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GYALFROMBRUM @kayleegolding_ London, England

Radio Presenter & DJ //Previously heard on @bbcr1 // @sra Best Specialist & Best Interview ‘19 //

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Black Trans Lives Matter and will forever matter! We need to do WAY more to protect black trans lives, so I wear th… @NWolstenholme @Michevwells @FerrymansDaugh1 @RoseGee17 The previous tenants moved out in March. I asked the office… @jay_sports200 Thank you 🥰❤️ @lorrainemking @dj_cocobean @DailyMirror 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ @YaniOurabah No worriesAnd people want to say the UK isnt racist? In fact its infested. Sending love girl❤️ please report it. The world ne…
@westminsteradio 🤎🤎🤎 @templeproducer Thank you! 3 hours in @jay_sports200 Serious @Adela_Terrell 🤎 @AlexJueno 🤎 @StellaKanuCHAT It really is @Maro_xo Yeah it’s just awful we shouldn’t have to appearance this! @KeepItMello Thank you, I really appreciate your support 🤎 @leonora1 @jacquep 🤎🤎 @Yveess_4 Thank you 🤎 @heyginnymay Thank you 🤎 @TVMarv I’m okay, it’s just crappy! @harrietscott_ Yeah it’s crazy! @afuathescot @metpoliceuk RIGHT @meerapatel I’m okay thank you🤎 @Lauren9Dudley I know it’s so shitty @katiebevano Thank you, appreciate you! 🤎 @BrazenFlow Yeah seriously, I am making sure to follow everything up! @DrYemisi Yeah I have put in an over the phone report and also doing a written one as well @bethanygloverox Yeah it’s so shit to even be questioned on that kinda thing, like I work HARD for what I have. So… @caro_lindberg I will thank you🤎 @MikeCam 🤎🤎 @dave_mcpartlin Yeah we have to stay positive @MissDJKC 🤎 @Gavin___D 👏🏽 @danthomastaylor Thank you 🥰Trust me 🙏🏾
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @Ly211 Thank you really appreciate it! XIt’s a new day, a new week, so I’m not gonna let yesterday’s events bring me down today. I’m gonna continue to be t… @reggieheavee @fee_mak WELLL @tapes_uk I know I’m hoping the neighbours see it and realise that you can’t treat people like that! @Macnificent32 I’m okay just shocked x @EmmaB_Radio Thank you, defo pushing the complaint x @jfreshofficial I’m okay just super confused tbh! @AYO_BEATZ We really need change 🙏🏽 @BriscoeLorrain1 Exactly, like life is too short to worry about other people! @pulamzz Thank you Pulama, exactly. It’s a shameKaylee works harder than anyone I know. She does several jobs all while being the most enthusiastic, supportive and…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @itsNadiaJae I’m okay, just irritated and feel proper awkward at home tbh. Thanks for your message ❤️ @Uncle_Manny @p188427 @nulasuchet Tbh I’m mad at both. I’m upset that neighbours have acted this way, rather then m… @brendajuliet_ I’m really trying not to🤷🏽‍♀️❤️
@LKPMac Exactly! I’ve been here a week, done 1 dj mix in the day, and I have police at my door. It makes no sense @ftfntm I was in the kitchen cooking dinner while watching TV. I heard ‘police’ but thought it was from outside so… @ibsidoodlin @metpoliceuk I really am following this up and investigating it further. I don’t even know what neighbours it was @Gavin___D It’s so crap! @curnonthecob 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎So ridiculous that this kind of thing happens in the UK all the time!!! The UK is NOT innocent. Sending you all my…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @jigsawcatuk @metpoliceuk Yeah I have logged a formal complaint @jigsawcatuk @metpoliceuk Good question 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ @Eloise_C Yeah they said they’ve had a tip off from a neighbour @_rachaeldevine I mean my podcast is lit🌈👀 @nicconner I’m okay just confused more then anything!So you thought this only happened in the US? Can someone with legal knowledge help, please? @RaifaRafiq?
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMOh but the uk’s not racist
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMthis is SO messed up wtfffff !!! i hope the police get done for how they treated her, saying she’s lucky they didn’…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMImagine hating successful young black women so much that you maliciously call the police and put your new neighbour…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM🤯🤯🤯 maaaaad!!
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM"rAcIsM iSnT a pRoBlEm iN tHe UK"
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMOutrageous
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMThe actual fuck is going on 🤦🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMThe many experiences like these are heartbreaking. We need to do better and basically be much less racist. Everyone…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMFirst #dawnbutler now this Please stop trying to tell me that this country and its institutions are not systemicall…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM🙁
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMHave a look at this. This is why we march. So so sorry you went through this. And it’s illegal. @metpoliceuk I trus…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMThe UK is not innocent
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMbruh. wtf
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMSweet Jesus! When is change gonna come?
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @Lilly80sBaby Of course I will continue to work hard and continue to rise. Just hurts that I have to explain myself when I do! @metpoliceuk can you explain why this happened ? We’ll wait.
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMAwful! And people think that racism doesn't happen in the UK. Tossers.
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @metpoliceuk what’s going on seriously
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @BasJavidMPS @roysmithpolice see thread
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMI’m sure racism in this country is getting worse?
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @chillmj_ I was so tempted. But don’t want to ‘intimidate a witness’This has really pissed me off I'd have to knock on everyone's door to intro myself and ask what the actual bloodcla…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMJust when are the police going to learn?
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @SteveTheBlue 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ @oliviaspitfire Right 👏🏽Can police disclose who have made a complaint if it's quite clearly a racially motivated whistleblow which wastes p…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @Femi_Sorry Just read this thread
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMBut racism in the UK isn't an issue right
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMA depressing 🧵. Hard to avoid the impression the UK still has a way to go on race issues.
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @johngpuk Nope no warrant @DawnButlerBrent have you seen this?
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMThread.
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMThis is terrible 😩
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMHave you seen this @DavidLammy ?
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @metpoliceuk. Cressida Dick says there's no racism!
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @MurkzEnt It does feel like that. My issue is the continuous pushing for a reaction. I can contain my frustration b… ive heard too many fucked up police stories recently to black people. Theyre now doing it twice as much when…
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUMWtf is this! Why are her neighbors such awful people!
Retweeted by GYALFROMBRUM @sjrasmin Thank you 🤎 @Steph_C__ They can’t tell me which neighbour, I haven’t even seen the neighbours since I got here!ugh i'm so sorry you had to endure that, please, if you can, find out who "tipped" off the police.