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@RichieTJames 😍😍18 Not 37 👀 @Tobi_Is_Fab What a baby! And what a babe now! 😍For YEARS I haven't been able to stop thinking about how in Tennessee they call tater tots "tater babies"
Retweeted by ❤️ KateThe twitter algorithm feeds on love and excitement It kills and eats anything you’re genuinely pleased with tweeting @dugglebutt Dang this is good 🔥 @portmanteauface Someday they will. And they’ll carbon date it they’ll find out your age then and you’ll get grounded retroactively @wonderbitchin @DrakeGatsby But my lasagna is really amazing @adamgreattweet I hope this pigeon finds you well. Really, I’m not sure where you are and he’s not great at directionsHey shoe, are you a horcrux because your sole is splitting
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@DrakeGatsby Normalize clean talk. “You’re a lovely person and your eyes sparkle and your lasagna is amazing” @FScottFitzJesse @CarbonatedCB Yes, just like that! (Except I love them irl) @arwenlothbrok I feel this like an ache in my heartI want him to lay his head on my chest, feel my heartbeat and know within his core that he is home.
Retweeted by ❤️ KateGet to know me, I’m fun @itsmebeegee07 We getting ice cream? @Patrickbensing1 @Mom_Overboard Then it’s on to DB Cooperdon’t date me for my looks, date me for the donut sprinkles in my bra
Retweeted by ❤️ Kate @Tobi_Is_Fab My alternate is just my search @Tobi_Is_Fab @Mom_Overboard Any ooooh 😍republicans think twitter is a right but healthcare is a privilege
Retweeted by ❤️ Kate @cellapaz Cilantryes @7Trekkie I actually have someone I’m into, but he’s long distance. But I’m into him enough that I’ve stopped looki… @7Trekkie It’s not too bad here, just some cold rain
@7Trekkie @ShootyDoody Nothing lately[sitting at my computer] Me: why don’t I have a pen? How hard is it to have a pen over here, Kate? @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody Lol of course not. I just haven’t been around much @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody You’re standing up for what you believe in, and that’s admirable. And I’m staying friends wi… @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody Ooof yeah, there’s some people here I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley thread 😆*looking at Armie Hammer 👀 @BeeeejEsq I hope everything comes out alright! @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody I’m fine if you’re fine. I just want everyone to love each other and be happy and rainbows and stuff 😆❤️ @itsmebeegee07 This one was fun to do 🤣 @Conchvegas1 @GroovyTasia Hahaha I’m so smart. At first I was like “Pfft no big deal, they used a mirror reflection…, how often would you realistically want sex from your partner?
Retweeted by ❤️ Kate @Pastoresalvato1 @laurastead @FeralFerrell Curiousity, and to compare it to the poll for men @Dathuman2 @laurastead Gotta wait until it’s done. She did one for men also @ChristineVinard See also: gorilla arms @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody Yes, I totally agree that would be terrible. But I’m also able to take a step back and look… would love to not care what anyone thinks, but what would people think about that? @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody I do get what you’re saying. I guess the difference is that I know Ricki and she’s a frien… @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody Yuna, trust me. Ricki is great ❤️ @dugglebutt Gaaaaaiiiins @7Trekkie @ShootyDoody Nah, she doesn’t hate men. It’s a joke 😆 @ashhhhhhole None animals, thank you @lincnotfound Babababababa @Roy_oh_Roy The secret is to never put your phone down @Tobi_Is_Fab Goodnight, sparkletits! @IamDadSerious That stirred me up inside @i_Lean Are you Liz Lemon? @Taurin333 It still needs to be done, even if just symbolically @drivingmemadi Maybe he meant 2-9 dress socks, like he wasn’t sure how many he should take @weedswildflowrs @iinkedZombie @ddsmidt Me too! @BakedStonerDog Wow, you’re wrong and also using a stolen dog’s image in your avi @dog_rates would not be proud… @gldnt_king I’m glad and sorryMen, how often would you realistically want sex from your partner?
Retweeted by ❤️ Kate @joe_mango_ Thanks, I get that a lot @joe_mango_ Better than Sir Florence ShitFinger @cowgoesmoooooo There are plenty more disappointments to come! @tiffistrying Those are mine too 😘 @drivingmemadi @climaxximus Mine is the Home Depot sad department
And also the rhyme, because I’m a dork at heart 😆“Why impeach him with only a week left?” This would have been the same argument with a month left, or a year It… is so good and needs attention 😆😆😆 @perlhack Brothers Caramel Tops @of_a_genepool “At least the neighbors are quiet. Mostly”The average American eats 25 donuts per year. I am clearly picking up the slack for someone out there.
Retweeted by ❤️ Kate @sixfootcandy Same 🍩 @BeeeejEsq I assume all likes mean this alreadyTetris, but for my thoughts and feelings @mastrap84 @free_mattress Hahahahaha @free_mattress Oh wouldn’t that be the best? No worries and just sleeping @free_mattress I want boobs I can slowly empty by snacking @FBChimichangas @GrahamKritzer Can I eat them? @i_Lean @ShootyDoody I want to enjoy something this much @mrsauntiepam And an axelife hack: fill water balloons with m&ms and then send them to me
Retweeted by ❤️ Kategive 👏 the 👏 covid 👏 vaccine 👏 to 👏 horny 👏 people 👏 first 👏
Retweeted by ❤️ Kate @norcal_dc @ADHDeanASL Yay! @perlhack I’m so glad someone is @mrsauntiepam Can I be Miss Super Pac-Man?If you betray someone that makes clothes for potatoes from their mobile home you’re a trailer tater tailor traitor @perlhack @reroutingnow @Greg_1_Leg @dimplesticks @erichwithach @CynicalTherapi1 @CCRuns @colleen_eileen @katbuble @doyouknowrick I don’t get it. Can you explain?
@EllersJay There are so many things I want to say. But words are failing me. So I’ll say thank you and I’m sorry. I… was afraid and uneasy after 9/11, but that was from outside threats This feels odd and eerie, feeling afraid of my own country @7Trekkie @TT_Sunshine_ Hahaha 🤣 @House_Feminist I also love having fun and laughing. I’m doing it wrong and smiling though
@dugglebutt Wow called out @Lollardfish Screenshot twinsies! guys, I worked very medium on this tweet @mastrap84 Something nice? Does a pic count? @mastrap84 We still need to make a plan. This week went so fast. I’m sorry brosef @laurastead Girl, that’s my whole life @mastrap84 “Something nice” Find me, bro 🤷‍♀️ @Gallian94 @Mom_Overboard Mostly inappropriate laughter 😆 @PopeAwesomeXIII *bigly @Bedlam_Beersie Ahaha that explains some things @Burlesque_Ives @BudHolladay @DestryBrod Lol thanks for this! It cracked me up 😆❤️