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@notneeva Ahhhhhh! This looks amazing!
@jessbot36 Sending 100 mil of the ✨💖goodest vibes💖✨ @venti_icy are you secretly running a coffee shop?Another day ☀️
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@venti_icy 🤩 You look so good! @notneeva @chlosoup They are so darn cute! They look so gooood!⭐Commission my friend who's moving across the country!!!⭐🍎 granny smith, fuji and gala. love it when the fam gets together
There is an *extremely bad take* floating around out there that artists should only share their rates with other pr…
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@notneeva Ooooh 🤩
@video_gaymer Yes.ariel outfits for mermay (individual looks in the thread)
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@colouredbraids there isn't one💖💐👩‍👧‍👦💐💖 #HappyMothersDay
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @Katidoodlesmuch But yeah you should totally get it @Katidoodlesmuch She actually looks really terrifyingPAWS ended yesterday, but the screenshots will live on forever.
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Drac-Attack! 💖🦇🦷
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨so beautiful @AlexisDraws I love this 😍Just a fun little experiment. I'm not a stop mo artist and my rig wasn't very good, I kept bumping my camera and se…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨With that being said...y'all already know where this is leading lol 🌠 ☄️…
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Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨Damn this is cute af it's the little color matching chairs for me🥺💚💗💙 is today at 4:00pm EST! Here is what will be available!
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @venti_icy Cuuute⭐️💖
@celest_co_ @BritishVogue @billieeilish Congratulations that’s so amazing 💖👏🏾✨My take on a Teenage Power Puff Girls. #PPG #characterdesign
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨today is the final day of PAWS and it was so badass. thank you @battleax_bunny @Adellelin @kayelynndrawz and…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨Today is the last day to check out mine @kayelynndrawz and @mnitotankawin 's work at PAWS: An Animal Crossing Art…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @boxfulthoughts @HMHKids @kaitfeldmann @BonesKLeopard Congratulations!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💖💖💖
✨Also check out my fellow exhibitors @mnitotankawin & @Adellelin An Animal Crossing Art Exhibition ends Friday May 7 @pawsexhibition dream address: DA-5260-9503-9239 favorite menace, my sweet baby cousin is 2 today! I hope she has a wonderful day💖😭. @imzeferino I love this @craftedbyari These are so beautifulno more crop means i’m showing the world again that my hands did that 🥀
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Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨new Twitter crop?
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨oh wow new Twitter crop
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@the_shoshjoseph 💖Use code SPRINGCLEANING20 for 20% off your ENTIRE purchase! Offer expires on Friday at 11:59 pm EST!…
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The ending of “Meet the Robinsons” will always make me cry
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨Animation commissions open too! (Examples in tweet below) DM or email if interested or if you have any questions :)
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨5 new charms! available in my shop now 🍄✨🌈
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @peripheralUS So lovely 😍 @mwinkillo Omg I love this, so sweet @Katidoodlesmuch You got this! Enjoy the rain.Me & the wife @mopinks lost a lot of days this month bcuz of vaccine & because I've been monitoring 1 of our kittie…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @JenniferCharlee Cute, I love the colorsWho uses printable stickers, stationary, & more?! I've started uploading printable products to my etsy shop! Hopin…
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@cottonsprout Cute! @tejuabiolaart It truly is the best oneIt’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! So AAPI folks drop your art and links below and everyone else retweet :)
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @notneeva Lol 🥲
@AbeehaTariqArt Yes 😌💖thinking about it again and I really just think this sequence was flawless - like a genuinely perfect sequence
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @colouredbraids Omg it's the best! I was watching someone explain science stuff with molecule models and I was just…
✨hehe. I hope you like my painting
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨a duck who dared to dive 🌊
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @notneeva 🤣🤣🤣I appreciate that it's safe for vaccinated people to be outdoors in public without masks, but I really don't think…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @spacekitsch I love your pony designs. Your shape design is so lovely. @nonotsara Yay! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💖💖💖
Me: I was in a car accident Doctor (playing candy crush): have you tried losing weight
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨it won’t matter if every single american is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, if the global patent isn’t lifted an…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @venti_icy @cockwardsilence Ah yes those Christian chibis 🤣‘Run’ this is my favourite thing I ever made 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨the covid situation in India is really bad. The government isn't doing shit, and there are over 350k cases everyday…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @celesse So cute & sweetSweet Darling Ducklings wood pin set 🦆🐤🐤🐤💕
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Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! I’m passing this around again - my name is Josh and I’m open for character design wo…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨It was abandoned because it was cursed Also this is very much giving me Alice the Sorcerer’s ApprenticeThis looks like it’s from an abandoned Disney parks attraction. am looking to fill a spot for a fiction short story anthology I'm editing. Are there any Afro-Latinx writers who…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨A thread of MCU characters as birds. Scarlet Witch / Red crested finch (📸 Dario sanches)
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @PigeoncraftsArt The dollar store and similar places like daiso
Come visit us! 😁 #acnh #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @tajmerk Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂
@venti_icy This looks like one of those Walmart glamor shots ✨
@lunartcy19 😍so i did this
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @boxfulthoughts However it was a beautiful ceremony @boxfulthoughts That's exactly what I was thinking 😭 @creme_cloud Omg I adore these. They're so beautiful 😍 @craftedbyari That's so sweet. This thing is beyond helpful when conditioning clay.Starting my day with some lovely Girl Meets World slander 😌☕ @PuccaNoodles Happy Birthday 🎈🎂i cant believe moma took rollie pollie ollie’s kitchen supplies
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @indiedynamo Get some damn sleep! Please rest as soon as you, you would look so good in these 😌
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2021 @indiedynamo Do it, weekly. ✨
@notneeva Hope your day gets betterSo my savings are being eaten up this month due to me paying the irs, my car reg and lack of hours at work due to o…
Retweeted by ✨miss minerva mouse✨ @abellehayford Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 @breanimator YepA thread 🪡🧵 of my embroidery animation. Every animation is hand stitched!
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@ghosferatu That’s really cute! Mine would be Gladys Cookie Butter 😂