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@YoshiNotreally IF SHE SHOWER SHE A THOTIf u ever find anything, sorry u had to see that lol but I'm not really interested in doing anything about it. It's… a few ppl have let me know they've found nudes of me in random corners of the internet. And I used to be really… @All_TheTriggers Honestly yeahThis is so BAD LMFAOOOI am bisexual and that is why I was so excited to see you and your mom. 😖 @Katweegee @joerogan legalise joe rogan ✊😔
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️Lorddddd I am salty. You could cut me into strips and sell me as a salt lick for livestock. Or dry me out and shape… @elph98 I never NEEDED the scholarship. But it was a really cool boost. In actuality they just wasted a bunch of my time. @elph98 It's absolutely fucked up. I'm beyond shocked. I'm not accepting their offer and if anyone ever asks who su… @elph98 @tylerosborn I am 5'6! But I'm also about 115 pounds. Lore is heavier.(It isn't weegee, I'm very sorry to disappoint) @TRHLofficial MeFirst time y'all are gonna see my last name is gonna be in a tech magazine congratulating my success as a self taught professional😤 @LibertyHammy I'm ok. Ppl die every day you can't be sad for everyone's families. But god it's hard to be quiet when you see shit like this.I'm normally not the type to go "omg who cares this isnt news" but "Woman is devastated over the death of her husba… guy put it more eloquently, tbh. Mood. it's been 13 years and neither I nor my dad can say something serious about my mom's death without crying. For… her alone psychos
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️ @xcommanderLx @Harindukun It still really sucks though. I don't want a fucking video subscription. I have a VPN, al… @xcommanderLx @Harindukun Luckily IT is more accepting about not having a degree or dad never had…'m gonna hold off on naming them until I know 100% what I'm going to do. It's a very well known program and I'm no… @J_Ghouls It was similar to that. Just for UX. It was a 10 week course with a certificate and portfolio projects. L… @Saturnsphinx I get that they're not like "Muahahaha let's hurt Kat's feelings, that'll be a blast" but still. I'm mega upset :/ @Saturnsphinx "I wanted to make sure I had the best information and a plan" kinda implies...y' was already all good. @Saturnsphinx 3 people were working with me for MONTHS, including him, regarding these classes that I had no idea I… @xcommanderLx @Harindukun I can almost guarantee it doesn't get you anything. I wasn't gonna get a degree, but a UX… @Harindukun It was an online course. Now it's literally just videos with 0 support whatsoever. @puremaddnessone It's a well known school. Shouldn't be surprised though."I'm thrilled we have a solution" fuck off how bout "I'm sorry for wasting your time". @Austenouttaten Doubt it. I don't wanna bother either way. I'm just gonna do something else and tell the story when I'm hella successful~ @Harindukun Educational videos are already free all over the internet. I fail to see how it is at all comparable. E… changed my work schedule to accommodate class times too. I make less money now. Whatever. I'll build my own port… offering someone a full ride scholarship for classes with certification and portfolio projects without…
@LTF_01 @snapchatsupport Them hidden replies 👀 @seliws_ @asdaorangejuice @LTF_01 @snapchatsupport That's actually pretty funny though. I'd love to see that.I'm having a kinda stinky night but I love u lots, be well❤️ @IbraheemAlhadid I have a heart condition lol. Working on becoming a programmer, that's more my speed. @BilonHusk @puremaddnessone Oh yea @euph0bic Aw jeez. Tell her I said I love her and plsplspls feel better. @1diotzQuery I said HELLO goddammit >:[ Pls have a good day or else. @BilonHusk @puremaddnessone Beerus is pretty fuckin smart tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he's smarter than me @BilonHusk @puremaddnessone I'll fuckin eat u dude @BilonHusk @puremaddnessone NO OFFENSE UR A TARDOHEAD :(((((( @BilonHusk @puremaddnessone WOWZERS @puremaddnessone Hamsters are fucked up. They're super mean and will eat each other. I've seen blood smeared on the… @puremaddnessone 1FT LONG HAMSTER WTF @puremaddnessone Holy fuck @ted_lord I really should @crazykratos10 I am a massive fan of "don't". My liberal roommate approved of putting that one up. @OnstadWalter Oh that's good That's goooood Kinda want itThis is also a really good endorsement @puremaddnessone That's a horse @puremaddnessone That dog is too fuckin big @Katweegee What about "I dont always contract a deadly virus. But when I do, I prefer Corona" I know its the wrong…
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️ @_ratcan @joerogan @joerogan bro I will legalize DMT right fucking now @puremaddnessone That's how it feels being around LoreEVEN THE DOG IS STRONGER THAN ME THIS IS BULLI was cuddling Lore and then BF startled him so he fucking launched me across the living room I am SICK AND TIRED of being small @FraggertheBoss I do I do like it @_ratcan @joerogan please bro @USANUM1UNUM2 😂This is the best endorsement I've ever gotten @Katweegee u rn
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️ @peepeepoopooyea I have $1 @Katweegee MARTIN WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW.
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️ @KekNpc Yea no that's not very good @Shuttlecock7 Did u click it @exhalexpel Omg I'm honored I love when me and my roommates die over some goofy ass imageI might need to increase the dose againThis is why I take antipsychoticsHad an intrusive thought about this so I made this so I can stop thinking abt it @ScarletAdorned Everyone's eyes are in their head u can't TRICK me @marthertz
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️ @KforKeller I fixed it @miffedmaya STOP BEING PRIVATE IM SO MAD I CAN'T RT YOU @ScarletAdorned REEEEEEEEEEEEEE @RM4Liberty My opinions have been swayed before tbh. But I feel like if you can't tell what someone generally stands for that's p bad. @DEagle_sports Ah...yeah that sucks. I definitely understand being kinda stuck in between. I'm not necessarily a ce… @MemesofPacifism Make it say "I'm a bootybutt", that's kid friendly @marthertz Butt shart peepee poopoo @TheGreatErenan Duuuude BF used to get super freaked out in I think 2018 when I was going through my worst dissocia… yOuR eYeS I'm blind, Martin. Now what. What do I do now.Are you saying I should replace my antipsychotics with tea and cookies, Martin. Because that's not how anything wor… @karalas @iamshawnjones @thel0rd0fspace @marthertz That's a horrible way of thinking :/Dads are superheroes. A girl fell on to train tracks in Egypt. Her dad jumped behind her, hugged her and shielded…
Retweeted by ☣️Team Zombie☣️ @ScottishSamurye Tbh ...not a bad idea.My dad says I should get this sign instead @Talranddrake Ohhhh no I'm pretty sure it was people who live here, so they're allowed to. It's just goofy. @ThGoodestBoy Lmao imma replace the conservative one with Chick-fil-A and the liberal one with Popeyes. @puremaddnessone BF is an EDM producer lolol. I just like any music that's good. @Talranddrake W-whatThe conservative sign is from my ex roommate and I have a guess who put up the liberal one as like...a counter prot…'s a conservative AND a liberal sign on my front yard NEITHER OF THEM ARE MINE and I am highly considering jus…
@TobiboiCutiepie I'll just start coughing if he acts sus. He'll throw me out quick. @TobiboiCutiepie *sweats*He's playing really chill country music too I'm straight vibin rnYo I'm in a Ford Focus rn and it has the comfiest back seats ever. What's up with that I wanna take a nap in this Uber. @PetiteNicoco I just whip my cock out and pee right in the bowl, wtf are y'all doing? Weirdos.