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Retweeted by Katie @whanderlust happy birthday!!!!
@PimpMyFrog1 @Naruga53 on icebox @yoojpls but u already have @fakieshark SLAYED @yoojpls SOOOO PRETTYYYY
@portilho Trust no one, not even yourself 🤓 let’s scam losers
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Retweeted by Katie @IcySolace Ok I laughed @billysprout Extremely cool and awesome @scorgzi well stop it @scorgzi yeah?
@plooful Lmao this is me the second I hold an angle my eyes just glaze over
@scarra Isekai is popular bc it’s always the most mediocre main character getting hella girls for no reason in a fa… @Timkiro @RazLCS THE KING OF BURNABY!!! @RazLCS Ndp has such a firm grasp in my area. My MP has won for 17 years in a row @RazLCS ewwww thank god ndp has a firm grasp in my riding
@Linku Do better linku @xilentIy Yes she is 🥺 @HungryCorean Yes ofc!! @souportiffany COMEADE PEKOE HAS DONE IT AGAIN @Souvie She’s so smart and talented wowowowowowPlease don’t hesitate to lavish her with praises over how talented she isTaught her sit and high 5 @i_Candyyyy You next!?!? 😳 @jessicahkim That’s you always 🤤 @Slysssa That makes sense! My astigmatism was fixed from it but idk if I would have gotten it if I only had astigmatism. @Slysssa I got my eyes lasered a few years back and it was the best thing i ever did for myself
@lolArnav Ok understandable @lolArnav Free him to where @floaromaa Cannot go back to watching league anymore 😴this is the most impress clutch ive ever seen i dont need to watch anymore proud of our hearthstone boys 🥺 they worked so hard this year, playing in china time while balancing GM and stre… @juwiaTV KINDA SEXY @Annjelife HEHE @portilho so true! @anikauwu i see u got home safe @xilentIy 😳 thank uuuu @tsunderegf I'LL BE MOMMY FOR YOU @raegarooni 🥰 @yoojpls THATS WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOU @lolArnav Wowie you got flowers for him?🌟
@DLimLoL @BeccaTILTS Vancouver is pretty nice vouch @scorgzi You’ll see @scorgzi Don’t worry I’ll tell the people to save you for last when the guillotine comes out 🤣 @scorgzi You might have more money but I have a significant other 🤣🤣🤣 @scorgzi Beggars can’t be choosers @scorgzi Why don’t you get some bitches huh @PlayRuneterra @AlanzqTFT MY STREAMER 🤲🤲🤲THE FIRST EVER LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA WORLD CHAMPION: 🏆 @AlanzqTFT 🇵🇱🏆
Retweeted by KatieTHE FIRST WORLDS FINALIST: @AlanzqTFT 🇵🇱 advances to the #LoRWorldChampionship Grand Final after a 2-0 against…
Retweeted by KatieWelcome to Semis, @AlanzqTFT 🇵🇱! Poland prevails in the EU vs EU Quarterfinal! #LoRWorldChampionship
Retweeted by Katie @jessicahkim @scorgzi DAMN
@rins420 @AniZone It looks REAL BAD FOR HIM @rins420 i hope they arrest his ass asap @rins420 The fiancé is sooooo guilty @akaibara SO CUTE
@TinaKitten WOOHOO CONGRATSSSS @itsPhlex @TeamLiquid @1UPGG WOOHOO congrats and welcome to the team!!!!! @yoojpls Not men commenting “me too” I’m so tired @scorgzi Personally I don’t believe in trickle down economics but I agree Canada’s government isn’t any better @scorgzi Ah america and good ol corporatocracy @scorgzi 😳 so you’re not down with Marxism… @scorgzi sorry i didnt think you were into advanced marxism @scorgzi here is an article @scorgzi the only thing worse than being a landlord is being a middleman for landlords... @scorgzi onlyfans angle? @catsgomao JEALOUSi will do anything for abs. anything except working out. @EmmaMeiLi OMGGGG YOUR ABS WHAT WORK OUT DO YOU DO
@macaiyla He’s sooooooo cuteGold Series Playoffs start today @ 6am EDT! We are in the lower bracket so need to Top 2 today to move into Semis!…
Retweeted by Katie @leeholic I LIVE TO SERVE MY QUEEN
@gamergirlgf @juiylol @billysprout How to give yourself MS @jobofish @dailypoko @qq_Seulgi I’m convinced I need this @k3soju @HelloFresh No way you cook @scorgzi @plooful dude @plooful MOMMY M-
@quitoxo thats not the point. @quitoxo ok but is this the tech?? this posture is what i need to play better?? @ggKuya Hope gambit has a good physiotherapistthis guy's posture is unmatched @catsgomao i recommend this for everyone @catsgomao LIVING THE LIFE AS #1 RN I READ 3 BOOKS A WEEK AND COOKE EVERYDAY ITS VIBES @Kcoh_ @alexandraleemin @currylol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @tsunderegf MOMMY @joshseki LMAO I CANT THINK OF WHAT OCCASION I WOULD WEAR THESE TOBlackpink merch at H&M lowkey goes hard 😳
@DLimLoL Old @baovtuber I try 😗 @princess_onyx 🥰🥰🥰 @catsgomao I strive to be herShe was the blueprint @scorgzi Fuming i see 😗 @scorgzi How are you hating from outside the club when you can’t get in
@samiisauce ok turn around?little devil teemo is my spirit animal 😈
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