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Kay @kaynimatic Los Angeles, CA

Lead Animator on River City Girls! | Top Nep of Famfrit Server on FFXIV | | No commissions sorry!

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@Bandygrass @TrinketEric I saw portfolio day tag last week, I was like wait I feel like I made a tweet on that, whi… @SuperSpuddles @SuperSpuddles selling full scenic prints in any level of detail for 5 whole exposures
@KhrizyPotato disappear from the Twitters for a while, October is a BUSYY month for me with a new secret thing I've been pu… @charmwitch same @RubberNinja I ate something bad and now both my stomach and my brain says I'm not allowed to sleep tonight @Ranryu @PlinaGanucheau 😊 @N3chronos Don't mind at all! Thanks for the fan art :)) Love it
@123DXS_Channel @giancarlos_soto so the reason I can't do pose to pose is because drawing it in parts like that kin… @BannonRudis @grogdev Yep, that's exactly what makes me the most self conscious about going out to eat alone like… @123DXS_Channel @giancarlos_soto the best way I can answer it is that uh I just "see" it, like in my head? kinda?… @adamctierney TEAM!! dinner! there is no I in team!! @adamctierney heyyy wait where's the celebratory RCG dev team dinnerr @ChillBrush I was worried about going to a kBBQ restaurant alone because I wasn't sure how they would see me alone… @ChillBrush I used to be afraid of going to the movie theater by myself because I was self conscious that people mi… @dreghoul It's kinda felt like KBBQ is like strictly a group activity, for some reason idk but you right tho @KumaOrcino I used to think going to the theaters was only supposed to be a social group thing but eventually I sta… @astralyoyo I actually really enjoy being alone. I like the peace and quiet. I love company too but being alone is… @yogurthead1 That sounds AMAZINGMistakes have been made I am now actually in pain and can not move, from overeating I still have animation work to do tonight 😭 @BannonRudis That's what I'd be afraid of honestly @Zathanbag That's exactly why I wanna go. Just having a nice chill Friday night with God tier food @XnextiumX You right, and I know I'm gonna love every second of it @JKCompletesIt Aww darn, hope you feel better!! It would be awesome to chat with you in person sometime 😊 @Nin1016 It is fun! TBH I do really like doing things myself cuz I genuinely just enjoy the peace and quiet. A bit… @LanPovTweet Now that's epicIs it depressing to go eat Korean BBQ by yourself? I'm REALLY craving it but no friends are available to go with m…
@123DXS_Channel @giancarlos_soto I don't really ever do pose to pose straight ahead is what I'm most comfortable with!So, who's preparing to go trick-or-treating or attend the next convention as Misako or Kyoko from #RiverCityGirls?…
Retweeted by Kay @KayZamanEVA shhh lemme be lazy for like ONE THING @chiasa7 Whatchu mean she's fully covered up!!!!Just to clarify, I'm still not taking anymore commissions, this is something I owed woops since OVER A YEAR AGO whe… @FoxieMoose None 👀💦 @giancarlos_soto 10 hours I thinkNew animation for muh boiiiiiiii @woops Twitch channel 😎👍 YOU GET SOME LOVE, AND YOU GET SOME LOVE, EVERYONEEE GET…
@dexbonus @Strippin holy MOLY that last pic @onbasMetehan hey man I don't see mr. moth helping paying the rent he can have his territory back when he contributes @PooperXy okay maybe you rightI was drawing, working on some animations, in my room, minding my own business Then all of a sudden a random moth… @RimuruOni i don't feel good enough or qualified to teach anyone animation :( @TheSpeakerGreen what if I learn to animate with a pen in my mouth or my feet @CanipaShow oh yeah that's coming soon!!! but I'll also be super busy doing "that THING" very soon so i don't even… @_destilacija way ahead of ya, animation has been my full time job for a year now 😏 @RhettLarsen6 it's always hard for me to answer this question i really don't know, it's just so fun to me to creat… @imonk562 I've honestly reached the point where I'm afraid of having a bigger audience than I already have LOL @SigmationSigma @jsuperstar2 Real talk, if I ever broke my arms/wrist I would legitimately just try to learn to draw with my mouth… @AngriestAngry if I found a way to create more time in the day, this wouldn't even be a question @BraeburnSotP you rite, I will try this next @JinxazuMarai LOL this is it this is what I need @captrosko it's already my full time job, and my side job when not at my full time job 😂 it's still not ENOUGH @KageRyu798 they say if it lasts for over 4 hours i should go see a doctor @JoElectivire it's already my full time job and also my side job @Devilhappy43 I did do a little bit of leveling an alt job (MCH) for like, an hour and then I kinda got tired of i… @LostAndModified you just gave me idea I'm going to make an animation about the excitement I have for animating… @DudeRedhat I was actually going to ask if i should go see a doctor because the symptoms have lasted well over hour… @SuperSpuddles let me extract it directly from my veins and then inject it directly into you @Devilhappy43 yeah yesterday actually I almost died from the lack of activity in my life for the few hoursFam I think I'm addicted to animating what do I do @Joopis Being lazy
@KadeVulpi Not right now specifcally, no it's still in my head and will stay up there for a long time
@FakemiliaETH I started 12 years ago in 2007, so that's about when I was 14. It will take a very long time with ye… @Iwilleatyoukid it's buttered toast that was on for too long and too much of it so now it's soggyIt's OCTOBER!! It's that time again just like last year I have to bring back Kay's SECRET™ Candy Bowl stash at the… @Oxy_dreamz I kinda just stumbled upon it, but yeah it's a different version, it's a character cover version with K… @MakoTachiWife I agree, that's the 90s anime charm Just because I said cheesy anime OP doesn't mean that's a baaaad thing @MakoTachiWife I've watched YYH a million times, it is absolutely a classic and one of my favorites of all time but… @Anzhi_art Same! I was struggling to choose an anime song that would fit the classic anime feel I was looking for,…
@NovenoColono i would absolutely not consider myself famous by any means 😂 honestly I just feel like I have eyes o… @metalgearweeb enough to break the sound barrier @yoln_ino @blu3chika im kiddingggggggggggg it's like my favorite song ever too @CryWasTaken @Strippin smh it's the anime tiddies on that girl in white you know it is @Strippin my dude you were like the first person to give me work and put me out there, appreciate it mang also you… @GryphonBBQ I've been on Twitter for a couple years now and my DM's have always been open since :) just ask anytim… @Jengorama any of you have art or animation related questions, my DM's are always open for that reason and I will try my be… followers literally doubled within the last couple months from 20k to 40k and it's honestly a little terrifying… now I also just got another opportunity to do something INCREDIBLY exciting but I can't share, that I'll do on… I graduated university with a science degree, that's what I anticipated my life to be set in. Some boring 9-5… can we do some real talk for a sec Thank you all that like and share my art and animations. It doesn't seem lik… @pablitox777 @lime_pheonix @BlueAizu21 @BBBDoesArt let's turn this idea into a real anime it'll sell millions @AdmiralBahroo @RadicalHighway_ if I was at TwitchCon this would be me too. I also do not do the parties or the drinks @AdmiralBahroo @S0n0fLiberty_ San Diego is actually pretty close to me, so it wouldn't be hard for me to go there! @AdmiralBahroo @IckyArkman very @Stratos_SSBU don't take it seriously, this song is one of my favorites of all time 😂 @NGOtaku that's me every morning no time to toast @a_straying I had a..... passable amount of sleep last night :D @GrimTwinDD okay yeah I agree I was actually planning on using far worse cheesy 90s anime songs, but a friend sugg… @spikelookalike @BBBDoesArt Can confirm this is the real ending She straight up dies @rob_ishi I've thrown away everything else in my life to pursue animation only pepeHands @S0n0fLiberty_ I've never been to Twitch Con but I kinda wanna go next year. I don't know what to do at TwitchCon b… nooooooooo I'm going to be laaaaate! [cue cheesy 90s anime opening song]
@AdmiralBahroo If I unfollow and then refollow, does the notification pop up again @Richmond_Lee @DudeRedhat Very much so also you just summarized my whole like 5 tweets in one sentence LMAO I did… @Richmond_Lee @DudeRedhat Thanks! Yeah it's a VERY new perspective for me to even be like whoa I have friends or… @DudeRedhat Boston is all about its sports, politics, technologies, etc. None of those are anything I'd remotely re…