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Valorant for @version1gg | 4x Radiant | 🇲🇾🇺🇸 | @KarraOF @x0Starlight @yurouo

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@kayvalorant banger song
If @katriggered has a million fans I am one of them. If Kat has ten fans I am one of them. If Kat has no fans, that…
Retweeted by V1 Katriggered @keencval I CANT BREATHEEEE BAHAHAHA @kaylenn @keencval wanna play w me? ;) @PowerPixele My bad ill work on it boss @EmyyCSGO Please tbag me 💜💜 @EmyyCSGO Cant wait to play against you :) @WhoFramedMeTV HAVE FUN @keencval get carried kid @nosyy_tv Actually a good idea @tokibbi IM SORRY TOKI IM DOWN BAD RN @yurouo :')I'm on a valorant slump... Who wants to play league w me :)))
@Zellsis @100Thieves o7 @Shockahs It was wild @x0Starlight 🚩 @melanji GOOD LUCK QUEEEN @JGismo_ @valslaze so cute @kellysama_ The BEST @kellysama_ Did you also eat tea eggs as a child?! @cham_soup PIC? @cle_fairy YOURE SO HOT @meiselene NICEE @zekkenVAL FIRST @zekkenVAL BANGER TWEET NOTI GANG 1Splayed 10 mans with some players i really looked up to as a kid, i learned a lot in these games and hope it can hel…
Retweeted by V1 Katriggered @keencval mmhm @yurouo PICS
@ARIANARCHIST @N8Vgg VOUCHH @melanji MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY @valslaze @N8Vgg VOUCH @x0Starlight When i met him irl ive never seen a guy so head over heels inlove w someone before and i- HNGGG YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE @x0Starlight NEED A MAN LIKE THAT WHERED YOU FIND HIM @yurouo MEOW @melanji W BEST ANALYST @OhhCaps @PrincessIcyTV i am @WhoFramedMeTV ive got like 10 cents in my bank acc @WhoFramedMeTV dont forget me when youre rich and famous @PrincessIcyTV me sometimes I just go "dead.. dead.. dead.." LMAO @WhoFramedMeTV ur a cool kid @ilylunah youre insane lunah @karraof idek what im saying half the time i feel u
@zekkenVAL I still cant sleep should i just get on too @yurouo @keencval Actually block them rn @yurouo @keencval Dont talk to keenc @meiselene @x0Starlight LETS GOO SO GOOD @KingFPS__ Cheat code @yurouo Dominate me please @x0Starlight hop in a server w me b one on one ;) @zekkenVAL youre welcome for setting you up w the damage @keencval ty coach @zekkenVAL thank you for creating the amazing timing all youSHAAAH
@wadejpeg Art block 😭 @cch0_val JOIN THE DAMN SERVER WE HAVE A WHOLE ASS COTTAGECORE TOWNI have so much free time this week idk what to do w myself :') @irritatedm0m I dont wanna read this on my tl @melanji AHAHAHAHA @melanji I love you @cbbuii Happy birthday!! @yurouo FELT @PootTheMoot @AsianRajun THE BEST DUO ALIVE @karraof @sevvn You’re missing out @bnanastrangler w best player aliveStreaming then deleting ya
@tupperwareplays @GenG @Galorants @kaylenn You all look so happy and cute 💜 @WhoFramedMeTV Squirt gun 🫡 @Dark3stVal Im going back to sleep @kellysama_ How are you so perfect @showliana @EvilGeniuses @rainGG @EMUHLEET @sapphiReGG @katxxiong @riby87 @Stefanie_fps @DEADTheia @XP3cs 💜 @LynnNyaa 💜💜 GL @keencval Me me me @karraof How did my sens feel @DEADTheia @EvilGeniuses @showliana @EMUHLEET @Stefanie_fps @rainGG Youre all insane!’ @Shockahs Can we hold hands at lan 🥺 @Zellsis @ShopifyRebels ur cold @Zoessielol @dartmonkeys_ @TSM @EvilGeniuses @GenG W ZOEE @Dark3stVal mbhe's a fan🤧
@unst9ble I WAS TRYNA FOCUS ON THE GAME 🥲 ANYTIME THIS MAN SAYS ANYTHING I LOSE FOCUS AND GO 0/20 @rushhh___ Felt @SammayTV 100% you’ll find the one in escalation @yurouo Engaged???? @itnothan_ @GenG PICS @kellysama_ I love him ❤️ @tokibbi I feel that :( @ARIANARCHIST Kick butt today ari!! @unst9ble This is hilarious @_Od26 Proud of you @legend_native Those are dms sir @legend_native WHEN??? @Dark3stVal gives depression @benitanov @lorrian_ @flowerful_ @KP_fps @sonderx_x YOURE ALL SO HOT @iamlostinsauce DMs 😡
@VALslaze MORE PICSS @EclipseVin @x0Starlight please make sure im not online to see it @JimmothyWinss @AsianRajun @BokalooVt 🥱 @KALE__VAL ive never seen anyone ever play that gm @AsianRajun MY FAV ESC E-DUO.