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LMFAOOOO @notzeshui kazu is so loud @itsmarouS head up @Cheesyace think it was just texas server tbh, if you notice when my bullets reached 0 in the clip it instantly res… @Rayzahs U CANNOT SHOOT IT BRO
@disco_val @hyjinxVAL???? @seshiriaa_ @aervalorant @bumpaah man cece im iron too! @Tilloo_ @CarbynVAL i am literally matching with disco but this guy doesnt talk to me ever . @CarbynVAL @Tilloo_ what im sayingi went triple neg last night who wants to match pfps on discord for the buff p.s. this does not mean i will talk to u. @181RAYS @HitBox_Hiros yo @kazvmo cleeeannhello i uploaded once again tune in <3
Retweeted by assault kay乡 @Benzival YESjett diff @s3xylatin0 IM KIDDING IM 5’4 @r0manVAL ong @s3xylatin0 yeah im 5’9. @kahunaas we always drippy around here 😎they dont know i play valorant all night 😾 @lakiaone @domaVALORANT hey lakia :) @dogbackp6ck how i felt too tbh
@zander_fps LOLOLOLOL @Marved6 noti @jenvalorant ? what @Marved6 noti @Tiffae ily tiff! @seanZval elostealer9000i love this song @r0manVAL yea my size is normally 4.5 so mayb i have to size up in yeezys @r0manVAL i wear a size 4.5 😭 i needa get rid of these tho @ccawob men @ccawob yeah im in cali, i bought them for $300 so ima sell them for like $250anyone wanna buy a pair of white & black nike dunks 😟 size 9 @181RAYS yoo @Ban_Val true @sweatbtwlol @nubstir LMFAO
Retweeted by assault kay乡 @Rayzahs Internet dead
@Dryft_val it was a raffle for a $5 giftcard to chick fi la 😭😭😭😭anyways 😋 im good at valorant + smart random mf gets called up during our academic assembly and his friends scream “HES DIAMOND ALMOST IMMORTAL IN V… @ctrrlz @mangosmxxthie @kxtieoh @1EDEN_ @lakiaone hi vinny @kxtieoh @1EDEN_ @lakiaone no … i was talking to a guy but he has fluffy hair not curly hair so idek @kxtieoh @lakiaone no i havent had a bf for months 😟why is @lakiaone so cute 😩😩 @wunjii mesuccessful day of ranked :D @iamhcu customer
@iamhcu harassed @ work @1mehzy see u at lan mehzy 🙄 @florscnt @1flyuh VVOUCHafter what happened i’m considering on quitting my job & trying to get into the comp scene again. thoughts? @jenvalorant </3 @ilyy_sho SHUT UPZombs a TROLL? @spoofzera my school blocks all service and twitch so i had to buy a vpn LOLbought vpn to watch champs in class by myself 💔 @PrimeMCD duo when @AE__ARES no shot @saevalorant @crunchyyworld @xRosey99 not Me @Infurex_ snipeurwife is trash we been knew @yoni_VAL i did tell my manager and ppl i trust ? @angelltaub @BalancedEsports lets go! :) @Denz_JK … no shot. kay#disco @StayMalding ? i did tell my manager but i have nobody to vent or talk to. i use my platform to show that this shit… @saksatv yeah i seen him buying cheesecake but i’m too scared to tell the police :/ i don’t wanna tell my mom @ctrrlz @Glorinsz i told my manager & one of my coworkers seen the guy outside waiting for me and the guy told my c… @RemiRealSexy ratio + L + you’re a freak
@Naturres holy fuck he got destroyed omfg @Hori_VAL so. kay#disco thanks @seanZval almost therei listen to music more than 99.5% of other listeners … i am obsessed w @keshimusic @art1cFPS yes ik . @WARDELL416 noticonvinced i live an unhealthy lifestyle with 206k minutes of spotify … @zekeiVAL man me too @Tejasfps yes @1EDEN_ man fuck u man . im depressed @1EDEN_ LMFAOOO @wunjii keshi is my #1 artist … @wunjii he sings the best Sad love music.god top tier list @181RAYS w 11 aimers @TTVGoodKnightS @Evergreenily VOUCH!! @Evergreenily when i was at work my manager left her keys & belongings in a locked room so i had to climb up into t… @yslnai @rakotag vouchAce on my worst map and agent lol, my shadow play was also turned off so i didn't get the full thing but thank you…
Retweeted by assault kay乡 @zoee_val HEY LOUDER THEN EVERYONE ELSE @zoee_val Heyyyy! @zoee_val heeey @zoee_val hey @rakotag @chlofps UR DONE UR DONE @rakotag @chlofps @snirot @ObeyAlliance W @nrbil vouch vouch
@spoofzera not true. 😠 @spoofzera i’m 5’3.