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Deputy Editor, I agree, it's great to be fine.

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@bobbyfinger Wow what a pub day for you!!Hello, it's @bobbyfinger, literary critic, on Anne Tyler's new book and why your little quarantined life doesn't ha… @mjsamps waiting for this @ProfHeidt Wow thank you!Semi-serious question: would putting a bandana over my face like a bank robber be useful as a mask whatsoever?
@jowrotethis all parents have agreed to give away the secret that it doesn’t matter at all if you clean your room, right? @davidlsims it's a little sad to see Barry getting so thoroughly thrashed @gilbertcruz The 3 year old very proudly called the sprinkler a “fucker” tonight which means it’s time for daycare to take back over @misterpatches Mini eggs or GTFO
I went to a party in my small Southern hometown the exact day this funeral happened— it didn’t occur to me or anyon… @pfinger18 Shopping for groceries used to be my go-to activity with the kids, I miss it! But I have some sense.Remember how at the beginning of this month you had never said the phrase “social distance” out loud? @studiesincrap Pettin’ in the Park has been stuck in my head for approximately 17 years
@michelleruiz Oh my god Michelle that is awful— hoping he recovers quickly but also that you get everything you possibly can to help survive @publicroad Major plot points revealed via ice sculpture! @kvanaren The tradeoff of "screen time" vs. "deeply despairing parents" has never been clearer @kvanaren Wait they actually declared this, we didn’t just all... give up?Everything is weird so I was relieved to learn that really is Dana Carvey AND Harrison Ford voicing salty old dogs…
@soniasaraiya But also where am I supposed to get one??Greatest Showman Hive, this is currently streaming free on Broadway HD. You WOULD say the fringe was made of silk, you know I had to write about the new Dylan song
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@marinafang actually they happened in an alternate universeI swear once a day I think "Thank God we handed Bong Joon Ho all those Oscars before everything fell apart." Americ… case you want to make some movie theater popcorn today, @CarolinaDurham has the old school instructions.
Retweeted by kateyrichEvery parent I know seems to be in some unique hell with their daycare, paying full tuition to a center that's clos… @nomdepepier @FITWR oooh I went to a 1996 Olympics track and field event, that might be a good answer too @misterpatches @chrisvfeil guys @thehighsign This was the 3.5 year old (the 14 month old isn’t quite old enough to make requests). Sherlock Jr sounds like a plan!
@thehighsign tonight BY REQUEST it was an encore presentation of One Week. Think we should do The General next?The cocktail in the fancy glass doesn’t solve anything, but it doesn’t hurt either was not invented by a major corporation, but by a couple named Goldie and Jerry! All this and more! @mbradylynch @rilaws Even when your Zoom audio fails, the video captures all that smdh-ingTwo killer guests on this week’s @littlegoldmen, @KarinaLongworth on the 1918 pandemic that couldn’t kill Hollywood… @GuyLodge I am showing him this! @joereid I knew THAT but that she had stepped up for him corona-style @joereid holy shit did you know
@courtenlow I never ever stop thinking about it @vanderhoofy @keziahweir @clairehoworth This morning everyone got to see the pavement out front when I threw down m… @CaseyCip youtube videos about wild animals have really done a lot for usWas feeling pretty good about the amount of ad hoc homeschooling we've accomplished, and then the 3-year-old just f… @davidlsims @blankcheckpod I demand the Polar Express episode, it is the truest of true nightmaresThis is, in fact, exactly the right time to start watching Cheer and acquaint yourself with Jerry.
@rachel_handler I preserved my own lemons a month ago and I feel like a GOD @davidlfear I made cupcakes and you can have one if you just come to North Carolina @movispotting @littlegoldmen This is just week 1!Starting next week we are diving deep on the Little Gold Men Essentials: the movies you need to see to understand t…
Retweeted by kateyrichThis week we’re learning about the letter B @mjsamps It’s so good to have you back @katerbland Love this throwback!
@mike_hogan @lpbradley good job guys the lady casually eating a cookie while shopping at Costco: what’s it like to be a time traveler from 2 weeks ago?
@thehighsign watched One Week with my 3.5 year old this morning thanks to you and it was a huge hit. Even the 14 month old liked it!Saturday night
I haven’t watched a complete baseball game in years and whoops it made me cry anyway I’ve learned is there’s a Jet for everybody (but also this photo makes it a trick question because the real an… @scottmbeggs THANK YOU. He inspired the tweetOk, “nothing better to do Twitter”: Hottest Jet? @jowrotethis Unfortunately no J Hud is not good either!! (I will discuss Ian McKellen though)
@ezwrites I’m SO grateful for it @katiewalshstx I lost my car keys despite not having driven in 3 daysHe didn’t shoot someone on fifth avenue as promised, just cleared the way for them to be killed
@tarantallegra Of course there’s a classic villain involved!So what’s the shady story behind the credits situation on this original song from Ron Howard’s Grinch movie? think I’m fine and then I’m on a Zoom call where everyone talks about their quarantine cooking while I justify an… @davidlfear It somehow adds 15 years tooOn this week’s @littlegoldmen, another week of assessing how the world has changed, and what might come next. Plus,… @szacharek Yes!!!! It has major vintage war hero vibes @rilaws @jowrotethis Gonna FaceTime you both, can’t ignore me forever!!! @bobbyfinger This week’s @littlegoldmen is also that!!! @jowrotethis Why isn’t Sam at his farm!! What of the paddocks!
Day 3: Fuck it, Cheez-Its are for mornings now. @GriffLightning Dibs on the wizened old weapons master who dies nobly at the start of the third act @dordotson This is us, our 14-month-old, and every dogRight now it is a dream to have a writer/friend say “I have a weird idea, can I write about it?” and 4 hours later…
@BeauchampTess @jowrotethis Fellow 14 month old parent here— trying is all you can do! He often walks over to me ho… + parenting from home is a war zone, but afternoon walks in our moderately dense neighborhood—lots of dogs… hard for @tomandlorenzo’s prediction about the eventual return of the red carpet: “dazzle them with as much… @gottswana I think i'm physically incapable of eating anything but carbs @michelleruiz Michelle HELP ME who are these people i createdDay 2. is the great unifier ❤
Retweeted by kateyrich @erkaplan @ewarren Oh my god I’m so tired @jhoffman @tarantallegra it's such a goofy southern accent but I couldn't figure out how he wound up in Jersey! @tarantallegra ok but is it SUPPOSED to be a jersey accent? I truly can't make sense of it @SamuelAAdams There was a ton of salted butter at Costco tonight and zero unsalted @egavasc Nope, no line at all, but you could see al the crowd control stuff still in placeCostco at 8 pm was... pretty chill actually, but not NOT apocalyptic
@j_justice’s on all of us to up our game on Zoom meetings and @mbradylynch parallel parking during our 10 am has set a pretty high barIncluding Rita Moreno coming in hot with what sounds like an essential bit of direction's the retuuuuuurn of the #Westworld gifs! Did you miss that yellow font? I know you did.
Retweeted by kateyrich @misterpatches Are you telling me the Mole is streaming somewhere
@Jackso777 I am but the humble messenger, I couldn’t even begin to explain @EricDSnider I mean, credit where it's due, the wordplay is solid. Wrong! But solid.Meanwhile my mom is sharing some of the conservative memes popping up on her facebook feed. Nothing like getting a… @taffyakner the woman who runs this instagram account is a genius competition is stiff but I’m fairly sure LEGO Frozen is the worst thing on Disney+ @jlschaefer @jowrotethis THIS IS WHAT I KEEP THINKING