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musician, composer, author, tree-hugger, VOTER. Check out my book "All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir" and support indie bookshops

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@Jake_Vig that's my strategy too! pick up, tip large @iloveradio wo @mrdodger1966 no, not binge watching anything at the moment! @lakecountydem i'm a down pillow gal! @golddust27 #GOALS and also, Happy Birthday Em!! dm your address! @MarkCaro hmm @peterframpton Hey Peter! I got your book, it is in my queue, lined up to be read! xxnothing to do with the My Pillow guy, but low key starting to feel like I am my own pillow. getting pandemic soft @jillsobule Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎁🎂
@emilyonguitar @MarenMorris i will send you a signed book Maren! #fan @Andylanger @MarenMorris @hilmonstah thank you for the amplify! 📕😍
WTF. WTF. WTF. you guys, WTF?? @Roman_Yneges @maggieNYT I think of Monster Truck events, prob a lot of attendee crossover w the kind you recall @m_millsey it's like a tsunami of death, getting older. each day is a gift @maggieNYT I hope to not hear the word "rally" for a very long time @TheRealMissGuy sent you dm @TheRealMissGuy I had the worst feeling for some timeNo no no no. It's too much. Sylvain Sylvain I'm speechless with this loss. He lived so completely and deserved bett…
@sinetag i’m sorry, so sadJust followed @FacesOfCOVID because it feels like people are so careless and lazy about this pandemic and in denial… @chamath The party of personal responsibility can't see how he created this for himself. Creating, amplifying a fal…
@rhettmiller @oldtownschool how fun!! I'll tell you what I tell myself: nervous is very close proximity to being ex… @Kspencer17 good to hear! ❤️ @marc19672 @BookPeople thank you! so glad you supported our wonderful local indie bookstore!
@NottheonlyAndy thank you! this looks like a great watch @SOURJAZZ obsessed with her @taiskates she is mentioned on the list. @KariBourgeois if you read the thread she is one they mention.This thread is a concise summary of conspicuous omissions from the Rock Hall. Big Mama Thornton? Estelle Axton? Car… @VickiBangle WOOHOOOO my cappy rock sis Happy Birthday!! 🤩🎸♥️☮️⚡️🤠🎂🎁🎈🎉🐐I'm seeing many folks bagging on the guy in the Viking helmet and the guy who stole the lectern and people like tha…
Retweeted by Kathy Valentine @tl_kaufman yay! thank you!! @MollyJongFast Cringe factor just off the charts, I'd forgotten how bad this was.
@RichardLloyd206 thank you Richard nice to hear from you @TheBloggess I see a doc in your future: My Anole Teacher ♥️🦎 @laurenboebert Lauren Boebert on the problems the US faces: guns bla bla bla 2A blather bla bla guns more guns bla… @BeltwayGreg Just Say No to Drugs and Alcohol! @BeltwayGreg god no way. the 1981 video would be everywhere and I couldn't handle it. plus the constant dragging an… officials should have their own platform for policy statements, announcements, arguing w each other, etc. W… @Stew30776201 Netflix!all true, entire thread ⬇️ in @WSJ there was a story about one of the "protestors" -with all the new revela… @nonsequiteuse just like they said what was coming, they are talking about what else is to come, and it sounds bad. @DaveHolmes it's such a respite, feels like a booster shot of intellect and sanity in the midst of all the stupidity and lunacy @nancyfranklin I'll be back for more! @pulmyears right? it went right to the heart and made me feel his loss all over again, more than ever @amydipa so true, it's quite the respite from the shitshowI'm watching Pretend It's a City, besides Fran Liebowitz telling amazing stories some of the music footage is amazi…
I've seen lots of radical right tweets begging @elonmusk to compete with "big tech" platforms, telling him he'd hav… @SandySmithNC @MarkMeadows But you did authorize the lies and false rhetoric? Radical Dems?? Here's your "they just… @Rschooley @TheRickWilson @ProjectLincoln "degenerate fop" is perfection too. @ErinBrockovich @DrGJackBrown exactly, he can call a press conference any time and espouse his rhetoric and it will…
@lizzwinstead this is my fave! @1814MAGAZINE I consider the lines taken out of a letter as inspiration and fairly credited when and where it matte… @LindseyGrahamSC actually, "the Ayatollah can tweet but Trump can't" says a lot about Trump's tweets @DidBezos what happened to the great threads you had here? I wanted to read them again. @Chookooloonks @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris yes. I keep thinking of this Bertrand Russell Quote: "The whole problem with… @BigYankeeMike I didn't wish for anything today. I applaud that Trump finally had a consequence for disregarding th…'ve been playing it for over half my life and never get tired of it! thank you @tomhanks @StephenAtHome @AgentMarshall @StephenAtHome heard!! @xeni @sparrowmedia incredible and so important, thank you @nancyfranklin OMG I love that answer!! @BigYankeeMike Again, see above. I would re-adjust my opinion of someone I "liked" if they behaved in a manner that… @BigYankeeMike I don't like anyone who espouses lies and false information to rile up gullible people, encouraging… @chiproytx @Twitter @Apple @Facebook Twitter released the Jacken on people who use twitter to incite violence, so what you boohoo babyLol the Kraken / Jacken got released on Trump, Lin, Sidney... and Chip, an elected official takes to twitter to pis… ded
@mullenscary oh GOD way to harsh the vibe but you're rightwhat's the point of being president if you can't tweet? oh, wait, there's still golf @Pink HALLELUJAH!!i could swear I heard a head exploding somewhere!! @KennethWReid the meltdown of all meltdowns!!!!YASSSSSSS! bye bye #permanently nailed the coup in the best way, got 1.2 mil views, then 1st response to people who looked at her profile was t… @ScottMcMinus5 YASSSSS @ThePeterCase thanks Peter!petty charges. "entering and remaining" really???⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Retweeted by Kathy Valentine @martindaletommy sweet!! xxTommmy @flea333 thanks! xkv @prewar41 Hi Ramsey!! I hope you heal soon. Miss seeing you! xK @TanyaDonelly thank you Tanya! 🤩 @jenbourgoyne 😘seems SO long ago. The before times. I hope you are doing better @80sMTVmemories I love this gif! never saw it. #JJ @annkpowers 😍Ann xxx @aaronleetasjan1 thanks Aaron!!!
@kathleenhanna thank you amazing woman that is Kathleen!!! xxxxx @janewiedlin ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍love you Jane❤️😍❤️😍❤️ @vinpix I like to support things that would be the world as I wish it to be. It makes me live happier. @wyntermitchell thank you Wynter!!!Nice present today! $BTC > 40k amid some expected swing resistance but having a great HODLed birthday #Bitcoin @brianbooone thank you! 🤩 @realginaschock @officialgogos love you {{{{{THIS MUCH}}}}} (more really!) thank you Ms Gina! @PleasantGehman1 thanks Plez! @Koss65 Happy Birthday back! @StealsYourGF i’ve thought about doing that!! ❤️ @rockyoriordan thank you!!! xxxx @KennethWReid believe me, I feel it and some days it really shows. @rhettmiller backatcha Rhett! @calvmvs hey! long time no seeeeee! xxsince 2011 the first thing i do on my birthday is take a photo. 62 today!! no makeup retouch filler botox surgeries…