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I carry a stick of pepperoni around in my back pack and cut off more with my pocket knife (when things like this ha…
Very cool 🙌🏻
This has been super interesting. Here are the official results but I’m just adding it to both. You guys are right -… didn’t think such a huge debate would be sparked by this Kaskade song 😅
Retweeted by Kaskade @PDX_zombie @kaskade People are ignoring everything except the chorus 😤 It is most definitely not a love song.
Retweeted by Kaskade @kaskade Original is heartbreak BUT Champs Champs remix is the Love Playlist. ✊🏻
Retweeted by Kaskade @kaskade If love didn’t exist neither would that song.
Retweeted by Kaskade @kaskade “I want to be with you Would do anything Within reason for you But if you don’t feel The way I feel about…
Retweeted by KaskadeOk 30 minute poll - then I'll add Something Something to either the "This Slaps Different if U B IN love" or "This… list? Some of these love songs could really be out of love songs. 🧐 to this one if you’re out of them. to this one if you’re in your feeels!! Always love soaking up the sun and visiting @storymiami and seeing your beautiful faces. Meet me there 03.… 004 🔥LOVE LIKE THAT🔥 👉Out 03.06 On REDUX EP 004 on @Arkade 👉Out 04.04 Tag the person who should know this…
🤡🤣’s a vibe... S/O @LifexBeats for the amazing lyric vid. 🙌🏼🙏🏼
I love a clean room.Threw on @kaskade’s redux set from Crssd and cleaned my room🙌🏼
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Just helping a friend out.
Every time we do this it is clear that it limits the bots and gets more tickets to the people. appreciate that you take the time to understand what I am doing/trying to do. Thank you, I hope you have a great… artist with a much larger team and more power still stumbles. I think that current ticketing sysytem is brok… am enjoying this conversation but you are failing to see is the bigger picture. Taylor Swifts last tour generated… 0️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ 💥 SOLD OUT💥 all 4️⃣ venues! Thank you 🔥MIAMI 🔥SAN DIEGO 🔥SANTA FE 🔥BROOKLYN Eyes out for the EP…
March in Miami seems like the move. Heading back 03.20 to play at @SLSSouthBeach @HydeBeachMiami with some friends… you have any inclination of attending the #SanDiego #REDUX 004 show get tickets now - it’s 95% sold out, going f…, the universe will not allow this. 😕😬 4•4•4 you. on @clubspacemiami are BACK UP - yes, we made their site have problems. Sometimes we b like that. #REDUX 004…AND @MeowWolf #SantaFe no predicting what is in store for us but clearly going to be amazing!! #REDUX 004 in Santa… - THANK YOU NYC!!! #REDUX 004 at @BrooklynMirage SOLD OUT Can’t wait to play there again. SEE YOU SOON!!#REDUX 004 - S/O @clubspacemiami @ledpresents @meowwolf + @brooklynmirage for giving these 4 shows a home. General…💥 San Diego show tho….🤯 #REDUX 004 4.4 Tix on sale today at Noon EST// 9 Pacific - @kaskade is aligned 🔮🔭🧿
Retweeted by KaskadeIf you didn’t secure a presale ticket don’t worry...general sale is TODAY 9AM PST / 12PM EST #redux004 Good luck!!
Retweeted by KaskadeYou might want to consider San Diego. It’s the largest venue of the run of shows and your best chance at getting th… EP 004 • 4 songs • 4 shows. There is something deep inside my brain that will not allow this. I will not me…!!! 🙌🏼🙏🏼 go on sale at 12 noon tomorrow. Just a heads up. 🙌🏼💥 I am sorry it went like that. I hope tomorrow will be better and you can grab some tickets. As of late the re…
...I was leaving the club and going hunting after.If your having a bad Thursday... here’s me with a beard in the year 2029. Enjoy that. tickets are OPEN to catch @kaskade’s REDUX 004 at the Park at Petco Park on Saturday, 4/04! General Sale t…
Retweeted by KaskadeFor real. How can we convince @JeffBezos + @amazon to make a ticketing site? 🤓My guy! It's always wild whenever tickets to one of your shows go on sale. lmao
Retweeted by KaskadeMan today was wild. I need a new internet.😅😅 night at the @BrooklynMirage for #REDUX 004 - pre sale is OVER Try again tomorrow (Friday 02.06) for your… excited to see what #SantaFe is going to bring!! #REDUX 004 @MeowWolf is over for Pre Sale. Try again tomor… I want to give my #Brooklyn homies a heads up - only a few tix left for @BrooklynMirage #REDUX 004 Pre Sale @MeowWolf tickets were testing the internet but it’s working NOW. Go get those tix for #Redux 004 Santa Fe!! #REDUX 004 @clubspacemiami Pre Sale is over for today. Try again TOMORROW (Friday 02.07) at Noon Easter… just bought my ticket 😍😛😬@kaskade
Retweeted by Kaskade @kaskade got emmmm
Retweeted by Kaskade.@kaskade success!
Retweeted by KaskadeYay! I got 4 tickets to SD Redux @kaskade, 2 tor me and a friend and 2 to help out anyone else! 😄😄😄
Retweeted by KaskadeREFRESH IT’S LIVE CEO of breaking ticketing sites. 🤴🏻 Tickets ON SALE NOW if you have a code go get those tix for Miami, Santa Fe, San Diego and Brooklyn… is a different event, and not Miami. I am playing @clubspacemiami for #REDUX 004 mean...I got the code. (Yes I sign up for my own shows 🥳) Maybe you should ask a friend? @KaskadeKonnect will (or have) get your code. At 9 AM Pacific//Noon Eastern will switch over to have a…’s there. San Diego #REDUX is gong to be IT. Just scroll down on the landing page. have enough ponchos for 7 armies. We play in the rain. vendors, links will all be in one place, on #REDUX 004 PreSale tickets go on sale TODAY 2. If u signed up, u will get a text in the next 25 minutes with a… trying to wake up my people, it was a drill (yes a presale tweet went out scheduled at the wrong time) I’m now the CEO Of sike. 🙌🏻Today was REALLY clear. Thus the epic photo of DTLA. 🙌🏼🙏🏼 living the good life if 9AM is early as hell. Respect. Teach me your ways. for my NYC and Miami people just go to lunch a lil early to grab those tix.9AM PST. All tix go on sale at the same time. Totally unrelated but a cool pic of me cruising around DTLA! 😍 is not a test. Redux pre sale tix go up tomorrow at 9 AM.TICKET ALERT: @Kaskade's #REDUX 004 Tour at San Diego's @PetcoPark goes on sale TOMORROW @ 9am. Sign-up on his of…
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Love this graphic you nailed that #1990 vibe! 004 #REDUX 004 Tour 05.30 Getting back to @BrooklynMirage for round 2 of #REDUX is going to be even better tha… 003 #REDUX 004 Tour 04.17 @MeowWolf has a reputation for hosting the best experiences, can’t wait to bring… 002 #REDUX 004 Tour 04.04 @PetcoPark is an outdoor venue in San Diego, this is going to be the biggest show on… 001 #REDUX 004 Tour 03.05 I’ve waited a long time for this to happen. Finally #REDUX @clubspacemiami, not this year. 😕 here to make sure everyone got all the redux 004 info and we good to go.
It's a good day to be a @kaskade fan! See where's he's headed on the #Redux004 mini tour
Retweeted by Kaskade...and I appreciate you. all that being said, there are 4 chances to catch one of the #Redux 004 shows… sign up at…! You read that right. @kaskade is coming through #MeowWolfSantaFe on Friday April 17!
Retweeted by KaskadeSHOW 4 Last year the show @BrooklynMirage was one of my favorites of the year… just trying to re-capture some of th… 3 @MeowWolf in Santa Fe…enough said. #REDUX 004SHOW 2 in San Diego at PetCo Park… cause San Diego in the spring time (at an open air venue) is ALWAYS a good idea!… 1 I have been trying to make this happen for years (yes YEARS) and it is FINALLY happening!!! Very very happy… an effort to be more clear here are some details about the 4 stops of 004… which will most certainly confuse people.Yes, yes I did 💥 04.04 @kaskade will be releasing REDUX EP 004 and we’re taking things to the Park at Petco Park with him! Pre-Sa…
Retweeted by KaskadeYou get it. you there. on the same frequency. 🙌🏼 @kaskade OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED I JUST LOST MY PANTS 👖
Retweeted by KaskadeJust announced, @kaskade Redux returns to The Brooklyn Mirage on May 30th after an amazing sold out show last year!…
Retweeted by KaskadeOn 04.04 I will be releasing REDUX EP 004. There will be 4 shows surrounding this release. Sign up now at… right! How about cereal then?