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alex ✿ @kavrimichi 17 • she/her

cw: jjba part 3

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@VeryFunnyRiley boooooo @VeryFunnyRiley thx rileytwitter feels dead rn @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE oki bro @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE look at all the bots u attracted @AnakaJnr @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE d13 @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE YEAH OKAY BUDDY @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE yes i saw, u bitch @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE ash now why am i seeing this convo on my tl @NagiAoee @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE ???????? @OfficialBrivy i’m sorry that’s happening to u :(( @OfficialBrivy what’s wrong :((just talked to my college friend for an hour and i don’t think i’ve cried this hard in a long time @NagiAoee y r u bullying me 😠 @DesshiW 10000000/10 @DesshiW ITS SO GOOD @BensSingle yes @DesshiW ty my drawing out of 10 @N0s0tros @N0s0tros @notbenijustcant no @notbenijustcant @notbenijustcant WTF @IoIweeb @BensSingle @NagiAoee thx @BensSingle @NagiAoee shame on u @NagiAoee @notbenijustcant @BensSingle FCUSI @notbenijustcant @BensSingle @NagiAoee YAHE @NagiAoee @BensSingle NO @NagiAoee @BensSingle SORYEU @NagiAoee @BensSingle AHF CUK @NagiAoee @BensSingle WAIT WTONH BEM @NagiAoee @BensSingle HE DOESNT KNOW WHEN TO USE YOUR OR YOU’RE @NagiAoee it’s okay, i’m becoming educated @NagiAoee i just can’t spell this wordgot it 😼derogatoryderigatooryderogratoryb*sketball f*n (drerogratory) @MugiwaraRJ ur just denying the inevitable @notbenijustcant WAIT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN @notbenijustcant empty threats @MugiwaraRJ i’m gonna break ur ankles when i come to cali 😼 @notbenijustcant i’ll break ur ankles when i come to cali @HitoAcc bcuz i’m not home 😟 @BensSingle i’ll consider later @MugiwaraRJ yes @notbenijustcant ok lmao @BensSingle do it @kavrimichi Alex lowkey gonna be like this soon
Retweeted by alex ✿ @notbenijustcant it is to me @DesshiW YES @BensSingle noi will one day show my dribbling skills that i’m working on 😼 @DesshiW @Isin_consumer @DesshiW OH NO I AM SO SORRY @BensSingle i’ll do that later @kiikazuu 🤝😁 @BensSingle i’m eating dinner u dolt @kiikazuu yes kazu!! @NagiAoee @BensSingle all makes sense now @BensSingle yeah okay @notbenijustcant @notbenijustcant you’re** @arucker1011 promise!!too many big accounts on anitwt, all of us small accounts need to stick together💪 @notbenijustcant @BensSingle - 1.1k follower account @notbenijustcant YO CHILL MY DAD READ THIS NOTIF TO ME 😠 @kiikazuu thx @kiikazuu yeah me toookay @kxnpeko @nayuwyi cat????? @kiikazuu we’re more mentally sane than band kids imo @MugiwaraRJ orchestra camp is one huge virgin gathering 💀lol please help my first day of camp is tomorrow and i haven’t prepared at all 😟orchestra camp???? more like virgin camp @Vuparian @notbenijustcant stfu @notbenijustcant hi ben @WG25New haha hey zave
rt for mutuals
Retweeted by alex ✿ @kleebIaettchen yes 😳i will one day get bitches with how much i bike ride. mark my wordsbiked 60 miles in 24 hours 💪 (left was yesterday, right is today) art is so good holy shit birthday yosuke !!!! // #persona4
Retweeted by alex ✿ @TrueFishdinner nooooooooSO TRUE @MugiwaraRJ i’m sorry to hear that. if u need to talk, i’m here to listen anytime @MugiwaraRJ yeah but he’s joking tho and right @VeryFunnyRiley holy shit riley @MugiwaraRJ I DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING THIS TIME @MugiwaraRJ WHAT @notbenijustcant ur lyingwhy is this the most accurate insult i’ve ever read 😟 @notbenijustcant @ImJustZAZC @Vuparian i- @notbenijustcant @ImJustZAZC @Vuparian yeah and