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Big dawg. I drop some fire. Half the squad dem dey top you work with them before. And still work with them. Do list…
Retweeted by’s all agenda. Choose your agenda.
My good friend @Kay__Ara specializes in the making of these and more.
Retweeted by @kennedytetteh I shock. But I also understood it was all a projection. E be then sef I dey come move extra hardSomeone told me just this evening that I will lose all optimism when I hit 30 and I’ve been thinking about it since…!!! @AccraWeDeyRadio @Kay__Ara @JEANFEIER @KOJO_Cue @worlasigh @PureAkan @Mawuli_CRB @KiraniAYAT @Frickyc13 @quayba1 @IanJazzi
Retweeted by're here for this superstar list of features: @Kay__Ara @JEANFEIER @KOJO_Cue @worlasigh @PureAkan
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Retweeted by new release from the #PataCamp @Temple_GH sets the tone for the week with the long-awaited album "We Are Wh…
Retweeted by no no PATA ? Then I beg you be learner. A charmer and an earner..y3 san te German.. Simply the best, Tina like…
Retweeted by should be listening & sharing this tape... ⁦@Temple_GH⁩ has sorted us for the rest of the year with this.
Retweeted by 2 on the new @Temple_GH tape #WeAreWhoWeAre ft. @Kay__Ara @KOJO_Cue @worlasigh @PureAkan @IanJazzi
Retweeted by is in the house! The fact is, we are who we are chale 💯🔌 ⁦@Temple_GH⁩
Retweeted by CAMP is in the house. This is from The General @Temple_GH himself. Enjoy We Are Who We Are!
Retweeted by brother @Temple_GH coming through with a lot of heat on this project.... I’m so honored to be a part of history!…
Retweeted by is in the 🏡!!! #WAWWA 🔥🔥🔥 @Temple_GH BlessUp 🩸
Retweeted by’ll do beats for a good cause and a great rapper any day. ⁦@Temple_GH⁩ finally dropped. Bless this man. 🔥 My produ…
Retweeted by verse on Gotta Wait is the day! We are who we are! letter to my Dad. Dan Yaw Yeboah. August 3, 1950 - September 28, 2019
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Listening to For Those In The Middle and all the memories keep rushing back @Yaa_Mama That was some crazy flow from Kwaku DMC @amma_aboagye Facts
@Okimma Amen 🍾We grew up. Damn @Okimma I dey wait come your wedding @GhansahAfua WassupAs we dey here, we for dey network more cos in 20 years we we go be the old folks @Okimma 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I dey dieI fall basaa of us who are always concerned with what could be should take a step back and look at what is. Save yourself the stress. @kwahmi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @tailorMARIQUE 🤣🤣🤣 @kwahmi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I want a copy. I dey die. You tire^ Excerpts from "The Accra Business Code: How not to get got by taking short term losses on your own terms". Coming in May of 2021.
Retweeted by you only for shock if you no know the playbook. We been knew. We see through the bullshit and everyone gets got…
Retweeted by dey fit make hot for Accra saa them want use you papay3 against you. Like everybody be criminal so them no d…
Retweeted by @tailorMARIQUE So you eat?The enigma of common senseDassryt are behaviour for Ghanaians inside I come realise say e be national headache so now when e happen sef I just dey ignore am01.10.20 FANTE FANTE Pre-ORDER HERE
Retweeted by if we spent this energy attacking the real enemy, kokonte
Retweeted by Ghana, sometimes you need a bit of manipulation to get your point across. Especially for the greater goodMan I feel so old
So you and this girl dey share birthday. No wonder. Happy birthday bitch ass. @mrkhannaa they said they dontGuys! i dey search universal socket with dual USB where i go get some buy? e be urgent! @dell_krushnic Probably a coping mechanism
Had to talk my shit on this one. World Emcee Cypher (Team Backpack) coming soon! Shot by @KwakuGriffin Subscrib…
Retweeted by @iAmAClipse @KwakuGriffin This was nice @fremekwame @YouTube You no add the sex“Aint no orphanage for hoes”lil murda is a punk assI love me some high yellowMy mom sends me a shitload of food and still says “DONT GET FAT”. Looks like I’m postponing the December body cos Jesus.Got some new music on the way with @Kay__Ara & @realtinuke 🌋 October 1st.
Retweeted by go and watch uncle clifford @kwahmi
@kemistgold Factssssss!!C-LOVE WORLD 🛰 @Kay__Ara, @realtinuke & @AlexWondergem will be dropping their collaborative single 'DON'T HANG U…
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@kwahmi you go charge in cedis? @sevenxavier @_Horace10 @kemistgold I know this side alreadyBeen bumping Fabolous’ first album since morningVISUALIZE SUCCESS. What you see in the video playing in your mind, will become your reality with focused goals, an…
Retweeted by @kwahmi Hahah, that be the funny part. The last time I hear “Ei you want to do hidden roof? When it rains there will be problems oh” 🤣🤣🤣 @kwahmi I wonder why people no dey do am so. Cos that one dey make sense pass plus the visual effects playing with sunlight be wild pass @kwahmi the people dont want neighbours looking into their houses. they want privacy. and they like to hide things tooAb souls best tape is long term 2.Chance the rappers best work is undoubtedly The coloring book. However my favourite tape from him is 10 Days. Sheesh.Facts I bore. Lupe? I dey go bedI remember how @KOJO_Cue myself and McAvor dey unpack every song on this album and the cool in Dansoman. Damn. Time… Lamar? Tutututu @Okimma Bro me I don’t engage. Because these niggas don’t know Lupe. Do you know Lupe? Herh. Lyricist. KwasiasemYou niggas are saying Kendrick is a better lyricist than Lupe Fiasco? Damn.
Had to watch Carlitos way again to remind myself that the streets is cold.Per-Order "We Are Who We Are"
Retweeted by all else’s WayHahaha💯 TV is useless on large screen TVs @kemistgold 🤣🤣🤣🤣Chale this Twitter place it be funny oh. You dey do your thing but somebody dey glean info about you seriously.
Retweeted by Kumawood started some people said it was bush, substandard and low quality. But they later wanted in, and now…
Retweeted by! Governor Willburn. Supreme asshole 🤣🤣I love the schemers. Whether for good or bad. I appreciate the dedication and ingenuity behind it.Nurse Ratched!!!!!!! AboaaaaaaaYou people don’t know your music that’s why @Ayigbegirl YupHappy Birthday to my partner in crime @_arnoldadrian YBE!! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
Nurse Ratched is the greatest character. Aboaaa!Show me! scarce
@kwahmi FactsAccra is transactionalYou’ve gotta be smooth man @NaOyoe hmmm. interesting. so i can sleep. yaaaay