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Writer,seen in @TheToast, The Airship, Washington Post & Medium.2 cats, 2 dogs. Training Belle & Parker to be my service dogs, with the cats' help.

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@mcnhobbs I hope he’s sleeping in the doghouse with his laptop. @mcnhobbs He’s in big troubleYou could have lifted her up! Been proud of her success! You would have looked like a bigger man!Still mad at Obama for talking trash about his wife’s book‘m SO TIRED of this image making the rounds. I wish with every fiber of my being this could be permanently removed…
Retweeted by Little Hunting CreekProceeding with my annual viewing of Independence Day Bill Pullman is being VERY snippy to Jeff Goldblum right now @eachapm *incomparable was originally incompetence. A Han would never need autocorrect @eachapm A Ham. would send a newsletter twice a day, writing with elegant derision about 45s illegitimacy and incomparableWomen’s wages will never catch up
@graceelavery You’re doing the right thing! As a former teacher, I was trained to report issues like this. What Joh…
@beckyhammer Chop fine and add to a Parmesan bechamel , pour over pasta with vegetables @FlavianSophist Yes, he's an influencer. All the pics are selfies. Presumably Hermes has the most active profile o…
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @osutein I tease my children that I could have bought a Ferrari in cash for the amount I spent in day care for them (but it’s true)Whole Foods has a section of fruit dessert ingredients. Under pineapple upside down cake they list pineapple, butte… duo, then working on doctorate degrees at the University of California at Berkeley, combined 118 million real e… @annehelen Steve is a geniusimagine having to tell people you're hospitalized because you caught covid at a vanilla ice concert
Retweeted by Little Hunting CreekIdeas from ⁦@ProfEmilyOster⁩ to reopen schools: weekly staff testing; half day with teacher, half day with young po…
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @LouisatheLast If you also enjoy someone critiquing every single state flag, you may enjoy this:…
Retweeted by Little Hunting CreekIn the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both. - The New York Times for a pulp countdown now, and today it's my top 10 funky flight attendant uniforms! This thread may involve g…
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @nicolesjchung When the Toast closed it tore a hole in the space/time continuum and now we’re in the worst timeline…
@nicolesjchung @graceelavery This happened to me and when an a teacher, who is in loco parentis, does this, it dama… @Harriet_Vane_ I bought caftan from Silk and more on Etsy. It’s very cool and soft and pretty @Rollergirl31 His parents named their boat Jimbo after him @Rollergirl31 Yes, and it’s what the Bomd girls say in every James Bond movie @Rollergirl31 My husband has a name already picked out; Oh, James!
@nicolesjchung What a beautiful letter! Your writing has helped so many people 💙 @lyzl Even though I have two dogs I suddenly need a Jolene
Chris P has not neglected Leg DayHad my husband said something like this about my book there would have been words D School = Stanford Death School
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @RubyArbogast I know what movie this is! Jim and I accidentally watched it, and kept waiting for the aliensThis is such a jaw-droppingly brilliant history of Ganache.😜
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @veritysp Thank you! @jnszmk Thank you!
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @beamish_girl Thank you! @effectivenancyx Thank you! @Seelieham Thank you! @bluelightsix Thank you! @osutein Thank you! @rosequeue Thank you! @damagenoted Thank you! @sophiahelix Yes! (Thank you!) @colley_ka Thank you!!! @jgleduc Thank you!!! @dasher2581 Thank you! @regular_things Thank you!Today is our 40th wedding anniversary! (What were our parents thinking to let kids get married so young?)
The Radical Quilting of Rosie Lee Tompkins - The New York Times @pantalonesfuego I bought a bunch from Old Navy that I’ve been wearing that are super comfortable
The best way to write a book is to trick it; pretend you’re writing a story, a poem, marginalia, a diary, a recipe.…
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @lyzl She’s perfect. I love her ❤️Jim talking to the dogs, who brought sticks in the house: No sticks in the house! Dogs, taking sticks into their cr…
@eachapm His wife does 80% of the childcare, according to studiesAstronomers have picked up an unusual pattern in a cosmic signal coming from 500 million light-years away,…
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @GrumpyinBoston She did a great job! @lyzl PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY!!! @lyzl He’s got nothing else to cluck aboutIs “Tom Cotton” his real name? It’s a little too on the nose for a southern senator
@nicolesjchung How dare they! I still hear my mom. She is especially cranky about bad manners
@nicolesjchung I’m so sorry. A month isn’t very long at all. Grief has it’s own timetable.As Museums Get on TikTok, the Uffizi Is an Unlikely Class Clown - The New York Times @mollypriddy Someone should tell Josh that MO was a Union StateIt would be great if anyone in government seemed remotely concerned about the child care crisis we're in - one that…
Retweeted by Little Hunting CreekCorporate America is nothing without a childcare infrastructure undergirding it. Any/all conversations about “reope…
Retweeted by Little Hunting CreekMen push women out of the labor market by not having government subsidized daycare-happened after WWII, still happe… anyone just tried turning the entire New York Times off and then on again
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @Harriet_Vane_ My sister and I make jello molds for every holiday party. It’s fun and retro and everyone loves them…
Where Confederate monuments remain standing-be a shame if something happened to them @daisy_razor This would be easy to make if you sew @srcstc_fntstc @Rollergirl31 @randomportion Oh no! I don’t grow them anymore for just that reason @Rollergirl31 @randomportion @srcstc_fntstc I don’t spray chemicals or even grow toxic plants because of the dogs-they will eat anything @Rollergirl31 @srcstc_fntstc @randomportion They didn’t eat the plants @srcstc_fntstc @randomportion @Rollergirl31 My mom’s chickens would roam her vegetable garden all day and eat all t… @Rollergirl31 My mom has chickens and whenever is visit my daughter would play with them (supervised by my brother)… @Noxmunk The curtain was asking for itTake a risk. Put on your mask. Go outside. Approach the museum. Fire your grappling hook. Climb the wall. Cut throu…
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @effectivenancyx @standardtuber A teen whose grandmother was a dressmaker @eachapm Aspic? Pate? Also little cakes, cornbread, other breads @standardtuber I made almost all my clothes-I made jeans! Sample outfit attached
Are masks the answer? Research says yes | University of California @nicolesjchung Oh so now you have to fix it for free?! @OpheliaInWaders My mom told me never to learn to type (and I never did !)The cats are working on a secret craft project a walk in the heat and humidity don't think we should be letting that $600/week unemployment end in July, and we should make that stimulus check…
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@GrumpyinBoston Rib roast beef, baked potatoes, asparagus, strawberries and ice cream for dessert @GrumpyinBoston I met Chuck Norris once and he didn’t look very intimidating.It took the squirrel three months to figure out how to get to this bird feeder. My husband said they would never be…
@EmilyRNunn Three weeks is too little to be out in public- it’s not safe @C_GraceT Faced with four heads of lettuce I might chop up one of them and put it in a minestrone type soupWhen my mom made shortcake she didn’t make individual biscuits. She put the dough in a cake pan and made one shortc… who made this b) wanna make out a little?
Retweeted by Little Hunting Creek @elongreen @captain_bunny Truth is eternalwhat an immense mood
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@Noxmunk Dogs have a rule that boys don’t bite girls, that they don’t hurt puppies-they’re actually very civilized @Noxmunk Puppy is acting super respectful. Harry and Etta used to seat all our dogs like that but now they’re friends
@GrumpyinBoston @sophiahelix You know my real name because I’ve written a bunch of things. But I stay semi-cloaked…