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we'll never live on another planet if we don't save this one first 🌊🌿🌎🌸 she/him - genderqueer - bi - chillin'

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“if you made this ring i hope you die” 20 min later “i’m keeping it 🥰”
Retweeted by Kassie Solonif shes your girl why is she giving me little berries from her pocket
Retweeted by Kassie SolonIf I was near such a creature, I would simply weep with joy.
Retweeted by Kassie Solonme when toxic starts playing
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @Capital_U your dismissal of students who point out university negligence is hurting everyone. You can't ignore us… @Capital_U you still have not said anything about this problem other than pretty much telling students to mind thei… needs to be addressed immediately @Capital_U This was recorded in the 2nd floor men’s restroom in Saylor-Acker…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @Capital_U has yet to make any statements about this issue. I scold my cat, I use the royal “we” so she doesn’t feel so ashamed. “We don’t eat that. We don’t chew on…
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Quinn just gave me 6 references for drawing emotions in 6 seconds ✏️
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @USPS doesn't fuck around w their delivery updates, I got a "delivered" text and looked out my window to see the ma…
i can’t wait for monday to peep these new designer nips
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"People are allowed to dislike things" wrong! no one is allowed to dislike the part in "The Cask of Amontillado" wh…
Retweeted by Kassie Solonhmm not defending anything but if they have to power to do this then why aren't they actively going after nazis and…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @gayelectro @yourcompanionAI @bombsfall So either a sandwich or a pastry? A corn dog would also be a good compariso… @yourcompanionAI @bombsfall When I see this diagram I think of a creme filled donut if I'm being honest. Is that in the sandwich category?A system addicted to punishment
Retweeted by Kassie SolonThis is the 2nd time w/in a 2mo span that youth in this st. louis juvenile jail protest the conditions of the jail…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @haydeniztrash i am exhausted i just want to sleep for a whole 24 hours but had to say the t*tt*es have been yeeted & everyt…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonSolidarity with prisoners continually resisting at St. Louis "Justice" Center. #FreeThemAll
Retweeted by Kassie SolonMacbeth cannot be killed by any man of woman born, but a Muppet? A Muppet just may be able to best him
Retweeted by Kassie Soloncows fucking love music & it is the wildest thing to watch 😭
Retweeted by Kassie SolonInterviewer: Under "work history" it just says "content creator." Care to elaborate on that? Victor Frankenstein: No.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonLETS GO GAY AGENDA!!!!
Retweeted by Kassie SolonTwo disclaimers: 1️⃣This is a phase 1 study. We’re far away from knowing if this vaccine is efficacious 2️⃣I do no…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonGood news on vaccine front. mRNA vaccine for HIV elicit immune response in 97% of people vaccinated.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonHIV vaccine might be right around the corner.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonPrincess loves her prints
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Retweeted by Kassie Solonstop individualizing these presidents. this crisis was created by u.s capitalism and imperialism which both parties…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonWhen science and art merge....
Retweeted by Kassie Solon😍 New processing methods were applied to this @NASAHubble image of the Veil Nebula. Emissions from doubly ionized o…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonIT WENT PERFECT AND HE'S CHILLIN' IN RECOVERY CAN I GET A HELL YEAH be honest now that I actually think about it I am astonished. I missed class my first semester due to heat sickn… @allie_wonderly My mom told me happy Easter and I looked at her for a solid three seconds before I remembered Easte… anyone asks me to submit a work order - every one of these has been reported to and "addressed" by the unive… paid an arm and a leg and then some to live on campus because my scholarships all REQUIRED me to. The living cond… @Capital_U why is it that the only apparent way to get a problem solved is by tweeting at the school until enough o… 24 hours later, and "put in a work order" is literally the ONLY thing the university has said. We should not… lack of response from @Capital_U is embarrassing. This needs an OVERWHELMING response from the university, with… brother @haydeniztrash is getting top surgery RIGHT NOW!!!!! 💟🙌💕🔥🖤😍 TODAY IS A VERY GOOD DAY!Real talk, stop shaming depressed people for having messy living situations. We know. We know it's bad. We already…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonOnce my dad asked me if I’d seen his reading glasses and I asked him if he meant the pair in his shirt pocket, the…
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Week of 4/4 in Gemini: You keep learning and learning and that’s a reason for celebration. The blue in the distance…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonWeek of 4/4 in Capricorn: There are so many beautiful things that ring around the places you have been going. You c…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonWeek of 4/4 in Virgo: Some sort of lightning is on the horizon. You might not be able to see it where you are sitti…
Retweeted by Kassie Solonthis is him talking to kids at the panthers' free breakfast for children programme in 1970
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Retweeted by Kassie Solonif anyone needs to see something good today, Jerry Dunigan, one of the original Black Panthers, was released from p…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @Capital_U @TheChimesNews Reminding students to post a work order about an issue that has clearly been caused by ex… easter
Retweeted by Kassie SolonThe Department of Fisheries in Hyderabad, India
Retweeted by Kassie Soloni lose it every time i look at this cat
Retweeted by Kassie SolonNo one place has created more human misery and suffering in the past 50 years than Harvard's campus in 2003.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonThe problem is not poor people having children, the problem is POVERTY.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonI love how people love to claim that “humans are the disease” when Indigenous people ALL OVER THE WORLD have shown…
Retweeted by Kassie Solonhappy to do my due dilligence
Retweeted by Kassie Solonmlk was doing cancel culture with the montgomery bus boycott.
Retweeted by Kassie Solonover a week after @MitchOFarrell violently displaced the Echo Park Lake community there are still no “repairs” happ…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonIn solidarity with Shakespeare's fools I, too, will be wearing funny hats, constantly pointing out other people's f…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonThe US has a long and horrendous history of forced sterilization on Black, brown, & poor folks (which are 1000% sti…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonTHE DREAM
Retweeted by Kassie Solonyou know the old stats that women go to the doctor more often than men & men go only in extremis? has anyone ever a…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonIf you need help with this concept please let me know
Retweeted by Kassie SolonThe COVID vaccine is pretty amazing and all, but have you gotten the HPV vaccine?! It prevents CANCER. Don’t forget…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonSays a lot
Retweeted by Kassie Solon
Happy Easter!
Retweeted by Kassie Solongender isn’t a spectrum, it’s a competition and I’m winning
Retweeted by Kassie SolonI understand why some people are the way they are. That their upbringing, traumas, and disappointments created this…
Retweeted by Kassie Solonme in undergrad: I'm smart me in masters: I'm dumb me in phd: everyone in the world - including and especially myself - is dumb
Retweeted by Kassie SolonI hope everyone who wants different black stories will be watching this.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonCaleb McLaughlin. Idris Elba. Jharrel Jerome. Concrete Cowboy Now on Netflix
Retweeted by Kassie SolonThere’s a Minecraft server called the uncensored library created by journalists without borders that hosts banned b…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @ominiqueday You are out of control lmao 😭😂
Character development
Retweeted by Kassie Soloni asked what he wanted to do for his birthday and this was the first thing that came to his mind. why couldn’t he j…
Retweeted by Kassie Solonwhen my hair cooperates i have to document it
Retweeted by Kassie SolonExcuse me sir this is the police 🚔 you're too handsome it's causing a public disturbance it started: how it's going:
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hello everyone! THIS MONDAY, we are doing a fundraiser for another one of our trans friends who needs top surgery!…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonHappy Autism ACCEPTANCE day! Here's a chart of good organizations to support vs. not so great ones!
Retweeted by Kassie SolonInside me are two wolves. (my virgo sun and capircorn moon)
Meagan really said “defund the police doesn’t hit the same” the first day of Derek Chauvin’s trial. We’re defunding…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon94%. Ninety. Four. Percent.
Retweeted by Kassie SolonI do not think the birds are ok
Retweeted by Kassie SolonBathrooms are the perfect example of personal as political. Here's this thing most people just never have to think…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonSaw this wildly insecure facebook post and then I saw this comment on it and I can't believe I never encountered th…
Retweeted by Kassie Solononly profession that has to push positivity propaganda bc they kill ppl from time to time. Never seen firefighters…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonAnd if that Black person fails to be psychic enough, fast enough— fails to comply, fails to convince a cop they're…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonEvery Black person confronted by a cop for any reason must immediately become psychic, both fortuneteller & mindrea…
Retweeted by Kassie SolonCops, whose literal job is to confront danger, use "fear for my life" as an excuse to kill some1 over $20 or loose…
Retweeted by Kassie Solon @SparkNotes me after forgetting how to socialize and being forced into social situations
Retweeted by Kassie SolonMe attempting to make small talk after being stuck inside for a year
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Retweeted by Kassie Solon @ominiqueday Love in his heart and cancer in his lungs are... not the same lmaoFor TDOV buy your trans friends a book and donate to their surgery/hrt funding campaigns! (Drop your links below pals!!!!)
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