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Kat Howard @KatWithSword The wilds of New Hampshire

Word witch. Imaginer of things. Friend to cats. A CATHEDRAL OF MYTH AND BONE out now. Sandman Universe: Books of Magic. More brewing. Rep: @SecretAgentBri

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@snarkbat !!! Congratulations!The Supreme Court may be closed to the public, but it is still following a tradition that dates back at least back…
Retweeted by Kat HowardThe WNBA paid tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg prior to Game 1 of the WNBA semifinals between Las Vegas and Connectic…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @CassRMorris Happy birthday! @snarkbat It made me so happy I needed to make sure. @snarkbat Elsa, are you suggesting that a *duel* is in order?! @writersyndrome They are perfect and I love themPerhaps this will improve your day. @ericsmithrocks oh no*adds self to list* Though not at dawn. Fencing is a civilized sport, and can thus wait for a civilized hour. @soledadobrien Happy birthday! It's also my mom's, so clearly an excellent day to be born.
@sapphomancer <3 @sapphomancer My cats are one of the things getting me through *gestures* everything, so I endorse this plan @sesmith Same, Phoebe. Same.Beautiful work from @Courtartist
Retweeted by Kat Howard @tomfowlerbug This is legitimately a delight. @PrincejvstinPho This is really lovely."Hope is a discipline." - Mariame Kaba
Retweeted by Kat Howard @Gwenda My cats have alternated glueing themselves to me. @EllenKushner This is such a beautiful picture. A happy and sweet new year to you and @deliasherman. Much love.Let's fight for her like she fought for us. Donate: Register: Volu…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @AkiSchilz So glad.Today is the birthday of one of the women I admire most, my mom, @notSunnybrook. Happy birthday, Mom. I love you.After arriving at Cornell, she met Martin (Marty) Ginsburg on a blind date. Marty Ginsburg was, Ginsburg said, “the…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @antiphonus It is really good to see this face right now. Wishing you all sweetness in the new year.
May her memory be a blessing and may we fight like hell to honour it.
Retweeted by Kat Howard @AkiSchilz All good thoughts and love to you and your sweet dog.God give her rest. And the rest of us strength. @gildedspine I went through a couple of years where I felt like I did, and it really bothered me - I didn't want to… reading @HelenJMacdonald's utterly gorgeous VESPER FLIGHTS. These essays are a balm for my soul.Wishing a happy and sweet New Year to all those celebrating! @LadyHawkins It is very pretty! @DanPGWatters Excellent. @AbbottKahler @maudnewton Congratulations!! @rachsyme !!!don’t threaten me with a good time etc etc etc
Retweeted by Kat Howard @cmpriest She looks like she's about to introduce a mystery on Masterpiece Theatre. @rokwon @GarthGreenwell @SimonBooks This just really looks so great.
@CopperMaxNH @DooQuilts So cute! @mdbell79 And also sentient! @em_llojo Oh, goodness, what a cutie! @KBSpangler I admit that I hadn't quite thought of it in those terms but also... you're not wrong. @helenewecker Perfection, obviously. @rachsyme You are so generous in your enthusiasm, and you're an extremely smart writer. @tweetawesomely They are the best. (so are Maeby and Arvo and Frankles, of course. I love them all) @sentantiq Ha!Just finished the 4th grade lesson plan on clickbait, and I gave the 4th graders the opportunity to create their ow…
Retweeted by Kat HowardYesterday we cleared about 9K for @DonorsChoose & sold close to a third of the 750+ signed issues of Locke & Key o…
Retweeted by Kat HowardSunset colored roses. you've had it up to here with 2020.
Retweeted by Kat Howard @friendschurches Oh, that's so soothing. @runwithskizzers Thinking of you, friend <3 @levistahl He just exudes goodness. @JohnPicacio @ASFAart I love this one so much. @LadyHawkins It is SO HARD to be Merlin!
@FolgerLibrary | Harlem Shakespeare Festival's All-Female OTHELLO Streaming Live On Zoom and Facebook | Monday, Sep…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @leverus Congratulations! @EllenKushner @petersbeagle @TaylorWDriggers @UofGFantasy Done! @EllenKushner @petersbeagle @TaylorWDriggers Yes! This is great. @EllenKushner This is so cool! @LadyHawkins It looks so good!The #1930s was certainly fond of a dramatic back. This #AgnesDrecoll evening gown falls in layers of liquid gold…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @rokwon This song lives in my head right now. @casskhaw oh no @RoanhorseBex fingers crossed! @kierstenwhite I have to confess, I would be more grossed out by the fingers and earlobes in my drain.Renters, embrace medieval history today. Tell your landlord you're paying rent with eels.
Retweeted by Kat Howard @zlikeinzorro @sztownsend81 @NewLeafLiterary Congratulations!!! @IlanaCT @rachelcaine Yeah. @IlanaCT <3I remember my brother getting me hooked on @rachelcaine's Weather Warden series. Getting to know her here, as a fel… 16 is the feast of St Edith, 10th-century English princess-nun (and Æthelred the Unready's half-sister).…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @AlyssInWnderlnd Witchy dual timeline book, you say?Teaching a writing class for under-10s: Me: So, everyone, what does a story NEED? Small boy: A character! Small boy…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @ericsmithrocks @jenazantian Congratulations!!! @veryheathmiller I am so, so sorry. @AlwynFJH Okay, but this is REALLY cool. @SarahPinsker That is beautiful!Your word of the day is: MELLIFLUOUS Adj. (of a sound) pleasingly smooth and musical to hear. E.g. Being in a…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @mollytempleton I just... @maggiesmithpoet This is great.#IdeaOfTheDay Chiharu Shiota's installations explore memory and emotion – weaving together black and red threads to…
Retweeted by Kat Howard @emilyhughes time to GOSorceress
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Kat: Good yes! Kathleen: Probably you know me outside of my writing. Also good. Dr. Howard: You're one of my studen… @pengshepherd I am THE MOST excited for this book. @redscribe She is very good at snuggling when it's hard to sleep. @redscribe Please have this soothing Viola to help @MARIADAHVANA I think maybe my favorite part is that it specifies that the skull is "very cool"I am extremely looking forward to attending this. @Bibliogato I'm in this tweet and I don't like it @mollytempleton true @mollytempleton Ahahaha least grunge thing possible, wow @soledadobrien oh EW @losertakesall please try this @NiviaEvans Congratulations! @lilliamr Congratulations! Super excited to read this. @excaliburedpan !!! Oh wow, thank you! @NitaTyndall Congratulations! Happy book day! @terriwindling I love this one so much.