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Wannabe punk, color designer on Animaniacs. 日本語はOKです!よろしく。

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(Laura Palmer’s Theme blaring in the distance)
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(Laura Palmer’s Theme blaring in the distance)
I'm Kasey, a color designer who's looking for work- freelance or full-time! I just finished up on Animaniacs and Vo…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシー @Izogii @gialigammari The colors in the last piece are soooo appealing, I love it @my2k The character design in Rango is on another level, so wonderfully detailed and ugly but still appealing
Hello #PortfolioDay! I'M GENE! I'm a board artist/director currently looking for my next studio gig! I made a Nick…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシーhi #portfolioday people I'M GIA!!!!!!!! storyboard artist, writer, lucid dreamer, doodle noodle, dancing bean, sin…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシー“Wanna come over and watch anime in my room?”
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシーSome more #Animaniacs stuff- my favorite off-core short is Starbox and Cindy, and I was lucky to help develop the c…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシー#Animaniacs season 1 is out on Hulu!!! The show is insane- I've colored almost 3,000 designs across the first two s…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシーI'm Kasey, a color designer who's looking for work- freelance or full-time! I just finished up on Animaniacs and Vo… FOR WORK! -Story or Directing- Past: Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus, Monsters at Work and Trollhunters: R…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシー @xpomorin4271 詳細は素晴らしいだよ🥺
@yasiman3d Oh I’ve never even heard of an aeropress! This looks neat, thanks for the tip 👀👀 @EverydayChip That's not a bad idea, I'll try that tomorrow and report back. Thanks rem!!! @Dinolich This is the perfect occasion for a new cabin trip, just fuckin around with espresso @ocotilloisland Thanks for tryin to solve this (very frustrating and expensive) puzzle for me!!! @KingKibble I've started using a brita filtered pitcher, and using the water from that to make coffee, but I wonder… @EverydayChip Should I try adding the hot water/milk to the cup before it's pulled, or straight after? @Sean8UrSon @ocotilloisland I really wish you had sleuthed it, I wanna find a simple solution for my nasty-coffee-curse so bad!!! @Dinolich I genuinely think I am!!! I think it's my apartment, because the coffee GiA makes here is gross too, and… @Sean8UrSon @ocotilloisland Nope, I'm using a carafe that specifically measures out the amount of shots! So the fir… @Dinolich @ocotilloisland I'm not sure if that's the issue, since I always make sure to turn it off right at the le… @EverydayChip 1. It depends on the machine I've used, but yes! There's always at least a noticeable amount of crema… @my2k I wish it was, but I don't think so! I can always smell the weird/yuckiness of the espresso as I'm making it.… @my2k I don't! I bounce around with multiple different types of milks, always steamed, sometimes foamed @MagicBunnyArt I've tried filtered water and it's helped a liiiittle bit, but tea at my place tastes fine, and I've… @wheresalt That lil drizzle of olive oil on the bread?? masterful @ocotilloisland Oh I see! The machines I've been using do run until you turn it off, but I've been careful to only… @NAINATI Oooo do you possibly have a link to your ceramic pour over? I've mostly been focusing on making good espre… @ohjoyeddboy What's strange is that I've had friends bring over coffee beans that they've been using, make it at my… @secretagent_x9 Nope and nope! I don't weigh my beans, I usually just do it by eye or following the fill level in m… @xavierck3d Yep! One of my first attempts to getting better coffee was getting a filtered water pitcher, which i us… @ohjoyeddboy If I'm using a french press I use a tea kettle to get water that's just under boiling, with the moka p… @MahouPoint Yep! I even started using a grinder so that I could have better control of the consistency. @ocotilloisland what do you mean by pulling the shot?Also I've tried pre-ground beans, grinding my own beans, coarse ground, fine ground, in 3.5 bar espresso machines,… have espresso problems!!! I've tried like four different machines, a ton of different beans, filtered/unfiltered…
These are the types of quality friendships I was hoping I would foster as an adult. @kaseywllms
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシー @Shnikkles HAHAHAHAH it's fucking sick, right!!!???
@PIX3LP3T @genegoldstein Also for something less horny check out Son of the White Mare, a hungarian animated movie… @PIX3LP3T @genegoldstein HIIIII I recommend Belladonna of Sadness! It's an anime movie from the 70's which is very… stint on Animaniacs ended at the end of last year, and I’m looking for color design work! Check out my color stu…
Retweeted by kasey williams ケイシーMy friends’ cat Inky, my muse
@charlesd_art It's startin to seem that way! I'm shockedSo if you're protesting cops killing black people you get the national guard and it's called a "riot", but if you b… @TheFantasticIan I'm so glad Grubby is back, a beacon of light in this dark dark world
@Shnikkles @Dinolich @alliartist Blackmilk is great and their pants are comfy like leggings 😫👌Something about the woods behind my parents’ house always freaked me out
It’s @genegoldstein !!!!
@meloramylin That’s the idea 👊👊👊 @TheFantasticIan Why would they mess with perfection!!!! @taiga080521 このゲームをプレーしていたい🙋🏻‍♀️ @shanhorandraws @turdisland !New Year, new self portrait @moonsmoothie Oh SHIT!!!!!
I drew Frank Watkinson, a guy on YouTube who does covers of songs from Slipknot to Bright Eyes and turns everything… @nelnalium あれは誰ですか🥺🥺とても可愛い @sharksmooch @misterslunchy Omg kris that’s awesome!!! You’ve gotten so good n fast!Hey what’s up #BiCreators tag it’s me Kasey
@genegoldstein THANK YOU!!!! Me n my tubby friendToday my parents’ big fat cat Stewart was very sweet and put up with me lot. A Christmas miracle!!!
@Plentyblush It’s made by Lazy Oaf!! There’s a shirt and a dress with this pattern- this is the dress but I had it hemmed by about 9 inches! @Dinolich @genegoldstein Cmon over I’ll shave your nog, we have a barber’s cape and everything @bobjinx AAAAAAA @QuandtumTheory You sure did! I loved it and found it after I saw him in it. They have a shirt AND a dress version!I wanted to look Sick As Hell for Christmas Eve, so I wore a see-through fruit dress
@gialigammari Funny. Powerful. CuteTierra Whack - “Dora” @TierraWhack @genegoldstein She wants to be a Master, she’s naturally skilled but an unlikely hero, has a jaded mentor, persever… @yesmaaike ❤️❤️❤️
@taiboku はい、大丈夫だったでしょうSome of my favorite pieces of 2020 @eyecager You’re just so multitalented 😫😫 like I feel like you could be hired on a project to do anything and total… @Shnikkles I forgot that you worked on Planet Panic!!!! @danimichaeli1 I always loved this shot from No Country for Old Men @scrotumnose @SteveYurko Always so good, in color AND in b&w @shanhorandraws Someday soon!!! @ChivaunF Holy shit that Right Now Kapow poster rules @danimichaeli1 LBA was so good and fun!!!! @Ipaidforthat1 Thank you!!! Both LBA and Niko had a lot of love n hard work go into them, but unfortunately didn’t… #AnimationJourney so far! There were some smaller projects here and there, but these are things I’ve worked on f…
@tia_gilles Kuno is THE best character, he doesn't get nearly enough screentimeIs me bday @genegoldstein THANK YOU MY BOOOO im happy I could spend another year of my life with you :3 @Shnikkles DUDE I bought it for iPad like a week ago and I’m addicted again. I already got to the bottom of the min…
Come n hang!!! We’re FESTIVE TODAY
TONIGHT!!! Watch me and GiA draw stuff and be HaWt @AriadnePicaro About 20 years ago, hell yeah @ericXsolo Brody Dalle’s a badass but I’ve never actually listened to the distillers! @feffylovesyou Confirmed @galvosaur She DID kill it in cabaret @trevordunne All time fav, all 4000+ of his tracks slap @alliartist Ive actually never heard of them! @simondrawsstuff The Mountain Goats? @gialigammari SO GOOOOOOOOOD @JamesFromHR You actually got 3/8! Sidney Gish, YACHT, Kate Bush! Everyone else I've heard a bit and respect but I don't listen to often @adambeproductiv confirmed, Constant Headache is one of my fav songs