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An inhuman spirit that has walked the earth for millenia and has the wisdom of the ages. librarian. writer. They/them. ☕️

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"Is S before or after P?"I have worked in libraries for almost 10 years. I have a masters and I'm an author. I still have to say the alphabe… @hannahemarks @prgn_intrpt oh my god, please please please tell me your name 1000 times @silversj hahaha you are so welcome @Phantomarine_ fuck, someone posted a screenshotted tweet from someone I have blocked all mention of and now my anxiety is SPIKING @theverbalthing oh no we're fuckedOh my god
Retweeted by Katy (they/them) @silversj Yes. I accept this @hesterjrook @redscribe omg lady cora! @workingdog_ I can't remember, I'm searching because i SWEAR. Maybe it was a webcomic??I haaaaate when people are like "There are two types of nonbinary people" because what the FUCK y'all we AGREED tha… @workingdog_ Arranged queer life partnerships? I feel like I read that book"How to organize your place in just one day!" *includes before pictures* *the pictures are pristine with a magazine… @hleejarvis Awww Kaylee @prgn_intrpt I like pandas, is that still controversial? @PatBattleship 🛸☕️ @PatBattleship too lateSeems to be pretty true @PatBattleship Hey bud, I know that you're probably making a joke but I'm too dumb to get it
@MadLibrarySci @dharmascholar 👀👀👀 @kallistimn @TheRotund ............................. ................................... *whispers* 15 @dianadoesnt YUP @TheRotund lol the whole list I was like 😬 @BooksAndSass """""WRITING"""""" purposes @prgn_intrpt CHILDREN! MY GOD CHILDREN! @BBolander Nap until the timeThese also sum up my gender pretty damn well @JoEatsFood Hmm closer! I think those also lack romance though, from what I've read. But that is a series I've been meaning to pick up. @JoEatsFood Hmm, I mean, it sounds good but I'm looking for something romance-y, does it have were creatures I can lust after? @CarolineTaymor Yup! So is interrupting people when they're busy! @theverbalthing Dude you're the best you GOT THIS whatever it is and I'll send very good vibes your wayFriends, if I liked Soulless, Sookie Stackhouse, Tempest Rising, and My Life as a White Trash Zombie, what book ser… @rebakennedy Oooh thank you! @McKelvie Cherno Alpha @prgn_intrpt ME TOO THOUGH! That's why I do it! ...Babe do we BOTH have ADD?Anyone have a good book on impressionism? I don't know much about it but I know all my favorite paintings are impressionist @allisons Oh nooooooo. Well at least I can bring this to my doctor and be like I didn't even KNOW. Here's hopingThis photo of zendaya for InStyle has so much palpable BDE
Retweeted by Katy (they/them)Filling out an adhd checklist and i... didn't realize..... finishing people's sentences for them was not a thing pe… is why the superhero complex is problematic: When I have moments of weakness, when I'm sad or angry, it's inva…
Retweeted by Katy (they/them) @gaileyfrey 3142 and 5 has a special category of no eat but many kiss
@genderqueerwolf Oh no!!!! <3 <3 <3
Don't you just hate when your therapist is RIGHT @snarkbat @ellle_em Yes! And goo! @redscribe @gaileyfrey Julia Nunes anything she's done @snarkbat @ellle_em Snails are underrated @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 True. It's complete shit. But we can fix that. I'm worried and so are a lot of people mu… @n1ghtwnng @TheRotund Oh the very first narnia book with the rings??? I think about that book a lot. Under. rated. @snarkbat @ellle_em Listen sometimes you want a chocolate bar and sometimes you want salt and vinegar chips. I'm in… ARE the shit. Buy them and give us money for writing them, plz.
Retweeted by Katy (they/them)We are so fucked and it is 💯 % because of how we are choosing (or not choosing) to allocate resources. We could b…
Retweeted by Katy (they/them) @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 And I'm mad because I'm in the middle of a pandemic and undeclared civil war that bidens… @ninocipri It me @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 Listen, I agree that democrats suck and I wish we weren't a two party system but we are… @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 You said "we'd be better of of the democratic party loses" which means, in that scenario, that he has won? @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 Then what did you mean here? @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 No but you did say we'd be better off with tr*mp which seems a little misguided @bookmaggot @fred_slusher2 Listen dude, if thats the choice right now I'll take the shot in the leg?? Like I said.…'m slowly morphing into what this would be but my closet would have to be huge ngl @TheRotund you're right! I have great taste @TheRotund Oh also that one stephen king story with the kid going into the bathroom and seeing a tiger @TheRotund lmao idk I feel like it should be cooler??? @NicasioSilang @TheRotund A Wally Flash Fan?! @didic @outseide so they're fucking with something @outseide @outseide Ok it's back. It was giving me the same message that you get when you try to reply to a tweet someone's d… @fred_slusher2 yay! @outseide It seems to be private accounts that I'm still mutuals with @TheRotund Hummm Stargirl, American Gods, Hitchhiker's guide and all the rest, Tank Girl, FLCL ? Do those count? I… suddenly can't reply to tweets? @KMSzpara WHAT ARE ENDINGS @fred_slusher2 @bookmaggot It really is the lesser of two evils. I hate that we have to choose him but if he's give… @fred_slusher2 @katytankboi hahaha @TheRotund How do I know what they areoops @fred_slusher2 @bookmaggot I'm also curious. I've followed you for a while alan and I have to say you saying you do…
Hi! Let’s kick this week off right! • wear a fucking mask • for fucks sake mask indoors • cool fuckers mask outdoo…
Retweeted by Katy (they/them)Am I proud that I've become so good at curating tiktoks to put on my instagram story I get near daily compliments on it? fuck yesongoing disappointment
Retweeted by Katy (they/them)jordan peele really went out of his way to emphasize that the Get Out family were liberals and some of y’all still didn’t get the message
Retweeted by Katy (they/them) @HTHRFLWRS a work of sheer brilliancefucking losing it at this thread, holy shit this is great
Retweeted by Katy (they/them) @korybing He did this to me too and I was like o bby we know @xopanchi the only thing that text will bring you is More Pain @BooksAndSass yes it is still loud and stressful
@PatBattleship That's just me! I AM cookie monster @gaileyfrey Gailey what in the world happens in your brain @eminencefont I'm doing ok. It's been a good week! Which was nice because I've been stressed for a while. Maine sou… @eminencefont ooooh nice! Well, how are you doing tonight? @eminencefont what's cavaBlueberry crumble bars, blueberry crumble bars, blueberry crumble BAAAAAAARS
this thread is teaching me things about myselfCouatl <3 just like in general this is 😍 three for the price of one!