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Asst Prof @ VA Tech, researching digital media & politics. Formerly @PrincetonCITP & @UTAustin. Proud NJ native. Fan of #UCONN, meatballs, field experiments.

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@Marisa_KW Ooh we have many chickpeas to use! @Gaber205 I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that. Press 0 to return to the main menu. @l_eckhouse The roasted veggie idea is 💯 @ameseh When I was in HS / college my friends and I would go to a diner and one night the special was scrod, thus g… @ameseh No Scrubs is a banger.[every WARREN SUPPORTER, in unison:] “We tried to tell y’all.”
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@ggreeneva Can we just, like, treat our elected officials like they're low-income Americans and toss 'em in jail fo… @BlakeRocap LOL, we have red pepper flakes.😄 Also a great use of my large stockpile of canned tomatoes! @aboutmytivo I find it always takes *so* much longer than Martha says! But yes, will add this to the rotation. @jesse_b_p Doable, esp. with frozen (we are hesitant to go into store + pick-up ppl tend to select, ah, wonky produce)! @jrpjrpjrp Oh, perfect. Think I can do with frozen greens?cc: @kwcollins @ggreenevaOk Twitter, give me your best quick-and-easy pasta recipes for spaghetti or penne -- on the level of "dump stuff in… currently rocking the living room dance party with a Bill Withers tribute:
@alexaphilippou Interesting to consider Megan Walker’s early departure in that light.Available evidence (though injuriously limited) shows that Black people are being infected & dying of #coronavirus
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen @BFriedmanDC Good Lord.
@sgadarian Am currently still wearing some maternity clothes post-partum, so... both!Usually I’m not one of those “this is all a simulation gone horribly wrong” people, but damn. @MikeLittUSA Can your Mom please set up an Etsy shop so we can all buy her perfect masks?The Commonwealth of Virginia wants me to remind y’all to take the Census, so wherever you live, please get on that… glad to see reason #4: Creating a descriptive social norm of mask-wearing. I will be crafting some masks today.
@JRWStormy Good luck!! @kreissdaniel @TarletonG @shannimcg @Sarah_Brayne @Chanders @rasmus_kleis @ginasue @WMRine @rocofoucault @WITWhat
@kristenwarner @Courtney_BD Besides, why waste a day staring at a blank Word doc? @THEJordonBrown @prof_mirya👋 Hello! 👋 I'm working on a study with a group of international researchers on how children ages 9-13 are coping w…
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen🔔LAST CALL to nominate (or self-nominate) the best work you have seen for the @apsa_itp awards. Deadline today, 1st…
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@ablington Wait will there still be a primary?
Useful primer on the benefits of masks. A recommendation from CDC for consumers to wear cotton masks (with guidelin…
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The best part of H’s birthday being yesterday? Leftover cake today! @mcpli And he would be correct!Nothing but respect for *my* president. really think private health insurance is a good idea?
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This is new / cool -- GoogleScholar linking to academic journal coverage of #COVID19 on the front page: 🧵 on how today (likely) will play out
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen @Courtney_BD @jon_m_rob I mean, it's math. I prefer the other guy's policies. How we gonna get turnout up 11% with SMS? (Hint: W… @jon_m_rob I will just say that I am glad we are not heading into a scenario in which we need youth vote turnout to…
@Rodel_the_Great Put him in a fork lift pushing gear around! Slap flags on it! Do whatever nationalistic window-dressing is necessary!Addendum: This! I would settle for, like, 10% of this. don't fully grasp *why* the WH isn't making this happen; it's such an easy, easy win. Like, it's eye-rollingly Am…'m not the only one who craves some sort of feeling of patriotic fervor in our national response to this crisis, a…'m really pissed about something. Growing up in America we're taught the ideology of capitalism and how great ou… @mcpli We were quite excited that he arrived in time to be counted!Our family of three just took the census! It was quick and easy. Go find that mailer they sent you and fill it out… @steveolson Yeah I'm going to need you to DM me one of those.
@markacorcoran Table salt? Kosher salt? Sea salt?This one's a real head-scratcher.
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen @dansolomon They should just make a calendar invite. “Pandemic over / economy open.” That’ll work.
@TealBomb 💓 @bcburden Perhaps it's papers folks finished up during Spring Break before everything broke loose? I'd be curious w… @3vanSutton Oh my goodness. I hope everyone is on the mend soon. @texaslippy @MichaelHurta These are @ASPCA ads, featuring Eric McCormack from Will & Grace. @sgadarian dittoOk can we get a moratorium on the "animals are suffering, please give money" TV ads during the freakin' global pandemic? @dr_vee_zee oh girl i am enraged on your behalf.
@stevesingiser Umm I HOPE we are wearing our normal pants in a few weeks! @Scout_Finch It will be particularly hard as the elderly — grandparents, parents — pass away alone, separated from loved ones. 😔.@AlbertsonB2 and @sgadarian are experts on political anxiety. This is a must-read. #polcomm Education Department can unilaterally cancel, not just suspend, student loan payments. Forcing borrowers to see…
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen @emayfarris wait wait wait — she was just a baby a second ago?!Now *that* is, as the kids say, a word. @jeboyt Yessss.It's a small thing, but I am thoroughly intrigued by glimpses into the homes of guests and talking heads on news programs.
I’m sorry but Taurasi should be a No. 1 seed, and Stewie should be the No. 2 seed. is to say, "walking in the street" not "blocking off traffic.")We're in a small town and already practicing this on walks on the side streets. @AlbertsonB2 The sub was pretty good too, tbh.
@Shugars There are some AWESOME kettlebell circuits you can find on the Interwebs. Have fun and don’t accidentally… wouldn’t expect so many people to admit to attempted murder on camera, but here we are. #DontKillGrandma @MarcyTanter Listeria risk. A common pregnancy no-no. @aboutmytivo It’s so beautiful! 😭 @markcoddington Nice! I actually mapped sub places in Roanoke and decided to wait until we got back to Bburg to go… most difficult part of pregnancy for me was giving up cold cuts, so of course after being released from the hos… @erintothemax Went out to our neighborhood pub for dinner on Friday like we do every week. Or did, I guess.Hey @Noahpinion did you write a column in the last few years about how history can change unexpectedly? Can you pls… St. Patrick’s Day! @StephenAtHome and @JonBatiste bring you a remix of “Danny Boy” that promotes responsible…
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New: The health care system is projected to be overwhelmed by coronavirus patients unless drastic measures are take…
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen @Radlein It's a real bummer that this tournament won't happen. I was rooting for Sabrina to get that title. (I was,… @3vanSutton @kroger Yikes. That's our grocery store. Even down here in tiny BBurg the ClickList folks have been overwhelmed. @RSwirling Is there anything you can put on your lap to make couch more comfortable / no leaning over? Pillows? @RSwirling Do you have a kitchen island? Or countertop that can serve as standing desk (maybe w laptop on a box or… stocking up for #SocialDistancing...If you see something labeled “WIC” please chose another brand. People who…
Retweeted by Katherine Haenschen @aboutmytivo Jesus would agree with me, based on the reading I’ve done!This is beyond immoral. It is evil. @AlbertsonB2 Our IRB emailed out guidance on this, which was helpful. (Semi-related: I wonder if this is driving an… weird seeing people scoff at the idea of paying artists relief funds during this shutdown while also answeri…
Retweeted by Katherine HaenschenGiven shift to virtual classes and events, am interested to explore Sloan support for research on outcomes/experien…
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@sgadarian That's cute! @shelbylcole If couples have clashing WFH styles, they gotta communicate that ish! Who needs space, silence, music,… I am happy to post baby photos as a measure of goodwill during our socially distanced times. 😜 @AlbertsonB2 He was side-eyeing the debate last night, just like his Mama. 😉Hello, Twitter! Last week, H and I welcomed our first child, a boy! We are all doing well. from a practitioner about equivalence / gain-loss framing in news reporting. @JaneLSumner Email the editor and ask if X weeks is ok. They might not need a third review, etc. and let you off th… @jtlevy Related: Are MTurk and other paid survey platforms about to see an uptick in users? Also do soc scientists…