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@joIIybrandon Chardonnay is the drink of choice @DannyFollonero Why is Perfect Illusion so high.. @muufckajones Omg @YourdadcallsmeK @JoshuaYehl adding an extra cup of kale and more chia seeds to my protein smoothies and I’m loving the results omg @MarcosCastilloB I’ll take 2 plates then @BhadGay Chile what is this
@itscarlosbish Wait lemme move to Australia really quick.. @itscarlosbish Wait, where were the gays partying over the weekend then? @vandercunts She really did omg I wish she would’ve stayed with that look for awhile @_uyuyuiii I’d eat @jxeker Love you guys!! @Accccess You after eating that breakfast top tier in question @trashpopsong 😔 @neoblackout I’m just gonna smile and nod @Rowlegendary It always turns the party out OmgLocal coffee shop went back to plastic straws instead of paper. Maybe Biden’s America won’t be so bad @n_dav94 Yes I’m talking to you I’m feeling some type of way seeing the Aussie gays enjoy clubs @Ih8thisapp1 Openly admitting that you’re tasteless? Couldn’t be me! @WStuartross This is tea. I love hearing 6 different covets of the same disco song since the music was immaculate @Rowlegendary @Caluficer You leave me man alone tf! @neoblackout And take away streaming @Rowlegendary @Caluficer from the 60s-90s was basically different artists covering the same songs @SHICDGaga @Accccess #NoPhaedraNoViews @YourdadcallsmeK That’s how they get you..#RHOA is boring as hell this season. The only way to save this show is to bring Nene and Phaedra back @DannyFollonero Sine From Above @_houseknecht_j
@YourdadcallsmeK @SailorZZtar Wait that sounds kind of hot.. @YourdadcallsmeK Baby this tweet is an hour old keep upQueens of dance music omg @BenDRyder 😭😭 @fionaapplePR I- @yooomars I- @logaq Me and my oomfs @yssrhc @PhilyB95 Page is private so stan Twitter can’t see it @fionaapplePR To be exclusive for a bit. You feeling it? the clubs closed if this is what they’re waiting to play 😭 @Thott_Disick Baby if you don’t give that song up to god @Ih8thisapp1 @fadbtw Chile y’all were stanning Melanie or something @YourdadcallsmeK @starsfag Omg Katy lyrics @Shadowcaster78 @MadamClinton No again @MadamClinton No @MadamClinton Wait, One More Time while r*****g sounds like a serve.. @BLlNKRISE @rose4prez Correct @rose4prez Omg absolutely not. I would’ve ended up in the Pacific OceanThe rain today was cute for like 5 minutes but now the news is saying we’re getting two more storms this week. I’m… @KeptenOvens No baby only gays with immaculate taste stan Kylie
@Rowlegendary The RTs were beginning to get out of control and it was turning into a Mariah drag fest @jdem_7 Just b*rbs being barbs 😭 @jdem_7 Chile, for now yes! That tweet was starting to spiral 😭My Twitter is staying private for awhile chile omg no more free food for the stans @truthieeliasi Eight? He was an interviewer and I posted my favorite interview from him and now certain people are… @housewivesfan4 😒 @lnfinot And it’s a certain fanbase. Like...get out of here 😭 @neoblackout PYW movie of the year @fadjuan Night @fadjuan Unemployed Twitter awake now 😣 @BornSimon It’s not that deep @chrisispetty Not sure what you’re referring to hehe @MariahsXCX Larry King died. Delete this @leejimmy90 In 2002 shortly after Glitter 😔 @MadamClinton @lnfinot @lnfinot I’m so sad omg @shantytyrelle Denali’s lipsync’s are so good though omg @starsfag @sxy_dreamlover happy bday bb ❤️ @LexiForSenate Yes I know you’ll enjoy @LexiForSenate Girl did you start Younger? @froufroufoxes_ 😭😭😭 I’m sorry @ColeAlderman Don’t be greedy @princeofbabil Is this T*ndr? @fadbtw One of the best albums of last decade tbhIt’s wild how Kylie always releases her best albums at the beginning of each decade. Rhythm of Love..Light Years..A… @BenDRyder Aphrodite is amazing! She seems to release all of her best albums at the start of every decade 😍 @BenDRyder BYEEE. Her first 2 albums are bubblegum classics, & then she gets progressively more experimental with a… @BenDRyder Omg which albums though? 😭 @BenDRyder ?? @Rowlegendary @yssrhc @rose4prez @DanT8xx G*y men get things DONE! @antspants04 @timhorvat Rude ***!!!
@CricketSweater JkTreating myself to Veggie Grill for dinner. Vegan Kaypeaux era arriving? @tombellino I didn’t like them 😔 @queendelly1998 @futuretwunk This gave me anxiety omg @KeptenOvens It was really bad for the little oreosters.. @tylerscruggs Omg what is this 💀Ordered something almost two hours ago to pickup curbside and it’s still not ready like cmon I hate waiting @tylerscruggs They love each other though! x Oreos...Gaga x Peppa Pig...☹️ @ozner265 Purrr