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Here to change the world! RULES for my feed: Don’t tell me what to tweet (or delete.) And don’t spew vileness if you disagree with me. Respect yourself.

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@TMZ Brad Pitt? @BuzzFeed Yeasss!Maren Morris Wants The Postpartum Snap Back To End Now
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Loving others starts with loving yourself. think again because we all have the right to express our opinion and our relief. Express yourself. Don't repre…
Following the Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘Hold Still’ exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, Kensington Palace ha…
Retweeted by Katie Price @BritishVogue So, so true!Madison Lawson writes about why it’s so important that people with disabilities are better represented in fashion m…
Retweeted by Katie Price @BritishVogue I didn't know this!Remember the safety-pin dress? Christy wore it first.
Retweeted by Katie PriceShawn Mendes & Camila Cabello's Home Broken Into, His G-Wagon Stolen
Retweeted by Katie Price @BritishVogue 😍😍😍😍😍‘Grace Kelly: The Missing Millions’ explores how Grace Kelly ended up with so little money after her sudden death,…
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It’s a beautiful Friday everyone! ❤️
@BritishVogue Sooo chicAn ultra chic mum, that is.
Retweeted by Katie Price @TMZ Looks like they photoshopped Harry’s face and nose...One Person Still Fighting for Harry and Meghan's 'Sussex Royal' Trademark in U.S.
Retweeted by Katie PriceMeet the women changing the face of technology in Africa.
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#MeghanMarkle was the best on @Oprah speaking up for what she believed in. Chrissy Teigen “fans” on Twitter thought… @TMZ 😢Congress Too Busy for Britney Spears Conservatorship Hearing Right Now
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Express yourself. Never be silenced by anyone (including me.) Just be respectful in your differing opinion. No need…
@BritishVogue She has always demonstrated such talent and class.Nciole Kidman didn’t let the lack of red carpet end her run of discerning #GoldenGlobe gowns.
Retweeted by Katie Price @TeenVogue Thank you for speaking up!"This is the reality of Black girls: One day you’re called an icon, the next day, a threat."
Retweeted by Katie PriceLess cameras more convictions! 📸I respect she helped you. But she didn’t help me. The experience of miscarriage should never be used for career pro… Stars in Hot Tubs
Retweeted by Katie Price @halfadams The same “shameless” institution this man was celebrating when #MeghanMarkle got married to Prince Harry… same “shameless” institution this man was celebrating when #MeghanMarkle got married to Prince Harry. It IS a s… we sell our souls to the devil for fame and fortune? And then pretend we’re doing it to “open a conversation”… know you don’t have to jump on trends created by celebrity botnets, right? made national news for calling Chrissy Teigen out. Many experts agree with her but obviously the Hollywood ce…
Retweeted by Katie Price @TeenVogue Women in India. Stay strong. Stay ethical. ❤️“This moment has awakened so many people who were sleeping.”
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So proud of this woman for speaking her truth. Keep being fearless #MeghanMarkle's #Lisa also relies on her immaculate fringe to ensure she looks groomed, no matter how laid-back her ou…
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@BuzzFeed Thank you for posting this BuzzFeed! ❤️ #BLMHow many of these Black history facts did you know? Thanks to:
Retweeted by Katie PriceI forgive you. @britneyspears He did it better! 😂Happy birthday to the man that always makes me laugh 😂🎉🎈!!!!! Who did it better ????
Retweeted by Katie Price @TMZ I believe him!Baker Mayfield Convinced He Saw UFO In Texas, 'Very Bright Ball of Light'
Retweeted by Katie PriceJesus told his disciples not to judge. But this one only got the t-shirt.’s a black woman egging on a white woman to “rip me to shreds” for my perspective on Chrissy Tiegen. Extraordin… is key, says the woman at the helm of the house.
Retweeted by Katie PriceExpress yourself. So you can respect yourself. @TeenVogue I’ve never had this but it’s good to know some women do. Thanks for writing!It's totally normal
Retweeted by Katie PriceMeghan Markle did the right thing by speaking her truth to @Oprah about the Royal Family. Just like I did when I sp…
Meghan Vs. The Royal Family. Maybe they BOTH made mistakes. Isn’t that how life usually plays out? Live and let liv…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ❤️ #COVID19 this one was even given a second chance at life. @BritishVogue Beautiful woman inside and out.We all know florals for spring may not be groundbreaking but, according to Rihanna, free-spirit florals certainly a…
Retweeted by Katie PriceRather than using someone’s differing perspective as an excuse to be “insulted,” break Twitter rules, and show your… hope he makes a full recovery. He’s a hero. Please everyone, send him good vibes. 💐 @BuzzFeed Thank you Taylor for calling out the hypocrisy. So much of it about town nowadays.
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@BuzzFeed Thank you Taylor for calling out the hypocrisy. So much of it about town nowadays.Taylor Swift called out the new Netflix show "Ginny & Georgia" for its "lazy, deeply sexist" joke about her love li…
Retweeted by Katie Price @BuzzFeed This man is so brave. I can’t believe he got shot for the love of his dogs. I would have just handed them over.Ryan Fischer shared photos from his recovery and opened up about the terrifying moment he was shot.
Retweeted by Katie Pricewas a bop, still a bop, always gonna be a bop!!
Retweeted by Katie Price“No one?” Maybe you missed my tweet that was liked by hundreds of people. No wait, you responded to it. 🤦‍♀️ one was too busy tweeting in biology class. Humans ARE animals. It’s called Kingdom Animalia. 💁‍♀️ will never respect others until you learn to respect yourself.I’m all for differing perspectives except for ones like these. what would this man on Twitter like me to think and say? While he’s at it, maybe he’d like me to dress a certai… @AndreaDMorgan Neither did I. So I guess we’re closer than you think. 😘 @TMZ That’s all I was really paying attention too! 😂Golden Globes Provide Peek Inside Celebrity Homes
Retweeted by Katie PriceIn return, I wish you peace and love, and a better sense of humor.’s not me. I hate littering. do you think? narrow-minded people like you who don’t respect my perspective? It feels great. @TeenVogue I’m so glad she’s done with fillers and heroin! She didn’t need either. She’s beautiful inside and out, as is.Demi Lovato is done with "beauty" filters.
Retweeted by Katie PriceAnything for you, Remy 🙄 tells me you know I’m not looking to be “claimed” by anyone. @TMZ @TooFab So happy they look loved up. No doubt they’ll all start shaming her soon.Amelia Gray Hamlin shares PDA photos with “dream man” Scott Disick (via @toofab)
Retweeted by Katie PriceYes I’m strong and outspoken. Sorry, but I wasn’t born with marigolds on my hands. #Feminism @TMZ @TooFab She’s so beautiful and classyNicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughters make RARE appearance at the Golden Globes – see them both now! (via…
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It’s Sunday evening and I’m feeling THIRSTY. 🚨"I answered, and he said to my boyfriend, 'Does she ALWAYS do that?' Excuse me? Do what? Speak?"
Retweeted by Katie Price @___mems___ @mari_suarez69 I don’t hear voices. No. But I encourage you to express yourself. @___mems___ @mari_suarez69 Express yourself. Don’t repress yourself.Such an important story to tell! Thank you @BritishVogue having an opinion that differs from yours makes me a bitch. I’m fine with that.! Made a friend today. strong Stephanie, and thanks for your thoughts. don’t live and die by social media. I would suggest you adopt the same approach. @StephyB79 I understand that it helped some women but it also made others feel highly uncomfortable and suspicious… @Shhhnbm @JacobsTedrick Assuming you’re a man, Jacobs Tedrick? I’m not your mama. Keep your terms of endearments for her. @duchyglencairn Fact: Many people felt uneasy with Tiegen promoting herself under the guise of trying to have an “o… @StephyB79 My line is drawn at developing a full blown marketing plan around a miscarriage (including photoshoots.)…