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Kate Nagy @KateHoldsCourt Falls Church, VA

Neurosis is my brand. All opinions my own.

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@meganf Virtual hugs to you. Be kind to yourself.
@LouisatheLast He is just so lovely. @kkingparsons Heh. I'm afraid that title is already in use. @CharlesPPierce Ouch. Take care of yourself. @TheTattooedProf @S_L_Alexander My alma mater! Rock chalk!
@thegoodgodabove Socks? Gift card? One of those plastic candy canes full of M&Ms? @nlmtys I can't even get worked up over something this balls-out stupid. Men of Twitter, PLEASE, take it from a c… @danielwinlander @juliamacfarlane I ship it.
@BethBob2 Eliminating genetic disease is a laudable goal, but some diseases have a genetic component, but it's not… @manwhohasitall Singers: Only if they’re cute. Songwriters: Thank you for the laugh! What could a male songwriter h… @Tallulahs_Ghost TOOOOO...MUCH! @Tallulahs_Ghost My 17-year-old has the Miser Brothers on her Spotify Christmas playlist. @Tallulahs_Ghost It really is! It might make me cry a little sometimes.
@Gladwell I turned the shower/sink/toilet part of his rambling into a sonnet. Close enough?
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@DavidRobertGor1 @ReynoldsWrap I hear that the models at Walmart all use store brand aluminum foil.
@tedlieu @POTUS Sir, I have nothing but respect for you but in the grand scheme of things this is not something I'm… @DonaldJTrumpJr Of course, Republicans would never, ever stoop to "partisan hacks" on a child. Why, just ask Greta…
@meralee727 Ooooh, I know! I know! He won’t do THAT. @PressSec I agree with the last bit. Your vile, reprehensible boss is doing his best to rip us apart from the inside.
@JdWpink Hello Naya! I like to think of the occasional depressive episode as the special sauce on the shit sandwich…
@DonaldJTrumpJr @HudsonBooks Maybe they're sold out! ...On second thought, nah. @RealCandaceO @DonaldBlake1 @JoeBiden opposed to, say, the Trump family, all of whose associates are beyond r… @Booknerddawn @ProfChrisMJones Grew up in Topeka. Mom still lives there. I miss it and don't miss it in equal measu… of my tweeps aren't in DC but JUST IN CASE. @LMcTan Oooh. Poor thing. She felt like crap and then she was gacking all the time and then food tasted weird. I wo… @LMcTan Not to be That Internet Asshole, but have you talked to her health care provider? Could be she has a low-gr… @MrJasonLevy I'm calling it: this is totally a parody account! Right? RIGHT?!?
@tntdrama The Dark Knight is a very overrated movie. @DJoHall @MrJasonLevy Right? No one who objects to Chaos would wear that tie with that shirt. @atrupar He lost a bet, didn't He? @meralee727 WOW, he's so EDGY. I'm blown away by his EDGE.
@MackenzieMays The city where I grew up had several high schools. One of them was Seaman High. Another’s mascot wa…
@EricTrump Dude. @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Do you prefer the term "obviously fake"? @Nicole_Cliffe Um... guilty? I don’t know which Bush twin is which, either. The Trumps I know b/c they’re so in my… @WendyMolyneux Nawww. Didn’t you see the picture he posted of himself in boxing gear? Clearly, this is a man who su… @manwhohasitall It’s very important and that’s why male students should stay in after dark and only take classes wi… @meralee727 When the cat poops in the litter box but then, in attempting to cover said poop up, FLINGS the poop and…
@Alyssa_Milano Update! Not on McNaughton's twitter, and I refuse to drive any of his web traffic, so the authentici… @Alyssa_Milano IS THIS A NEW MCNAUGHTON? Sure looks like one of his. The artistic stylings of Jon McNaughton are m…
@KevinMKruse @marcorubio You've been saving this one for a special occasion, haven't you? @JenniferRNN @lillie_80 @rachyland, it was only a matter of time. @lorenbbr @sesquiotic Right? Strongyloides. Amyloid. Bioluminescence. Hilar. @AdamLanceGarcia A snowstorm is a lot prettier on the first day than the second day. @sesquiotic Raunchy. Crackle. Fizzgig. Serene.
@Drunk_Austen I bought House of Leaves expecting to be scared out of my mind. Instead, I was bored out of my mind.… @FreddieCampion Would have been more handsome if he had smiled. @BCDreyer I know Carousel is 99 kinds of problematic and there's so much there that makes me cringe, but the Carous… @MissBellaKim We are legion. Most of my conversations with my husband are like "What's for dinner?" "Probably Chipo… @grantstern @SarahHuckabee Has she considered, you know, telling the truth? @GabrielUrbinaTM Black Mirror, 15 Million Merits Old-School: Deep Space 9, Duet @SandyRsfo @shannonrwatts Not to be That Person, misspelled “We Didn’t Start the Fi-ah.” I mean, dude tr… @amandadeibert I am Kate, goddess of course. Fear me because I am told you are not going to be back. @Remember_Sarah Chocolate chip cookies consumed right out of the oven are a little slice of heaven on earth.
@PatPennAuthor @DMJreports @disabledsirena @ArtistLukeWalsh Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to reading it.American friends, just for the sake of my own interest and to prove a point... If you have ever avoided going to t…
Retweeted by Kate Nagy @thegoodgodabove Who was it who said "God created Man in His image and likeness, and Man promptly returned the favo… @meralee727 The doctor was kind of an idiot. Preacher Book was ok, if a little pointless. Jayne was Jayne. I liked… @meralee727 Before I enter Witness Protection: Firefly is a massively overrated show. Mal was a raging asshole. The… @datGamersAsylum @Chinchillazllla @RudyGiuliani That’s a good point. Of course now, if there really is any dirt to… @jonbecker_ Marshmallows are disgusting. Marshmallows make Smores disgusting. Also, Oreos are just okay.
@Chinchillazllla @RudyGiuliani I’m wondering that, too. If you have files full of proof of the Bidens’ corruption,… @DevinNunes Nice...try? @shannonminter5 I do believe that sweet kitten grew literally overnight. @NunesAlt @DevinNunes Dude...why? Just why? Why any of it? (This is directed at @DevinNunes), not Alt-Mom) @DanaSchwartzzz This car just wants to play devil’s advocate for a minute, and proposes a thought experiment.
@meralee727 I was not yet even a twinkle in my Daddy's eye, but my husband was born four days later. His middle nam… @meganf If there were ever a time for you to be kind and gentle with yourself, this would be it. Kicking the big C'… which GQ makes a small clarification for the record. @andylassner @EliseStefanik @TedraCobb Of course I promise to do my part to make sure that the hashtag #ByeByeElise @McNaughtonArt The bull looks like he's rolling his eyes.Why did no one tell me that there's a new McNaughton painting featuring Cowboy Don wearing fringed chaps? Internet,… @IvankaTrump Maybe someday. But you and I both know that this is not that.
@ProfChrisMJones I think the idea is fine, but maybe the message itself is a little impersonal? I’m not sure how I’… @lisasaurstomp That’s...a lot. I would buy and use the hell out of the table runners, though. @KateChief From one Kate to another...You're doing it right.
@HowardA_Esq You shouldn't have! Here, open yours:
@OhNoSheTwitnt Oh my God! His intestine has migrated into his chest!!!😮 @caroljsroth The River -- Bruce Springsteen @realDonaldTrump @SteveScalise @FoxNews Seriously, don't you have anything better to do? For better or worse, you'r…
@realDonaldTrump Leave the witnesses alone, Don. @jackiekashian I can’t imagine what the difference could possibly be. @jeffoneonone201 @BuzzFeed My husband worked with a Gen-X fellow named Skydance. @xauriel @izzyxen I think I would appreciate the Beatles more if I hadn't grown up hearing what GREAT and IMPORTANT… @izzyxen "Afternoon Delight" is not a bad song by any stretch -- an expertly crafted pop song rendered by very tale… @manwhohasitall How else will we be able to tell the smart ones from the pretty ones? @NotoriousRED2 @peecheykeen @BuzzFeed Amanda! Of course.
@meralee727 Ew. Why are people? @ProfChrisMJones I was shocked and appalled at the number of REALLY big-name writers who chose to take time out of… @kmadden19 @BuzzFeed Interesting! I knew a Keren and a Caryn, but I'm not sure I ever met a Karen who didn't have 5… @EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump Sorry, Rep. Stefanik. Waiting for your turn to speak is not the same as enduring a… @realDonaldTrump I thought the "failing" New York Times was FAKE NEWS. I guess I'm having trouble keeping up.Compelled to share: Last night I dreamed about an adaptation of Leslie O'Grady's 1978 gothic romance THE ARTIST'S D… @DrunkestLibrary I'm not insisting that anyone "cancel" Dessen -- she's a working author, all power to her -- but… @tedcruz Imagine that HRC were president and she tweeted that while, say, Ivanka or Tucker Carlson or Brett Kavanau…
@lawrencelibrary @RealSaavedra They OBVIOUSLY forgot the secret rules for Lady Congresspeople that allow them to speak out of turn!… @EliseStefanik Alternative interpretation of the same facts: You spoke out of turn, there are rules around these th… @normative Are you actually expecting Nunes to do something rational in there? You thought the man suing an Interne… @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump These “career bureaucrats” do more good for their country in an average week than…