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@exzillity2 HAPPY BDAY TO HIM @ilyduxky 5 girls @EclipsePandaa hi @matteenx lick that dick like ice cream @mzdzn so i cant trust u🤨people who dont have their phone on dark mode cant be trusted @13acray hbddd @Polafnbr hbdd @mzdzn @cring3girl samesamemsae @conrad123455 for no reason ya @conrad123455 u keep removing me i cba lol @jaysybb @peepgb .bro my snap is so dry @eryxzwtf 😢#Eriksen HE'S AWAKE‼❤❤🙏🙏
Retweeted by kat @CazzaSZN wtf. @Rurdey eriksen collapsed @voqhs sheeesh @DimiWtff fr @DimiWtff fr @SigzIsCool wtf @jaycapaIott MF @Clo6tvfx @DanonDL about that @cIeeoh @DanonDL @ParallelTid LSNCHAHD @ParallelTid @cIeeoh @DanonDL 🥲 @ParallelTid omg check my tweet @jxrdannfr wow frkat wouldn’t be kat without ___ @33JDR my sister wants the bts meal @SigzIsCool what happened @slut4rami omw @slut4rami when n where @slut4rami sheeeesh @voqhs :( @ilyduxky yuh @eryxzwtf king @K_Bhnks aw @ilyduxky omg @pruckss_ omgwho has notis on @ebg1x noti @ebg1x noti
@33JDR sorry for ur loss :( @ruibtw oh @ruibtw hi @chastainfilms i love them JENFJSNDthe conjuring 3 it's not a ghost story, it's a love story
Retweeted by kat @Fotaroos emena @Fotaroos very intensively @ilyduxky ahfjwjjdpretty ugly <3if ur name starts w a-z ure pretty
@NotRyft @SwipeMousepads yooo @Frewiee LMAOO @hidarkzuu @raptvcom i thought it was kendrick lamar @Frewiee im always right @raptvcom kanye west @Frewiee you see @Frewiee fr @Frewiee not for long @Frewiee wowwwwww deleting @Frewiee omfg i feel offended @Frewiee 😢 @Frewiee its only for smart people @Frewiee im good like that @Frewiee i knew jt @Frewiee what if i do tho @ruibtw @RENNEGANN diwn bad @HayMartinn oh? @AkuurzAlt no @mitt4ns ik @cIeeoh @J4H7I YESS @J4H7I @cIeeoh w @trxchix @FaZeClan ayo @33JDR @FaZeClan o shi @pruckss_ @FaZeClan @katscord 😭 @FaZeClan2022 is in 6 months @DanonDL yes only for support @cakiepoofn o @Frewiee i agree @Frewiee dog @cakiepoofn hello @Frewiee pppοsting screenshοts of your music when no one cares>>>
Retweeted by kat @jaysybb wtfpickles @l2thhour 😭😭 @StxthFN ne @StxthFN +1
@Fotaroos @DanonDL <3 @Fotaroos @DanonDL no one asked or csres tbh @DanonDL i didnt see ur tweet my friend sent the pic in a server @Fotaroos @DanonDL AAA QHAHAHAHA @DanonDL whats thatso like @_Thangeo @eryxzwtf kai kala to ok