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♡katie♡ @kaytea_xp (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡

:p she/her 🐁 i like anime and play games ♡ @itsasniaa ♡ @koalanoob 💗🔪

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@itsasniaa i missed you @itsasniaa hi
Retweeted by ♡katie♡fuck cancer fuck cancer fuck cancer @matchacataimers SUBMITTED MY APPLICATION 🙏🥺:(
@careertwitch happy birthday :) @Cerberus_Haris thank you so much :D i hope we can play again soon @ktbugy thank you :) @omarfounddead ok ^~^ @omarfounddead are we 5 stacking stillanyone valorant
@omarfounddead me too. haha just a joke hahahi guys sorry for sad tweets on main I'm moving out of my really bad (no i won't share details) living situation on… @AladdinsCarpet_ @koalanoob everyone that hits a nice shot on me is cheatingWE GOT EM 🫡🫡🫡
good morning guys stay hydrated!!!
Back to brainrot mode next month lmao
Retweeted by ♡katie♡
@alecjxlv good luck! @jorenfrancisco_ WOW LOOK AT YOU OMG
@quinnleaf please get ass 1 i want to duo with you @itachiclouds :/please be nice you never know what someone’s going throughcan ppl without uteruses stop trying to control what we do with our bodies
time to move out of the US i thinkgood morning @sarhapeale gm
@itachiclouds AHAHAHA YESfood $100 data $150 rent $800 vandal skins $3,600 utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please help me bu… my villain arc (instalocking reyna) @jhinluvr yes 🥺 @quinnleaf i have to literally not tab out or else my computer blue screens 😍 @quinnleaf amazing :D
i luv the new map o__o @omarfounddead LOL @FluffyBunniee_ 😭 @vxlets i think you misstyped Best vandal >.< @vxlets LMFAO PLS DONT BE A HATERi can die happy now the immortal buddy looks so good on my nitro vandal *bites lip* @wispilyy LETS GOOOO !!! LOOKING GOOD @Alexlihing hi flor @jaysuskrist ILYSM, good luck in your games as well ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა manifesting wins for the both of us. <3 @FluffyBunniee_ thank u my beloved daughter ^>.<^ <3 @_xOwin @koalanoob probably. he’s disgustingly good. @TheQwad oh we are definitely playing. :D @koalanoob 😵‍💫💗 O WOW OK @koalanoob r u sure u want duo w me. @exitfrags you give off very good energy. very cool, funny, and fun to be around @ihybluez :’) we game friday?placement games 5 stack anyone today ? or duo if anyone wants
@JimmyJamTV @ProGuidesCom @aimlab LETS GOOOO :D @jhinluvr IM SO MADDUDE TOONTOWN IS DOWN TOO @koalanoob @sevvn ??????who sleep calling on skype w me tonight </3
Retweeted by ♡katie♡ @fairyfps maybe it is that, but i am on ethernet :( i just can’t think of anything else since i’ve tried everythingdoes anyone know how to fix packet loss i get like 900 per game and i have tried everything including uninstalling… @quinnleaf @wkd_04 @koalanoob 🥺💗 quinn @wkd_04 @koalanoob :( @ihybluez true tbhdo i play 2 more ranked games tonite :3 or do i save my mental health
@Gunzeuw LOL @Gunzeuw me @wispilyy good luck :)oh this is very nice. @sarhapeale yes of course. i miss u get back into val..,.,, @sarhapeale need. x2 @misufps yea I got u :3 @kiwiramune *tips hat* m’lady u deserve immortal , ur sage is cold. please carry me some time ahahah @jaysuskrist YES I WILL DEFINITELY DO THAT FOR U.
@kiwiramune PERFECT ILL GO JETT 💗💗💗 @kiwiramune vouch u deserve 1 most PMA teammate + best hard carry i've ever played with 🫡 @kiwiramune @koalanoob happy for u both :) @kiwiramune @koalanoob did you have fun on ur date 🥺🥺🥺 @neekojulz @Marved6 hahaha vouch julz!! @koalanoob UR INSANE @lolmoola @lolarashix he was talking to u right moola not me right 😭 @blvnkets I GOT U. <3 @lolmoola so maybe dont let me close to urs @lolmoola one time my friend broke one right in half when we were taking it out of a car at a junk yard @lolmoola like a backup camera or like a dash cam @itachiclouds can i call u daddy @itsasniaa thank u nia. what did u get daddy @ihybluez i’ll remember this when i get a car tyhappy father’s day to the ppl like me that don’t have a dad i’ll be ur dad lmk i can fix anything even your car or… @jhinluvr HAHAHAHAH @quinnleaf meee later if u still playing in like an hour or less @BotCarryS @koalanoob gg you’re nuts :D
@SoooMungry thank u i appreciate itwhy can’t i be healthy man chronic illnsss sucks.., i can’t do this @kiwiramune OMG HAVE FUNi need to stop playing val when i drink 😭😭
@koalanoob ❤️i feel sorry for the people that waste their time and energy being hateful#koalanoobsupremacy