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98% brat🥰 I have many pets 🌈 Legally blind, criminally kawaii💖 I promise I'm rlly nice 🥺 Lvl 24 🎮 Cat heroes: @catskingdom19 and @MShagalaih 🐱

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I wanted to go back to sleep but I started thinking about shit and I made myself mad so now I can't wtf @HoomanDecency Stfu Gen Z for lifeLandlords keep trying to tell me how nice their neighborhood is and I'm just like "I don't like bullets in the hou… @KingHenry_IX Dad is amazing pls no worry I love him with my whole heartI'm posting crying pics to prove I'm gen z and not a yucky millennialWanna see what I look like when my dad says he's proud of me it's this I look like this
@BunnyMilkers It's fucking horrifying. Honestly...I think that should be a standard thing to save up for like buyin… @nonovurbiz Like why the fuck is death so expensive??? That's horrible. @nonovurbiz She wasn't really well off or anything and neither are we. The lawyer fees are probably more than we ca… @KingHenry_IX This is my first time :C and I'm not even the real next of kin. BF is. When my mom died I was a minor… you're grieving? Here's some chores 😂😂😂 Oh it's triggering? That sucks. Here's some more chores.Oh your mama died? Jump through these hoops and dance, monkey. Oh you don't want to? You could go to jail instead🤪I am not looking forward to being a next of kin. You'd think they'd be more considerate about the fact that you're… @KingHenry_IX I feel extra shitty that you're asking cuz I've been a terrible friend :( I'm so overwhelmed lately t… @KingHenry_IX The deposit is around $2500. We've gotten $500 in donations so far. BFs dad can help a little but idk… are at 7% of our goal... if we could get to even 15% of it we might be able to scrape by. And again, I always pa…! We found a house (not the condo, a house!) in our budget. But we're not rly ready just yet & we need to secure… @arachnarchist1 Even if I was hot, rich, jewish, and a passing trans man I'd still be fucked LMAO @arachnarchist1 Mine is -910 🥺😭 @WitchKingDalek Idk what kinda fucking aliens there are I just don't wanna be alone ;_; Aaaaand idk what a Glasgow… @WitchKingDalek Vegan food is great!!!! I don't think there's a word for it but I'd like to be vegan except for hun… @WitchKingDalek I'll probably get into the story more when I'm ready to tell the whole thing. I've put out bits and… I might foster. But I prefer being a nanny. 38. Twitter, facebook is ass and I'm so much happier without it.… CHILD DEV I LOVED THOSE CLASSES I WANNA GO 2 COLLEGE FOR IT🥺 33. IRL I have 1. Online / long distance I have… Does being groomed by a pedophile count? If so 6 years. If no 5 years and counting :) 29. I was vegan and I'll… Ppl watch TV? 24. YES OMG hook me up with an ASMRtist who does hair videos bc that's my dream gig I love it… My fren Alex!!! 14. Does Daft Punk count? Daft Punk. And BF🥰 15.💍 16. Gay but I fucked up and love a boy🤮 1… I forgot about this hold up @NotWillGorman Why wouldn't I 🥺 @KatWeegee simping for simps
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈Stinky Winky🏴‍☠️ @__eater__ Because I like FAT FUCKIN COOTERS @_ratcan Ofc but I'll also SLURP tf up some mf outies @_ratcan Absolutely do go on /r/simps (if ur 18+)I'M NOT JOKING LOOK This sub is like 10 years old and the term came before it >:[ @The_Karpo I'M LITERALLY NOTY'all are uncultured :/ @KingHenry_IX IT DIDY'all remember when "simp" meant a fat coochie that looks like Homer Simpsons mouth @HoomanDecency I hate it here 😭Fucking -910 thanksOh my God I didn't see the disability part fuck meI...I got -160 should be able to retweet people's bios to make fun of em.
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈Stinky Winky🏴‍☠️11. Probably not anymore but I used to. It makes my heart go BRRRRRRR 12. Uselessly and lifelessly hanging from my scalp6. One of the songs in DOOM 7. Plz 8. EXTREMELY 9. Like at the same time??? No yuck. But like...I'll use the sam… Uhhh...7? 5. Dragon Ball ✨1. A landlord lmao 2. My grandpa 🥰 3. Vaping probablyStole this from @BunnyMilkers and didn't even read all the questions first so lmao leggo @RhysWortham We're looking at a couple of them!!! There's one that I really want to live at, but the manager is the worst at replying :TQueen @kiwi_sunset Dye ur pubes pink @HoomanDecency I prefer strangling tbh @TheOrangeFriend Beerus is the WORST cat I've ever had lmao. I love him tho.He knocked over the fan I'm gonna lose it 😭Beerus is throwing a fit bc he didn't get as much wet food as he wanted today He's been screaming for like 10 minu… @RhysWortham I mean yeah lol did u think BF has a criminal record or something? He'd just need experience but he me… I can't bc I can't drive lmao but BF could. That sounds like a really chill job.Bruh amazon drivers make like $20/hour??? Like deadass???? @2808Daniel He's so lazy inside!!! He chills in the living room 90% of the time and then goes to sleep in his other… @2808Daniel It's kinda small! But Lore doesn't really run all over the place inside. And because it's not in nasty… it has a pool nvm I'm inEw BF is talking to an apartment manager I'd deadass rather live in the trailer park lmfao @YoungRocketBear I understand. It doesn't show anything but it was still really upsetting. If you want I can find t… @tacticaltrenchg @PetiteNicoco I feel the same way about all the sex scenes lmao. Drive me nuts I hate it.
@dan_mattew @LuigiOdyssey I know hands are super hard to draw but his looks rlly crowded. And it looks like it was… @dan_mattew @LuigiOdyssey I think it's a wonderful drawing!!! I love the smooth black lines with the scribbly color… was freaking tf out because I needed $45.99 for Lore's food and I only had $45.50 BUT THEN I FOUND A COUPON FOR 4… @Aria_DiMezzo Lmao queen @_ratcan @AFTRHRBRWSING UHMe describing my twitter followers...
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈Stinky Winky🏴‍☠️ @LyricVera Yeeee. I might've saw it early bc of the service I use.If you've known me for a while u know I rarely get invested in shows but skfjskdjskwj DA BOISIf you haven't started watching The Boys yet, please do bc omg I'm losing my mind. Every new episode is WILD. @blindguy97 The cats sleep during the day so they're usually out of the way. Doggo is surprisingly super patient wi… @HesNotTheStig Wait that sounds so good what I want one @HesNotTheStig What heck is a duck saladCan you guys tell me stories about ur first time moving on your own pls. I moved out of my dad's house 6 years ago… wonder if I could get a babysitting job where they drop the kid off at my house :0 I've never been able to do tha… @Joebonic_ I mean I'm down lmao but I'm spooked about lying :( We do have a really good reference and hopefully bec… @Saturnsphinx BFs dad is helping us move! He'll tell us if anything is weird. His old house was sold to him by a fr… replied to the last tweet I can't see it bc ur account is private :T DM me! @ScarletAdorned 😂😂😂😂 some ppl are fr like that tho!!!!I'm pretty hyper aware of scams and everything so far checks out. But some people are great at lying so I could sti… this is kinda weird but is anyone in Colorado willing to check out a house for me next week :T It's near Denver… it's so fucking cute and there's a yardThe landlord I've been talking to has a way cuter house for $200 less omfg
@Talranddrake I'm 500% sure he didn't take it that way and thinks I'm a fucking nerdFr tho he was very nice 👉👈Also I meant every nice worker I've **ever** talked to oopsHE PROBABLY THINKS I'M SUCH A FUCKING JACKASS OH MY GOD HELP LMAOWhy am I so cringe why do I feel the need to say shit like this to every nice worker I've never talked to wtf I'M E… @CalmateCholo @Boogie2988 5 is my favorite food @Talranddrake Not that one. The office person messed up. But the manager owns other houses that are for sale.I asked if there were any other available homes under the same management and they said one will be ready next week… had a panic attack bc the office said the house has been sold even though I was talking to the manager like.… yeah
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈Stinky Winky🏴‍☠️ @2808Daniel I'm EXTREMELY protective of the animals lol. I refuse to even have someone else care for the fish. Only… @2808Daniel Yes absolutely!!!! I'm not leaving without him. A roommate offered to take him and I said fuck no. Ever… @liberty_loki Our credit is in the 500s ;_; We have to bring it up first before buying. But I think we can do that…