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Writer/Cartoonist! 💬 Valley Ghouls updates weekdays. MALL GOTH coming 2022. ✨ {she/her}

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Hi! I'm off twitter rn. Valley Ghouls is still daily at and instagram.…
I know this might sound disingenuous, but I mean it - I am going to take a harder look at how I treat and interact… conversations being held are valid and I don’t have any reason to discredit or argue them. I do hold myself acc… to be clear - The admins of the Valkyries, all of them, did amazing things in and with the group. The members… @oheysteenz All I can say is I’m sorry. I handled things badly many times and wish I’d been better about it. I’m so… was a messy situation that I handled badly. I thought at the time that me leaving the group and handing leadersh… have no excuse for the way I handled it other than having a very ill-timed breakdown. I’m nothing but sorry, and… handed over the group to the admins. I didn’t close or delete it, but I left it. I knew I wasn’t fit to be in ch… it fell apart, it was literally the same day I was being doxxed and flooded with death threats about my announ… the way POC members were treated/ignored. I tried my best to mediate and figure out solutions but by the time t…, I started the group when I was 20/21. It grew way bigger than I ever expected or was prepared for. Becau… Valkyries was a Facebook group for women and nonbinary people who worked in comic shops. That was the only requ… I just want to clarify because I’m seeing talk about what happened with the Valkyries several years ago, and… @_glavinder 👀ATMs be having $4 withdrawal fees talking about "cover your pin" mf you the thief
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️ @NSLCpunk I USED to drink @NSLCpunk Welcome to what twitter is always like for me 😓 @EricaFails @alexdecampi Oh HELL yesWOOOOO! DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER! BY ME AND @alexdecampi HAS A RELEASE DATE OF OCTOBER 7!!!
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️unbelievable
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️angsty goth and bubbly femme is my favorite dynamic
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️ @laurenmoran An icon @roasty_toast HahahahaLmao you tried it #ACNH @AlannaBennett @SuperYakiStuff Yes @AgentWomble I really wish Canada had mental health coverage!! @JayeRyane I wore a binder for awhile but I’m just... a sensitive person, physically! It hurt too much to wear for more than a couple hours
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️ @The4thCircle I know my grandmother had a heart transplant for free. It all depends on need @ogwilliker Cohen needs one! They’re a dang American @GlennF BARF @JayeRyane I dream of top surgery @ogwilliker I’m having a call with an immigration lawyer tomorrow hahaAnyway! Part of why I’m trying to move us back to Canada is my mobility is getting much worse and I need either kne… @ogwilliker I fucked up!!! At least I got a fiance and a cat out of itWhen I see posts like “we have $20 and run out of insulin tomorrow” I think “this country is actually evil”Americans just don’t get it. Taxes are higher, especially on gas, alcohol and cigarettes. But guess what? People li… waited 9mos-a year for knee replacement because it was not life-threatening. But when she did? Free. When she g… mom lives in Canada and is in the lower-middle-class tax bracket. I lend her money for big expenses. Last year s… lived in Canada until I was 26. Here in the US, I pay $460/month for insurance that still has $40 copays for visi…
I dunno who this guy is but Cohen was arguing with some numbskulls this morning about Canadian health insurance and… @Trungles @PlinaGanucheau I was switching back and forth bc I like having the dub when I can’t watch the subtitles but lord no I just can’t @PlinaGanucheau @Trungles It’s so baddddEvery day our downstairs neighbour goes out on her balcony and talks shit with her sister on the phone and it is de… @SamMaggs ❤️ @JennRavenna @juliaereck @victoriaying Room at this table???This isn’t about me being a hero or whatever it’s more about how being a queer woman is seen as a stand-in for all… @HyperZenGirl @b0tster @NoHumanzA You have no idea how many times I’ve said “if you leave this in, people will be m… @buttstallionss @valethra MurderiPad @skullmandible Don’t be @damnyouwillis Thank you!! @_glavinder @skullmandible Surprise @ericsmithrocks @skullmandible hate being proud of myself but I’m getting pretty good at expressions @ursallion @solelymoving Weirdly you don’t get to make that call @oninego @Sailor_Pizza Wishful thinking @SMOPZILLA @buttstallionss GoodGotta make your own fun during quarantine 🎭 💬 🎨 🖼… @GennHutchison Hahahaha @katlyyons Every fuckin timeMan: I didn't realize preying on women literally 24/7 for my whole career and leveraging my influence over them was…
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️"I'm sorry that I got called out by enough people that I couldn't pretend it wasn't happening :( I didn't realize t…
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Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️Animal Crossing in June: There’s all kinds of sharks in the ocean now! Animal Crossing in July: You can swim now!
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️ @carlytron I bet!!!I feel like if MCU/DCU went hard on a “wear the mask” campaign it could actually make a difference for dudes who ca… don’t really like when people call me Mx. Leth, Your Royal Majesty works just fineIdk if this even matters but since I’ve come out as nonbinary sometimes people default to using “they” for me and..… @boxbrown Yuppp @_glavinder @mollypriddy Yeah closest I can think off the top of my dome is the kid from Owl House @loremjay and... 15? 16? I went to a different school every year until grade 7 @RachaelAtWork I’m pink in my HEART @RachaelAtWork Naw she and I share a bondS C R E A M I N G @RachaelAtWork Oh yeah dats meNobody has enough tattoos AND styleI don’t know who cartoon me is ok!!!Year 1 of game dev: Haha why would I ever let sexism drive me out of the industry? That just means they win >:p Ye…
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️ @laurenmoran I don’t like this45 creators. 7 women. That's 16%. Come on now.
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️Sorry my tweets are so angry these days“I bravely will inconvenience myself in one small way to save face, despite years of evidence and complicity, becau… have been thinking about this post for like 5 years straight
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️I have the first verse of this song stuck in my head so deep I can’t think @ every rat pack old white comics man this week and every week
Nothing made me feel better than when @yoshisquared told me that Cohen and I were exciting dinner guests because we… can’t disentangle it from my history of creeps and coersion in the comics world. Drinking is intrinsically wound… drinking is probably the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s pretty high up there, anyway. It’s one accompl… @ShawnaGore God, I’m so sorry. What a vile human being!!! @loremjay Woah!Frequent exposure to news about sexual violence online may bring back painful memories for a survivor before they’r…
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️The universe is not a subtle writerLast night I got a text about sobriety, today I saw a friend was quitting drinking, so I tweeted about it, then I r… mean, you’re not wrong, but,, 💬 🎨 🖼
Retweeted by Kate Leth ⚔️Update: I used this for too long yesterday and now I have a bruise 😆 listen to the time limit @e_charretier @alexdecampi Muuurderrrr @lauracastle We’ll probably get legally married, just figuring out if we should do that in or outside of Canada.