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@ProfChrisMJones WHUT. Is he trying to look uninformed? I'm no historian but I know how full of cack he is. @DevinCow @deeepcouch @notkristiane @realDonaldTrump Also, "Jimothy?" @epicciuto An old haunted Victorian house. I would renovate it and bring it back to life. I would drink coffee eac… @realDonaldTrump I know I'm shouting into the void here, but...that's not how it works out here in the physical world. @prairielaura I had a lot of friends in the schol halls when I was there! I lived in Hashinger and later McCollum (RIP). @shannonminter5 She's pleased to report that all is well! @DarkSoulNight @Danimalsdoodoo I fell asleep during Lebowski, which is pretty much my go-to move for any Coen Broth… @CinFlynn @Danimalsdoodoo No Country for Old Men! It works better if you think of it as an extended metaphor for th… @Danimalsdoodoo The Dark Knight. Yeah, I'm going there. As someone else once said: It takes itself awfully seriousl… @ProfChrisMJones "Need" is a strong word, but I think you won't be sorry. @RealKaylaJames I've been training for a marathon and it's going great!
@Voalady1 Great article. He's been doing some terrific reporting on the pandemic for The Atlantic. @meralee727 WWG1WGA is the sound a record makes when a DJ moves it back and forth on a turntable ("scratches?"). So…
@lisasaurstomp @MeerkatsRMammal It totally is. I see BOEK THE BLUF.
@meralee727 I heard rumors, and I live on the other side of the country. @kylekizu Amy Adams, Arrival; Michelle Yeoh, Crazy Rich Asians; Jeff Bridges, Fearless
@tribelaw Yes, and T's respect for the rule of law is well documented. Surely he will have no problem, having alrea… @prairielaura stork couple celebrates their first egg. Wait for it. Sound on...
Retweeted by Kate Wants to Know @amandadeibert Don't laugh, but it's a quote from the early 00s vampire series Angel -- the one with David Boreanaz… @CharlesPPierce Kate Mulgrew needs to play her in the biopic. @meralee727 @kmf78 Someone should respond to the ad and report back. FWIW my money’s on Olivia Jade. @KwCongressional You know, you talk more about pedophilia more than anyone I've ever seen, on Twitter or off. Thin…
@KwCongressional I'll make a note of that. @RealHughField It seems to me that people across the political spectrum are, refreshingly, speaking with one voice… @msmithobx @Rica_Bee @Kinniska Dark hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, reporting! I do have a tendency toward anemia,… @shannonminter5 Same, Squeaky. Same. @ckshowalter L'il Potat looks...weary. Like, "WHEN is this going to be over, Mom?" @KwCongressional Ah, yes. In the immortal words of Mr. Jon Bon Jovi, “You live for the fight when that’s all that you’ve got.” @realDonaldTrump NO. @ckshowalter When did Queso get so BIG?
@ProfChrisMJones GASP Check your DMs! @ProfChrisMJones I did! I grew up near 21st and Gage. We could walk to the University but it was a bit of a hike.… @ProfChrisMJones Home sweet home. Is that College Hill? Kind of looks like it. @KwCongressional Yes, our widdle fee-fees are hurted whenever KW posts something mean. His dagger wit is sharp as t… @quinncy OUCH. (Also...heh.) @_vivalaluna Your baby is adorable and your family is lovely. As for Dr. Goodhair...I'm glad you had something pr…
@meralee727 Not to be That Person but I think you may have misspelled "brown."
@KwCongressional Okay, I'll admit you had me going for a while, but it's become obvious even to me that this is a parody. @DelilahSDawson I never met an adverb with which I didn't fall passionately in love and use frequently and with aba… @KwCongressional Big Pharma is "Quaking in Their Boots" @Browtweaten Gen X: Gay, married, whatever.
@KwCongressional I'd be astonished to learn that Bin Laden has an opinion one way or the other about Joe Biden, giv… @meralee727 Happy birthday! Keep on fighting the good fight. @BrinaStarler A group of Virgos is called a Critique. @sheologian Oh, no. Don't tempt fate. The day is mighty young. (Actually reads the tweet) ...Yeah, you're right.…
Be the moose stealing apples you want to see in the world. Then crush facism and the oligarchy.
Retweeted by Kate Wants to Know @shannonminter5 So elegant. Part greyhound maybe? @Aged_19 @pattonoswalt I was going to implore someone to assure me that wasn't Harriet Tubman. That's kind of a new… @realDonaldTrump You and your entire family have taken advantage of mail-in voting, and everyone knows it. Also, it… @McNaughtonArt You know, you STILL haven't mastered the guy's nose. @sheologian @danisaacs My son peed on me while we were still in the hospital. I was so startled I shrieked. Nurses came running. Good times. @elainehousseas Any of the Pliocene or Milieu books by Julian May, especially The Many-Colored Land or Jack the Bodiless. @TeamUfYH Solidarity. My shoulder was frozen for literally a year because I slept on it the wrong way. @meralee727 Yeah, I'm seeing some definite...obstacles to Junior's campaign. It would make things interesting, though.
@KwCongressional You tell 'em. @sarahcpr Springsteen, The River @prairielaura "The Dark Knight was overrated." @amandadeibert Just this week, in fact.
@NikkiHaley @realDonaldTrump I commend your use of the word “story” in this context. @DisneyCPT I don’t know you, but I know you need that dog. @ColeSErickson @GailSimone You are not alone! It’s...fine, at best. @GailSimone The Dark Knight.
@msdanifernandez Me and my curls, ca. 1968 @holly Well, that took a turn I did not expect. @BorisEP @JoeBiden Since it is also the America that exists right now, today, under an entirely different president…
@mikepaulsen62 @RudyGiuliani Given that it's a picture of an Ethiopian woman, in Ethiopia, in 1978 (before Rep. Oma… @meralee727 Some real Cell Block Tango energy with that one. @Caissie @amandadeibert The wooden back scratcher I bought for $1.50 at CVS. My shoulders are Not Great and now I n… you do a thing, find it on this chart. Know the Risks! @NickPiers Dumbo: Parasite
@KwCongressional Yes, his, um...disdain for pedophiles is, er, well-established.🙄 @richsignorelli @quinncy @SpiroAgnewGhost Well, I wish she'd hurry it up, then. @MattMackowiak Your point being...? @TJPayne3333 @Wavey_Josh @meralee727 You do understand the two things she owes you, right? 1) jack and 2) shit. Notice that "a r… @KwCongressional I thought you were running for office in Florida? @KwCongressional I kind of assumed you already were. @senatemajldr You flaming hypocrite.
@RepDLesko Now do childbirth. @realDonaldTrump “Many people” say a lot of things. Would you like me to repeat what they’re saying about you, Don? @KwCongressional Okay, FINE. I'm triggered. I also have a question: How much sleep have you had in the past few wee…
@RealJamesWoods That's the best you can do? @tribelaw @BradleyWhitford I mean, fine, but how about we rename the Voting Rights Act the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and then pass it? @snagy84 @thehill @VP @Mike_Pence Do you think they even believe what they're saying? @KwCongressional KW Miller's slogan is "Make America Laugh Again." @KwCongressional Obama told me he’d produce his birth certificate once he sees you wearing your mask. @SpeakerPelosi @DHSgov What, are you looking for volunteers or something? What is the Congress planning to do, othe…
@KwCongressional Jesus CHRIST. Do you have a day job? You need something constructive to do. @DHS_Wolf Graffiti? You saw graffiti, and your response was to send your fascist goons out to kidnap Americans exer… @baddestmamajama Katherine Kurtz, then Julian May. @NicolaMDavidson Interesting. Just yesterday I was reading a Regency and thinking that there seems to be a trend --…
@McNaughtonArt He looks vaguely confused. Is that on purpose? @pattonoswalt Look out, Winnipeg. Biden is coming for you next. @NikkiHaley Awesome! I think Elizabeth Warren is awesome and I look forward to having her have a stronger role in the Administration. @prairielaura I mean, you're not wrong. It's pretty dippy.
@KwCongressional I mean, nothing surprises me anymore. @NIH_Bear My fucking cat kind of looks like...a bear. @KwCongressional A word of caution. In the event that you win, Rep. Omar will be your colleague. Fortunately I don'… @TessaDare I legit read that as "Not that much of a starch." I think I need to get off the electric Twitter machine for a while.