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Kate @Kateandtheboys Manchester, England

Medical & pharma researcher. Physiologist/pharmacologist. Mother of 3 teenage boys & a puppy. Gym & holiday addict. Manchester red. #KBF

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@X_dystopia_X @rangylinks @isnt_it_red They couldn't give a damn about anything BUT covid. They fell for it hook, l… @isnt_it_red Insanity. That's the only word for it. @john_logical Sunday - completed 😝 @danlightkeeper @katevonlaegel @NWPolice Where to start with that absolute load of rubbish. Sit down yourself and d… will not stand by and remain silent. Time's up! Let's go! #TimesUp #KBF @brownhill76 @KyleBrownhill There he is!Bravo! all! Please go and follow @ManchesterRise - first protest date is set and we need as much support as possib… about absolutely not?’s see as many of you there as possible #Manchester @davidkurten The fight is on in #Manchester Please would you share @ManchesterRise @JC_free82 Yes it is!
It’s time #Manchester Who’s in? @Activeconvo @RodriguesJasonL Amazing! It’s growing!Announcement imminent...
Retweeted by Kate @Walkabout24 There isn’t one. @ACRGS I do hope so!This is what I’m talking about! More of this please!! #Riseup #wedonotconsent @ACRGS @MichaelYeadon3 I think so, but we need more. @nhitchens @Tesco @SurreyPolice Reported for posting unsolicited photographs of women and girls. You’re on very dangerous ground here Neil. @ACRGS @MichaelYeadon3 It’s hilarious really given that so many of us aren’t taking a blind bit of notice 🤣 @jimfalty Not yet, I’ve bookmarked it for when I’m home @TheMindsculpter Just scrolled his tweets - got to be a parody surely? @damianwarburton @chezzy8080 No. Thanks for the tip though. @hopemilltheatr1 How about no? Businesses need to wake up and push back, not embrace this utter nonsense. I won’t b… @JulianTHolmes @AndyBurnhamGM I concur! Obviously 🤣 @Jon_statistics 3 times - all negative. Antibody blood test in UK in April - voluntary. Chosen for random testin…, please do it. There is no time to waste.
@Danjones_uk I have to agree! Not sent Xmas cards for years! @SooziScoones This melts my heart ❤️ @AndyBurnhamGM Lovely sentiment but following the rules is absolutely NOT going to get us back to normal. The soone… waiting for permission to see their own family from this clown needs their head testing! See who you damn we… @AlistairHaimes I don’t need anyone’s permission so I don’t actually care 😊 @brownhill76 Again?! 😝Happy Friday! 🥂 @simondolan 333? 👀 @jimfalty Love him! @NeilClark66 We rise up... @ManchesterRise
@Sacha_Lord @BBCOne @claudelittner Time to #Riseupmanchester @ManchesterRise @CarlaSpade Oh I’m so sorry 😞Des dropping some truth 💣 Gwan lad! #WhyAreTheyDoingThis @LeProfMoriarty @JC_free82 This 👆🏼 @LeProfMoriarty @JamesMelville That’s how I read it too @devisridhar My view: no it won’t. We’re done. Thanks for playing! @sagezza2 Still fooling far too many at the moment though! @kjack1911 @StephenNolan Not for me Karen, but you crack on! @TomSanders557 Valid point 😝Does he think I just fell off the top of a Christmas tree? Let it go Matt, this is embarrassing 🤣 protest incoming - stay tuned #Manchester #Riseupmanchester @MatthewFDonald I know people whose parents are doing it to them! @AlistairHaimes Mine hasn’t - University of Leeds. Well, he’s not had any symptoms and wouldn’t get a test anyway.… @CarlaSpade He’s a nasty piece of work who, from the shape of him, didn’t think twice about his health until someon… @TVKev @flowesaunders68 @MailOnline When hell freezes over.Reminder to go and follow @ManchesterRise #Manchester @LeProfMoriarty It is! I hope this will keep people positive and help them to keep going. The tide is turning!This is big news! Police will not fine people over 'confusing' new Covid-19 rules @j88KBF Some will. Not me. It’s my children’s future at stake.Good morning 💫
Go follow @ManchesterRise #Manchester @JC_free82 Yes 😬 @AnnaCafolla You mean ‘pregnant women’, right? @ThisisDavina Alright Dr Davina. Since when were you qualified to give medical advice?This is what you can achieve when you rise up and stand for what you believe in! 👊🏼 @jimfalty 🤡 @jimfalty Oh I get it - he pronounced it incorrectly?! Like they do on the tram fgs 🙄 @jimfalty What did he say?! @ez_dee My kids have got me 😬💊Can anyone who has organised a demo/protest DM me, or knows someone who has put me in touch with them please? Just… @31aakay_ @simondolan In any case, others are starting to step forward and people are rallying... @31aakay_ @simondolan Absolutely. We need strong leadership and backing to just stand up now. Enough is enough. @31aakay_ @simondolan He can encourage businesses to stay open and say no to non-evidence based destruction of lives @emmakennytv Not if I have anything to do with it. Enough. @KeithBache @j88KBF @TfL @lisam2301 Time to stand up #Manchester
@SChadbon @W3SG @10DowningStreet Which lives? Just the ones with an average age of 82 that might die of Covid, or a… @Janeme47646448 @10DowningStreet You mean these falling ones Jane?‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accep… @carole_awebb @ConHome @BorisJohnson Huge. @thewordealer I think it’s perfect! @altrinchamtoday Who cares? @dangerm52645728 @latimeralder I think so! @brownhill76 @GMB Stay tuned! @Walkabout24 Oh it’s coming...Blah blah blah blah blah. No. #Manchester @zerofaqsgiven @MichaelBrailsfo Hahaha I was crying 🤣🤣🤣 @zerofaqsgiven @MichaelBrailsfo How has this got no likes 🤣 @latimeralder 2.5 million? It’s doable if we have leadership. Some of us will do it anyway but many others need lea…’wan Graham! @MattHancock Oh go and have a lie down Matt 🙄 @Nottingham_PT Bang on! @DPJHodges None, so I would ignore the ‘rule’. I’d put my kids first, always. @shawnleekitfc @emmakennytv Take one day at a time. Do what you have to do each day and don’t think too far ahead.… @Plandemic10 @richardm56 @ACRGS @jimfalty I agree. I’ll do what I’ve done since April and carry on as normal but we need businesses to stand… @JulianTHolmes That! @AlistairHaimes My 16 year old home from college for 14 days as of today too 🙄Once they throw the old ‘you’re just a crackpot conspiracy theorist!’ insult around, you know you’ve got them. It’s… @RhonddaBryant We see you Chris. @wotwitwotwotwow @K3T3R @guardiannews Well not really, no, because all these other conditions have miraculously dis…’m sure there’s nothing to hide though 🙃 The secrecy and spin surrounding Greater Manchester’s hospital figures