick9 Our tech originally used MonoGame, but no longer. As part of the development of Hades, our engineering te… @RedlineRonin Hey, thank you very much for the kind words. An art book is a request we hear fairly often, just hasn…
@lasse_be @Ladder_of_Glass Congratulations on getting to that point, and thank you!! As for the constrains, they’re… @o_hocking Absolutely! The cast in Hades certainly includes some personal favorites. Orpheus also seemed like the n… @Ladder_of_Glass Congratulations!! I can safely say there is a lot left after your first clear, if you’re inclined to keep going. @Ladder_of_Glass @Michael96779157 The Pact is there immediately with one additional Condition, locked in with sever… @JimSterling Thank you sir! Great to hear you're enjoying it! @eloquentire Thank you very much for the kind words, though as far as we're concerned we're just working in a tradi… @Michael96779157 To make Hell Mode more distinct, and to make the locked-in Pact options more impactful. @uncannyvivek Don't fully understand the question though it's pretty likely players will die in the game sooner or… @adlleong Inspiration for that detail owed to Slay the Spire's excellent 'Ascension' system, providing a structured… @GWBycer @SupergiantGames Congratulations on getting there, and thank you for the kind words, Josh! If you're up fo… @TidesofTime Hey, thank you!! I'm a Hearthstone / Dota 2 fan so means a lot coming from you!Each of our games shares just a few specific ideas, such as "there must be a singer at some point", or "there must… @LindsPlay Thank you, Lindsay, glad you're enjoying it! @LuBu_1988 Haha, wow. He does like a good prank so who knows. @Blackdeath_mage Thank you! Can’t say we anticipated the exact state of the world when starting out three years ago… @bbrode @bkcrusco We have it here as a matter of fact! Also has those pesky other music tr… @bkcrusco @bbrode Thank you sir!! @bbrode Dude, thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you!! I’ve played more Hearthstone than any game in m… @GenePark I think maybe I didn’t hit Send on my reply before, so just in case, thank you very much for the kind wor… @fandamaless @shaunfinney @amirsrao @DarrenKorb @0jenzee0 @SupergiantGames Thank you for playing, and congratulatio… @DavidEllis @YouTube Thank you for playing, David!!
@shaunfinney @amirsrao @DarrenKorb @0jenzee0 @SupergiantGames Thanks so much, Shaun!! It's been a while ride as you… @GilesPink Yes, absolutely possible to clear the game on your first as far as I know, and the game and story do acc… @YourDarlingSon Nah, why would I mind? We (and I personally) draw lots of inspiration from other games. @CuddlestheDalek Thanks!! It made sense for our game. One of those cases where a fairly simple idea happened to wor… @Sarcasmorator Thank you, I appreciate the feedback, and am grateful to your friend both for playing and for taking… @Ender_Oz The way I hope people use it is, they use it if the alternative would have been to just stop playing in f… @pietepiet Thank you, and yeah, that was important to us to convey. Sometimes games are good for just blowing off s…'s how the setting is contextualized in-game, and the buff you get when you toggle the setting on. I feel only… is how you advance much of the story in Hades, so we didn't want a traditional 'easy mode'. But we did want a… @McBeardCH @Alessandreew @SupergiantGames @0jenzee0 Thank you so much!! It's great to hear it's made such a strong… @EskaAtherion @DarrenKorb Hey ALSO while I have you on the line — thank you and congratulations for Ghost of Tsush… @EskaAtherion @SupergiantGames @DarrenKorb Hey thanks so much! Congratulations on going the distance!! If you’re up… @SpectralHunt Thank you, though I don't deserve this kind of credit for Spec Ops: The Line. It was a big project ye… @MrRyanSnyder @taylorcocke @MitchyD @mmahardy We learned from many others, though thank you. Games like Slay the Sp…
@avalonpenrose You were the very definition of bringing something to the character that wasn't there on the page, s… @avalonpenrose Thank you, Avalon!! And congratulations! I'm glad so many are getting the chance to know Meg. Yours… @w0ngt4rget @0jenzee0 Touché. Helping our little indie game launch is all I meant. The gods are fickle. @evyatron @EdGorinstein @SupergiantGames I was the writer yeah! Theseus was one of the most to work on, and I could… @coolboypai I've played Hearthstone more than any other game in my life so this is awesome, thank you! @marc_laidlaw @dikebog It's pretty rare -- has a chance to play if you die while he is spurned in one of the Trials of the Gods. @hondafreak2468 @EdGorinstein @SupergiantGames As we say in the language of game development, "as-designed." @dikebog @marc_laidlaw @lizardengland Reminds me. Our Zeus has the line, "You can't run from heaven." Less a tip of the hat than a full bow. @0jenzee0 I've been saying, I hope they'll forgive us for shining a spotlight on them. But I think it's only fair t… @lizardengland Thank you, Liz. The source material has been dear to me most of my life. I've said elsewhere, I hope… @MitchyD @mmahardy I think we did in fact track every system, sometimes very granularly. How many fish have you eve… @taylorcocke @MitchyD @mmahardy The mindset was pretty simple: What would these characters talk about and what woul… @MitchyD @mmahardy It's a simple system at heart, we just kept adding more types of conditions to check against as… @MitchyD @mmahardy There are also three different variations of the follow-up event back at the House of Hades depe… @aokajiya @asterlactuca Highest praise coming from you. Thank you sir.
#Hades is out, and it's been so cool to see everyone's reactions and thoughts! Here are some of the characters I go…
Retweeted by Greg Kasavin @kuraine Thank you, great to hear you're enjoying it! 'Narrative continuity' is the term I used, linearity same dea… @Reiki_Kito Glad to hear it, I know the feeling re: trying to keep busy. And yeah once the dust settles on this stu… @FullOfFeathers @DeanoNet Oh thank you, great to hear it!! We'd been planning for that moment for a while, and it w… @DeanoNet @FullOfFeathers Hope you enjoy the game! Thank you for taking a chance on it, and I'm glad to hear the ga… @Reiki_Kito Thank you, James!! Great to hear you're enjoying it and hope you find plenty of interesting surprises i… @jordan_amano So many amazing touches in that game. Super memorable. Thank you for helping make it happen.One day left to get #HadesGame for 20% off. Come join us, it's nice and warm down in the Underworld. 🔥Nintendo Swi…
Retweeted by Greg Kasavin @JurassicRabbit @sonicmega @SupergiantGames Just responded! @SantSound13 Hey, thanks so much!! Great to hear it left a strong impression. Chances are there's still more to dis… @Rhaknar Thank you! Great to hear you’re enjoying it! @Boxvoko Thanks! At the core it’s as simple as you say though there are many specific exceptions. Specifically it’s… @TheBesteban It's so good from what I've seen so far. Nothing like it, other than maybe other VanillaWare games, bu… @LikChan @Atlus_West It seems fantastic from what I’ve seen so far. @cgouskos Vengeance for CinemaTech
@HProtagonista Fire danger seems to have passed for the moment, but I expect our number will come up eventually her… @jasonimms @adashtra No worries, thank you for reading and to Ash for reaching out. @carolynmichelle At least it's a good time for something. It's a game where lightness is found in the darkest place… @jasonimms Hey, thank you, though that I think that quotation is from @adashtra not from me. I have other remarks i… @twodollarhero @Mike_Basinger @SupergiantGames Thank you, great to hear you're enjoying it!! @Evilsheeplord We have a poster up! We'll be thinking about what else we can do. Thank you for your interest! @LikChan @0jenzee0 @SupergiantGames Dang, thank you...! Hope you enjoy the game. I know rogue-likes aren't normally… ask us about #HadesGame or all things Supergiant, now on Reddit!! A bunch of us responding have worked togethe…
Retweeted by Greg Kasavin @GarethpBarry @SupergiantGames Hey, we've launched v1.0 of Hades only on Nintendo Switch, and PC and Mac via Steam… @ahoymehearties @shoukais @DarrenKorb The Olympians in general seem to have limited empathy for mortals (though it… @ahoymehearties @shoukais @DarrenKorb Hey, yes, we imagined Ares as having a clinical, intellectual fixation with w… @davidscottjaffe Oh right on, great to hear it picked up for you! Hope you continue to enjoy it if you keep at it.… special message from Vanillaware Director George Kamitani to everyone who's about to play 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim…
Retweeted by Greg Kasavin @alliedoyon It’s an incredibly beautiful game and I’m in awe of all the little caring details. Congratulations on t… @DerrickDover Thank you, Derrick! Hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to dig into it more. I feel so fortunate… @davidscottjaffe Hey thank you for checking out Hades. A number of your games left a big impression on me from the… @fandamaless Thank you...! I love the source material so felt I owed it to the characters to try and not screw it u… @HProtagonista Personally I would love to make at least one of those but yeah, the damn game itself took a while. W… @fandamaless Thanks...! I'm hard-wired around deadlines, and Early Access gave me a lot of deadlines, so... words!… @SpaceRumsfeld Hey, thank you!! Review's Tilt was weighted the most heavily, same as good old Gameplay! Took me a l… @makdaddymelb We don't have plans for something like this, though appreciate the feedback. @IksarHS Thank you sir!! We're thrilled with the response!Come ask us anything Tuesday!!
@TravisMcGaughe1 Thank you for noticing that stuff! I bet a large percentage of such little features are thanks to… @Private_Bundy Glad you're enjoying it! Look out for the hidden Aspect of the Stygian Blade! Not a hammer but hits… @gamefem @kuhlmanne @SupergiantGames Thank you. Though I'm beginning to think the gods themselves must be giving us… @RavenNamedRook Thank you!! Though, who knows what else the year holds, right? 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is out this… @alex_navarro Hey, thank you, Alex!! That means a lot coming from you (more than I'm able to sincerely convey becau… @Hawk_SE Thank you very much! @amboyes Thank you for always believing in us, Adam!! Hope you enjoy the full game if you get a chance to play it.…