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Cuteosphere @kawaiiberpunk England, United Kingdom

They/them. I’m gay. Art twit is @Cuteosphere

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She just heard me typing this tweet, guessed what I was doing and scolded me from across the room for using twitter to bully herGf decided to try to sound smart and teach me Maths Facts but she accidentally did it wrong so it devolved into me…
@dumplingjuice Yeah same, googlin giving nothin tho 😔 @dumplingjuice I’m mad he doesn’t link the artist cause this is a rly cute style @ProcyonViolet Waffles!Takeout waffle time again baBEY @CurePimmy I beg your pardon質問ですが、ウチのユニコのキットを使ったガレキの完成品を作るワークショップって需要ありますか?カラーレジンなので教えながらなら初心者でもしっかり作れると思うんですよね。 #ガレージキット #ワークショップ
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#moomin #moominvalley 💖💕happy valentine's day 💕💖
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @ponettplus Holy shit @exowave_1 Things are still hard but Rhi has a healing aura so being close to her is good @VCR_WOLFE @Scraleos Oooh that big soft one on the right is amazing!! 🤩 Angel is so cute 💖💖 @_nostrem Good luck! 💖After crashing so low recently being with my gf is healing rn... at her place wrapped in a blanket cuddled up on th… emoji movie sucks shit I could talk about it for hoursGf: are you ok? You texting someone? Me: oh, no, I’m just talking about the emoji movie Gf: ...oh. That’s why you look so focusedT/rfs talking about pharmacies has the same energy as old people freaking out about trick or treaters being given d… are these pharmacists all the t/rfs apparently know about that hand out hormones like Halloween candy? Would fuckin love to meet one雄馬獣人の森
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Got inspired by @kawaiiberpunk !!
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @tolraze This is so cute! You maintained the character’s head shape so perfectly, the expressions are so cute and y… want to know what mod is being used in that minecraft tweet I retweeted bc it makes it actually look really cute... I want to play it... @horngal @morkitten
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @ikksnay DON’T BULLY ME路地裏modのテスター版で駄菓子屋つくってみた🤤 リアルな屋根すごい>< 公衆電話めちゃかわいい💞 #路地裏MOD #路地裏MOD_ClosedβTest #Mizunos16Craft
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @brushykb WHATS UP FELLO HELLOGOODBYE APPRECIATOR I sing along to this in my gf’s car and when it gets to the “eve…’m STILL thinking about this and it’s actually inspiring like man decided his creation would feature a species of… I MEANT LIBRARY FUCKFF14 carbuncle: where do you work out? FF7 remake carbuncle: at the gym just can not stop thinking about Shonen Jump: our readers want to know, are namekians plants? Or slugs? Akira To…
Retweeted by Cuteospherecurrently busy losing my shit over this video
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @nikitamissle LOOK! LOOK AT THIS knew that namekians barfed up eggs but Toriyama feeling the need to state that they have dicks in the usual place… just can not stop thinking about Shonen Jump: our readers want to know, are namekians plants? Or slugs? Akira To… @demonyiff Jesus Christ that’s their reaction?? That’s fucked up!! That’s so cruel goddamn @M0NSTERJUICE_ Squirrel (but coloured to look like a skunk), lazy, cool style!For reassurance: this isn’t a cry for help, I have people in my life who somehow love me and want to help me. I gue…[CW suicidal thoughts & self harm] Daily comics for February 10th & 11th. Your boy isn’t having a good week, but p… have a shiny new phone and I transferred the data from my old phone but I’m PO’d bc my over five hundred browser…
I’ve been Super Not Good this week but I’m gonna try to power through and actually stream, send your strength to me…
Retweeted by CuteosphereI feel like the species part of this might be a bit obvious but shoot from the hip🐇🐇”they say three out of three people are rabbit” 🐇🐇”Well, I’m rabbit.” 🐇🐇”I’m rabbit too” 🐇🐇”That means....” 🐰🐰
Retweeted by Cuteosphere“really just have to be cute and that’s all” is my lifestyle and motto. This is my existence’s meaning. I just gott… I see little kids staring at me I always pull a face at them or stick my tongue out. Usually they just kee… behind a woman in the pharmacy whose toddler had a toy bunny and bunny ears on their coat. The toddler was… @fleetwoodbrak Literally cannot imagine giving enough of a shit about Scooby doo characters to ship them @fleetwoodbrak I always wondered this too, why are their designs so crazy different. I hope it’s not the obvious reasonI still haven’t figured out how to simplify my tortoiseshell cats’ markings to be able to draw them simply while st… @nikitamissle Jock octopus (jocktopus), hip styleん…
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @wrenwhite_ So to get a Pokemon from an older game to sword/shield would you need to have bank AND home? Why not ju… @lattemonstr When your roommate is Gex @ikksnay She took namekian estrogen which also allows you to regenerate body parts @ikksnay She’s so powerful she grew her arm back
Gonna fill this page with doodles of my horrid little bpd rabbitLove to doodle this little shithead movie but instead of an edgy attempt at horror it’s a comedy-action movie about a bunch of marginalised young…’m trying to figure out how to open a zip file on my iPad so I can install new procreate brushes but I can’t do it I feel like an old manMore Toxtricity doodles
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spyro from dragons
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @VEDJF Aw I think they’re cute. They’re kinda like comfort food in story formSun shower,,,
Retweeted by CuteosphereWhen brain feel bad, draw buns 🐰 you see something on Tumblr that's so true and so insightful but you can't think of anyone to share it with in…
Retweeted by CuteosphereWhat's your damage? _____________________ #heathers
Retweeted by Cuteosphereこれが! ネコ! 社会!
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@snakemaw I hope you asked her persimmon for a photo @PinataPunch_ These fake mephiles fans don’t remember he was sealed inside a catgirl or whatever fucking happened in that game @RealScouscous *Messes with the html for my twitter bio so much that my tweets are only visible in a tiny 50x50px b… may be a shit-ass website where human mould post bad opinions but like I’m at least grateful I don’t have t… results are in. Thank you for being part of history @PinataPunch_ I’ve not actually seen that many rat sonas. Possums seem popular though. And don’t forget the ultimate shut up fursona: foxes @FeederSnake They would neverI’ve never done my own zine before but my first one being Gex/Bubsy shipping would be very on brand...What if I made a zine called The Great Gexby and filled it with gex/bubsy domestic art. I wonder if anyone would want itPpl who draw ship art where one character is still normal human size but the other for some reason is tiny teeny we…
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @9_volt_ No but see, this movie has women in it but they’re not wearing bikinis at all times, like they are in all other moviesWill ewe be my valentine? Doodled today at @coffeencartoons ! 😭💕
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @ElectrumCube Heroic. Angelic. Noble. These all describe you and your causeSometimes I just want to be very tiny like bug and sit in my gf’s palm while she hands me crumbs of food. I am but a manPpl who draw ship art where one character is still normal human size but the other for some reason is tiny teeny we… @dranmagic Fuckin same I just wanna see tiny creature sleep in a matchbox... drink out of thimble... eat crumb of cakeCloud looked lonely
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Retweeted by Cuteosphere @batshaped Pink! @Samael101 His whiskers are like a paintbrush for egg...great 💎
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It’s been almost twelve hours and I’m still like... why the fuck did someone throw gravy all over my door...I love... morpeko @PyroTeamkill You could always link them this classic Gex the gecko eat ass @MarioJoe11 Gay rodent interrupts ad of gay rodents... @transgirlvivian Ok no joke? I really liked Giovanni from Pokemon as a kid and imprinted on him like a baby duck be… I, INNAVOIGSee I could stop at Nhoj or I could be dramatic and go with what the Italian side of the family calls him and be In… did not elaborate and none of us know what the fuck he is talking about @jetgreguar For fucks sake Greg