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May u&ur family all recieve lots of love @SCDband @TommyBlaize @lanceellington @lindsayarnold huge congratulations to u on your baby newsHave a fantastic rest of the week @ImAshleyRoberts @pernicegiovann1 @gorkamarquez1 @MissGAtkinson @SashaFarber u all goodwill @IAMJHUD @Jelliofficial @Crissy_Rock @wonderwomanshel @SophieEB @sophiedahl @karengillan u&ur families are blessed with joy @angelascanlon @Angela_Griffin @RitaOra @OfficialRita @Sam_Womack @RuthieeL the next couple of days bring u love @luciejones1 @lucierosedonlan @Dan_Brocklebank @JudyMurray @cjdemooi u all love @VogueWilliams @SpencerMatthews @SusanCalman @TheRealLukevans @joshgad @andrea_mclean u receive lots of joy @SimonThomasTV @punkpuffin @MrsCMcGuinness @PaddyMcGuinness @dudgeon_neil @MrNHendrix u& ur families recieve lots of joy @joejonas @kevinjonas @nickjonas @SophieT @daniellejonas @priyankachopra u& ur family lots of joy @itsDannyJones @DougiePoynter @mcflyharry @mrs_izzyjudd @LittleMix @PixieLott u& all ur family joy @antanddec @SimonCowell @AmandaHolden @AleshaOfficial @davidwalliams @StephenMulhern u&ur families have a happy week @AnnaSaccone @JonathanJoly @Erika_Saccone @MrsGiFletcher @CarrieHFletcher lots of happiness to u&ur families @TheLuluLife @awilliamsonTV @GeoffLloyd @Ed_Miliband @Fearnecotton happiness to u& ur family @Mr_NJones @Mrs_katjones @joanneclifton @keviclifton @StaceyDooley @OreOduba happiness to u& ur families @GarLarPe @ThePaulLaidlaw @afrojunkman @ochuko_ojiri @JohnBoyCameron u& all ur families love @SouthonAuction @thekatebliss @katebateman @RooIrvine @hawley_caroline much love to you and ur families @TessDaly @ClaudiaWinkle @Cath_Tyldesley @LouiseRedknapp @LucyWyndhamRead love to u& ur family @SamanthaFaiers @BillieFaiers @arobertwebb @RealDMitchell @LeeMack @taylorswift13 love to u&ur family @mermhart @tomellis17 @sallyephillips @BrendaBlethyn @kennydoughty @David_J_Leon @Lucy_Worsley @BBCFOUR Brilliant show @Reallisariley @JKCorden @ITV Awesome photo @GarLarPe Very cute @SusanCalman @GBMofficial Hope you are on the next series @AmandaHolden @thisisheart @WarehouseUK Looking fabulous @hevercastle Very pretty @AnnaSaccone Absolutely gorgeous @iamtomskinner Awesome tip @afrojunkman Lovely photo @adamfleming Such an incredible podcast @RealJaneDanson @itvcorrie You're such a brilliant actress @msm4rsh Yes definitely. So hilarious @StaceyDooley @BBCiPlayer Very excited @Ianhwatkins Sounds exciting @amydowdenbday @keviclifton @dowden_amy It was brilliant @softxsugg This has got to happen @dbuzz6589 @dudgeon_neil Love your interview in the radio times @lane_paula Absolutely stunning photo @TheRealBuzz Beautiful photos @SimonovaTV You're so talented @HansonsUK @HansonsAuctions @HansonsHelen So pretty @mrmichaelball Ur a true legend @Fern_Britton Hope it goes well @luciejones1 @Eurovision It was such a beautiful performance @TerriIrwin @AustraliaZoo So cute @MissMalinSara Ah congratulations @iamtomskinner Sounds like a lovely dream @PeterBleksley Lovely picture
@karen_hauer Super adorable @FlaviaCacace @SportsInsightUK @AngelaSaraWest @fcmfit @JimiMistry Such incredible pictures @GMB @piersmorgan I'd have changed everything too @cjdemooi Well done. Got my fingers crossed for you @chandlerpowell9 @AustraliaZoo Beautiful @RealMattLucas Ur a true inspiration @PhilipSerrell Looks absolutely wonderful @TeamEveMyles Very imaginative @PeterBleksley @pamfoundation Hooray @davidwalliams Gorgeous @RoryWilton Excited to see this @Pamela_Laird @Bobpark19443563 He is just jealous of how incredible u r @DrAmirKhanGP Very cute @dbuzz6589 Ur amazing @piersmorgan @RishiSunak @GMB Someone from the Tories needs to go onto the show. They are being so idiotic by refusing to appear on the show @iamtomskinner Ur an incredible person @NickHallFineArt Antiques are awesome @MissMalinSara At least u love yourself now, shows how much you've grown as a person @RooIrvine U have a lovely voice @hawley_caroline Very pretty
@PhilipSerrell @clemserrell @jameswbraxton @HansonsAuctions Miss David Barby. Was a wonderful expert on @BBCBargainHunt @DrRanj Thanks for this. Very helpful @katelawler Yes I cant sleep. Please do another series of Maybe Baby. Or just u and @thenotoriousboj chatting @taylorswift13 Absolutely beautiful @RealMattLucas This is awful @chandlerpowell9 @AustraliaZoo @BindiIrwin @LukeReavley Love these pictures @Louis_Tomlinson Good thanks. Hope u and ur family are all well @davidwalliams Super handsome @hevercastle Super gorgeous photo @thebodycoach Keep up the fantastic work @hawley_caroline @ochuko_ojiri @BBCBargainHunt @EpsomRacecourse It was a fantastic episode @afrojunkman So beautifulBe honest, would your toes get wet crossing this waterway. #SpringTime walk down the river with the #dog
Retweeted by katherine collins @LoveJoClifton Hope your nan is doing well @NiallOfficial @BBCR1 Very excited @adilray Very inspiring @iamtomskinner Have fun @SusanCalman @GBMofficial U deserve it @piersmorgan @GMB Brilliant viewing figures @Fern_Britton Looks awesomeTorturing a baby dolphin only a couple of weeks old. Seriously sociopathic! Let’s hope they’re caught soon. Apparen…
Retweeted by katherine collins @RealMattLucas Ur amazing @DrAmirKhanGP Very cute @EmilyCanham Omg so do I @MissMalinSara Ur incredibly beautiful @lizcaton100 Gorgeous @SaffronBarker So beautiful @piersmorgan @GMB @BorisJohnson This is ridiculous behaviour. They're acting like toddlers with the terrible twos @ryanmarkparsons Oh dear 🤣 @Oritse @arketofficial @ASOS_Menswear @DIESEL @ASOSMarketplace Beautiful photo @IndiaWilloughby I agree. Politicians need to go on @GMB @AmandaHolden @thisisheart @melissaodabash Gorgeous outfit @mustbejp They look fantastic