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kat @katbamkapow Irvine, CA

professional opinions on video games 🌿 researching archives & the internet @ucirvine 🌸 they/she 🌿 contact me: 🌸 i'll block anyone

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@themythicalzoe mint!
Retweeted by katstop saying "braver than the troops", an imperialist country terrorizing a poor one isn't brave. you know what's br…
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cats can have little a salami
Retweeted by kat @KatieDiek update: copics also bleed thru. @KatieDiek yes! it's from archer and olive. no bleeding, extremely minimal ghosting, and it lies flat. extremely dr… @jericawebber i will!!!! @KatieDiek ALSO it's doubly horrific because i've never in my life lost a journal before. i have journals going back like 15 years lol @KatieDiek i 1000% know i put it in a box or bag i thought i would put away immediately after getting it to the new… jordan bought me a new journal for christmas & so i am breaking into this new, shiny, bleed-proof journal <3in a true nightmare scenario, i managed to mispalce my bullet journal for long enough in the move that i'm starting a new onejust wanted to put these all together in the same post aka TFW u can't find any of ur own art bc u usually can't t…
Retweeted by katyou’re just an app i told to pass judgment on me and my decisions how dare you pass judgment on me and my decisions“kb this says you spent $600 on pho?” “that is correct” “but—” “🍲 “ “you budgeted—“ “🍜” “this was your—“ “🍜🍲🍜🍲🍜🍲”how do i tell my budgeting app that i was moving and that’s why i spent all my money on takeaways @TheNorthernNerd life is too short to count, ron✨🌿🌸we’re dying the minute we’re born!!! lol🌸🌿✨ @amenta666 this one? for the cereal aisle in a grocery store you’ve never been to.
Retweeted by kat @dongwon i’m so glad!!!Regular brain: Oh my God, it's almost open! Galaxy brain: oh snap Critter Country isn't a dead end anymore, that's…
Retweeted by katautocorrect tried to turn vanitas into fajitas and i feel thatspoilers, my column tomorrow touches on both dutch golden age & northern renaissance vanitas paintings & visually s…
@Mercurial_Girl oooooh
Retweeted by katThis thread is not going as expected huh
Retweeted by katthis.... is a gift @keefstuart block puzzlesJust got my GDC evals back. My talk "What To Do When Toxic Gamer Culture Enters the Classroom" was ranked #1 in the…
Retweeted by kat @v21 @notquitereal wow i’m ecstaticnew zine: "Apple is a type of food that restores 4 Hunger Points."
Retweeted by katTheresa May was neither a Remainer or a Leaver. She was a xenophobe. Scrapping free movement and reducing immigrati…
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Retweeted by kat @HazelMonforton “what’s up i’m hazel i’m 30 i want space wizards to kiss and i never fuckin learned how to read”i moved my computer for like 3 seconds and virginia claimed her space @HazelMonforton
@milkyteawitch i ask myself this all the time, but it's a bithi gang so excited to start my queer theory skill share classGetting ready for #pride. 🌹🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by katThis point just cannot be made enough
Retweeted by kat @moreelen my audible account is a wreck & i keep meaning to switch to a platform supported by libraries but we can… @moreelen jack has been reading the ancillary justice series by ann leckie and LOVING IT, so i really recommend tha… @moreelen i 1000% wish i could recommend any books that aren’t on my reading list for the phd, but i’ve not read a… @atebbel 🐻Next is a screen printed tote bag designed for displaying pins! A divider sewn into the bag protects the pin backs…
Retweeted by katCan’t really think of a more loathsome industry than health insurance
Retweeted by katSpoiler: not great.
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Retweeted by kat🌹 a recent utena commission for @indirect
Retweeted by katI'm super happy to announce that the article I wrote with @aarontram is published online at Games & Culture! It's a…
Retweeted by kat @jayplaysthings hmmmmm should’ve kept itAs part of my Masters dissertation research, I am facilitating two queer map making workshops at the CCA! Open to a…
Retweeted by katvillanelle in! doc martens! great @Chilled2theBone its all bad, it’s all bad. always
i’m now the proud stay at home parent to white tiled floors in my kitchen and STOKED to say that this grout will NEVER be clean ☺️☺️☺️ @HigherEd_Gaming it’s the worst, regii haven’t mentioned it because it hasn’t seemed important but every weekend for the past month i’ve been slowly mov… @yrgirlkv just saw the word “mentrification” to refer to the phenomenon of men ‘’’taking enjoyable things away from women’’… @keefstuart omg CUTEOur new episode is about Astrologaster, with its writer @haikus_by_KN! How does Astrologaster friend-zone its playe…
Retweeted by kathello i keep thinking about tuna tartare nachosThe Sims 4 is free (to own) on Origin
Retweeted by katlol hell yeah to resume my tradition of watching as much killing eve as possible from bed while drinking ~~several~~ martinisThis is corporate colonialism, full stop. Amazon is probably going to get the rights to the domain name .amazon—ag…
Retweeted by katSan Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology #WhatDoYouThink?
Retweeted by katIm tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by kati guess what i am asking here is: when will the funko pops bubble burst? has it already burst?
are funko pops..... thrivingare funko pops still.... you knowi love watching "avoiding research misconduct" training videos pro- tip: everyone is dehydrated.
Retweeted by kati can’t believe chidi got the iron throne! wowaww the good place is doing improv
librarians should rule the world imo @jazzmickle we're good!im in this! it's good TIP: you don’t need to pay anyone £580 in order to make a zine. I grant you permission to go and make one right…
Retweeted by katseems like it's all there to make you feel like you're saving money when you're actually getting absolutely hosedis the sticker price for any home appliance.... realget in loser we’re healing from past trauma and changing our negative coping mechanisms
Retweeted by katPalestinians asked artists to boycott Eurovision, not hold the Palestinian flag at Eurovision. What’s the point of…
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@caplaporte thank you!!! that means a lotcan’t be postcolonial without decolonising 🤷🏻‍♀️The massive rapid influx of enjoyment of Eurovision2019 makes me want to basically throw up. Because right now Isr…
Retweeted by katExciting news - Gamer Network (parent company of Eurogamer, RPS, VG247 etc) is hiring for a new tabletop website! P…
Retweeted by katomg it’s on RPS! Thank you @katbamkapow!💕 “Today’s column was inspired by Lawhead’s Electric Zine Maker, “a printsh…
Retweeted by kat @alienmelon it’s so fun!!! thank you for making it🌸but please PLEASE don’t use the word “tribe” interchangeably with “special interest group” or “fan.” indigineity is not a special interest.some generative questions in the comments today about zines — short-run focused magazines? or specific to “fans,” a… @babelfishwars congrats!!!Happy full milk and flower moon! It's also a blue moon! This month I tried riso printing for the first time. 🌸
Retweeted by katWith the caveat that I have no idea how CD Projekt actually functions, I will say that the majority of overtime I'v…
Retweeted by katNow that it’s officially #LBPride weekend, we want to recommit ourselves to queer and trans liberation in every fac…
Retweeted by katzine it up, baby of Arrest Horse
Retweeted by kat#WhenRiversWereTrails, an Indigenous Oregon Trail meets Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, is now available on PC an…
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@katbamkapow is presenting on her work about memory, its ephemerality and fragility, and how it relates to queernes…
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