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An inhuman spirit that has walked the earth for millenia and has the wisdom of the ages. librarian. writer. They/them. ☕️

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The bad thing about knowing so many cool authors is I can’t keep up with all the great books I want to read.
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadJust described “not all who wander are lost” as the fantasy nerd equivalent of “live laugh love”, and I’m right. Don’t @ me.
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @jephjacques yes plzKatyKon is reading books and talking about pokemon and cryptids and conspiracy theories and you have to gender me c… is great to know! I might take another social media break. I've been remarkably unproductive with drawing and writing lately. @ScrewyDecimal *shrugs* it's your books, you're still reading it, I don't know why people feel so entitled to peopl… #Libraries do great community engagement? I'd ❤️ your recommendations to follow & to encourage to apply for…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadI adore my friends @jennyrae @ShimmerStories No sorry, first is Year of the Dog. Rat is second in the series @jennyrae @ShimmerStories Grace Lin has a cute series, first one is Year of the Rat I think?💕LGBTQ twitter: I’m trying to get a hold of activist Victoria Cruz! If you have any contact info, please pass it on my way! DMs open 💕
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @outseide Maybe! Do you only chew sweet gum? @outseide Do this happen with all foods? @sparkymonster Best/worst all around.I used the modifier plus size because duh. Also I'm already married... but I'll get married again, I'm poly.… it's January, meaning I have to start planning Pride Prom! This is a huge undertaking and this year, our venue i… is so true. But also, they get stressed right about now! Give them support to become that human. @whimsipop Hmmm I found Which you could make into them? It might be easier to buy the eye p… @_WildeAtHeart One kitty is fine, read reviews about the self scoopers, some suck. Maybe just flushable litter inst… wtf @stitchfix fix this or I'm out. Does anyone have a similar, less gendered subscription service? @TrunkClub a…
@sarahhollowell I have like.... 3 different pairs of these @AngrygirLcomics @killswitchkatie WENDY ME ME WENDY PICK ME @prgn_intrpt @sparklesplosion I missed the s oopsomg @sparkleplosion TAKE THIS @prgn_intrpt you too I got "You Are a Yellow-billed Magpie!" on "What bird are you m… coach Vanburen says, "When you do the fitness, is important to eat a good food and also have some breaks so…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @definitelyvita More for the block pile @definitelyvita They're mad cause... you're not jewish? WhatAlso drunk. Gonna just... go draw instead holy ballsO my god the queer dating apps are HORNY after midnight holy shit @PatBattleship O nice, I gotta check that out @PatBattleship Ooo whats that middle one? @PatBattleship Ok so what albums are you listening to @kateleth Why not? Do comics for you!Hello I'm awake. Tell me what songs you're listening to latelyToday a mom was asking for historical fiction for a school assignment. She asked, defeated sounding "if you can giv… all are going to vote for whoever the democratic nominee is right? Right guys?? I need to know that we have coll…
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OMG @redditships omg @DaveandChuck is this about Chuck?I'm soooooo sleepy wtf? I don't get why my brain feels like fog. Can I borrow someone's motivation? @kateleth note: I think libraries are some of the most radical spaces in American life. At its core it is anti-capitalis…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadDon't pirate books. If you want to read for free, order the book from your local library. They can do ebooks as wel…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadYou know? It still blows my mind that publishing showed very little interest in my proposal for a parenting book w…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH stated, Keith @genderqueerwolf SAME!!!!!!!!!!! SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS EEVEE HOWLS (mostly with laughter at this tweet)This wonderful person left a voicemail on the ref phone with their name, spelled, their phone number stated twice,… @yeahduff Mika!!!! @aamcnamara Its a good pattern, brentUgh its time for me to #sundaylibrarian @vinceyface SCARY FACE TORN SHIRTHi excuse me I want the sweaters and t-shirts sold in the pokemon shield game IRL do they MAKE THEM GIVE THEM TO ME?
@vinceyface way more poetic!Listen, there's people shitting on her in the comments but I want to be this girl's friend because she has STORIES @AITA_reddit Thought this was going to be like the @AskAManager where someone cursed their coworker. It's not but it's JUST AS BADMine's Renegade by StyxDo you have a song where you can sing every line except for one and you've never known what it is or bothered to look it upCOSTAR IS ON ANDROID ADD MEMaybe I really am more of a radical socialist than I think?*shrugs* tied Warren and Bernie at the top, I'm not shocked or embarrassed. Do people just not do candidate researc… tried to make a 3d model based on @Doodlelot's adorable Bapplin drawing. Go check out their amazing art!…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @rstevens no
Oh my god, I get to go home and sleep nowin honor of her birthday i’d like to remind everyone of the purest moment in star wars history. kelly marie tran’s…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadOne of them is now kissing it and it's making me uncomfortable @vinceyface standing with your spotlight on me!You ever just start singing The Used? This tweet is specifically for @vinceyfaceWhere did it come from? They will not tell meI have been gifted a brick verify me, it's really me I promise @TheRotund @megelison @CarrieCuinn @MattFnWallace @gaileyfrey @ryandroyd Create the world you want to live in!!! @CarrieCuinn @MattFnWallace @gaileyfrey @ryandroyd Oh I probably don't either and I'm working off of not enough sle… @CarrieCuinn @MattFnWallace @gaileyfrey @ryandroyd Ok this is a good argument but makes me think maybe add brat in… the goddamn. salary. in. your. job posting. Otherwise it's like me demanding an interview without you seeing m…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @MattFnWallace @gaileyfrey @ryandroyd Bernie is a service top and I will die on this hill @sparklesplosion Closed Captions, once finished, will be available at the same link so if you need them, bookmark a…! Here's @sparklesplosion and I's talk about how queer teens are and how we should all bow down to them. @peripateticmeg Woah dang! @genderqueerwolf Ok other than looking as tired as I feel I like how this came out @suzusaur I don't feel bad about how late i always am nowwhile r/ambien is still being talked about i wanna remind people about the most wholesome reddit user who just post…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @secretarchie Maybe beta readers? Otherwise sounds like a self-publisher or anthology to me. Publishers should always provide an editor @ellle_em I often wonder how to befriend my local cemetary crows @suzusaur Twenty years???? @katlikespie @PSMHopkins That's not what my coach said but i understand how you feel. If you can find free services… @katlikespie Nope! You made a decision that many, many others have made and is forced upon us. Capitalism is worthl… @katlikespie Change to income based, visit a financial planner, see if there's anything you can do to change the in… @genderqueerwolf @genderqueerwolf Yes hello it me! 😘 @genderqueerwolf Hmmm tips? (Lol sorry I read this in bed and thought I'd be FUNNY but also i haven't slept much la… might not know that I was a professional photographer for over a decade, and brought that knowledge into selfie…
Retweeted by Katy Kania is Sad @genderqueerwolf Hello how am I supposed to pretend to be a gross fox when I see pictures like this it is DISTRACTINGHow can I (32m) convince my fiance (34m) to wear the gown he's always dreamed of at our wedding?
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@vaughnpinpin Take your shot now!! Tag them @PSMHopkins I need 20 pillows and 30 showersone of them pukedEverybody shut up and look at this picture of a baby Aardwolf.
Retweeted by Katy Kania is SadI need a 20 hour nap plz. Cross your fingers the teens are in a cooperative mood today.