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🌻 Illustrator and chronic daydreamer. ADHD, or possibly a mess pixie in disguise. | 🎨 Commissions: OPEN | ✉️ Contact: | NSFW: @KaySteamy

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@BatichiKristen WOAH. 😮 Absolutely stunning!PSA: Let's normalize commenting on artists art!! Pointing out a detail you really like is in itself a huge complim…
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPENheyhey please don't let the weird qrt feature stop you from retweeting art! although it's a little confusing and w…
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @stephpeppery Apparently it's not permanent, it's just supposed to help stem the tide of misinformation while the U… can still retweet as normal by leaving the text section blank when it prompts you to write something. It'll be… a quick heads-up, I personally have no issue with QRT's but as an artist, they're not as useful for engagement…'s a shame because as an option it's not a bad idea, but forcing it really doesn't help the issue. At this point…
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @bijoubaybee Congratulations! There's nothing wrong with celebrating milestones like that. 💛 I rarely bring mine up…
These cuties arrived from @VograceCharms yesterday! The keychains are so spaaaaaarkly. ✨ You can find them on my E…
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @ling_extra @7NekoRina7 That's really helpful, cheers!I am a good cook in general but I also own a magic soup book, rescued from the side of the road before a rainstorm,… to toot my own horn or anything, but the chicken and mushroom pho I made last night tastes EVEN NICER tonight.… @ItIsTiresome Hehe, thank you! 😊✨ Sparkles! ✨ cuties arrived from @VograceCharms yesterday! The keychains are so spaaaaaarkly. ✨ You can find them on my E… @IndiiCreates Right now, probably this one. 💙 @ArtMeggles With pins and keychains, Vograce have very small minimum bulk order sizes. An order of 16 for keychains… @LaurenWalshArt Welcome to the club! There is a LOT of exquisite fanfiction once you’re done. 😊
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @bijoubaybee Awwww, Pingu! I loved this show as a child. 🐧💛
@chirunax It’d be considered super weird in Australia, but I wish that wasn’t the case. As a host, taking shoes off… and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🍄 @Procreate @MingjueChen Their tallest rollercoaster. I remember going to a theme park in Japan and getting ridiculo… @stephpeppery I use an older version of this with my iPad, it works pretty well. Nice and sturdy! @bijoubaybee Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves as I continue drawing it as well. I’m not goin… @poryphone I’m glad one of my primary hyperfixations in life has been my own Dragonfeathers universe. Pretty conven… @KikiDoodleTweet My neighbour has ducks, I always hear her outside chatting away to them. 💛
Oooh, it looks much better without the yellow bumpers. I’m done playing with this as a piece, it’s more practice th… are HARD. 😬 Says the artist who decided to set her first graphic novel in space. On spaceships. 😭 I th… @AshenTM - to help them with music theory, and quickly realised a) they loved it and so I had to keep teaching it t… @AshenTM No worries! I've known the notes of the piano since I was a child, and I had to take a basic piano class a… @Phantomarine_ HARD AGREE. I'm circumventing this in one of my own stories by having the couple get together right… @inkfycreates - much harder, given the text limits (and general hostility) of this site, but it's a real shame. Tho… @inkfycreates The hostility to critique in recent years is strange to me. I remember back when DA was good, there w… @AshenTM (Once you know your major and minor triads you can play the vast majority of popular music just using thos… @AshenTM Tip 2: As a singer, I use the piano primarily for chords. I can't play proper piano pieces easily, but I c… @AshenTM Tip 1: It's going to seem like you're getting nowhere for a while, then after a few weeks your muscle memo… @bijoubaybee Yeah, I feel so lucky to live walking distance from a bakers dozen second-hand stores. They’re REALLY… @bijoubaybee I try to keep this in mind when I buy things these days. Better to spend more on something beautiful w… @zoejkrobinson True! I’ve heard of recruiters holding onto portfolios and postcards and so on for a long time, wait…
@RaphDeslandes Such things are absolutely invaluable. Almost all of my growth comes through art shares and retweets… @Pockicchi Yeah, about 6 went poof over the past week. I’ve been pretty inactive too, so I don’t think it was me. 🤣 @PuccaNoodles Mostly though, I just a) want people to recognise that ADHD exists and it makes a lot of stuff harder… @PuccaNoodles They’re all basically things which help me organise my messy brain, better utilise my time and decrea… @PuccaNoodles Not specific to animation, but workplaces in general as someone with ADHD: - Less inane paperwork I’… @RaphDeslandes I feel lucky to have missed the worst of it, it coincided with my teaching days this time so I didn’… @RaphDeslandes I love your ability to joke-ify whatever silly art community drama is going on, it makes this site s… @lunahasarrived Yeah, it can be a hindrance when I need to get other stuff done, or when a chunk of the story I'm d… @Prookal MY GOD, you should pitch that to the Australian marketing team for KFC or something, it's exactly the kind… @ArtMeggles Yay! I’m over there as Kaydreamer. I’ll add you! @lunahasarrived Hooooooooly. Yeah, that’s me. (I mean, look at my screen name.) Not that I would EVER want mine tre… @zoejkrobinson I do think it’s fairer to ask that #PortfolioDay be only for if you are actively hireable, though. T… @zoejkrobinson It doesn’t surprise me, they’re mostly quite young and may have rosier expectations of security than… @zoejkrobinson The people gatekeeping #portfolioday also don’t seem to realise the realities of existing in a contr… @KeezyBees Ah, that’s a shame! I haven’t tried Clip on the iPad, I decided to give Procreate a go first and fell in… @KeezyBees What program are you using? I went from a Surface Pro to iPad and immediately started enjoying the inkin…
@VograceCharms Mine should arrive on Monday, I’m super excited to get my hands on them! @PathfinderCS Naaaaawwww, thank you! Looking through what I’ve created this year, I definitely have a preference fo… you have under 10k followers, share your art below: 👇👇👇
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @JasminDarnell Thanks for this! I’m Kay, I’m an illustrator with a fondness for storytelling, pretty colours, roman…“Glass House” Done during the procreatecolorsonly challenge where the palette was made out of the app logo. I remem…
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @Angrymikko I first found your art through that challenge! The art which came out of the people participating was i… @BatichiKristen Huh, I guess those issues will be something to look forward to, then. 😭 I have a Patreon but I’ve n… @RaphDeslandes Well as a once-in-a-blue-moon activity it sounds exquisite. Have fun! @RaphDeslandes A little of column a, a little of column b. Sounds nice, though. Just maybe don't do it -every- day. @bijoubaybee Please finish that first one, the ambience in it is gorgeous and I'm already missing the rainy evenings of winter. 🌧️
Hey, #PortfolioDay! My name’s Kay, I’m an Australian based illustrator looking for work in kidlit illustration, YA… @BatichiKristen Do you forward-release on Patreon? I’ve seen a number of webcomics do that. I’m considering it for… @BatichiKristen Yeah, the comic I had a colourist gig with last year is in a similar boat. The main artist wants to…
@BatichiKristen Well if you ever do get the funds, I've done colourist work before. 😀 I'm pretty good at it, I'd totally be up for more. @Wolverain1987 You’re right about deliberately taking breaks for things like walks and coffee! I never feel bad abo… @Wolverain1987 So, so true! I find if I don’t give myself adequate space and downtime, I crash and burn. I need at…’s been nice having a break, though. 😊So, no more boring turnarounds. I’m not creating these characters for a team. I’m creating them for my own comic. I… I could get hired to do those things, and wouldn’t that suck! It’d be avoidance city.)Part of the reason I wanted to make them for all of my Blue Star Rebellion characters was because I knew they’d be… just had a moment of realisation, lying here in the bath watching painting videos, that part of the reason I’ve b…
@Lanajay_art It’s pretty mind blowing. They must be a shallow, hate-filled void of a person... I struggle to unders… @TheDamnThinGuy He’s one of the most terrifying villains I’ve seen in a while, I hate him but I am riveted whenever he’s onscreen.
@KomunHorangi It also gives you the freedom to change and adapt recipes to your personal taste! I rarely stick to a…
@kassiopeeia 31, leaving teaching to go into illustration, and couldn’t give a fudge about how ‘old’ I am to be sta… @Prookal If you ever made a graphic novel (or an illustrated novel) I’d read the hell out of it. Your words combine… @Prookal It really shouldn’t matter, and it confuses me that it still somehow does - especially since the self-publ… @Maricu_Mana It’s hard not to say all of them, because they’re stunning. But mine is probably Day 2, mostly because… @Kldpxl I’m lucky enough to be able to pay the bills just teaching part-time, so the other work days I can focus on… finished the expression sheet for Khali! These were fun, she is such an earnest, easily startled little thing.…
@Ryuutsu When it’s a piece I have a clear vision and high expectations for, absolutely! I just finished a piece I p… @byelacey That’s exactly why I’m finally bouncing into writing Blue Star Rebellion before I get to Dragonfeathers.… didn’t quite get this finished today, so this WIP will have to do for #inktober2020day3. An expression sheet for…
Retweeted by 🍂✨ Kaydreamer ✨🍂 COMMISSIONS OPEN @bijoubaybee 11/10, that looks SO cozy. 💛I didn’t quite get this finished today, so this WIP will have to do for #inktober2020day3. An expression sheet for…, drinking 2 cans of beer and a glass of champagne in the space of three hours isn’t enough to register A… @Maricu_Mana Ooooh, the lighting in this is spectacular!
@kassiopeeia Ah, that’s a shame. 😢 @kassiopeeia Oh no! 😭 I dread this happening. I’m so clumsy, I know it’s how my iPad will go one day. If it helps… they are the sole intelligent species native to their moon, they are not apex predators - there are many larg…’s people call themselves Ahirri but the rest of the cluster know them as ‘Dust Bunnies’. The moon they are na… @katechaste Thanks so much! It took me aaaaages to choose her palette.I've never done character turnarounds before, the consistency required terrifies me. 🤣 So this is a first! I wanted… @BatichiKristen There is so much relatable in this thread. I say I need a lot of ‘downtime’ to do do anything - wit…