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One Piece fans ready to defend their favorite anime 🤣
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Retweeted by BrokenKatanaThis joke from Spongebob is so real
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaI love how riled up anitwt can get over a single tweet, the hate on this app makes it that much more exciting to say my wild opinions
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @Saitamagoated Yo🕺🏽 @hollow_comet Yo
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @fruityjmsz Congrats Mikey🔥🔥 @CEONinoSimp Shimoneta and Seitokai yakuindomo
@attackontee Gorgeous!! Blue really suits you facts of the day 😤
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaIf only Sasuke watched this guy he wouldn’t have lost his rinnegan💀
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @ggsbrxh Congrats🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Inosuke_762
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaLMAOOO
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @GinOne9 Fr it’s just blind hate, I love all his stories @GinOne9 Basically古見さんのファンアートです。アニメを観ています
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @CodeineWaifu I can’t believe people think it’s not 🤦🏽‍♂️Luffy’s awakening will give him the gumo-gumo-no-mi’s properties of both rubber AND gum
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @shelovesluffy Take care Luna🙏🏽✌🏽 @Tendoszn Congrats @iQumloud Yea middle school
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @CEOofVivy Yea so far so good hbu @ExiledCroww Morning crow enjoy your dayI don’t know who needs to hear this but the Boruto anime is trash
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaNAH WHAT IS THIS 😟
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @xPhysixal Pretty good hbu @CEOofVivy Gm @Yoru_Akumu Good luck on finalsLob 12 please 😭
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaBlack Clover Illustration Contest Entry 13 #ARTstreet #MediBang
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaking of the court #Haikyuu #ハイキュー - Crowds are annoying , multiple also annoying but you gotta do it .
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaCharlie Cox Daredevil HE BACK!!!!!
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @Aliban969 Congrats goat🐐🐐🐐🐐 @nkkolo87 Congrats🤙🏽 @sasukestiten 9animeBleach One Piece AOT HxHⓘ This user respects your anime opinion even if I don’t agree. Have a blessed day.
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @Utzyyy Gn Utz @Yoru_Akumu GnnAOT attending his funeral be like #BlackClover
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaShinra wants to be hell boy so bad 😭🙏🏾
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @andiswrId 22 @hoeutalktoomuch deactivating I want to clarify I was not aware that I could hurt somebody. I also trusted the people who fol…
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaNARUTO ❌ BLEACH ❌ ONE PIECE
Retweeted by BrokenKatana-Yuno's more fitting to be the captain of Golden Dawn than William at this point -Zenon the only most interesting D…
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaMe enjoying Spider-Man No Way Home, Into the Spiderverse 2, Multiverse of Madness, Hawkeye, and The Batman in the s…
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @iAviTokyo @Vixaria44 HAPPY BIRTHDAY🥳🥳🎂🎂
@DevDaami ThanksSanji would end up like this if he fought katakuri 💀
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaTake off the Sasuke banner rn with yo weird ass + Ratio
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @LukaZer0 WThe right one
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaWhole tl turned into Zoro and sanji debates and constant slander, i dont like this 🗿
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaYou can only choose 1 new gen anime??
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaI’m torn between BC and JJK, you keep the other 2 @FirstClassKay Thanks🤙🏽 @kaio_9k Thanks bro @_BANKAI_GODS_ Thank bro🤞🏽🔥 @fushigurosbich Tysm @SoloVsDaWorld I haven’t seen one in a while so I made one😂😂 @Joshua00395570 Thanks Josh🤙🏽🔥 @nnnnori_ Thank Neko🤙🏽💙 @AlexOfAqua W @ZackieFr Thank you @CEONinoSimp Congrats Rohit🤙🏽💙 @DarkDoes_Stuff Thank you @BassyChanIsHere TysmGood morning
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @Aye_JP87 Thanks bro @wasabiruki Thank you🤙🏽💙 @light_yagami29 Thanks bro @strawhatsaki2 Thank you🤙🏽💙 @KYonZin_ Thank you🤙🏽💙and yea same I feel like it’s been forever since I seen one😂 @CoolDavid_15 Thanks bro @DemonSlayerJon Thanks Jon🤞🏽 @UchihaNexus Thanks bro🤙🏽💙 @chris9y4 Thank you🤙🏽💙 @regular_258 Thanks you🤙🏽 @salmon_mustard @slut4midari Thank you🤙🏽 you for 3.4k followers. We growing🤙🏽 ✨#Anitwt FOLLOW spree ✨#Anitwt FOLLOW spree ✨ #Anitwt FOLLOW spree… @The25thBam_ Idk😂😭Manga: Chainsaw Man
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @The25thBam_ Gm bam same to youフォージャー家👨‍👩‍👧
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaUnohana's smile can cure anything🥰
Retweeted by BrokenKatanaIf Isyama wrote One Piece:
Retweeted by BrokenKatana @kaio_9k People really let fanbases determine how they enjoy something🤦🏽‍♂️ @iBeChewie HBD @CodeineWaifu Gm bro enjoy your day @__Poke___ Morning poke!!Jump Festa 2022: · Haikyu!! will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the serialization with new illustrations drawn…
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