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LLL 🏁 ______Tunes ®️ ______WeAr #WHOISKAYCYY ??? #YZYSOUND #UpsNDowns Out now

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KC X FLAME .. art by Cole ✨ HAPPENED 🤝 Read:
Retweeted by KayCyy @ComplexMusic 🦅🦅❤️ Thankyou Gangggg.@kaycyy______ has been studying under Kanye West for the past year and a half. In our new interview, he talks abo…
Retweeted by KayCyyInfo * Complex conducted an interview with @kaycyy______ They talk about Donda, Hurricane and 24 among other thi…
Retweeted by KayCyyI spent an afternoon in Miami with @kaycyy______, Kanye's new protégé. We talked about his come-up, studying under…
Retweeted by KayCyyRead About It... thanks Complex ❤️💫🦅 Complex Interview 🦅💫 Check It Out !!
@LatinoSavant YupSHAKE soundsss so beautiful on this joint .... 😭😭😭😭✨✨Ok yea WIKC is Def having some features now .. 🤭4th Quarter 💫Then I’m like let’s lock in !!! Carti - We already Locked ! 🔐Carti said he fuck with my shit ...I got one In with Lancey the other night ... coolllll guy ❤️ Gang ! 🔐 @DirectedbyEirik 🔐I’m getting too lit for a break!In that mode .... can’t be taken out ! This is God doing this thru me !Back to WIKC after this weekend! 🍿🍿🍿
IF U KNOW .. YOU KNOW ! @Melii 😍😍Here I ammmmmShit feeling like that scene in 300!! This is SPARTTTTTAAAAAABasically ....
Time 4 me to live in the Stayeeeediummm for the last week . 😎🔐
Shit bout to get serious ...That’s not the cover ....‼️DND SZN ‼️’re gonna be OK!!!!
Retweeted by KayCyyHe’s done miracles on me
Retweeted by KayCyy
WHO GOT “NO LUCK” on there playlist ?? 🤔🤔 NXT WEEKHaven’t been in my crib this whole month ... 😭 the grind is real ... 😅 @StephenEAnthony Amen 🙏🏾Have a blessed day everyone ! We’re so CLOSE !! 🙊❤️ @unitygoku ❤️a listening event for “WIKC “ September! 💿My expectations for this KayCyy album is above anything. I’m beyond ready to hear his sound. I been sharing on my s…
Retweeted by KayCyy @kaycyy______ is crazy af🔥 this man up next!!! He’s just different 🔥
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@kanyebearhiphop YupY’all want KayCyy & Lancey Foux ? 🤔💫 BOY @BIABIA let’s workkkkIM BOUT TO CHANGE THE GAMEBLESSED & HIGHLY !
8/6 !!!! @kaycyy______ Thanks for the last year KC! This is the least I can do.
Retweeted by KayCyyOK ‼️ we 2 weeks away from new music 🤯 I’m soooo ready !!! 😭 Bro said if I don’t have enough presaves I can’t drop…
Retweeted by KayCyyRonny pulled up with some fire ! 🎸🎸🦅 #MIAMI🦅🎸
BILLIE JEAN LEVEL ! We OTWGoing Big On BIGKC SZN RIGHT AFTER BRO ...SEE YALL SOONR 🦅✨🎸 loud next year !!! @khaos_hk @DIGITALNAS 🤭🤭Talking to my momma like ... “we almost there “Omg Friends DONT hurts friends sounds so beautiful now ! 😭😭 your gonna cry and be happy at the same time ! @vsebastiandv Let’s gooooooooo @traverso_matt Gangggg!!! @yourtotallynot It’s coming too ! 🙊PRESAVE FOR NOWR ! 💫 ‼️ we 2 weeks away from new music 🤯 I’m soooo ready !!! 😭 Bro said if I don’t have enough presaves I can’t drop…“I know you look over us. So we sleep sound asleep “ @kaycyy______ 🙏🏽🔥
Retweeted by KayCyy303K 😳😳🤯🤯 “NO LUCK” Might have to be on WIKC 🔥🔥❤️🦅 Keep going ! Thanks for all the support on this
By next year imma be on the stages ... 🤞🏾🙏🏾📌SoundCloud got hacked ... smhThat @kaycyy______ part on hurricane so🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by KayCyy degreeeessssss
2021 BY YOU AUG 6TH PROD BY ALI 💿🦅 WHO IS KC SOONR ! don’t look at my twitter as a update for big bro .. I’m just as excited as the fans ,Lol I can’t drop someone else album .. u just gotta wait .. it’s coming @kaycyy______ Whole of YZY sound dropping 8/6 g
Retweeted by KayCyySame day . @PaintClown_ Yep y notMIAMI TAKEOVER8/6 @DavidAli yooo dm bro!
Just wait on it !!Now SPAMM BIA BIA for me ! ASAP !!Ok ... we got in touch with keem people 😬 @BIABIA need you on a song ASAP !! @kaycyy______ @babykeem need this!
Retweeted by KayCyy @vsebastianrv Pray !! @dimzavbuh Okay sounds good !It’s only final when it’s final ...Justin been a great source ...I need Baby Keem on a song ... can y’all SPAMMM him for me .. I didn’t get to link with him 😭 @JustinLaboy 💨💨💿💿💿💿 AOTY @WestSubEver TODAY @handal_reina PrayLol tight 😬