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your buddy kate @kateburning Los Angeles, CA

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@rissubun Uh he sounds great @JackieDiOrio through quarantine! @grrlaction @mjblair ...oh does he say howdy @chadwickATL Marietta @akaBORT Bart come over @JoshWatchinTV 😉My new apartment has surprise google fiber 😭😭😭I drove 2,100 miles across ten states in four days and didn’t hit a spot of traffic until Atlanta. It’s good to be… @korov @grrlaction I went by my middle name before it was cool @jannazagari ❤️❤️Gonna start selling my Call of Fruity bath water to gamers #justgamergirlthings @ncbjd @The301st :(
@NSSteph u know it!!!🎶 Now I'm a-standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona 🎶 @Zimmerino @fufuandoreos girl I’m driving...plenty of time to stop and pick one up at one of 300 office depots I drive by @fufuandoreos
@Crawf33 I hope this is like soup tubes @OhHeyDJ @princessology @drewgmackie I know what u like boo 😂 @amberdiscko ::Facebook care reaction:: @drewgmackie Cc @OhHeyDJ @heewski I also support Billie eilish roots @crunchpow Can’t stop thinking bout karate waterthis joke sponsored by @crunchpowYou: La Croix Cúrate Me, an intellectual: Karate Water @Ninjaharlot @kelslewin @BrianPShea nouns @princessology my dog does that like 50% of the time with pee pads but she’s 15 so I gotta let it slide 😂😂 @princessology like how even @katiecasper Congrats girl!!! @RageCave I wanna bury my face in that tum tum even if it means I get my head shredded
@RageCave @CinderSlays I’m goin’ back the same way I came out! Idk what this gif is but let’s roll with it @RageCave ABSOLUTELY NOT but we have some real cuties avail right for adoption rn @Kiki272 😭😭😭 @akhmourne yeah I wanna say I’ll be fine because I grew up in it but California has made me weakReal tough choice because mean girls was also on the table god I just accidentally saw that it’s 90 in Atlanta @PezRadar HE WAS INTIMIDATED BY OUR BEAUTY AND ALSO BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU COULD RIP A PHONEBOOK IN HALF NOW @NSSteph what if it’s a roller coaster with a heart shaped loop de loop @kindofstrange I made everyone at work watch this @EssieCharm @fashionpressnet Lol I love the pepperoni @DanAmrich @FarCrygame 3 is real good! @AdamTRadcliffe @ZZillions I didn’t know you were from Arizona! And its a quarantine move, so at least end of year @ZZillions I’ll be farther north but will wave anyway 😂 @ZZillions want to get a “please scream inside your heart” tattoo @joemag_games Congrats!!! @MrPope honestly depends on the sausage and I think you know that @akaBORT @JeffreyGreller yeah it’s terrible but whirlyball rules @akaBORT @JeffreyGreller do you know if whirlyball is still over there @dianascholl such a trendsetter for quarantine on the east coast! @crunchpow duly noted for our brief travel through the panhandle @LittleSparkzLFG yeah a lot of people asked why I didn’t fly and it’s because I own a small zoo 😂 @hannanimal @GrizzlyCrossing YESSSSSSS @GrizzlyCrossing oh nice!! I lived in vinings for a long time and loved it. Of all the things I miss about Atlanta,… @drawp bruh I told you 😂 @akaBORT @JeffreyGreller Wednesday! My place is by the big chicken @jbroske Playing it by ear but our offices don’t open until next year so for a few months at least! @JeffreyGreller thanks grellar! with me on the east coast, maybe I’ll finally be online as early as you are 😂😂😂I AM LOSING MY MIND @AndreSegers Oh they got a brand new absolutely ridiculous travel cat condo @jasondominy I will be holing up near the big chicken! @lizyybear East coast quarantine crew assemble!!Haven’t said much about it, but this quarantine party is heading to Atlanta today! The driving cross country part s… don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but if that far cry leak is right HOLY SHIT THAT CASTING IS SO GOOD @WeAreJoel OH MY GOD GIANCARLO!!!! @songbirdGG @seaninallcaps she’s so big now 😭😭😭😭 @TheAxure I’m so happy 😭 @TheAxure My favorite boy!!! 💕💕💕💕
Happy National Kitten Day!!! Here are four of the 10,000 kitten photos I have on my phone! (Steven, Magician, Igor… @ItsKatieKendall @ItsKatieKendall it's called planet earth @kindofstrange @SamMaggs LIIIIIIIIINKStill thinking about that cat game...
Retweeted by your buddy kate @Nymo same lol @JoshYTsui @ObiCynKenobi @DanAmrich @nickchester quest is great for fitness - supernatural, beat saber, pistol whip, tons of boxing games...I inexplicably have Barbara Manatee stuck in my head today. @technosucks LOLAAAAAAAA @kitosan @breath0air I'm so excited for it!! @Amarisse if it makes you feel better, most of these are probably modeling chocolate and DELICIOUS @princessology It's so, so sad. :( @colormelauren I CACKLED "July 9, 2020: A Decade Ago We Didn't Know Who The Minions Were" @Neurotic I recommend identifying the one person in your life who owns a printer and asking them to print 😂 That's what I do! @1234KYLE5678 NO IT IS NOT @drewgmackie did he know the time between calling his mom and waking up???? @drewgmackie W H A T @joemag_games @ErinEberhardt I read soup tube and assumed it would be like a gogurt tube of soup, which honestly if… @JakeCurtis I'll help you brainstorm your editorial calendar @evankinney @lizziekillian they could probably do both sauces! I have eaten it twice now LOL @evankinney @lizziekillian lizzie I'm a big fan of the dumb grilled cheese burrito thing please go to Taco Bell (it…
@girlhack you want me to go break in and snuggle him? @ManateeSheriff I think we all know she wanted the butter more than the rolls @Cliff_Mountan @netflix This is the old show! And it’s worth watching but you might be too young to get some of the trivia 😂 @CorneliaGeppert 10/10 GOTY @CorneliaGeppert please tell me your next game is going to be GRAND THEFT OTTER @Fwiz liam's first stream whenOkamoto Kitchen continues to be the best food truck: we all chip in $10, I think we can buy and renovate a private island, trick Kanye and JK Rowling to move there a…