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Cuteosphere @kawaiiberpunk England, United Kingdom

They/them. I’m gay. Art twit is @Cuteosphere

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Pages from my art journal... the goblin and the familiar🔥🔥TABLET GIVEAWAY 🔥🔥 @XPPEN and I are partnering to offer you an Artist 12 Pro-LINE FRIENDS Edition Screen Tablet!!…
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @peeperooo Oh you haven’t seen it already? Gimmie a sec @peeperooo Poison that you like the taste of @peeperooo Poison
@CelestiAngel The pink keychain is what I was after too >n< goddamn it @CurePimmy @CelestiAngel Well now I need someone in America to buy something from mecari for me lmao shitthinking about pride lightning mcqueen
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @CurePimmy I have the pink winking one! She’s super soft to touch. I wanted to look her up to see if I could get an… @DarksStars Thank you so much!! 💖Can someone who is better at Japanese translate this for me so I can find out what brand this plush is @nekronyte Oooh they’re out?? I gotta get one!!
I am going live RIGHT NOW with more bullshit wizard puzzles @ponettplus My pc did the same, and it won’t let me delete it either. Edge is hiding in there like a nasty little g…’m gonna be streaming more Discworld in a couple hours, which means I need to figure out if I can manage to do the… @fleetwoodbrak This is so cute!!!happy 13th birthday to this guy getting stuck in this door!!!!
Retweeted by CuteosphereNothing quite like reading quotes from the people in charge of your country where they say shit like “the woke agen… @catcerebrum Ofc!Do not come at me if you are a big crowd of grim reapers. Do not give me that shit had a really positive therapy session lads 🥺 feeling emotionally understood and encouraged fellas @peeperooo The first square was nice! But after that it was like. Oh my body is dyingWHY IS ONE OF MY NEIGHBOURS LISTENING TO SANTA BABY. IT’S SEPTEMBER
Do y’all remember Cadbury dream bars. I would have one square of this thing and be hit with such a concentration of… the date on this. It's 30 years old. Don't let anyone tell you these ideas were invented on Tumblr in 2018.
Retweeted by CuteosphereLike I have this awful image of my self throwing a bath bomb at the floor in my shower and staring down at it as it… have a bath bomb that is like, one of those ones where when it dissolves there’s a toy in the middle and it’s a r… ever just make something so perfect...
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @KyleSmeallie God I wish. Razer name all their shit after dragons and shit right, do they have a Gex mouseI’m so excited to own this object @prettypinkpansy Absolute cowardSnake Girlfriends
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @SuckMcJones This is so cute... he looks like he’s looking up at you TwThonestly i dont play as much as i should but these were fun #AmongUs
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @veranable I’m so touched you remember my characters fondly!! 😭💖 thank you!!
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @ManakDanak Thank you! He’s just a crocodile guy I adopted a long time ago but haven’t found a use for yet, so I haven’t drawn him til now 😅[WIP] I wanted to draw a scene, set in an inter-dimensional train station, so all the passengers look very different
I'm late as usual
Retweeted by CuteosphereI grew up here
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @prinxeMu Picard/Q makes sense honestly like why else would Q be constantly bugging Picard like that if he didn’t h… biggest brain TNG theory is that Picard and Riker are NOT an item but literally everyone else thinks they are an… I’ve watched of Star Trek is a few seasons of TNG but I can say. It is a show about a bunch of people using a s… some tng again tonite... love love
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tamala 2010 a punk cat in space
Retweeted by CuteosphereDoes anyone have recommendations for domain name registrars? I wanna choose a good oneThank you for liking these shark cats!
Retweeted by CuteosphereUgh I woke up with really bad gut pains and I’m all shivery and feel sickly. UuugghhhI refuse to ever draw Cloud in high res. I will only ever draw him low polyI got so many good suggestions for this I didn't want to stop at just six... so here's nine characters! 💖
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@JamesMason108 Mog?Gimmie em... I wanna kno should draw himGoing through storage and I found this guy I bought on Etsy in 2008. He’s 12 years old now! The seller that made hi… @jetgreguar A breath of fresh spaghet
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @horrorrhound Me, squinting thoughtfully at the image in the post: hmm. looks like photographs of Homo sapiens prin… lineup fuzzy versions of my gf & me now reside on my desk didn't know making #AmongUs art would be so fun #amongusfanart
Retweeted by CuteosphereZenigata trying to catch Lupin: @prettypinkpansy Moles evolving were like “we need fur but not eyes”
Still haven’t managed to find any other proof of the existence of these things other than my own ownership of one a… @ChrisWeedPiano
@n0strem I feel like this is a perfect representation of what mcds burgs actually look likeMe looking back at myself through time, pointing: the body dysmorphic child obsessed with animals has discovered th…’s a small percent of my brain that is just dedicated to thinking about animorphs at all times and I don’t know whyThis is a pretty big deal. The professional body for UK doctors is saying (quite rightly) that they should have no…
Retweeted by CuteosphereMe: I need a piss Also me: no. We’re already comfortable and it’s fuckin 3am we’re going to sleep Me again: piss the bed then fuckface @brushykb BabeyI've had a couple people ask if I have a ko-fi, so I finally got off my butt and made one! If you feel like kicking…
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@Samael101 Me me me >:3We’re live! 🎉
Retweeted by Cuteosphere255:public telephone wooper📞 #1日1ウパー
Retweeted by CuteosphereIn about 20 mins I’m gonna start my play through of the Discworld adventure games. Get there ✌️ 25th to a pinnacle of cinema
Retweeted by Cuteospherewithout downloading new pictures, mentally where are you sterilization should have the “pro-life” factions up in arms but alas...just like the “all lives matter” cro…
Retweeted by CuteosphereI want to slam five crates of the sleep Pepsi and force my body to hibernate for 300 years art...that largely became an excuse to paint some boots. It's nice to change up the color palette a little…
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@epointman I feel like I could predict the texture but I’m curious about the flavourI bought some earplugs and my gf angrily told me she “wants to eat them” because it “looks like a sweetie bottle” @MAMETCHl I’ve been reusing the same cover on mine for years because I love it too much 😭
WIP sketch. Progression for @FluffyAnomie! I really had fun with the expression on this one, such a fun character. Thank you! 💖
Retweeted by Cuteosphere @RaineSkunk Yeah it’s a glock 17! I’m happy it’s recognisable!WIP sketch. Tricking myself into drawing guns by including a bunny in the same drawing
@SourTwig They were legit a joy to draw, I wanna draw them again sometime! They’re cute!!(🎵 Lemon Demon - Soft Fuzzy Man)
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Retweeted by CuteosphereFuck nightmares I’m sick of them!! Goddamn done with nightmares!! Let me just sleep and not dream for once PLEASE!!!“Which anime character would you most enjoy being preached to about drugs by” is a good personality test honestlyCan’t stop thinking of that shit flash animation where yugioh says not to smoke weed I wish they’d done that with m… was having a drink outside while drops of the storm from earlier dripped off the awning. i asked him what he was…
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@prinxeMu Dhfkcofn oh my god. The bit when the tits just explode out. Oh my god @AdriOfTheDead He’s bringing vore back babey @prinxeMu I beg your pardonSome days it just like that lads @SourTwig Not only are you a fantastic artist - your designs and works are full of character and atmosphere that ca… comics for September 10th and 11th. The duality of man