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Kay Yu @kaynimatic Los Angeles, CA

Memer 2D Animator for vidya gams and animays / Art may sometimes be very RISKY but never full on DANGER / Business: / No commissions sorry!

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@LoreNut_Nor You'll come to know I'm the most stubborn person on the planet 😏 @daftpunkliker hey, no fully exposed parts or sex, no lines crossed looks like I'm still good @itsukarine @Itsachowthing when it comes to my jokes and visual humor, the ones I'm always confident in are the one… @DeathAtNoon12 nah that's just shading you're just seeing things 😐 @Itsachowthing nah I have decided that, if I can't make myself horny from my own tiddy art then it's not good enou… @Magicalkitsu @bakaadrian010 will do I need this vacation, I need it so bad... 😭 @cecilioamor i have to leave for my flight in 5 hours, it's a super early morning flight so I just don't have any time to sleep :c @EmilianoIzanagi nah @bakaadrian010 am gonna be away from computer for like a week so I wanted to do one drawing before I leftno baits, no tricks, just anime tiddy. i just wanna get better at drawing the tiddy :c
@just_awful did you make that sauce yourself too? that looks like the ancient secret sauce of my people passed dow…
don't worry she just takin a nap trust me is fine she just tired from all the work the past month she'll be back...… @CanipaShow I was not prepared @CanipaShow canipa pls you really had to start the video with
@YourSecretDad i'm equally on the brink of death and having the time of my life doing fun and cool work that I love, no joke @YourSecretDad what's a breakfreelance work deadline coming up in a few days... still so much left to do... but so tired.... @ReynoldHughes you're not supposed to be excited for chaotic evil 😈 @ReynoldHughes @Telepeturtle same dude i am so tired... so very tired...
@RubberNinja Can confirm, I got to where I am today as an artist and animator because I'm always angry, 99% of the… @just_awful I too never stress about my socks, but for a different reason I only have oneee singular kind of socks… @ComboDigi I was looking back at all my older art from the past 2 or so years. It shook me to see where I was back… @ComboDigi just under 1 year old i was a very different artist back then @_Saane "wat r dis" @PMSeymourDoodle this is exactly it my friends actually made fun of how 'pure' I was back then then everything ch… just found my drawing of when I first designed Insomnia-chan. I laughed. what happened, me @DragonOpsZ yeah I've seen that, but that's a drawing @BrazzenBrass2 exactly
@DragonOpsZ Actually been curious if anyone's made one already, got a link? @Sydsnap @DAIKIkougyou sydney pls this figure is too lewd I can't be seeing this now I have to preorder it for res… @BannonRudis wait, guys are supposed to have nipples? @idontkn60352060 to my knowledge, no nobody has done it yet, kinda why I want to. i must take the first steps into… @HenpaiA I thought of the same scene @MusumeShi @YananonTX this is why I was not able to confirm the artist either. From my search, everything but that… @paul99660012 oh hey I have not seen this one before but still it's a comic, we can go FURTHER!! with a fully animated sequence @MusumeShi this image was what gave me the idea, but its a drawing, I wanna do a whole animation I also didn't wan… @AdmiralBahroo this summarizes my whole twitter the past few months @NeoAbsolution if I could right now, I woulda already made it without this tweet 😭 I don't have the time to atm, s… @TheHoodedShirts now this I can try once I get the idea for it I won't even be able to do this for a while, I'm s… @Mario17h1 i'd make sure the carrot is always fully in frame, colored orange, so it can't possibly be anything else… @BlanketStadium oh no not at all! I'm just explaining my experiences i'm agreeing with you about it not being the best idea 😂 @BlanketStadium and these people contacted me through Twitter, btw, not email so they clearly had to have seen the… @BlanketStadium you're right. the one reason why maybe I shouldn't do it is so people will expect more. I've come… @TragicMoustache see if this scene can make it to TV perfectly fine and nobody questions it, I believe this is just as safe @TheHoodedShirts dang you right, I'm conflicted. I will keep my ideals, but the level of cursed this would be so makes me want to do it @Octopimp at teh end of the animation, it just cuts to a freshly prepared pufferfish dish @Shinobikens can't go without it that's illegal @DudeRedhat i've seen a drawing of it, which is what gave me the idea for an animation I have not seen an animation of it yethow cursed would it be if I made a full animation of the pufferfish meme as an anime pufferfish girl being fed a ca…
fun facts - if you have a tall image, twitter will look for things such as TEXT or FACES to crop your image based o… @charmwitch i'm just doing what I've always strived for using great power for chaos @TheScootToot what you mean, this is a completely wholesome drawing with text that describe exactly what I drew, what am i doing wrong! @Dragon_EX_2 there are ways to manipulate how twitter will crop your images 😏 @yunanako_kty what you mean the picture is exactly as described in the tweet @Xlll_Wolf it took me several tries to make sure the crop came out as intended 😏Insomnia shows you her messy cream pie while Pagu-chan watches
@itz_axel02 Yeah! While I never made a comic or anything to flesh out their story, I think I inadvertently created… @itz_axel02 That's one way for sure, but it's not the only way. There are characters that we know we can't be like… @itz_axel02 Theres no definitive answer on HOW you get people to connect with your characters. But there needs to b… @itz_axel02 I think the most important thing about getting people to care about your OC's is to find a way for peop… @AR_MegaMan Very appropriate! I'm not sure if you know, but her full name is Paguroidea, which is the Latin name f… @TheSpeakerGreen I've been having a lot more fun drawing her than I used toNow I just got a really terrible idea.... what if I put my 3 girls against each other in some way to start a waifu war... Hmmmmmm 😏 @itz_axel02 Nope, they're just girls I designed up (based on my personal traits or struggles). So far they are in n… @MannJourney If I didn't have negative amounts of time, heck yeah I wouldI myself didn't really know what to do with her at first, but lately I think of her more and more like a lil gremli…'m super glad that so many people seem to like Pagu-chan. I was worried she was by far the most boring of the 3 a… @S0n0fLiberty_ cuz I wanted to make it hard which "it" am I referring to? only our lord and savior knows 😏 @hornythology ok i laughed
@BeanMeUpScxty I was just about to say we should maybe move this to DM's (i wasn't expecting this to go for so long… @BeanMeUpScxty Kay is a label I gave myself. It is not my birth name from my parents. I chose Kay of my own choice (: @BeanMeUpScxty If these labels "MUST" be given by others onto the artist, then why would the artist feel motivation… @BeanMeUpScxty After all, who wants to be labeled something they're not, or be called something that was simply assumed by others? @BeanMeUpScxty "it's one that others must apply to you." With this mindset, I feel like it'd just turn off artists… @BeanMeUpScxty You're right, I am not a McDonalds chef. I chose the wrong comparison I'm a KFC chef @BeanMeUpScxty I responded! 😏 @BeanMeUpScxty basically, I am not Picasso or Pollock I am a chef at McDonalds @BeanMeUpScxty a chef at McDonalds may not enjoy McDonalds, but that doesn't mean they can't do the best they can a… @BeanMeUpScxty cooking is indeed an art, which is why I made that comparison! I think the mistake you're making is… @TyFrostbyte @BeanMeUpScxty not if they've done it long enough where they can replicate the dish without tasting it! @BeanMeUpScxty the chef at a restaurant does not cook to satisfy ones own hunger ;) @dreghoul unfortunately, KayFC is committed to a very, very long term relationship with animation only 😔 @goldentot now hold on there that's illegal you can't do that @qAtariiLeo look at the girls' hair colors! @NepDraws Also, I'm not sure if I did anything to upset you recently, but you're coming off pretty passive aggressi… @NepDraws That's... that's what a meme or in-joke is. That's this whole Twitter's in-joke with the people that follow it. That's the point. @NepDraws I feel it's kinda rude to push your idea on how to enjoy something to others that may not see things the… @NepDraws I respect Yoko Taro and I respect that, but we all have fun in our own ways. Evidently, many others and… @NepDraws its part of the meme friend @Buujey dang that's some next level thirst in that gif @charmwitch WOT What's wrong with Pagu-chan! Is it because she already ate your chocolate @LewdMeOfficial Yes you may draw them however you like @wytchitoby Hey that would be cheating, in both ways And they'd be sad @bonbaneagldink When I linked the Dropbox link directly, it had an image preview so that defeated the point and had… @just_awful It was a reverse double trap Trap that makes you think it's a trap but it's not but you still go to jail 😏 @Snowycaa i can't let myself become too predictable now 😏The third picture here is a slightly toned down version to stay behind the line. If you wanna see the original ON-t… Valentines Day! Would you like one of the Neapolitan girls to be your Valentine? 😘 @DudeRedhat naaaaah dude what you talking about that's not true naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh no way i wouldn't do that you cray