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Kathryn Harrison @katdharrison England, United Kingdom

Low tolerance of idiots comes with getting older.

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@BettinaSRoss1 @h2ofizz No but he thinks his voters are that stupid, which they must be as they vote for him @bpfbpf2 They’re cats they like to make a grand entranceMeet me in a land of hope and dreams #CelebratingAmerica
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So has Johnson been the first foreign leader to congratulate Joe Biden and offered him a state visit yet - no thought not @erinotoole Doesn’t this fool keep up to date with the news @itvpeston @Peston @Aiannucci All The President’s Lies @DrewLawDesign A write of desks @cliodiaspora @erekose6 An astonishing young woman @DrewLawDesign The wasps who made a nest in the garden this year, much more organised and competent and also less deadly @DrewLawDesign Bread this morning @sturdyAlex Yes but relish in the thought he organised a party sent out loads of invitations and that no one turned up @revkatebottley @RevRichardColes Years ago I did coffee after service with a much older friend she always looked a… @StephenMcGann Has it finished yet, is it safe to put the tv back on @realMCBizzo Yep liar in chief to the end @Neil210670 Ella Fitzgerald best singer whatever catagory
@Dave2w2 @HWarlow Isabel use to live ten minutes walk from there @Dave2w2 @HWarlow It’s raining today too, it doesn’t always rain in Bath though. We went to Bath for lunch on Chris… @DrewLawDesign Parking attendant or tv detector van operator (don’t think they have them any more though) @RevRichardColes They’re going to be very angry if they ever have the realisation he had absolutely no interest in… @BettinaSRoss1 Always pronounce St Just in Cornwall the french way as I went to the Brittany Saint Just first foll… @BettinaSRoss1 Is there another way to pronounce it? @adampayne26 @EmmaKennedy What an amazing coincidence, who would have thought that would happen @Blackwidow_1985 @AdeleBull4 @tnewtondunn Actually I do I just don’t think it’s a good idea to let a disease that’s… @abij11 @Blackwidow_1985 @AdeleBull4 @tnewtondunn With the current choice of PM doesn’t bare thinking aboutHello 2021. I’ve been down with Covid since New Year's Day and it’s been pretty brutal. When I lived in India a few…
Retweeted by Kathryn Harrison @AdeleBull4 @tnewtondunn And no one voted for a disease to kill us in the 10s of thousands, grow up
@DorsetGirl1 @joannalayton 🤣 @DorsetGirl1 @joannalayton I ask people in their 30s for ID to buy alcohol when I’m at work 😂 @joannalayton As I’m nearly 60 they all look about 17 to me so they should be in school or 6th form college @porridgebrain In Wigan it’s cook as in boot @BettinaSRoss1 The trouble with automatic ones is you go somewhere else and it’s not automatic so you stand with yo… @Dr2NisreenAlwan This information is in the shielding letter I was sent but it needs to be emphasised more @JamesWoodfield @johnstillremain First it was 150,000 records, then 230,000, no live cases or records of those conv… @JamesWoodfield @johnstillremain At least 4
@EmmaKennedy That explains the loss of DNA, fingerprints and other data from the PNC @sturdyAlex Most definitely our dear departed Mr Dougal was named after Dougal on father Ted so obviously Irish, d… @BettinaSRoss1 Late start here in Wiltshire but the sun’s shining, bedroom window is open and all I can hear are the birds singing
@drleatongray @RevRichardColes I have the crab apple jelly make it every year with the fruit from my tree it’s grea… @AngelaRayner @SimonPease1 @Chartwells_UK Rotten to the core the whole lot of them @Learning2GetBy Well you weren’t wrong 😂 @SomethinShockin @Learning2GetBy Lost my dog Patch 12 years ago was never going to get another one I was heart brok… @getnorthern Have several customers at work with varying severity of needs who come shopping with their carers all…
@KirstenTElliott I work selling currency for holidays (obviously closed at the moment) so used to handling cash, wo… can't help feeling that Jacob Rees-Mogg and Priti Patel would be happier working as Prison Wardens.
Retweeted by Kathryn HarrisonWatching footage of the Loser Sturm overrunning the Capitol during the Beer Belly Putsch, I am struck again by how…
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@SimonUbsdell A lot of husbands EU colleagues did return to family in Poland or Romania because of Covid and some… @KwasiKwarteng Liar @DavidBegnaud @VP Yet she supports a govt that separates children from their parents and locks them in cages
Retweeted by Kathryn Harrison @Coldwar_Steve This is your best yet @HackedOffHugh Too kind Mr Grant @AnnSava62 @DrewLawDesign If that happens just tap the bagging area scales where the bag sits (insider knowledge) that usually works @DrewLawDesign The printer and it never answers back. I’m quite often heard shouting “what’s wrong with you, you’re useless just work” @SeanPer24126642 @DrewLawDesign I think you may be more likely to discover alien life on another planet @deharpham @DrewLawDesign I love our weather you’re having a blizzard where I am it’s 10c and I made the mistake of… @DrewLawDesign By 9.30 I’d reported several tweets and blocked several Covid deniers - they seem to be out in force… @PClarke654 @BlackmoreSpeaks @Anna_Soubry That’s nonsense if you have Covid and are killed in an accident it is not… @SkyNews @SkyNewsPolitics You always know when the govt is talking crap and they know they’re talking crap, what th… @duckeggs007 @Globerunner31Uk @Keir_Starmer I don’t think you get the issue. The food is to replace free school mea… @sheepio In 1982 I lent someone a book, they dropped it in the bath, dried it out and then gave it back to me. I ha…
@Charlietrypsin As a cat owner I get this they really are charlatans. My daughter moved out in September and her 2…
Retweeted by Kathryn Harrison @tom_mansell @SimonWain1965 @NeilNewby3 @Iromg @DJ1ROOKIE @SkyNews @adamboultonSKY And it’s a bot and it’s blocked 👋 @KellGardner @Iromg @SkyNews @adamboultonSKY No they only need a majority to impeach him in the House they need a t… @Iromg @DJ1ROOKIE @SkyNews @adamboultonSKY So what punishment should be given to someone inciting a riot and insurr… @JohnApplebyLD @mikegalsworthy Now Trump is no longer bringing in the money for GOP he wants rid before they start… @mikegalsworthy Terrified of Trump and being held to ransome @porridgebrain Just use coconut oil the stuff you use to cook is fine @HWarlow @Dave2w2 I’ve heard it runs in the family - the practical thing @Channel4News No you’re a cult member @DrewLawDesign I am starting to wonder what ‘demonstration’ they were watching and what they think they were hidin… Dominic Blakemore, CEO of Compass who operate Costa, Starbucks, Subway under license + own Chartwells who sup…
Retweeted by Kathryn Harrison @CazalyMary @13sarahmurphy Did you listen to the one on Times Radio yesterday - extraordinary, one man saying he’d… @13sarahmurphy And he’s just been on news saying wait and see. Wait and see for what. I’m sick and tired of this us… @PickardJE @FinancialTimes I’m increasingly concerned that I’m going to be requested to go for the vaccine at a cen… @Dave2w2 @HWarlow Always the practical one 😂 @grandadbike28 @TimLittleBuzz @mrjamesob You’re not wrong I listened to a focus group of voters on Times Radio yest… @softboyuk Not just 6 year olds. We recently had a WhatsApp group catch-up with our manager she foolishly asked has anyone got any questions @BlackmoreSpeaks @Anna_Soubry You obviously missed the news report yesterday that the peak won’t come until Februar… @BlackmoreSpeaks @Anna_Soubry @darren43phillip @Anna_Soubry He’s never tried his hardest at anything in his life or maybe this is his hardest and… @Anna_Soubry Wasn’t it a day later last time but if you’re organising a sweep stake I’ll go for announcement 16:04… @Globerunner31Uk @Keir_Starmer Yes imagine trying to feed a 6ft, 15 years boy on that. Couldn’t have fed my petit 15 year old girl in that @EmmaKennedy Astounding it’s it @Wolfe321 Yes my life would be incomplete without them (that said with the guilt of knowing they’re made from plast… @Learning2GetBy Joshua is such a good dog even though Roxy is getting bigger he’s still gentle with her. They’re adorable 🥰 @PranMan Building affordable/social housing across the roadI love this.
Retweeted by Kathryn HarrisonTo all those like @toadmeister and @allisonpearson who lie about the effect covid is having on hospitals. I have s…
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£30.00 food voucher direct to family for £30.00 of food to feed starving kids = socialism = bad. £30.00 to private…
Retweeted by Kathryn Harrison @terrystiastny @LissaKEvans I am can remember that still had music and movement in the 1960s at my school @Peston @pritipatel Because she’s full of crap and I’m sick of it. Ask her question and get her to answer it and do… CNN and Jim Acosta one of CNN’s chief reporters say “and what Trump said as usual to use a technical term… @Davebot90324770 @TheElmoBird @DoomlordVek @nickb123452 @MarcusRashford @Chartwells_UK @educationgovuk I won’t even… @McDowellBt I did hear govt spokesman say that if you decline offer at one of the centres you will be offered the v… @TheElmoBird @DoomlordVek @nickb123452 @MarcusRashford @Chartwells_UK @educationgovuk This probably breaks every he… @jayrayner1 @Chartwells_UK Shameful who would want to be associated with a profiteering company like this @AliceWelcometo1 @DrewLawDesign I’ll have one instead of the shortbread biscuit thank you @DrewLawDesign Yes please just going to make the curry for tonight then I’ll have tea and a shortbread biscuit if you have one @Penny2449 @LurcherSOS Going to discuss with husband. We have a dog and we were considering adopting another one. O…