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Today is #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay. We're raising money for @OURrescue, an organization who rescues children f… @VladimirGluten How am I meant to study/relax? (This is strangely upsetting.) @HoloArigato @BCMountainMan 👀 👀 @bri_p6 highlight video is LIVE! Probably the funniest one yet, including Sims 4, PUBG and the great Grilled Cheese x…
Retweeted by Kate Stark @kstephenson93 Congratulations! 💕 @BCMountainMan 👀Saturday Feb 22 @ 12pm PT! Our monthly charity stream! See you then!
@NerdyNetty @elgatogaming @CORSAIR Congrats Netty! That’s awesome! @_Lt_Columbo I’ve never heard of that because in the Twitch TOS it states there needs to be live chat interaction,… @blindmonk1 @legoking5499 It was but it’s happened in Overwatch as well. It’s not game specific.New highlight video is LIVE! Probably the funniest one yet, including Sims 4, PUBG and the great Grilled Cheese x… rando squads tonight and got paired with some super toxic gamers. Instead of dwelling on the bad, it's just… uploaded 4 new emotes, so i'm streaming after all., I’ll be writing a blog post soon explaining and describing my experience with Fibromyalgia which might help s… tonight off I think. Might stream later if I’m up to it.
@LunarJade I love seeing people excited for things. ☺️ @HoloArigato Love that for you. @thebenjacobs @VladimirGluten Try and stop me. @omorcire @RoryPlays_ Come hang out anytime! Would love to have you! 💕 @VladimirGluten Honey Nut is an all around fav for me. Fruit Loops if I’m feeling wild.
@Meg_Kaylee @littlesiha Same! It changed my life and I’m excited for you, Avery! Hope it’s an easy process for yo… @notjulen oh damnI’ve been off mentally since yesterday. Didn’t have a great stream last night and don’t think I’m in a good enoug… @DayeanneHutton Congratulations!! 💕 @VioTCZ kai have some brownies pls @HoloArigato I was CRYING @GeckoTH Ohhhh, I guess so! 😄😄 @GeckoTH Happy Birthday, Tom! @ZoeCatfu I feel the same way when people casually use the word ‘triggered’ when they mean annoyed or tilted, not r… @biologicalriley For ref: @biologicalriley
Live playing @TheSims building a sex dungeon and a pub... as you do. @SamSykesSwears @SusanArendt Hope this helps. 🙃 @j_mcelroy @bombardactyl Honestly though, 10,170 people voted in this stupid poll. I’ve never seen so much passio… @j_mcelroy @bombardactyl @NeiroeNi @FrankthePegasus Ketchup.
@chocoTaco Parasite was really good, if you haven’t seen it! @Ashaife Okay, cheese and jam honestly slaps and I don’t care who hates on this. @FrankthePegasus Frank, no. Not like this.For the people confused, just go vote in the poll. condiment I dip my grilled cheese sandwich in. @FrankthePegasus What substance to dip your grilled cheese sandwich in. @JChinnock @sergeyager JASON. @Graham_LRR Answer: A fuck ton. @hitstreak Had a sandwich and ketchup and it was delicious. 😁 @Graham_LRR Always have been! @skinnyghost Adam, not you too. @Curvyllama YES YES YES @sergeyager Thank you!!! @juliaherself THANK YOU! @0hmymandy @littlesiha these two girls are CORRECT. @Curvyllama @Lowco2525 It's GOOD!You've got some OPINIONS. @Graham_LRR betrayed, by my own brother. @strong_sad @ScaryErik @Scooterr222 what happened? I'm confused. 😀Help me settle an argument happening in my chat right now. Do you dip grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup?
I’m playing Sims 4 again! We’re 3 hours in and making progress! @MyLifeAsJoeKim Glad you went to hospital. Glad I don’t have to beat you up. Hope you figure out a cause and get better soon. 💕 @rain_one Search Marine Collagen. I buy locally, but there is likely something online you can find. There's also… @allydistrict 😍😍😍Happy Sunday! Are you caught up on my most recent videos? @Faux_Wren It’s the chaotic energy I deeply crave. @Graham_LRR @JacobBurgessVO I figured he just carried around a box of Pop Tarts™ in case of emergencies, like the rest of us. @Graham_LRR @JacobBurgessVO Also ‘artisanal pop tart’ just got me. @Graham_LRR @JacobBurgessVO yes good. @Graham_LRR @JacobBurgessVO what’re you eating tho @streamlabs Auto... game... capture???? @FrankthePegasus We rebuilt stronger than before! @FrankthePegasus Thank you for your support today. I needed you emotionally while I was going through it. 😂 @negaoryx okay, great. @AustenMarieTV @BrianStaples THIS IS WHY WE’RE FRIENDSHad a great time playing Sims 4 today! You tell me, am I doing it right?
Live playing @TheSims 4, building myself and a McMansion! POST: We're building programs like Twitch Rivals, tech for premium/esports broadcast production, tech surround…
Retweeted by Kate StarkThIS IS SO FUCKING FUNNYBMRHH????
Retweeted by Kate Stark @TheRealGuyJudge oh no @HavanaRama @HavanaRama oops I’m gayIf you want to buy Dream Daddy for yourself, it's 69% off today on @humble! $4.64 USD. #adLIVE! Dream Daddy and some wine? A perfect Valentine’s Day I think! 💕 @Nelstar15 Hello! FFVII was the first video game I remember playing & having a real conn… @TuckyAalto Excuse me
@amityjam gosh I love you 💕 @AustenMarieTV Ah yes, welcome to Costco. @Grescheks Dressing up in general.Tonight at 5pm PT. I’m dressing up, pouring myself a glass (or three) of wine and we’re going to date some dads.… @Nelstar15 Am I going to cry again? @Nelstar15 👀 👀 @Nelstar15 👀 @AustenMarieTV We already talked about this. @Wriendly @magicalamalthea Her angles are so hot. @magicalamalthea This legitimately warms my heart. 💖New highlight video! This is a Good One™ @TheRealGuyJudge This is a Good Tweet™. @TuckyAalto Wonderful. @TuckyAalto How long until reveal? @sintillaGAMES @sintillaGAMES CUTE!!