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katie ♡ bIm @katiejcnes 21 | oxford&cardiff | she/her

☉ cancer ☽ sagittarius ⇡ sagittarius | #teamcracker

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SELLING: - 1x Jan M&G ticket (NOTTINGHAM) - 1x Jan M&G ticket (BIRMINGHAM) £30 EACH (also open to offers) (18+ sh…
Retweeted by katie ♡ bIm @The_HollyGhost @aquariacox @heidihydrates yes she did looool there was a screenshot of what she messaged to the pe… @meganowen29 thank you lovely!!💗 @catrinaglb thank you so so much cat! ilyt 💗💗 @Jade_Y_B thank u so much hun🥺💖 @thirlsenvy thank you angel 🥺 @mizmoonlight THANK U BABBEEEEE @famesdoll thank u bby 💕💕 @zolitasangel thank you angel <3 @surayaseonaid thank you doll!! @sonnybellordx SKFJFJF TY @yviesjan CONGRATS LOVE!! so proud of you too 🥺💖 @FUTUREISFLUID love you so much i’m here if you need to talk bby!!! @sonnybellordx it’s the second best grade you can get 🥺💕considering we had 6 weeks of strikes and lost 3 months of uni for the virus, i managed to get a 2:1 grade in my se…’m actually depressed that tosh and owen aren’t in children of earthA lot of people need to read this
Retweeted by katie ♡ bIm @Sam_Manela_ have u seen doctor who @Sam_Manela_ omg is your name nancy @songsmeIody NOjust need someone to be rita <3 @ScarletEnvyNYC @envycbd perfection @KPerrysGaga omg this fancama drag merch tote bag gay @sunnyxdani lost @oddlyhytes LMAOOO 😭 get after effects it’s better u can do more @oddlyhytes me whenever i copy and paste an effect and my entire after effects crashes @thetaskoschei we love to see ithow tf did i manage to bend the needle on my sewing machine to like a 90° angle 😭 @_ggeorgiaking cardiff x @feefohara yay🥺💗 @nsmaIIs very this @ongina 1. jade 2. pandora & sonique 3. carmen 4. dida ritz 5. lineysha 6. joslyn fox 7. miss fame 8. chi chi 9. k… @courtdelano are you okay angel?? @cdefgx SKDKXKDKDK @thedaphnewyork reminds me of this @thedaphnewyork why’s it sound like sims intro music @SlN3FROMABOV3 what’s happening
@robertastall__ @DutchieLizzie @libbybowermanx BET @DutchieLizzie @libbybowermanx if i do a pose like this can y’all photoshop me in over her @thetaskoschei happy birthday love!! @feefohara do it with ur eyes closed x @feefohara plz send me all the videos⭐️ ⁦@katiejcnes⁩ miss u :’( ⭐️
Retweeted by katie ♡ bIm @feefohara OMG i don’t remember this at all 😭 i miss u so much xx @beckybabbles come visit plz so we can make one @beckybabbles we should go together 🥺 @beckybabbles hopefully they’ll do more!! 🥺 @beckybabbles fuck i can’t get to london my mum wouldn’t take me lol @N1NE0NE0NE fuck driving to london @beckybabbles OMG WHEREstill the best thing i’ve ever thought of @joshiekinss @beckybabbles wait what @joshiekinss are u sure that wasn’t the foot corset one @jackiesmethyd i want to fuck katie hopkinsi want to get a cameo from tammie brown doing the millie b songno one: @gecrgia_: KATIE YOU ARE MIZ CRACKER.@KPerrysGaga and i in the lipsync comp in nottingham🥺 @courtdelano i wanna try the burgers bc i hate beef but i don’t want it to taste like that 😭😭 @leosqueerworld miz cracker! @H0KUSP0KU5 here if you need to talk :( @FernandoMoniz17 @sawayamadoll @jaidakeria LAMDKDKFJD RENEÉ @JackieCoxNYC this is dedication @hurtmyohara it suits u so much!before i was way too proud to ask for anything but this morning my sister was kicked out along with me because she…
Retweeted by katie ♡ bImi aged 😔 @panicponds sending you lots of love & here if you wanna talk! @lydiasdeetz don’t !!!! just wait til s3 when u meet the angel that is juliet <3 @lydiasdeetz she really really is @tardisfacts proud of you 💕 @dollastcre @Sam_Manela_ @rpdrstruggles @klubkids_uk @ScarletEnvyNYC @RuPaulsDragRace so beautifulMy bath bomb business has officially launched! 🎊☺️ This is something I’ve been working on for a while now and I’m s…
Retweeted by katie ♡ bIms10, s3, as4 😌 @sawayamadoll these are so cute 🥺 @hytiaras i know damn well id have to force my mum or a friend to drive me 😭 or pay themone of my fave seasons of any show of all time @hausofraja ikr lmfao & me too 😭 @hausofraja @hausofraja @hausofraja new hh&dcq gc? @hrhvelvet YES we will be like this @hrhvelvet i’ll pay my mum to drive me @hrhvelvet WKDKXKDKSKSKXKSKWJXJDJwish they did drive in drag shows in the uk😭 @klubkids_uk @canadasdragrace KYNE !!! @DOVIMAHARRY happy birthday love! @gecrgia_ reminds me of u drunk after raja @hausofraja you are beautiful!!tw/ body image / weight / ed can i just say i’ve seen all the body positive posts and i’m so proud of everyone. al… @hausofraja BABIESthe way this is all so true...
it’s just hit me how much i miss my faves and now i want to cry @libbybowermanx i’ll try my best 🥺 @famesdoll @miz_cracker we somehow look a bit like mother and daughter every time hahahaha @libbybowermanx omg i wanna go @libbybowermanx are there real cats there