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streaming fortnite @Selenanlee heyy😘😘πŸ₯° @MiyukiTheKidd SO CUTE @yuz1x ap stats, stats is actually very easy just dont miss ur lectures
@MuzFN lmk when it drops i need itone of my fave pics😩 love neon I love neon I love neon I love neon I love neon I love neon I love neon I love neon I love neon I love…
Retweeted by kayleethankful to live this lifestyle πŸ₯‚ @ciaolyx πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ @EMUHLEET @rainGG @calicayuh @EMUHLEET SO UR THE ONE WHO TAUGHT HER @Dexerto as she fckin shoulddd 😎 @EMUHLEET ur rubbing off on me πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @CoreyPilat @Bullywyd
Introducing our official Valentines Valorant tournament. Prize Pool: $1,000 | February 18th-19th | Entry Fee $15…
Retweeted by kayleejust need a duo for tomorrow havent tweeted that much but asked a bunch of people just want to play at this point,…
Retweeted by kaylee @lilbremma @trentFPS @TheGuard I LOVE THE HOODIE ON U @EMUHLEET anything for the A+ grade πŸ˜’ @Car__VAL W car @followdunc wait those look so good @MiniMikae1a someone give her the badge @Twitch 🀨 @tibblys ik! people told me it happens because of anxiety @agenttwelvetoes no mens bathrooms r so disgusting @tibblys nooooπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”business casual wednesdays 😴 @clearfps G O A Tnothing has changed
Retweeted by kaylee @EMUHLEET U TELL EM @EMUHLEET @HyperX cuteee 😨 @MiniMikae1a so prettyy @snaquefn @Bullywyd @MiniMikae1a @Bullywyd
@laineeeyy_ keep going, this same shit happens to women in valorant and one day it’ll put itself together and if yo… @mezinnlol 😭😭😭 @OwlFN_ @Bullywyd @MuzFN @Clix W muz @EMUHLEET 5will be hosting a 2v2 tournament either at the end of the month in feb or start of march, cash prizes for 1st, 2nd,…
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@misufps SO PRETTYYtree vandal @v1c_cs WAIT UR TEED @Trashyfnx hella girlboss 🀭 @RiceGum @rjsperm THE GOAT😏 @BTYR3KT I JUST DIDNT THO @ThreatsFN ur cold wat @NotReduxx @weirdoliv VOUCH OMFG @Tepoxyy 2 headshots wdym
@w0rkingondy1ng @LoLYekura i need help πŸ‘ @MuzFN LETS GO MUZ @GreenDragon707 it will all come together ❀️ @Australissss this @MattZyzz @blorpyy i was playing w bae i’m sorry😐 @harmoneeyang do better @lliammw @joyfpss @SanriosVal @ValorCentral @HitBoxAcademy vvvouchhh @MattZyzz @blorpyy i lowkey learned the tech recently on raft @VortexM_ @looterzx @volxzzz looter the 🐐to whoever needs to hear this, i’m proud of you!! keep going, believe in yourself, and push through it. it will all pay off in the end ❀️ @ProfessorSoop oh my god broπŸ’€ @pichxn ricegum was really my shit bro @Junafour happy bday πŸ₯°πŸ‘€ gamer tiktok πŸ˜₯ a ranked league duo im bronze 4 if u can carry lmk 😒
@mezinnlol made by trashy @ClutX_ @TributeHimself plsi need help guys @EMUHLEET SO CUTEEE @blanketsgg @EMUHLEET W rizz? @11becka_ he gotta qualQualified for Elite Cup FINALS w/ @DegenFN Taking this
Retweeted by kaylee @KingKimuz Wtf @angmaire BARK WOOF @angmaire Omfg @Trashyfnx @ValorCentral @HitBoxAcademy VOUCH!LFT - Can play any Flash initiator, Duelist, and cypher + chamber - Super dedicated with a hard work ethic - ope…
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@Trashyfnx 😱Valorant Highlights #2 Clip Dump ♻️+ ❀️ or else
Retweeted by kaylee @Selenanlee mommy? ??? @JenVilela @Aikepah late febuary!!
@kxtieoh @juliaaiis @angelltaub @zoee_val @marynah_1 bro i knew i was missing someone omg 😭only the ogs remember srn kay 😞 @kxtieoh @juliaaiis @angelltaub @zoee_val @GreenDragon707 IKRRR THAT WAS ME 2 YEARS AGO πŸ₯²this video deadass made me cry because ive come so far man :(… @juliaaiis hi im nice to u ^-^ @synapseyo kinda like this picture @laineeeyy_ @tetrobcool wait this is so good @pandayq i love how im in the background of most of these clipsYou don't really get it. Perspective from a woman in the esports scene:
Retweeted by kaylee @chvi_ @luvrbec @habibti_fps BRO WHY IS EVERYONE SEEINF THIS😭 @tarawyd @luvrbec i was thinking it doesnt hurt to try 😭😭😭 @Hoosteen0 NO @theOGvira cus that game is ASS @bhronosFN trust me ikong i hope one day fifa just magically disappears forever @EMUHLEET just let me play with u 😏😏 @MuzFN @PSGTNA @DegenFN fweaking goats