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mostly reality TV related with a dash of politics and a pinch of random thought. Forever @emotionalorange stan 🧡🍊

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Man lost his entire professional career because he called for American police to stop murdering black people.
Retweeted by KaylaI made this and it tastes good don’t think people understand how observant I am, like I’m really not a fool
Retweeted by Kaylai love having conversations with people who text 4 times in a row and emphasize texts, type in all caps and send li…
Retweeted by KaylaPortland, Oregon
Retweeted by Kayla#BREAKING! We surpassed $300,000 raised since @EliseStefanik’s political theatre on national 📺 Over 13,000 people…
Retweeted by KaylaGood to know I should definitely never support @plutoTV if they're going to put out anything made by this homophobi…
Trump campaigned in Kentucky, and the Republican lost. Trump campaigned in Louisiana, and the republican lost. Tr…
Retweeted by KaylaTonight I shut down a string of misogynistic stand up comics. As in, I walked on stage in the middle of one of th…
Retweeted by Kayla @costarastrology really dropping some perspective on me this weekend @codibutts getting mad at @pimpfriedrice_ for "entertaining" other dudes after he did the EXACT same thing to her t…'ve almost bent my middle nail back so many times this week that I'm scared of what it might look like under the a… @nillythesquid Rewatching these episodes now🎉Raise your hand if there isn’t one damn thing you respect about Trump. ✋🏼 #ImpeachmentTaskForce
Retweeted by KaylaWow I can't type with nails. He is theifing his food*Someone is trying their some food! to get ghosted by friends too. Men I can handle, friends are a new low for me :/ @emotionalpeel They dubed us the Citrus Squad a ways backLook at this deep bomb. Question answered. Kaepernick still has his arm.
Retweeted by KaylaBreaking White House tradition, Trump refuses to pardon Thanksgiving Turkey until it publicly announces that it wil…
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NEW👏🏼YORK👏🏼 FUCKING👏🏼TIMES!!!! So happy for @emotionalorange someone pls find his handle we’d be best friends 😭🧡 song: “iconic” by emotional oranges
Retweeted by KaylaRest is not a waste of time. Rest is not a waste of time. Rest is not a waste of time. Rest is not a waste of time.…
Retweeted by KaylaElizabeth Warren is so smart to tweet about the Tswift drama lol so many of her fans are voters now after her tweet…
Retweeted by KaylaI just need you to ride for me 🍊 All you gotta do is spend time with me 🧡
Retweeted by KaylaI very much need to see a dermatologist, chiropractor and a therapist but can afford none of these even though I wa… we need the last 3 season! Please please please someone be better than @netflix
Retweeted by KaylaUhm hello @netflix we are still waiting for you to take it back. #SaveTheOA
Retweeted by KaylaThe only correct answer
Retweeted by Kaylaidc what anyone says, being intelligent is so fucking attractive. like yes, tell me random facts i never knew.. i’l…
Retweeted by Kayladie 4 me bitch i’m perfect ! 😈
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@aimeehall1001 @FloribamaShore @495Prods Tweeted twice with no follow....🤨 @itsmiguelyo @aimeehall1001 @FloribamaShore @495Prods I feel it'd be a great idea not to tweet that you're watching TV on the job dude😂 @RyannElizabeth7 @pimpfriedrice_ Season three started last night. where u beeeeen?? @colton This is so cute it makes me a little mad.
Retweeted by Kayla @LINGDAOKUN Why does she say this like she thinks it makes her cool or something? This just looks like more work for her 🤷🏻‍♀️This brought me so much joy can’t y’all ever just post a picture
Retweeted by Kayla @niggerlers Lol you got a lotta hate in that heart girl smdhStill bummed out @aimeehall1001 and @nillythesquid never followed me after I tweeted yesterday😓 #MTVFloribamaShore @PethDerek I deleted my Instagram for a reason. Please don't encourage this.artist trust labels. It’s supposed to be a healthy symbiosis. You have holidays with these people. dinners. deaths.…
Retweeted by Kayla @_PaigeCole That's why I always live top floor and wear ear plugs, it's life🤷🏻‍♀️ @nicolelovar Lmaoooooo you think that the Senate will pass anything about women's rights rn😂 I love the idea tho! If only... @nillythesquid Haven't seen it yet. West coast. Lol2 parents didnt get to do that today.
Retweeted by KaylaRT if you've ever done any of the following: - doubted yourself - felt small - felt like giving up - quit before…
Retweeted by Kayla @PrimeTimeCapit1 @Chanelzinho777 @RickyPDillon @Manu_tl_ts @taylorswift13 Elaborate plz👀 @therealDBcoop Annoying. I hardly go on Instagram anymore. It’s just people promoting EVERYTHING
Retweeted by Kayla @therealDBcoop Hate.
Watching #MTVFloribamaShore tonight with my besties! Can't wait🎉Every author I know is gonna see the little dagger next to junior's name and know exactly what it means (Means the…
Retweeted by Kayla @Sinclair_Ceasar He brings me joy every day❤️ @shaylahdelacruz Welcome🙏🏼🧡Nobody: Absolutely no one: Me every 5 minutes:
Retweeted by KaylaRaise your hand if you think Trump is guilty as fuck. ✋🏼 #ImpeachmentHearings
Retweeted by KaylaThey are literally attacking one of the impeachment witnesses for.......drinking water
Retweeted by Kayla @Sinclair_Ceasar👌🏼close to packing up my cat and my yoga mat and moving to a new country
@FloribamaShore @MTV My favorite moment was when kortni peed the bed!
Hey @DonaldJTrumpJr - we don’t have A religion. Our entire country is based on that fact. It’s why the country wa…
Retweeted by Kayla @Sinclair_Ceasar 💜
Uber is not a small business company. It has paid its top executives $143 million in compensation last year, includ…
Retweeted by KaylaOh it’s finally time?? Can we also just throw the fact that Uber stole 6 months worth of rides from people a year a…
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I'm convinced that dating apps are the worst thing to happen to singles in the history of time.This man is playing fetch with a Beluga Whale. This is INCREDIBLE. ❤️ We honestly don't deserve these Majestic Cre…
Retweeted by KaylaRaise your hand if you miss Barack Obama in the White House. ✋🏼
Retweeted by KaylaMe with my headphones on full volume listening to the same 3 songs :
Retweeted by Kayla @kayleealison The last guy I went out with talked about all of his exes on the first date. Lmao like....what?😂Fuck Republicans. No, seriously. Fuck ‘em. First they complain that hearings are “secret” even though many of the…
Retweeted by Kayla @Remdelarem I'm pretty sure you hate everything so I'm gonna go ahead and take this witha grain of salt lolPretty proud to say that there was only one week in this past month where I was riding near a zero balance in my ba… a more Iconic duo, I'll wait. @emotionalorange #thejuicevol2 by @emotionalorange That's it. That's the tweet
This sounds like the kind of shit an abuser would say. Abuse is about control and power and he clearly craves it... am sick to my stomach
Retweeted by KaylaOn this note, let's all stop being COMPLETE assholes & MAKE SPACE for people who properly use their turn signals. L…'s been a few years since I binged @greysabc and I want to but honestly idk if I'm ready for that emotional rollercoaster again. @EllenPompeo I'm just gonna say rn that the Lexi/Mark deaths were the most heartbreaking for me. 😭 @emotionalorange gave the Citrus Squad early access to The Juice Vol.2 and I'm gonna need an ambulance cause I'm dy…'s my day one till my days is done @emotionalorange 🔥#PumpRules is officially back and I have SO MANY questions just from one clip. Are the Toms okay, is @ariana2525 ok… to tell you this @tinder but your #SwipeNight was a huge waste of time. Please stop paying Instagram influenc… @Sinclair_Ceasar
@nicolepomarico Omg same I own all four seasons! Lol idk why anymore because I no longer have a DVD player😂🤦🏻‍♀️Hey @netflix I have a suggestion. Allow me to customize my main screen and create "to watch" lists so I can better…
Doesn’t feel that way when you’re the empath 🙄💔
Retweeted by Kayla @Sinclair_Ceasar 💙
So, in the whole filming process and the entire editing process, not ONE person thought to tell @theJennGarner that…’d rather corn row grass
Retweeted by Kayla @nourfraij_ Honestly you say so many things on here that have me like "YUP" it makes me think we'd probably be best… DECLAWING YOUR CATS!!!!!
Retweeted by Kayla @emotionalorange Giving me two in about 7 months sets me up with very high expectations OKAYYYYYYYY🤣kanye just said the juice vol. 2 is his favorite tape of the year 😭🤯
Retweeted by Kayla @emotionalorange My main thing is that I'm definitely gonna need more than 4 albums over the next 6 years PLEASETwitter is a weird ass world where people have ACTUAL melt downs over an album release being on another artists bir… the ppl that actually take advice from the internet- don’t do this baby.
Retweeted by KaylaMental illness does not make you weak. Mental illness does not make you weak. Mental illness does not make you w…
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November Poll! If the primary was today, who would you vote for? Retweet this and I’ll be your best friend! Thanks!
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