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Kate Leth @kateleth Burbank, CA

Writer/Cartoonist! 💬 Valley Ghouls, Hellcat, Spell on Wheels. 📺 Equestria Girls, Transformers: Cyberverse. 🎨 {nb, she/her}

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@PocketGina Youuuwhen your man tweets
Retweeted by Kate Leth @benmekler That... gives me a lot of hope, and is genuinely unexpected @benmekler I know even as I typed it I was like “WOW Kate???” But I think I mean it! It’s really cool and original @benmekler (I really, really, really know how hard that can be) @benmekler Also like. Damn. Y’all got a character saying “I’m gay” through Dreamworks AND Netflix. That’s a big dea… @benmekler It’s so good!! It’s like... if Over the Garden Wall got smashed up with Spider-Verse. This is like the h…’m just saying. I’m ready to help designSorry, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. This show slaps!!! make covers for them on Etsy but like... combine these things = $$$’s leaving a lot of money in the table not making cool/stylish/licensed franchise joint braces for adultsI have been doing a lot to fit into the dress and would like to get tomorrow over with because a bitch is CRANKY for gravy
Retweeted by Kate Leth“I used to play ukulele” I utter, instantly sure any living human could have guessed this by looking at me for .5 seconds“I used to do roller derby” is a sentence that, once uttered, I realized was unnecessary exposition @erikaishii Pffff you!! @Cait_Greer Love being 31 and feeling 65 @treswritesstuff It always tastes sweet @treswritesstuff Lol tres @Cait_Greer Aw yeaaaah @ThUrbanNinja Hell yeah!Did you know I have no cartilege in my knees? And bone spurs under my kneecaps? C’mon over, ladies ;))))I’m very hot and also cool despite my bones being made of paper And this isn’t me saying “lol I’m so weak” when I’… haven’t been to a doctor yet but my wrists have been so sore/weak it hurts to text and do my makeup so here we areAm I sexy yet
We are starting Kipo and the Wonderbeasts and it is SO FUNSunset yesterday got a byte, same @ as on here. Curious to see if this goes the way of Ello or Mastodon in that nobody uses it, es… @skullmandible I only want a LIL milk in my coffee and a LIL brown on my breadI’m 3B baby we start doing this except not online 2 cry bc I’m afraid I’ll stop being able to drawIt only took *checks watch* 7ish months of daily comics to have chronic wrist pain 🙃Would that I still truly cared about this and wasn’t jaded as hell at 31Follow-up: not fire all the womenHire women love to have Depression @laurenmoran It’s nu metal who’s lyin @skullmandible I don’t know how to answer thisI’m working on a much larger expansion to this because I’m insane. I’ll launch ‘er on Monday. Never have to make a… @NSLCpunk haha GOOD LUCK WITH NOT RELATING TO IT I did NOT SUCCEED @skullmandible come home @wigu will u send me one if I ever pass my test @NSLCpunk WHOOP I’ll be here when u start cryin @The_Davenporter that’s fair! I have a lot of free time, lol @lolacoaster all we can do is help the next generation make fewer of our mistakes @rosalarian this is the kind of attitude we need @skullmandible hmm
I love twine, once you get the hang of it it’s SO fun. My only problem is wanting to finish every project in one sittingAnyhow!! I’m going to add more potential social obligations (date, job interview, etc) later. For now, I need a shower REAL badI did not wake up this morning intending to make this, but sometimes the muse grabs ya @DecadentDefiant Fixed! @DecadentDefiant O shit!Hello! The comic’s late today, but look at it this way: it’s right on time for Friday Night. ✨ Also, it’s not a co… @heyjenbartel I hope they’re gonna be more than super super limited?? @Spencetheghost 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋‍♀️The caution tape laces... I’m dyingI want... nay. I NEED these! What a concept! @NSLCpunk I mean.My start-up pitch: a service that pairs folks who have daddy issues and related trauma, who might otherwise end up… @hEnereyG @skullmandible I wouldn’t have said anything if they didn’t sheepishly emerge from the shower, announcing… @skullmandible Baby you’re not allowed to tweet before I wake up anymore @SgWingo Right? IT’S LA!! @IktomeSD @ReFlex76 6 minutesI've been away the past few weeks but I'm glad to be able to draw some of my favourite mice Pokemon for the Year of…
Retweeted by Kate LethThree times now I’ve seen someone be like “MY CAR WAS BROKEN INTO” and then they admit they left it on the street, unlockedPeople in my neighbourhood complex have installed ring cameras pointing at dumpsters and mailboxes to “catch” homel… @xtop @steve_foxe It’s better than what they’re having!! @cherrizard Oh please tell me if it’s better than S2!! @xtop @steve_foxe I’ll tell ya life on the other side of Mainstream Comics feels pretty good @ryanqnorth I love all of Ryan North’s unique characters who for unrelated reasons know a lot about robotics and computer sciencesHow to be a good friend: - know my angles - tell me if my lighting’s off - show me the pic before you post it @xtop @steve_foxe Hahahah lmao Chris @steve_foxe Normally I try and stay out of discourse but I could go for some tea 👀 @erikaishii Happily!!! 💕💕It’s been a real horny week I tell you whatThis video MUST be shown in schools everywhere to help stop pre-marital sex.
Retweeted by Kate LethDie is no joke!! Zzzzzzz @Jody_Houser @erikaishii She’s amazing.Not the world’s greatest vid quality, but @erikaishii dazzling the room 💕 @PuccaNoodles Also wait you’re in New Zealand lmao @robinshoots It WAS @PuccaNoodles It was so fun!!! If they do it again I’ll @ yaThank you @KariWahlgren and #SlaughtHER for a perfect evening, and of course @erikaishii for making me weep @PuccaNoodles It RULEDSometimes I’m like “man I’m sick of LA” and then I go out to an all-girl Slaughter cover show run by voice actors t… @whirringblender Carlotta I swearjesus
Retweeted by Kate Leth @SadMeganGirls I thought this exaaaact thingWhat’s more painfully tragic: - Getting dumped - World hunger - That squinty little “mama why” face napping cats ma… wonder how many dudes were nicer to their kids after playing God of War
@AliFisher @whirringblender @of_rude Thank you for understanding my Art @whirringblender @of_rude I have no excuses here @TimothyPlatt @of_rude Thank you, thank you. It took 75 hours @of_rude AhahahahKate's about to conquer, stomp ya, & stop your silly nonsense if ya don't get your claws on this cryptically good d…
Retweeted by Kate LethSorry to be blue but here is an @of_rude fan art of Bellow and Albee. Forgive me