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Kay Yu @kaynimatic I do not do commissions

2D Animator (アニメーター) for vidya games and animes / Art may sometimes be very RISKY!

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@multijuegos1315 i haven't left my apartment for 2 months @Alboz_Boi @KaitoHaito thanks @KaitoHaito can someone make that meme for me pls @NeoAbsolution dang, I thought I hid it pretty well in the details this time @KaitoHaito i've always been nocturnal always has beenbeen sleepier than usual during the day lately 🥱
@Vercreek s-same @zeido__ i used to animate all in 2's and 1's because I thought that was the industry standard then I saw the majo… @woops @inugamikorone woops pls not to our wholesome doggo plsUploaded on wallpaper engine if anyone wants to use it: Nekomata Okayu: Inugami Korone:🐱🐶 #できたてころね #絵かゆ @guzzu97 oh nah, what I meant was less about normalizing, but more about the possibilities of what can be explored… @guzzu97 its incredible. it's both exciting thinking about the future of animation with guys like him around and a…
@HachiKirra you right tho @HachiKirra !?! @SuperSpuddles it can't be dying if it's already dead @0721Gray hey I didn't say y'all aren't welcome @lt_cuconut you right, I never even thought of this possibility, please excuse my ignorance (not a joke) @N0SY_ @IkbirLeo @BloominBuster I didn't animate that one 😂I seem to get a lot of follows from lewd/NSFW accounts, and man I can't figure out why I thought my twitter profil… @IkbirLeo @N0SY_ @BloominBuster i'd like to believe that by making super wholesome animations that have way more ef… @IkbirLeo @N0SY_ @BloominBuster okay fine but I'm trying to not draw too many lewds though, my twitter is supposed…
@ZucchiniJuice Honestly same dude, same @goldentot @Russ_Money reported @badpunproducer i'm sorry to say this i don't like to lewd flat chests i only wanna draw the big tiddy @chiasa7 i actually keep wondering if marine sees these drawings of mine and what she thinks of them @rob_ishi nice @Mdawg_1203 this is the official designated horny hours @BloominBuster i kinda didn't feel like drawing more than this so I just didn't finish it @FeelTheNiche these are rough times dude I hope things work out for you as soon as possible @MeatyChip finally someone that is both horny and happy!! glad for you! @Michael71021900 what if you be happily horny @goldentot been a pretty rough couple of months, but I'm finally learning to take it easy for once in my life and i… @Star_Cast1 finishing this drawing and then about to head to bed soon myself! have a good night!!calling horny twitter! hey how are yall @TheKoefficient not gonna lie i'm a bit jelly too
@JPRrogue I use Clip Studio Paint EX for everything and thanks!to be real though I'll be honest, I've kinda been exhausted from drawing/animating my own characters lately. these… know many aren't interested in these vtuber animations don't worry it's just a phase, it'll stop anytime @chiasa7 @AdmiralBahroo i'll be free in another 2 months @AdmiralBahroo i wish i could but my energy has been at critical levels the past month or so now @Strippin this one?? are you suureeeeee idk man but thanks thohaven't drawn the gremlin in a while y'all can put your own caption to this one
@frog_kun my favorite thing about jump king is that the fall sprite, in just 1 simple image, perfectly encapsulates…
@HachiKirra i am great sad
@frog_kun @HiMyNameisChair @CanipaShow DANG!!!!! stop he's already dead! @CanipaShow @frog_kun konpeko konpeko konpekooooooooooooooooooooooo frog just blast her laugh randomly on speakers one day pls, thx @SummersSalt but yeah i had another friend unfollow me and i was concerned that i did something bad to them without… @SummersSalt okay i confess i totally did this myself LMAO forgib me i couldn't help it @SummersSalt :c
@Strippin @dexbonus damn @AngryangryD @WayForward thank you very much david!! was absolutely amazing working with you. thank you for addin… @Dungeon00X @AngryangryD @KHaiser93 @WayForward oh nah not at all credit where credit is due! I only did the rough…
@TheKoefficient yes hello THE hipman, i would like to ask whether or not this has earned your official seal of approval for these hips @GonKillua24 this pixel animation was done in ~3 hours my pekora and marine one took about 4-5 days so ye @adriel_varlack go play the entirety of River City Girls!raw transparent version: character: Kiryu Coco Channel: @adriel_varlack oh yeah remember when I used to be a pixel animator a long long time yakuza #みかじ絵
@charmwitch it's time to also be a vtuberi bought a webcam for call meetings for work but then I thought of another way to use it i kinda wanna make my ow…
@purubuii i animate the ones I watch and know the personality of the most if I tried to animate every single one,…
@Rockyman26TW nah I don't even know how to animate with CG 😂 @Bigscaryartist1 drawing them isn't the issue 😂 @TheKoefficient Oh hey Koefficient!! been loving your simp diary videos!!! they got me lurking in your streams som… @eggb_p coco also has a singular braid @Gurdim1 not necessarily complex, but braids are a whole bunch of very small but specific shapes grouped together… buddy sent me this image. It is very accurate. But I probably won't get to my next one for a while. Gonna be su… my previous animation, I never want to animate braids again. wait- 😫😭 @SuperSpuddles You get emo?! im sorry 😭 @Swag4Applez yes, simping has allowed me to gain new levels of power I never thought possible. and thus I have ascendedCharacter: Usada Pekora Vtuber Channel: RABBITが好き #ぺこらーと
@Sydsnap @DailySydsnap oh thanks for reminding me i hate this animation too i need to make a better one
@woops me trying to sleep at 5am: all of my brain cells:
@_Saane us @_Saane this is going to sound like the most pathetic simpin thing in the world but I had a dream I was hanging out with pekora @AdmiralBahroo alright bruh
@woops I see pink haired waifu boss now I am interested @Bandygrass dang, that's some high praise, thank you Sandy!!! You see, simp energy is quite powerful in that it fu… @_Saane it looks like... we're on the same wavelength rn...
@Emerald67_ @LazyPazzy to me it's not good enough 😩 @Emerald67_ @LazyPazzy 100% fine with it, I just didn't expect her to use it on stream now I feel exposed and emba…
@mutazsoliman No, this is pure wholesome content @TheHoodedShirts if the wholesome doggo god ever followed me, I could never tweet another lewd ever again, I can't… whole lotta people from japanese twitter recently followed me from my marine animation i have to let them know w…アニメーションをフォローしたら...ごめんなさい. If you followed for my animations.... I am sorry.Hi @mikipoint dang that hand makes me feel things @Michafrar same I forget how to live as a normal human being every time I finish a big job. I don't know what to d… @LazyPazzy oh no @Sydsnap what you mean i been doing this all quarantine @DragonOpsZ her first 3D stream
@asdpendejo (distant noises of AH↓HA↑HA↑HA↑ and yubi yubis can be heard approaching...) @ChakraXcartoons hell yeah, I've been abusing the heck out of this feature myself i love CSP @SamuelDeats tell him @_tamlu @ChrisDaPancreas @cyngapra yeah I've just been working on freelance animation jobs along with my full time job nons… @houshoumarine ありがとうございます!!! 船長のイラストも大好きです! ☺️☺️☺️ @Grodzila @just_awful omg I should have made her ice skate away at the end