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@element_reezy Just go YouTube then search Kwadee. Everything go showI’ve been following Kwadee’s story since last night. The moral of the story is; don’t get madThey call you bro, but won’t hesitate to gut you.Why did I decide to go for injections when I could have taken this medicine orally? Now my rear end all no be my own. What is all this?
If you love your wife, you’ll cheatSurname on steroids @tailorMARIQUE So why she dey cry? Smh @kemistgold Miller stress pass @TheEyevan Ofori Amponsah @Mika_Abraham1 @Joey_Chase It’s a dope book. @ko_ennin Smh @kobebigs 🤣🤣🤣 alomo after drip? Yie @Lyrixlive_ Ei! @Lyrixlive_ Chale come pick me make we go buy chow. I Dey Haneef ein thereTo those who weren’t fortunate to be born into comfortable and wealthy homes, don’t regret anything and don’t blame…
Retweeted by Business ManCelebrate your friends when they get new jobs, be happy for them when they close deals, occasionally check up on th…
Retweeted by Business ManThe purest form of giving is more giving. Give as much as you make and you will keep gaining. Never will your cup r…
Retweeted by Business ManI really dey shock for boys🐥🐥 be toxic pass Tom. But that’s what we need to set the balance in this world @artymatte Make them come. I go give them @TOMkadelik then @7Giocondo make them fight for meThis is the time I need a wife. Sick in bed and I’m on jumia trying to order food but all the restaurants are closed. WowThere’s a special place in hell for people that change your iPhone cables. Smh @proface233 Mama Tess no die? @Okimma Money de3 e Dey need waa @Okimma I deviate from the norm eh? What be my usual tweetWhen your relationship ends with someone, it doesn’t mean it failed. It succeeded because you learn from it. It run its course.He helps himself tell the doctor say I no Dey fit sleep make he give me medicine he no mind me. Now me dix, I Dey sick and I no De… @yaw_p Call me @_SMXF_ E be sense them all no get
I think I have anger issues. As I sick earlier today, I vex say the sickness no Dey my face physical so say we go f… man take you out for the last, so say he go show you say even if you guys no fit dey together e dey wish you well, but you conf. Women @akweah Lol. NvmGod I hate these interviewers. What’s this nonsense? @DessiDarl The humans in the country are the problem. Not the countryThe marriage is in the 40s why rush it? @omithehomie @tailorMARIQUE 🤣🤣🤣 @DessiDarl E be the Ghanaian not Ghana that hates youThe crates of bottled up anger and frustration that has been channeled into alcoholism, excessive smoking, over rel…
Retweeted by Business Man @ko_ennin @zubaidah_x Scam by big pharmy to commoditize sex🤣🤣🤣🤣 @tailorMARIQUE ah Chale I dream yesterday then you find wife marry. But she lef you after she meet me @ko_ennin @zubaidah_x Even sex isn’t safe @ko_ennin @zubaidah_x Adventure, not safety @iAmAClipse Go hospital @iAmAClipse E be for my anxiety and insomnia. Prescribed actually. Well except the THC 🤣🤣 @annertey_ I get plentey I design, you go fit print for me? @ko_ennin @zubaidah_x I thought women liked adventurous men?Why does the Ghanaian hate Ghana? @AkuaCoco Soon you’ll understand @AkuaCoco And a new beginningI made a horcrux yesterdayWho Dey sell Apple phone cases for here ? I Dey search some @AkuaCoco You gave me the go-aheadWell Atleast the gbrsss isn’tSo all the “beauty” we dey see be make up? Ewurade!Bro. Women are dangerous. Herh. @kemistgold I Dey shock. The second picture sef be my favourite placeLemme know when you get to Ghana! is subjectiveGreat advice @eminem @AndersonPaak WE NEED A VIDEO FOR LOCK IT UP!
Valentines Day but I dey here dey reply emails. Now that’s love @kemistgold 🤣🤣🤣I think it's important for men to go through periods of isolation. At minimum, twice a month I will go 24hrs witho…
Retweeted by Business ManIf you have chest, do not tweet from your burner @_Nhyira_ Ah you come get buttocksBoys dey fear pregnancy passAh where is the part they slap him for him to wake up? fathers are thieves but e be we you won give we pressure make we turn millionaires. lol @le_loudmouth @leen_of_troy You shouldn’t be afraid to lose anyoneIt’s the opposite for Ghanaians
2 MzVees married to a wealthy man sounds like Reggie Rockstone“Musician?! Are you mad?!” @Lyrixlive_ Wey girl he go choose?Logan said it best; “Money wins in the end”I really like Eminem’s new album!!!Me tomorrow when all my girls are bringing their gifts!!!
“Forget your enemies, you can’t even depend on your friends”
Retweeted by Business ManWhen some Ghanaian women were in University they were dating older men who had money but now that they are approach…
Retweeted by Business ManSome guy dey sell wallets for here. What be ein handle? @hetakesover E be necessary @hetakesover No trouble for there. Just sex and go bro. Transaction. Sex small, you pay bills small. Then you move @hetakesover Lol. 18 is considered an adult. That be where boys for start from sef @hetakesover Why? @gikuts Bro, e ejaculate put some girl ein leg top paaa @PrinceGanaku 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Chale it’s a man’s world 🤣🤣🤣 @PrinceGanaku Bro, you dey explain. Just say them be bitter Wey age catch up plus them and keep it movingDon’t make the same mistake Tesla made...🤣🤣🤣
Chale keep failing. keep failing. you wont be afraid of failing anymore. then you will succeed @re_thickulous Oh you de3 you know how to do this already so it’s fine. @aquartey_ Holy Ghost fire burn youI want this girl to come and massage me but it will lead to something else and I’m a child of god