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@souportiffany NOYOU ARE A RAT does my cat’s love to lick herself on top of my head in the middle of the night?? All while nudging me off my p… @RiotGreenTeej @Mortdog @XavierFabre @FireNRain20 @alicialoring ive tried her and i am not good but i will keep trying @RiotGreenTeej @Mortdog @XavierFabre @FireNRain20 @alicialoring who is ur fave character on eternal return!! i see u on all the timeStalin directing the Soviet army on the eastern front @jessicahkim @aimlab No thanks, I’ll continue to flick my mouse in the general direction and hope for the best ❤️ @kiisumii not even 1% holy fk unreal
@scorgzi @kingnickk23 unbelievable this is literally me @Yunnieee order it all baby u deserve it allThis is split @LiquidSenders im telling u rn i dont have enough hands for step 2 @catsgomao her ❤ @macawcaw123 oatmeal with cranberry slaps @LiquidSenders lost me on step 2RICK FOX??? @lolArnav im not gonna say anything because if i do i will get fired @jessicahkim @LogitechG just here to engagement @lolArnav i feel like he can break 40.... @lolArnav HIS BACK IS SO STRONG FORREAL CARRYINGscreaM is built different @risorins YES!!!!! @yoon____ji HIME CUT HIME CUT
@lolArnav @daphdawg @taylorswift13 Absolutely didn’t see this coming @currylol @Souvie Curry you consistently perform below me despite having a full time job in professional gaming as a coach. Suck my nuts. @Souvie @currylol Ya curry youre bad @scorgzi @scorgzi What about me tho @scorgzi Men and shitty backhanded compliments name a more iconic duo @scorgzi Are you calling me ugly @scorgzi !!! Some people just wake themselves up at an hr?? Like Toby does that @souportiffany Zzz @scorgzi Setting an alarm for a nap ruins a spontaneousness of it @DamianEstrada Like this but in white and navy and have blue instead of the heart I am waiting and you have my ad… @DamianEstrada Drop a pleated skirt it would go so well with the collared shirt @jessicahkim @AchillesHealNA Wow cute 🥺I tell myself to only nap for an hr and I end up napping for 4????? @currylol I just built what more told@me to buy 😔
So happy to be playing with TSM’s new coach that picks comet on fiora. Going to be a really good season. @lolArnav @jessicahkim @scorgzi you gotta step it up @quitoxo You gotta try these it’s like the same thing but with better noodles and it slaps so hard
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@catsgomao i am discount ditto esp with that last point like why is my skin ok rn @scorgzi @starsmitten_ cocaine
@tuna_fatty @kalopiska We met before this year nice try @iGumdrop OHHHHHH I c tyty @iGumdrop Where can I buy the bread thingy...Her. only post about pekoe bc there is nothing else interesting going on in my life all I do is work and then come hom… @jobofish An intense wave of nostalgia just slapped me in the face @coda_robo @jobofish
@Mimiliiaa @Linku @plooful My queen @abby_sherlock I’m so sorry 😭 @tsunderegf Wish that was me
@kelseyremige i seeme trying to hit it with a stinger is 😐 @scarra HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCARRA treat urself by getting a dog @lolArnav majestic
@Souvie I HOPE SOJust went to look at cats and put in an application 🤗 @Kyaandere Wait lemme know how you like it I feel like I need something like this @mimsy True @Souvie I have it really bad too zzzz can’t play it at all
Retweeted by Katie @chulowfish Pekoe @jessicahkim Stay strong Jess @jessicahkim I hate holding in my poop it makes my farts more and more smelly
@TSM @currylol @Kayyslol @Bjergsen @peterzhanglol @TrulyYoulee Omg I saw the same post THATS WHY LOL @xMermage @Quellie @Souvie Ya 9lbs is very normal @Quellie @Souvie shes big boned dont judge @yoon____ji Ya I think I will get one then when it’s spring then I can walk her around @Souvie i was thinking about that too but honestly shes kinda heavy shes like 13lbs i am WEAKDoes anyone have a stroller that they walk their cat in?? I just need to know so I don’t feel crazy buying one for… @Souvie CAT HAT TRIBUTE 😭 @itswoori i turn my heater to 23.5C @catsgomao also neopets blocked at work this is actual pain @catsgomao forgot my birthday on the damn site i cant log in @floaksie Oooooo tyty !! @hy00jschl0ng In my mind there is no better breakfast combo this is peak breakfast @hy00jschl0ng Yes @k4iley @hanubuu ITS GOOD @hanubuu i am currently drinking the matcha one and i really like it. will try the jasmine one tmr @hanubuu I bought them because of u @scorgzi LMAOOOOOOO @jessicahkim I am literally always free unless I’m working then I’m not free but other than that I’m always free yes @jessicahkim Like whenever @jessicahkim I can do all those things @Locodoco Hmu when u need someone @EveryDamnDay__ @SkoochLoL @serinide I need thisBabe are you feeling ok? You didn’t reply “agreed” when your favorite tft streamer asked “agreed?” @floaksie Do you have a recipe now I’m craving it 🥺 @jessicahkim The man knows what he wants I respect it @G2Rdu Tokyo 🥰
@scarra Get dog @kwistenkim Omg I been watching her vlogs tooooo I told Toby it’s not happening thoIt’s the other way around for me @k3soju @Edge_SKL @BunnyMuffinslol @Mortdog @DeliciousMilkGG competitive tft is 4fun woohoo