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Fitchburg State | historian: business and politics of culture | writing: hist of college radio for UNC Press | book: Dollars for Dixie | WRVU 91.1 alum

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I am going to write a whole opera about how much time I have wasted trying to fix nonsensical issues in my online textbook platform. @SassyProf @redclayscholar Woo! I am going to tell my students! @AthMusicJunkie I need a (hypoallergenic) wool cocoonI am having deep feelings of envy of my cat right now. @DrMaDMo 😆😆it’s a whole moodIf you had to choose and old picture of you as an album cover, what would you pick? I think this one has a distin… student at @Fitchburg_State ‘s newspaper interviewed me for a piece about @RadioTaskForce — and she included my f… @DrJSchramm On the still-colorful leaves!!Patchy Coating. COME ON
If anyone in my family shows up where we need to be at the right time for the next month, it will be a miracle. These schedules... @loumoore12 BOO BLACKBOARD, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOThey’re open! Congrats to @cbc_belmont on their grand reopening today. Stop by to pick up some beer, grab some beer…
Retweeted by Katherine Rye Jewell, Ph.D. 📻🎙🎧 @kpanyc @profrichmond It’s so true. It’s the terrible threes, not twos, IMOWell that is just sick @GraceOnTheRun Oh awesome!
@HollyEvanMarie Ring a bell too just to be safe! :) @BookishSW That sounds fantastic!And for Bear's Jam. Note the experimental techniques they use: aspect of this -- filmmaker Bob Harris is a faculty member on campus. I am hoping to convince him to come to cl… to a worksheet from @LenOKelly -- the students will then assess their use of a screenshot and whether it con… they are watching this documentary, and receiving a primer on copyright law and guidelines and discuss the… frequently quote @CountBassD -- that hip hop artists are "aural vandals." And so I'm asking students to think abo… for those of you keen on this, you might note that we are walking a bit of a copyright/fair use line here. This… include two YouTube links of this footage. Their task is this: plan is to take their images, print them, and create an exhibit across campus. Each student will upload their e… am going to do an experiment with my midterm in Hip Hop History and Culture -- it involves some risk, some ~vanda… @PhUsct Tweed sends some healing paw vibes. @AthMusicJunkie This tees up the issue we are going to discuss perfectly. Basically, they are going to decide if th… @AthMusicJunkie I am likely going to screenshot this tweet and use it in class :)I need to figure out a quick and simple way (in 10 mins) to distill copyright law for students. Ow. @PhUsct Arghh I'm sorry.This is SO 2020 that I have to retweet it. A new game. Born only this year. And...a happy laughing baby.
Retweeted by Katherine Rye Jewell, Ph.D. 📻🎙🎧As a teacher, YouTube is a fantastic invention. As the parent of a 6th grader learning on a computer, YouTube is the worst invention ever. @AustinMcCoy3 Have come close... @nlschneider03 Thank you! He is safe thanks to your warning:)
He “talked” to all the animal hospital staff and was a general show off.It has been a tense 48 hours here—but all is well now! Tweed got into some lilies, which some lovely Twitter people… @DavidAstinWalsh It was a weird thing finishing my book in 2016 and knowing the long roots of what was happening bu… @AustinMcCoy3 Pens of various colors is my favorite tool :) @ProvAtlantic @NovkovJulie I am so guilty of this in my one class this semester. Adapting to the distanced hybrid c… @EmilyContois Completely!! @HistorianKat Woohoo! Advice taken :)#EveryDepecheModeSong Here's where I review every song @DepecheMode has ever released. Buckle up.
Retweeted by Katherine Rye Jewell, Ph.D. 📻🎙🎧So if I have kombucha with my lunch of Doritos, it cancels out the unhealthy aspects, yes? @LDBurnett (here is the link to the actual assignment: @LDBurnett This is fantastic! I don't know if this link will still work, but this reminds me of a "formula" I creat… @craigbrucesmith @bsb1945 @AmericanYawp Yeah, I looked for this semester and didn't find anything that worked with… @profevanbennett So true @e_b_bobadilla THE WORST @EllaKHoward That is helpful!
@EllaKHoward Ooh good to know!! @DrJSchramm Awesome! And American Yawp!I am going to use thing link to create a campus wide presentation for my Hip Hop class as the students' midterm. I'… @jenniferejoness I’ve started just giving feedback then having them assess their own grade in a reflection, and we… @drewmckevitt @LDBurnett @collincollege @TheFIREorg Has anyone checked again that we aren’t actually living in a si… @LDBurnett @collincollege @TheFIREorg no way. NO WAY @profrichmond @LDBurnett He’s being monitored but all looks good! Whew! @nlschneider03 @LDBurnett ❤️❤️❤️ @nlschneider03 @LDBurnett Bloodwork came back normal! Keeping him 24 hours and flushing fluids just in case. They t… @nlschneider03 @LDBurnett Getting him checked now :) @profrichmond @LDBurnett Getting him checked out :) @profrichmond @LDBurnett On it! Eek! @nlschneider03 @LDBurnett Eeek!! Will check it out!
@stwajda I do have my 7th grade Mathcounts trophy proudly displayed!! @LDBurnett I FIGURED IT OUT — I think he was sniffing lilies 🤣🤣 @conn_stapleton Woo!! 🐶 @johnjamesmunro Totally!! :)Anyone else have a nice frame for their MA and no clue where their PhD diploma is, or it’s likely shoved in with so… @madiaz2 These garments are crucial players. @LDBurnett He has been nail polish kitty in the past, so this logic holdsEither he ate something yellow or someone colored him yellow. 🤷‍♀️ @allofmilov I am just now launching our IG account. The Facebook page has been pretty inactive, and it’s mostly rec… is one error (that I’ve found so far), and naturally it is on my own course.I made all of these Instagram images for our department’s spring 2021 courses. Now posted! Whew. @NewBlackMan I have been trying to learn the electric slide since 1991 and it still hasn’t happened 😂😂 @shyhooper @megankatenelson @Chris_Levesque_ Whoa!! I had a juvenile come check out our porch where we kept a rabbi… @knit1write2 It was interesting—definitely more of a rendering, with some good drama. A few missed opportunities (t… @Randall_Stps Would read.📣 We need your help. This is the post we hoped to never write, but today marks a huge turning point in The Strand's…
Retweeted by Katherine Rye Jewell, Ph.D. 📻🎙🎧 @NotoNixon So wrong! And no sighting of Bunghole Liquors, a landmark! @NotoNixon I have noticed this and been annoyed. @robgreeneII I am always here for pet oversharing :) @BenDLieberman We just finished :) @carynrose Woo! ⚡️⚡️⚡️Whoops should have tagged it #TrialoftheChicago7 it seems! See below for my Dave Dellinger high school yearbook aut… wrote a paper on the trial in high school, also. Kunstler makes an appearance in the 1960s/1970s college radio book!As I settle in to watch #Chicago7 tonight, I feel it incumbent on me to highlight that David Dellinger signed my fr… @AbbySwingen If someone posts a cucumber wrapped in tinfoil meme I feel like I will have won twitter today 😂😂 @deepwatermike @LDBurnett Let’s crank this thing to 11.There is a fine line between clever and stupid.This dude is my super hero and wins Twitter today. Teaching is hard, people. Doing it well is a super power. I am s…
Retweeted by Katherine Rye Jewell, Ph.D. 📻🎙🎧 @drewmckevitt Or rather, every employee could, narrowly interpreted. @drewmckevitt By their logic, we could all tweet and tag the college and assert first amendment protections would a… @HNetSAWH I did find some meeting minutes taken on toilet paper in the archives for this current book, which is its own kind of spooky! @tressiemcphd Paperwork is why I think I’d make a terrible department chair...
My whole first book was filled with awful people, but they weren’t really spooky about it. It I did google one ran… @profevanbennett Eeek!Anyone have cat/houseplant tips? He took a whizz in this plant not long after this photo. @PhUsct I wrote book three accidentally while I was writing book two 😆 @KevinIsHistory So much. Social media management!