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ARMY since March 9, 2020 | BTS has brought me so much comfort, joy and love. Thank you, BTS— you have changed my life forever.

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🐿if our suga hyung was in it, it would’ve been cooler~💜
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷아미 고마워여 💜 내일두 기대해도 조앙 사랑해요 굿나잇💜보라해
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash Soooo beautiful! @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash Ethereal ✨✨✨✨✨ @soundslikekash @lovely_anpanman I LOVE HIM AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCHthe details of Hoseok’s movements...
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷I'm just amazed at how elegant and beautiful this was
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷kim taehyung, are you kidding me ???
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷kim taehyung is so powerful
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷[#오늘의방탄] 방탄소년단을 꽃으로 만들어준 아미🌼 MMA 6관왕 감사합니다! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 #상탄소년단…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷UMM EXCUSE ME !!!???!! @BTS_twt WE NEED TO TALK OMG 😭💜 #BTSxMMA
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷A KILLER PERFORMANCE AAAHHH IT IS JUST. TOO. GOOD. BEAUTIFUL @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash I cried because I cry a lot HAHA 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭아미여러분 준비한 무대는 잘 보셨나요? 여러분들 덕분에 정말 많은 상을 받을 수 있었습니다 정말 감사드립니다 연말 축제는 이제 시작이니까요 남은 무대들도 기대 많이 해주세요!! #JIMIM
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash CUTEST 🥺WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, @BTS_twt 💜✨’m sorry but I am still crying over the fact that the boys always so deliberately let Yoongi’s vocals play over, h… fairy 🥺✨✨✨<2020 MMA> 'ON' 퍼포먼스 기사 사진(1) #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷
💿SUGA VERSE RANKING - TOP 10💿 #6 SEESAW - BTS (569 votes - 23.9%)
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷#KatchingBTS never stops! This time, I have the LY in London coming home safely (as in the packaging is just so sec… World Tour Love Yourself Speak Yourself London IT IS HERE. Thank you, @JungkookieShop ✨✨✨🐹taehyung said to me, “hyung, i’ve compiled more videos, so just know, you’re a very loved person”
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash SHES SO BEAUTIFUL 💜BYE IM CRYING MY EYES OUT FOR THE REST OF THE DAY asked his wooga squad & his other friends to wish jin. He also compiled birthday wishes for Jin to make up…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷I luv Jin’s VLive so much! 🥺💜 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OUR SEOKJIN #HAPPYJINDAYIS THIS U, @soundslikekash HEHEHE chz Kash and Jin 92-Liners Soulmates forever CC: @lovely_anpanman talked with V on the phone he is still filming. Jin really thanks to V. Because V let his personal friends incl…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷Look at Jin's reaction when army asked him if he took college entrance exam yesterday cuz he looks 19, not 29. So c…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷Jin called Yoongi, Yoongi said "Please be mature you will be 30years old soon" so Jin is not very happy (in cute wa…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷Jin said actually the members did a surprise party already for him at the filming place today. @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷MY JINKOOK HEART IS MELTING way cooky’s head is on top of RJ is the way Jungkook’s head is on top of Jin 🥺🥺🥺 IM SOFT AND FRAGILE… and warm. ❤️ RJ is just the best cuddle buddy ever. 😌 #together #UNISTARS #RJ #BT21
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷[#진생일ㅊㅋ] 보석보다 빛나는 아미의 작은 별 석진이의 1년 모아모아🐹🌕 More photos @( #JIN #김석진 #아름답진 #잘생겼진 #완벽하진…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺형에게 생일 축하해 🥳🥳 #JK #JINDAY
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷🥺🥺😭😭
"You will be turning 30 soon but i'll follow you soon." - Yoongi to Seokjin 🥺
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷it's SEOKJIN's world and we're all just living in it #OurMoonJinDay
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @soundslikekash @lovely_anpanman TEARS AGAINHappy birthday to @BTS_twt’s Jin 🎉 Our team congratulates you for being the biggest and the most talented moon. #HappyBirthdayJin
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷To our dearest Seokjin, Happy birthday! 생일 축하해! Thank you for constantly teaching us and reminding us to love o…마지막으로 하튜 #각도의_중요성 #JIMIN #진형생일ㅊㅋ
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷쮠!! 생일 축하하오 곧 서른이지만 나도 곧 따라가리라 다시 한번 생축 #진생일ᄎᄏ #슈가임
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷💜💜잘생긴 우리형 생축💜💜 #HAPPYJINDAY #보석보다_빛나는_김석진
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷#HAPPYJINDAY #OurMoonJinDay 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷우리 형 노래도 잘 부르네 생일 축하합니다 만수무강 하시길 #진형생일ㅊㅋ #JIMIN
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷진형 생일 축하드리고 어비스 발매도 축하합니다 작은 조각이나마 보탤 수 있어서 영광이었어요 행복합시다 😙😚
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷NAMJIN 🥺🥺😭😭😭 song he sang for his parents, mom the song he sang for his pets, tonight the song he sang for ARMYs, moon and…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷IM CRYING our dearest Seokjin, Happy birthday! 생일 축하해! Thank you for being our moon— for being the light that guides u…[#진생일ㅊㅋ] 1204 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN 아미의 맘을 밝혀주는 아미의 작은 별 💜🎂💜 #Jin #김석진 #탁구고수진 #내가생일축하한다고얘기했던가
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash YAAASSSSSSSSAbyss is such an honest, vulnerable song. It takes so much courage to be able to put these kinds of feelings into w…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷"Just because others are having difficulties, doesn't mean your problems are any less difficult. So whenever you're…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash TEARS :((((((armys seokjin's gift for gift for seokjin:…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷hiii 👉🏼🥺👈🏼 selling my BTS x FILA Ray Tracer sneakers (straight from Korea) specifications: Beige-red-green colo… @lovely_anpanman IM EMOTIONAL MY GOODNESSA dis-ease choreography please? I luv u, @BTS_twt ✨💜 @lovely_anpanman me also!! THE TEARS I SHED 🥺🥺😭I appreciate how BTS leaned into the fact that one of them is missing in this last Dynamite performance. They didn'…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷IM CRYING
@lovely_anpanman @JuerJoon @soundslikekash IM SO PROUD HIM AND YOONGI 😭😭 @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash TEARS ONLYIM CRYING way the six of them were looking at yoongi's painting... they really miss him 😭
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷yes taehyung loves his yoongi hyung a normal amount
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷😭😭😭😭 TAEGI
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷THE REALEST @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash THE TEARS I SHED @lovely_anpanman IT REALLY IS. I love them. 🥺🥺😭 @BGNKLabPH When is the DOP? 🥺🙏🏼VMINKOOK 2013 2020
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷GOD PLS I LOVE JIMIN SO MUCH's victory dance 😭
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman I luv our 94-liners 🥺💜HES TOO PRECIOUS @soundslikekash HES SUCH A BABIE GOD BLESS OUR GOLDEN MAKNAEYoongi 🤝🏻 Hobi perseverance is key
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷SOPE SOULMATES, my bb“BTS is from Korea & our music was always about the crossovers, transcending/breaking borders & languages. so I thi…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷JIMIN MY LUV @lovely_anpanman THEY ARE WISHING U LUCK 🥺✨💜’s never missing the opportunity to mention how much he loves us </3
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷namgi 🥺
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷ @lovely_anpanman @soundslikekash Answered it also!THESE VMIN SOULMATES ALWAYS MAKING ME CRY as taehyung
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷IT’S WHAT MOTS7 DESERVES!!!!!!!!!! 💯💯💯🏆 2020 Genie Music Awards Album Of The Year: “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” by BTS
Retweeted by ᴮᴱ Kat⁷